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A new hidden object games quest! Adventures of the Honoredhealercontinue in these new finding games! You were visiting theNorthernTar Empire to test out some new instruments from theMedicoImperium research labs that will help you cure people andlook forhidden artifact appearances. Suddenly life-drainingcrystals raindown from the sky! Meanwhile, a legendary floatingisland appearsominously overhead. This territory is full ofdangers, traps,traitors, search games and challenging puzzles!You’ll need allyour skills as a healer to find objects games forfree in order tosave your people and to broker peace before warbreaks out! Doesthe return of their lost civilization spell the endof yours? Playthe thrilling seek and find game Enchanted Kingdom:Descent of theElders Collector’s Edition and find it out! SEARCHTHINGS AND SAVETHE ENTIRE ELVEN EMPIRE! Explore the Bonus Chapterfull ofintriguing and interesting puzzles, complicated brainteasers andfinding object games! Learn about Il-Lydia, a dark elf,whothreatens to turn everyone else in the Elven Empire into herkindto take revenge! Will you be able to and stop her? PLAY ANDRE-PLAYMORE CHALLENGING HIDDEN-OBJECT PUZZLES AND MINI-GAMES! Enjoytheadventure while you’re going through a range of excitingpuzzlesand riddles! You have to solve them all to save your Empireand itsresidents from an elven traitor! Challenge yourself withsolvingthis difficult task! UNIQUE COLLECTIONS AND ARTIFACTS! Fullofcollectibles to find – cards of Elven Healing, all the examplesofEleven Artifacts, and gold leaves to purchase the tools ofAlchemy!Will you be able to solve many riddles, challengingmini-games,different mysteries, and lots more? DOWNLOAD ORIGINALCONCEPT ART,WALLPAPERS, AND SOUNDTRACKS. This Collector’s Editionprovides alot of bonus materials like Soundtrack, Wallpapers,Concept Arts,and more! Complete tasks and do interesting iteminteractions toearn Achievements as you play! Explore greatlandscapes, fantasylocations full of magic and sorcery! ALWAYS KNOWWHERE TO GO WITHTHE HELPFUL STRATEGY GUIDE! Like most of our games,this one has ahandy accessible Strategy Guide that will help you ifyou ever getstuck! Engaging games that are waiting for you!Download and playEnchanted Kingdom: Descent of the EldersCollector's Edition andenjoy the impressive world, the intriguingplot twists andwonderful mini-games!! Download and play new gamesnow! This gamehas a free trial part. You can unlock the fullversion through anin-app purchase. Visit our website:https://dominigames.com/ Becomeour fan on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/dominigames Check outour Instagram andstay tuned: https://www.instagram.com/dominigames

App Information Hidden Objects - Enchanted Kingdom: Elders

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    Hidden Objects - Enchanted Kingdom: Elders
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    March 18, 2020
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Воронеж. Среднемосковская 1д.
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You will play for Margaret, whose brother mysteriouslydisappearedafter serious and dangerous cataclysmic events acrossthe world inthis object finding games. As he was one of theSeekers, the girladdresses the Order to seek and find him. Yourinvestigationquickly turns dire when you see that a dangerouscriminal tries todestroy the worlds and your brother is helping theenemy! Whileexploring these hidden object games free and match-3games, adangerous hypnotist has just escaped their prison. Dietrichwas theone to kidnap Margaret's brother and put him into trance,thustrying to locate among hidden objects the Heart of the World.Withthis artifact at hand, he will be able to destroy the energynet ofthe Seekers, enabling them to travel the worlds. StopDietrich fromvanishing into thin air in the search and find gamesas you pursuethe villain through countless worlds. Can you saveyour brother andthe worlds in time? Find out in this exhilaratingHidden ObjectAdventure! · A NEFARIOUS TRICKSTER HAS BUSTED OUT OF AMAGICALPRISON. The Portal Brush, the extremely important artifact,is inthe villain's hands. Use your wits and intuition to track himdownin the bonus game full of free hidden objects, match 3 gamesandobject finding games! Save the world from collapsing! · REPLAYYOURFAVORITE HOPs AND