1.0.32 / March 20, 2015
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A beautiful and entertaining hidden object/jigsaw puzzle game inwhich you explore a mysterious island full of secrets!Somethingdrew you near this mysterious island, a strange desire to exploreit! Could anyone expect such a thrilling and fun adventure on thiscasual trip?Leaving your boat near the coastline of a tropicalisland you follow a strange path full of clues and puzzle maps on astrange trail. But where will it lead you? What will you find atthe end of this entertaining walk through fascinating, apparentlylong-uninhabited island? There's no way you could have guessed thesurprise ending!Each scene is rich in detail and pleasant to solve,however not without a challenge! Try yourself! Have yourselfwonderful holidays!Features:- colorful and fun to solve hiddenobject scenes- item search by word, by picture and by silhouette-jigsaw puzzles- torch mode- fun and light narration- original andunique pirate story for all ages

App Information Hidden Object- Summer Vacation

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    Hidden Object- Summer Vacation
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    March 20, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    AED 3.59
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    1207 4th Street Suite 400 B Santa Monica, CA 90401
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Are you itching to begin your next world adventure? Set out toEXPLORE and DISCOVER the enchanting mysteries of a far away land!Walk through stunning landscapes, wild nature, forgotten caves andpyramids of ancient Egypt! What more will you discover? Travelaround the world in the comfort of your own home in this HiddenObject game! Search for rare objects in colorful exotic locationsas the lead detective. Discover the lost secrets of ancientmysteries! Finish all 5 quests and find your way to their best keptsecrets. Enjoy different game modes, cleverly hidden objects andincreasing difficulty with each adventure chose among nice,relaxing or challenging. -----HIDDEN OBJECT MYSTERY WORLDS SPECIALFEATURES----- - Five unique stories from around the world - Nearly200 free hidden object scenes - 80 unique locations - More than 30Bonus scenes - Over 2500 objects hidden in the game - Threedifferent play modes: Picture, Silhouette, Word - Zoomable scenes -Scrollable panel with objects to find - Runs well on older devices- Climatic music closely related with the theme of the game
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IT'S BACK! Emma's back with another exciting and addictive hiddenobject adventure game! Emma just got home from a long field tripfrom her Uncle and Grandparent's house! Upon arriving, she realizesher pwn garden needs a serious makeover! With little"encouragement" from the Mayor, she sets her heart to try somethingshe's never done before: Garden Makeover! Decorate your garden asyou please! Purchase garden décor with the money you earn fromjumble sales! Search each picture and sell the hidden objects youfind to your neighbors! Join Emma and the millions of other playersand look for hidden objects and renovate your garden! Features • NOINTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play! • BEAUTIFUL high resolutiongraphics! • HOURS of gameplay! • INCLUDES fun facts and hints! •FIND hundreds of hidden items and objects! • CONNECT to Facebook tosend bonuses and energy to your friends! • EXCITING PUZZLEadventure game! • MAKEOVER Emma’s backyard! • 9 EXCITINGachievements for you to pursue! • OVER 15 game modes! Mirror Mode,Night Mode, Picture search and more! • TAKE A SNAPSHOT of yourshiny Ultimate Trophy that says how fast you got it and brag toyour Facebook friends! • ZOOM feature available for smaller items!VISIT US: http://tamalaki.com/ WATCH US: goo.gl/AbpNq8 LIKE US:https://www.facebook.com/tamalakigames/?fref=nf FOLLOW US:https://twitter.com/hiddenobjectw CONTACT US: support@tamalaki.com
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STOP E.Ville Corp from building a giant mall right on the site of ahistoric castle! Can you imagine? Win the respect and loyalty ofthe locals by showing them how beautiful the Castle can be. And bythe way, they might be interested in your yard sales! Play HiddenObjects like never before: Look for Hidden Objects, collect antiqueitems, restore the throne room, all to SAVE a once magnificentcastle! Willy’s NEEDS YOUR HELP in this FREE hidden object game! Hehas to help his slightly absentminded friend restore the familyproperty and save it from destruction.Get sequel the popular CastleWonders Hidden Objects game and join the millions of other playersplaying and looking for hidden objects!Features• HELP WILLY savethe Castle!• NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play! • MAKEOVERthe Throne room!• COLLECT rare artifacts and trade them in forprizes!• NEW BEAUTIFUL high resolution graphics!• HOLD JUMBLE SALES! Find objects your customers want!• HOURS of gameplay!• ALL NEWinteresting customers!• INCLUDES NEW fun facts and hints!• FIND andseek hundreds of hidden items and objects!• BEST seek and find thepicture game!• 9 EXCITING achievements for you to pursue!• OVER 20ways to seek and find hidden objects! • Mirror Mode, Night Mode,Picture search and more!• AWESOME rewards!• FREE picture searchadventure game!• ZOOM feature available to search for smalleritems!• AWESOME Minigames! • PLAY one of the best hidden objectgames for FREE NOW!VISIT US: http://tamalaki.com/LIKE US:https://www.facebook.com/tamalakigames/?fref=nfFOLLOW US:https://twitter.com/hiddenobjectwCONTACT US:support@tamalaki.comComplete the Home/Garden/Castle Makeovercollection; get all of our hidden object games! Our Hidden Objectgames are high quality, engaging, super fun and additive!HiddenObjects - Castle Wonders is completely free to play, however thereare optional in-app purchases available. Don't hesitate to tellyour friends about us! --- Best in Hidden Object Games Android------ Best Find Objects Games Free Android ------ Best Seek andFind Android ------ Best Search and Find Games Android ------ BestFind the Object Game Android ---
