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Get into a fairy tale and plunge into the Christmas game atmospherein an exciting and interesting free seek and find objects game -the Christmas Spirit: Trouble in Oz! This game has everything thatgreat games provide: hidden treasures, puzzles, and Santa Claus whois waiting for you in the magical kingdom! Once upon a time, thefairytale Land of Oz was preparing to celebrate their very firstChristmas. But the joy did not last long, when it turned out thatthe goblins stole all the Christmas gifts! Now you have to help theresidents of this magical world and find the gifts in this hiddenobject mystery game! You will start your search game in the EmeraldCity, during which you will solve many puzzles and meet all yourfriends - Toto, Scarecrow, the Timid Lion, the Tin Man and lots ofothers, even Santa Claus! In this adventure, they will help youfind the villains and save Christmas before it’s too late! FindChristmas gifts and help your friends get the Christmas Spiritback! What awaits you in the game The Christmas Spirit: Trouble inOz? · MYSTERY CHRISTMAS GAMES! Save Christmas and find Santa in theFairytale Kingdom. Find the villains and return Christmas to thefairy tale land! Your faithful companion and dog friend Toto willhelp you solve all the finding games! · SEARCH AND FIND HIDDENOBJECTS! You will find festive and vivid scenes in this new andfree hidden object game. It depends on your logic and deductionskills whether you can find the gifts and return them to thefairytale residents to arrange a real celebration! · TRAVEL TO THEOZ AND THE EMERALD CITY! The game will make you meet with yourbeloved friends from childhood! Your favorite and familiarcharacters will accompany you on your journey and help you solvechallenging puzzles and riddles! · FIND CHRISTMAS GIFTS IN THISSANTA GAME! All gifts were stolen by the Evil Witch of the Northand her goblins right on Christmas Eve! But the inhabitants of thefairy tale kingdom believe in a miracle and hope that you will helpthem solve different challenging games and return all the giftsbefore the clock strikes twelve! · HELP SANTA CLAUS STOP AN ANGRYELF IN THE BONUS CHAPTER! Santa Claus disappeared! Can you findhim? Solve your hidden objects games in an exciting Bonus Chapter!· GET THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! Bright colors, breath-takinglandscapes, a fascinating Christmas plot, characters familiar andloved since childhood! All this, coupled with puzzles and riddlesraise up your Noel mood! Immerse yourself in the holiday atmospherein fascinating and adventurous game - the Christmas Spirit: Troublein Oz! _________________________ Find other games on our officialwebsite: https://dominigames.com/ Become our Facebook Follower:https://www.facebook.com/dominigames Visit our Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/dominigames

App Information Hidden Object - Christmas Spirit: Trouble in Oz

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    Hidden Object - Christmas Spirit: Trouble in Oz
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    December 26, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Воронеж. Среднемосковская 1д.
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A new hidden objects free game full of finding games, hiddentreasures and more! … The citizens of Rivershire have been infectedwith a terrible and mysterious disease that is slowly turning theminto monsters! Because of your magical immunity, you’re the onlyperson that van go out on this hidden object mystery adventure, andheal the townsfolk to stop the infection from spreading! Go to theinfected village and explore the world of seek and find games free,full of dangers and mysteries. Can you locate the source ofinfection in this finding objects game and return the town back tonormal before it’s too late? The Honored Healer, you will startyour breathtaking adventure to seek and find hidden objects, solvechallenging search games and puzzles in order to explore theseunique and dangerous worlds in the hidden object mystery games asyou track down the shadowy villain who infected the entire TarEmpire! Play this thrilling hidden object game named EnchantedKingdom: Fog of Rivershire Collector's Edition! * SAVE THE ROYALFAMILY FROM DANGER IN THE BONUS CHAPTER! The young heir has beenkidnapped by the evil demon! The Prince’s life is in your hands!Play hidden objects games for free! They’re full of intriguing andinteresting puzzles, complicated brain teasers and find objectsgames! Enjoy the adventure as you’re chasing the demon to save thePrince in the Enchanted Kingdom and explore great landscapes,fantasy locations full of magic and sorcery of free hidden objectsgames! * CHOOSE WHICH ITEMS TO UNLOCK FIRST WITH YOUR COLLECTIBLECOINS. Full of collectibles to find – for example, coins,statuettes, morphing objects and notes, this magnificent search andfind hidden objects game gives you an opportunity to test yourlogic and deduction skills! Enjoy the new free hidden object gamesof the Enchanted Kingdom series! Will you be able to solve manymagic puzzles, challenging mini-games, different riddles, and lotsmore? Be attentive to find hidden objects games in this perfectlydrawn world! * VISIT YOUR HATCHLINGS IN THE MEDICO IMPERIUMINCUBATOR! Gather eggs and wait for cute creatures to hatch in theMedico Imperium Incubator! And while you’re waiting, enjoy searchand find games that are waiting for you in this hidden objectsmystery game. There’s also an intriguing Bonus Chapter, beautifulWallpapers, Concept Art and Mini-games and hidden-object scenesthat you can replay many times! Tease your brain with new hiddenobjects games, different mystery riddles and find objects in greathidden objects scenes! Download and play our hidden object gamesfree new Enchanted Kingdom: Fog of Rivershire Collector's Editionand enjoy the impressive world of hidden object games for free!Download and play new hidden object games now! Free new hiddenobjects games on our official website: https://dominigames.com/Become our fan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dominigamesCheck out our Instagram and stay tuned:https://www.instagram.com/dominigames