MINI-GAMES, AND EARN ACHIEVEMENTS! Challengeyourlogic and deductions skills by solving a number of trickysearchinggames, and playing bright and colorful mini-games andmatch threegames! Search for the items hidden in beautifully drawnlocationsand earn cool achievements! · TONS OF ARTICLES,COLLECTIBLE CARDS,AND TOKENS TO FIND! Find all the missing articlesto learn aboutthe dangerous criminal Dietrich’s past crimes. andcollect all themagical playing cards from all three worlds with theimages oftheir inhabitants. · NEVER GET LOST WITH THE STRATEGYGUIDE! Stuckwhile playing? A useful accessible Strategy Guide willalways cometo help! It will help you solve any puzzle or mini-game,find allthe hidden items in beautifully drawn scenes, and feel sureaboutwhat your next move will be. Download and play Labyrinths oftheWorld: Lost Island Collector’s Edition now and plunge deepintofantasy lands! This game has a free trial part. You can unlockthefull version through an in-app purchase. --- Questions? Email usatsupport@dominigames.com Visit our website:https://dominigames.com/Become our fan on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/dominigamesCheck out our Instagram andstay tuned:https://www.instagram.com/dominigames
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Your crystalline-lens transplant was a success! You can finallyseeagain, but in this one of the best hidden treasures gamesyou'renot just seeing the living anymore, you can see the dead aswell!Start an incredible seek and find game and follow in yourlensdonor's footsteps in these finding game full of brainteasers,puzzles and riddles! Use your logic and deduction skillsand solvelots of mystery games and puzzles! Plunge into objectfindinggames! Try to uncover the dark dealings happening in yourdonor’shometown of Hallstatt, Austria. Girls of Hallstatt havebeendisappearing left and right in these hidden objects games.Thissituation can puzzle anyone’s sense of logic. Can you helpthepolice find the latest victim, before it's too late? Like inmostsearch and find games, you’re the one who can sort things out,buthow? Find out in this stirring hidden artifactappearancesadventure Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes Collector’sEdition full ofcomplicated riddles and challenging puzzles! This isa specialCollector’s Edition version of one of the best games! Itcontainsbonus materials that you won’t find in the standardversion. Joinus to get a cool gaming experience! · FOLLOW THEPHANTOM FOOTSTEPSOF A GHOST! Your new glasses allow you to see theevents of thepast and solve challenging puzzles! Will you be ableto find allthe hidden objects and solve riddles in this thrillingadventure?Check in Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes Collector’s Edition.· CAN YOUFIND THE MISSING GIRLS? Try to find the criminal whokidnapped thegirls! You’ll have to solve a lot of games and set outon anadventure while dealing with puzzles, brain teasers andlogicdilemmas! · SEE THE PAST THROUGH A PAIR OF OLD GLASSES ANDCONTINUEYOUR INVESTIGATION IN THE BONUS CHAPTER! Enjoy theCollector’sEdition! Magic puzzles, mini-games, investigations aswell as aBonus Chapter, Wallpapers, Concept Art and Mini-gamesandhidden-object scenes that you can replay many times are waitingforyou! Download and play our new mystery game - Mystery Tales:HerOwn Eyes Collector’s Edition and enjoy the impressive puzzlegamesand wonderful scenes! Everything you love is waiting for youinMystery Tales: Her Own Eyes Collector’s Edition that is readytoprovide you some joy! Download and play the game now! This gamehasa free trial part. You can unlock the full version throughanin-app purchase. --- Our official website:https://dominigames.com/Become our fan on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/dominigamesCheck out our Instagram andstay tuned:https://www.instagram.com/dominigames