Blackstone Mystery: Hidden Object Puzzle Game 5.57 APK
The city of Westford and its citizens desperately need YOUR HELP inthis exciting and addictive Hidden Object Adventure game! Join agroup of detectives, investigate crimes and solve puzzles. Preciousjewels and items are being stolen left and right from innocentcitizens around town! Investigate and solve crimes in a cityfraught with crime and suspense! Become the best detective! FindHidden Objects and trade items and information with the colorfulcast! Climb your way to the top as the greatest detective. JOIN THEMILLIONS OF OTHER PLAYERS and solve crimes involving the theft ofprecious jewels and heirlooms! From the makers of Hidden ObjectMystery Society and Relic Match 3: Jewel Mystery! Features: •DECORATE a detective office • FIND stolen treasure all overWestford! • INCLUDES fun minigames! • COMPLETE QUESTS all over thecity! • NO INTERNET connection required to play! • INVESTIGATEscandals and solve fun puzzles! • TONS of city levels and items tosearch for! • TRADE information with the colorful cast! • LOOK forprecious items and jewels by word, image, outline and more! •UNLOCK all 10 fun Achievements to prove you are the best! • USEHINTS to help you search for heirlooms! • ZOOM feature to findmissing relics! • CONNECT with other popular games like MysterySociety for daily rewards! • SEND amazing bonuses, rewards andboosters and to your Facebook friends! • TRADE and earn amazingrewards in each city! WEBSITE: http://www.rolltower.com/ FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/tamalakigames/ TWITTER:https://twitter.com/hiddenobjectw WATCH US:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TDHLBo9DqBdB77ps9Zt_Q CONTACTUS: support@rolltower.com
Home Makeover 2 - Hidden Object Home Renovation 1.4.12 APK
You asked for it and we delivered! Emma is now back in a sequelthat is bigger and better than before (Don’t tell Home Makeover 1we said that)! What makes this one better? A LOT of things :) Thecharming premise is as such; help Emma find her Uncle’s missinghouse deed in order to prevent the house from being taken by thestate. Insert sweaty palms here..eek! It’s up to you to save thehouse! Pretty exciting right? The old man was always losing things!You will look for Hidden Objects and sell them to your neighbors.What do you do with the money earned from the garage sales? Buyfurniture to redecorate and restore the house naturally (The poorman needs some help, seriously). Can you help Emma save her Uncle'shouse? This free Hidden Object "find the picture game" will requireyou to search for Hidden Objects, exercise your Time Managementskills and Match 3 skills! Features: • NO INTERNET CONNECTIONREQUIRED to play • HELP EMMA save this family treasure (it will bea treasure once it’s redecorated). • OVER 10 WAYS to search forhidden objects! • CLEAR TUTORIAL: Every game feature will beexplained! • UNLIMITED LEVELS: Play as long as you like • 8EXCITING trophies and 1 Ultimate trophy for you to pursue! • Match3 game: Scattered in between other game modes to offer you a littlebreak • Zoom feature: A must-have feature for every Hidden Objectgame on mobile devices, this will help you search for itty bittyitems in each picture. • Bonus Fun Facts: Learn useful (relative)fun facts (that's absolutely a fact, they sure are fun)! • RELAXMODE: Setting in the game's PAUSE menu in case you prefer casualgameplay! VISIT US: http://tamalaki.com/ LIKE US:https://www.facebook.com/tamalakigames/?fref=nf FOLLOW US:https://twitter.com/TamalakiGames YOUTUBE:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7ZNmVD0zIc&feature=youtu.beCONTACT US: support@tamalaki.com
Hidden Object - Garden Wedding 1.1.0 APK
Mary JUST QUIT her day job as an account to become a WeddingPlanner! She NEEDS YOUR HELP in this FREE hidden object game! ThisHidden Object game has all the twists and tricks you love from yourfavourite Tamalaki games: Find and Seek hundreds of objects, quickMatch 3 games and more! Help Mary make her dreams come true! JoinMary and the millions of other players playing hidden objects!Features • NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play! • RESTORE thegarden for the perfect Wedding! • NEW BEAUTIFUL high resolutiongraphics! • HOLD JUMBLE SALES by finding items your customers want!• HOURS of gameplay! • ALL NEW interesting customers • UPLOAD apicture into the game and share it with your friends! • INCLUDESNEW fun facts and hints! • FIND and seek hundreds of hidden itemsand objects! • BEST seek and find the picture game! • MAKEOVER theWedding Venue! • 9 EXCITING achievements for you to pursue! • OVER20 ways to seek and find hidden objects! • Mirror Mode, Night Mode,Picture search and more! • ZOOM feature available to search forsmaller items! • AWESOME Minigames! • PLAY one of the best hiddenobject games for FREE NOW! Complete the Home & Garden Makeovercollection; get all our hidden object games! Our Hidden Objectgames are high quality, engaging, super fun and addictive! VISITUS: http://tamalaki.com/ LIKE US:https://www.facebook.com/tamalakigames/?fref=nf FOLLOW US:https://twitter.com/hiddenobjectw CONTACT US: support@tamalaki.com