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Get Domini Games free new hidden objects games for your Androiddevices – and on top of that, be the first to learn about newreleases, discounts, deals, special offers, all with just one app!Domini Games App is the place where all the best high-quality,immersive, intriguing and enjoyable finding games are gatheredtogether! With the Domini Games App, you are constantly connectedto lots of the games in the Domini Games free catalog. Looking fornew and enjoyable search games for your Android device? Find newfavorites, or rediscover DominiGames classic seek and find gamesfree series like Labyrinths of the World, Dark Romance, MysteryTales and others! Manage all your games and search through acatalog to be the first to know about new releases and sales on newhidden objects games and puzzles, including the new series SecretCity, Spirit Legends, and holiday-themed The Christmas Spirit! ·DISCOVER THE BEST NEW ANDROID GAMES! With Domini Games App, you maybe sure that you'll always find awesome new games to love. Search,browse, and sort the entire Domini Games catalog of finding games.Learn about new releases, discounts, sales and special offersfirsthand! · FIND THE BEST DEALS AND SPECIAL OFFERS! Whilesearching for games by Domini Games on the Play Store or withinDomini Games App, you’ll always have access to current sales,discounts and special deals. New profitable offers and promotionspop up all the time. Check in every day to see all the latest news.· PLAY THE BEST GAMES! Domini Games App gives you an opportunity todownload and play all Domini Games hidden object and seek and findhidden objects games, as well as see the new releases, Top-5 bestgames and games of a special reduced price. Enjoy some of our bestgames that provide an immersive adventure: * Mystery Tales: TheHangman Returns – A terrible cloud is hanging over everyoneconnected to a new novel called The Hangman, and now that you’reinvolved… you could be next! Can you track down the truth behindthe mysterious novel and escape with your life? * Dark Romance:Curse of Bluebeard – Evil Bluebeard kidnapped your beloved Rachelto make her his new wife! Can you help young couple escape a darkfate before it's too late? * Secret City: London Calling – You havebeen called in to investigate a series of strange murders happenedin the Secret City, that threatens to break the centuries-old peacebetween the races. Explore these unique and dangerous worlds as youtrack down the killer! ** Discover more from DominiGames** OfficialWebsite: http://dominigames.com/ Sign up for our newsletter andnever miss a thing! Just message us at: support@dominigames.comJoin the community on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/dominigames Subscribe to our Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/dominigames/
Hidden Objects - Mystery Tales: Eye of the Fire 1.0.0 APK
You’ve been called in to investigate the dark nightmares of a youngwoman in this new hidden object adventure! What starts as a simpleinvestigation quickly takes a dangerous turn as a witch Madlenafrom the past comes back to take her prey! The situation in thesmall city can’t be explained with any logic or common sense! Inthis one of the best hidden object mystery games, only you canuncover old secrets of the city before it’s too late. You are up tohelp the residents and chase the evil witch while playing searchgames, full of brain teasers, puzzles and finding objects scenes.Use your detective abilities to start one of the most breathtakinghidden adventure games, solve many puzzles and riddles, seek hiddentreasures, and find a way to release the town from the witch’sinfluence. Will you manage to go through all hidden objects mysterygames free and find all the hidden objects, and defeat Madlena, orwill she finally get all the people’s souls? Mystery Tales: Eye ofthe Fire Collector's Edition provides a lot of free new hiddenobject games! Use your detective and deduction skills in thishidden objects free game and play puzzles, object permanence games,and seek and find hidden objects in this hidden mystery game tosave your friend and other citizens! Enjoy a good and spookydetective story in this intriguing free hidden objects game -Mystery Tales: Eye of the Fire Collector's Edition! * THINGS GOFROM BAD TO WORSE IN THE BONUS GAME, AND ONLY YOU CAN STOP IT. Findout what Madlena is up to in the small town, and play differentfinding games, puzzles and seek and find evidence and objects! Helpyour friend Katharina find objects, solve the mystery behind hernightmares and play all the free hidden object games to go througha challenging mystery game! * FIND HIDDEN TORTURE DEVICES AND ADDTHEM TO YOUR CHAMBER OF HORRORS! Collect interesting and authentictorture devices throughout the game! Test your logic and deductionskills in solving seek and find games, brain teasers and find allthe mystery hidden objects to get to the witch’s lair and save thecity! Play new free hidden object games, deal with magic puzzlesand challenging finding games! * COLLECT HIDDEN TAROT CARDS TO PLAYA BONUS CARD GAME. In this version of Mystery Tales: Eye of theFire Collector's Edition full of new hidden objects games and freeadventure games, you may also collects incredibly beautifulmorphing objects, collectibles, and cards to play a bonus game, aswell as download wallpapers, replay your favorite search games, andenjoy concept arts, wallpapers, soundtrack and more! * LOCATE LOSTPAGES AND ADD THEM TO YOUR WITCH'S SPELLBOOK. Free new hiddenobjects games are full of perfectly drawn locations, scenes,characters and landscapes! Learn more about Madlena’s goals whilesolving finding object games and puzzles. Search and find hiddenobjects to save the entire town from Madlena’s evilness! Downloadand play our new finding objects game - Mystery Tales: Eye of theFire Collector's Edition and enjoy impressive puzzles, riddles andother free mystery games! Find hidden objects games on our officialwebsite: https://dominigames.com/ Become our fan on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/dominigames Check out our Instagram andstay tuned: https://www.instagram.com/dominigames