1.0.0 / March 22, 2016
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A new game for hidden object gamelovers!HiddenObjects Country Road is a very popular mystery,puzzlegame where youwill have to solve the mistery in 2 difficultylevel,choose to playthe game by word or by silhouette.
The objects are hidden all around the Country Road and you mustbequick in finding them because you have only 60 seconds.AnalyzetheCountry Road very careful because if you click on a wrongobjectyou will lose a try and you only have 3 tries to solve themysteryof Hidden Objects Country Road.

Enjoy Hidden Objects Country Road by 3GG.

App Information Hidden Objects Country Road

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Cooking School Restaurant Game 1.0.4 APK
3GG Studio
Join our girl cooking school and start learning prepare toprestaurant dishes from great chefs.Joining this cooking school youcan learn how to manage your own restaurant,serve and prepare thebest dishes for your clients.We think that cooking school will beone of the best restaurant games in 2017.Containing over 7 cookinggames in one,our girl game will please every player and be the bestcooking game in 2017.Start the game by preparing fast food,in thisfirst leason of girl cooking school you can practice cookingburgers and cooking pizza.Start cooking burgers with your favoriteingredients,in this way you will cook cheseburger,clasic burger andmany different burgers.Also you can start cooking pizza ofdifferent types in our school restaurant games.If you like cookinggames where you are cooking burgers and cooking pizza then you mustlove the fast food part of this new cooking games where you playrestaurant games and learn to cook fast food menus by playingdifferent cooking games.After you learn how to cook fast food bypracticing playing fast food cooking games,you can unlock newlevels and start learning to cook main courses by playing cookinggames and prepare grills and pasta,main courses that will help youmanage your own restaurant.In this part of our girl cooking schoolrestaurant games you start by preparing grills and unlock thesecond main course level and start playing pasta games.After youplay our main course cooking games you will unlock thedeserts!Every restaurant must have deserts and that's why weintroduced deserts in our cooking games! Learn to prepare desertsby playing 3 different cooking games.Start to prepare donuts,icecream and cupcakes,levels that are included in our cooking schoolrestaurant games.We are sure that our game will be one of thefeatured restaurant games in 2017 and it will be in the firstpositions in the cooking games category.You can install and playour restaurant game and decide by yourself is this is one of thebest restaurant games in the market!This game have over 7 cookinggames that are devided 3 categories,fast food,main course anddeserts,and cook different recipes for every category.We hope thatyou will like our restaurant games and tell us what you think aboutit by rating it!
Girl Dress Up Shopping Games 1.0.6 APK
3GG Studio
Girl Dress Up Shopping Games is a new dress upgame for girls.Playing it you will find all that you want to getfrom a dress up game.You will start the game by helping our girlsgo shopping at the mall,in this period there are shopping sales andyou can find beautiful dresses,shoes,bags at low prices!Buying clothes from the shopping mall to dress up our girl is justthe first step of the game,in the second part of the game you willtake all your shopping bags home and here you will dress up ourgirl with different outfits and try to find the perfect one!In Girl Dress Up Shopping Games you will become a fashion stylistand choose the best clothes for our girls,help them buy clothesthat when they will dress them up will look beautiful.In this game you will have a shopping game and a dress up game forgirls.You can buy clothes and then dress up our girlprincess.We are sure that you will love our dress up games because they willoffer you all that you aspect from shopping and dress up game forgirls.Girl Dress Up Shopping Games Feature:•Cool graphics with nice colors glitter that will make the gamelook wonderful and be the perfect dress up game for girls.•You can choose from many different types of clothes and dress upthe girls with different outfits to find the pefect one.•You can show your fashion skills and compare the outfits with theones that your friends will make.We hope that you will like our dress up game for girls and take aminute to review and rank our shopping game.Make sure you will check all our dress up games for girls and comeback every week to find new dress up games with new girls,princesesand dolls!
Cooking Pasta Chicken Broccoli 1.0.3 APK
3GG Studio
Like in your favorite cooking games you will learn new recipes andbecome a great chef.Playing this new cooking game you will learnhow to prepare pasta with chicken and broccoli.Enter the restaurantand start preparing all the ingredients needed for this recipe,cutthe vegetables,mix the ingredients and follow the recipe every stepof the way.Like in all restaurant games the main purpuse is toprepare pasta for you clients that are waiting for theirorder.Restaurant games became very popular in our days and this isone of the best cooking games you will find.The receipe is verydetailed,giving you the impresion that you are cooking in thekitchen of a great restaurant.You have to set the temperature ofthe oven and the frying pan to get the pasta perfect and not burnthe food.After you finish cooking the pasta with chicken andbroccoli you have to exercise your master chef skills and try todecorate the plate and make the dish look great for custumers toreturn in your restaurant!If you are looking for a real cookingtest then our new cooking game is the perfect choise.You will enjoythe experience of restaurant games and cooking games all in onegameYou have nothing to lose by trying our new cooking game becauseit's Free!Just give it a try and tell us what you think.Come backevery week for new restaurant games!
Doll Dress Up Princess Games 1.0.1 APK
3GG Studio