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You’ve been called in to investigate the dark nightmares of ayoungwoman in these new object finding games! What starts as asimpleinvestigation quickly takes a dangerous turn as a witchMadlenafrom the past comes back to take her prey! The situation inthesmall city can’t be explained with any logic or common sense!Inthis one of the best finding games, only you can uncoveroldsecrets of the city before it’s too late. You are up to helptheresidents and chase the evil witch while playing search andfindgames, full of brain teasers, puzzles and hidden adventures.Useyour detective abilities to start one of the most breathtakingtophidden object games, solve many puzzles and riddles, playfindgames only hidden objects, and release the town from thewitch’sinfluence. Will you manage to go through all finding gamesofhidden objects and defeat Madlena, or will she finally get allthepeople’s souls? Mystery Tales: Eye of the Fire Collector'sEditionprovides a lot of hidden treasures! Use your detectiveanddeduction skills in these challenging hidden object games andplaypuzzles in this finding hidden objects game to save your friendandother citizens! Enjoy a good and spooky detective story inthisintriguing mystery adventure - Mystery Tales: Eye of theFireCollector's Edition! · THINGS GO FROM BAD TO WORSE IN THEBONUSGAME, AND ONLY YOU CAN STOP IT. Find out what Madlena is up tointhe small town, and play different finding games, puzzles andlookfor evidence and objects! Help your friend Katharina solvethemystery behind her nightmares and play all the games to gothrougha challenging adventure! · FIND HIDDEN TORTURE DEVICES ANDADD THEMTO YOUR CHAMBER OF HORRORS! Collect interesting andauthentictorture devices throughout the game! Test your logic anddeductionskills in solving brain teasers and find all the items toget tothe witch’s lair and save the city! Play new games and dealwithmagic puzzles and challenging tests! · COLLECT HIDDEN TAROTCARDSTO PLAY A BONUS CARD GAME. In this version of Mystery Tales:Eye ofthe Fire Collector's Edition, you may also collectincrediblybeautiful morphing objects, collectibles, and cards toplay a bonusgame, as well as download wallpapers, replay yourfavorite games,and enjoy concept arts, wallpapers, soundtrack andmore! · LOCATELOST PAGES AND ADD THEM TO YOUR WITCH'S SPELLBOOK.These games arefull of perfectly drawn locations, scenes,characters andlandscapes! Learn more about Madlena’s goals whilesolving puzzles.Save the entire town from Madlena’s evilness!Download and play ournew games - Mystery Tales: Eye of the FireCollector's Edition andenjoy impressive puzzles and riddles! Thisgame has a free trialpart. You can unlock the full version throughan in-app purchase.---------- Questions? Email us atsupport@dominigames.com Ourofficial website:https://dominigames.com/ Become our fan onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/dominigames Check out ourInstagram andstay tuned: https://www.instagram.com/dominigames
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Start a new breathtaking adventure in this one of the besthiddentreasures and match-3 games! Your brother is the host ofGhostRiders – a popular ghost hunting TV show, but one night youreceivea strange package that forewarns his death! You are about tostartan exhilarating mystery object finding games! You’ll needyourspecial astral glasses to help you view the past and interactwiththe astral plane to hidden objects games, but first you needtorepair your Glasses! Travel to the haunted mansion of aserialkiller and unwrap this unsolved ghostly search and find gamesmatch3, before you and your brother become the next chapter of itinthis haunting game of find games only hidden objects genre! ·SEEIF YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SOLVE A GHOSTLY MYSTERY IN THEBONUSGAME. Your friend pilot asks you to solve a lot of seek andfindgames on an abandoned island that belongs to… a ghost! Will youbeable to play all the games and solve riddles, puzzles andenigmas?Find out in the Bonus Chapter of this adventure game! ·FINDLEGENDARY FIGURINES AND UNLOCK THEIR GHOULISH BACKGROUNDSTORIES.As you play this one of the best hidden object adventures,look forthe legendary figurines to learn the history behind them!Unlocktheir all ghoulish background stories when you completepuzzles,scenes, match three games and mysterious riddles! · COLLECTHIDDENTAROT CARDS AND FIND LOST BUTTERFLIES TO PURCHASE CURSEDITEMS!Collect Tarot cards while you play hidden treasures games.Dare youlearn your future? Gather all the cards and other Bonusmaterials!Collect butterflies to buy all the cursed items foryourcollection! · FEELING STUCK? GET A NUDGE IN THE RIGHTDIRECTIONWITH THE STRATEGY GUIDE. Always know your next move if yougetstuck in one of the numerous games. The easily accessibleStrategyGuide will hint you on what to do next, which items to