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Hidden Objects New York - Times Square andSpot the Difference Puzzle & Picture Finder is the latest inHidden Object Adventures!

New York City is known as the capital of the World - It is unlikeany city on this planet! People flock to NYC to explore everythingthat this bustling, bright place has to offer!

From Times Square, and Central Park, to Broadway, and the FashionDistrict, NYC is the most fun city in the world that everyone wantsto visit!

Enjoy the best parts of NYC Times Square and Central Park in thisfun hidden object puzzler game!

Explore Adventure Mode, and play over 15 scenes collecting objectsacross gorgeous photos that are eye popping and beautiful!

Explore Zen, and Traditional Modes, and also play unique games likepicture, word, and collector, offering new challenges likescrambled letters, jumbled words, and missing letters, making youguess which objects are on the scene, and adding to thechallenge!

Over 16 Unique and gorgeous photographs of New York pop onscreen!

Hints, Zoom in and out, and other features are available at yourdisposal! Saves your progress along the way so you can see whichones you have left to complete!

Easy to understand UI, and even kids can get into this! Anyone thatloves hidden object games, spot the difference games, and puzzleadventure games will love exploring this one!

Explore the best that NYC has to offer including the changingSeasons in Beautiful Central Park NYC, and the bright lights, andhustle of Times Square NY! Take a Vacation without the hassle offlying, and dive into this bright and fun game!

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    Hidden Object NYC Times Square
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    June 8, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Beansprites LLC
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