Use your princess fashion skils in one of our newest princess games.We know that you like princess games and dress up games and that'swhy we created our latest game called Doll Dress up Princess Games.You should use your princess fashion experience and createwonderful outfits for our dolls in over 7 levels of gameplay. Dressup the princesses for various events like beach time,weddingnight,party ball.pijama party and others great events.If you likeDoll dress up games we are sure that you will love this princessdress up game ,because you can try many outfits, and pick fromhundreds of fashion items .You can create endless outfits and canenjoy a really great doll dress up game.Princess fashion games arevery popular and we created this princess dressup game for you tohave a great experience and create different fashion outfits andpick from endless fashion clothes and create perfect doll fashionoutfits for free.In our Doll dressup game you can create fashionoutfits , for specific events and in this way you will learn how todressup our doll for every event,make her look great when she goesto the beach,when our doll goes to a special event like a wedding,aball party,disco party,our when she's hosting pijama party's.Dolldressup games are becoming very popular ,and this is why we havetried to create this perfect princess dressup game for you.It isvery important for us to hear your opinion about our princessfashion game .This is why we hope you like our princess games andgive us your rating and comments for us to improve our princessfashion game.If you liked this doll dressup game you should try ourother dressup games by visiting our page!
Baby Girl Games Zoo Adventures 1.0.2 APK
3GG Studio
We know kids love baby girl games and this iswhy we made a free adventure game for girls!Join our baby girl inher Zoo Adventures and take part in the quest of your life.Start bypacking our princess backpack,take some toys for practising zoogames,some food and treats for practising animal games all that sheneed for her adventure.Take the photo camera and all the otherthings that our princess will need in her Zoo Adventures.Like in all your favorite zoo games and animal games you will seelots of animals that are living in our great Zoo and with your helpthis sweet princess will perform different activities with theanimals.We must let you know that this is one of the best free babygirl games you will find in the store.Take part in the animal gamesand zoo games,try to play with them and feed them.Like in all baby girl games you start by visiting the Zoo,buy someice cream and try to establish your first activity.You can playwith the rabbits,monkeys,visit the scary animals from the zoo orride the pony's.If you like animal games than this game is the perfect one foryou!Playing Baby Girl Games Zoo Adventures you learn about all theanimals from the Zoo,learn that you have to be careful when youvisit the scary animals and know that you can play with therabbits,feed the moneys and play different zoo games.We hope you will like our game called Baby Girl Games ZooAdventures and leave us a review of the game so we can improveit!Please try or other premium girl games that we are sure you willenjoy also!
Pregnant Mommy Baby Care Games 1.0.5 APK
3GG Studio
This is one of the best surgery games that you ever played,if youwanted to play a baby birth game simulator ,than this is theperfect game for you!Like in most pregnant games you start the gameby checking the mommy's health and then take care of her dauther,because she is not feeling well.Our Doctor simulator game has babydoctor games in the first part,where you have to manage some babycare and be a great doctor. Baby doctor games are fun because youprovide baby care to the kid and treat her sickness and make herhealthy and happy.After that you can start managing the Mommy birthand help her deliver her second baby.Like in other surgery gamesand pregnant games you will take the Mommy to the hospital for herbaby birth and start by giving her some pills, take some bloodsamples and take care of her baby birth.Surgery games are funbecause you can be a doctor and perform surgery on the patient ,andin this game the bonus is that after you finish the birth surgeryyou are a baby doctor ,and you perform baby care after the babybirth.Hope you enjoy our baby doctor games and also you shouldcheck more doctor games and surgery games by visiting our developerpage!
Dress Up Games Twin Sisters 1.0.4 APK
3GG Studio
In most of your favorite doll dress up games,you just try differentfashion outfits on different girls.In our fashion dress up gamesyou will need more than that! Combining shopping games and dress upgames we succeded to make this free princess fashion game calledDress Up Games : Twin Sisters!Start by visiting the mall and try tofind princess fashion outfits that will look good on your princessdolls.Our two girls are twin sisters but you don't need to dressthem the same way.The first one like princess fashion outfits,soyou will have to show your princess fashion dress up skills and thesecond princess likes to adopt the doll fashion style,with thisbaby doll princess you have to be careful and really show dollfashion dress up skills to please her.In this princess fashiondress up game you will find features like:-Princess FashionClothes-Doll Fashion Outfits-Real Shopping Games Experience-RealDress Up Games Experience-Two Beautiful PrincessesPlaying Dress UpGames Twin Sisters you wil join our beautiful girls to shopping.Youcan pick from various fashion items and clothes and designunlimited dress up combinations.Pick nice shoes,fashion items and abeautiful dress for every twin and make our girls look likeprincesses.Just playing Dress Up Games Twin Sisters you will enjoythe real life experience of shopping,trying different outfits andshow your fashion skills.Try different combinations and at the endbuy the one that you like.Have fun playing our Dress Up game andtry our other games also,we are sure that you will love our dressup games colection and all our games are FREE!If you liked our gameplease take a second and RATE IT !Check our dress up game colectionevery day to be the first who gets our new Games.
Baby Doll Room Decoration Game 1.0.1 APK
3GG Studio
Welcome one of our new room decoration games where you willexperience the role of a famous room decor architect , you will behired by top clients to redecorate their baby rooms , fashion shops, playgrounds and many other things. We think that this is one ofthe best baby doll games that you may find because byplaying theroom decoration games that it contains you will be able toredecorate doll rooms , baby rooms by starting to play doll housegames.Room decoration games are very popular and this is why ourdoll room decor game have many rooms , shops and baby dollplaygrounds for you to decorate.In our doll room decor game you canstart by picking the furniture that you like for every room andthen arrange it in the house.After you finish a room decorationproject you can start a new one.This game has many doll roomdecoration projects, baby room decoration projects and also somefashion shops decoration and playgrounds.Our game is different fromother baby doll games as it have endless room to decorate and youcan also come back to a finished room and start redecoratingit.Decoration games are a fun way to spend your time by designingbeautiful baby doll room and even redecorate an entire house .Wehope that you will like our baby doll games and also try other babygames that we developed.Come back every week for a new room decorgame !