findand howto solve them all! · ENJOY EXCLUSIVE CONCEPT ART,WALLPAPERS,SOUNDTRACK, AND MORE Unlock the full game and enjoy allthe bonusesthat this Collector’s Edition provides: wallpapers,concept arts,re-playable games, soundtrack and unique collections!Download thegame Mystery Tales: The House of Others Collector’sEdition andyou’ll never get bored while looking for hiddentreasures andartifacts, enjoying plot twists and beautifullocations! This gamehas a free trial part. You can unlock the fullversion through anin-app purchase. --- Questions? Email us atsupport@dominigames.comOur official website:https://dominigames.com/ Become our fan onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/dominigames Check out ourInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/dominigames
Hidden Objects – Spirit Legends: Solar Eclipse 1.0.6 APK
Your fellow monster hunter Pascal has suddenly gone missing. Nowitis your duty to find him in this new breathtaking finding game!TheOrder of the Monster Hunters sends you to your first mission,butyou quickly realize that this is no ordinary hunt andrescueassignment. Dangerous trolls and creatures are wanderingthecountryside at dusk, bent on kidnapping the innocent humans tofinda Monster Hunter and covering the lands in eternal night! TheLordof the Trolls Jorlis is obsessed with vengeance upon the spiritofthe moon and the sun Velikor for his wife Santula whotragicallydied in the first rays of the sun. With the help of yourwifeEvelyn and your trusted Bestiary, can you solve all thehiddenobjects games, tame wild animals and stop the trolls beforetheyreach Velikor’s Sanctuary which lies beyond a dark andenchantedforest, full of monsters and evil spirits and destroyJorlis? Willyou succeed and stop the eternal solar eclipse whichJorlis desiresso much? Find out in this exhilarating find objectsgame for free -Spirit Legends: Solar Eclipse Collector’s Edition!Search and findhidden objects to reveal the mystery one of the seekand findgames! · SAVE YOUR DEAREST AND NEAREST IN THE ADVENTUROUSBONUSCHAPTER! When your daughter goes missing in the middle ofthenight, it is up to you to track her down and unravel thesecretsbehind her mysterious disappearance! Find objects to learnwheredid she go. · REPLAY YOUR FAVORITE CHALLENGING HIDDENOBJECTPUZZLES AND MINI-GAMES! Complete all the games to get accessto theBonus Chapter and re-playable HOPs and mini-games which opena lotof opportunities to enjoy object finding games even more. ·SEARCHFOR WELL-HIDDEN COLLECTIBLES Find tons of lore-filled scrollstolearn about Monster Hunters past, morphing paintings to findoutmore about the indigenous culture of the trolls, and heapsofmedals to spend in the Monster Hunter Observatory! ·ENJOYEXCLUSIVE WALLPAPERS, SOUNDTRACK, CONCEPT ART, AND MORE! Thisgamehas everything that you will enjoy! Beautifully drawn locationsandrural landscapes are waiting to be discovered. Originalsoundtracksaccompany the journey to the end of the game. · NEVERGET LOST WITHTHE STRATEGY GUIDE! Never get stuck with the helpfulaccessibleStrategy Guide! Download and play Spirit Legends SolarEclipseCollector’s Edition now and plunge into the perilousadventure ofMonster Hunters. This game has a free trial part. Youcan unlockthe full version through an in-app purchase. --- Ourofficialwebsite: https://dominigames.com/ Become our fan onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/dominigames Check out ourInstagram andstay tuned: https://www.instagram.com/dominigames
Hidden Objects - Secret City: London Calling 1.0.0 APK
Welcome to London in this finding games! But it’s not the Londonyouused to know. The magical glasses show you that just beneaththesurface of a well-known capital of Great Britain lies amysteriousworld of magicians, giants, dwarves, a world full ofhidden artifactappearances. You have been called in by yourLakrian friend Sakir tothe Secret City beneath London’s surface tosolve different findobjects games and investigate a series ofstrange murders thatthreatens to break the centuries-old peacebetween the races ofLakrians, Dwarves and blue-skinned giantsYotuns. Go on an adventureof new search games to explore theseunique and dangerous worlds asyou track down the mysterious killerplaying this thrillingbrainteaser, and one of the best seek andfind games free - SecretCity: London Calling Collector’s Edition!What awaits you in SecretCity: London Calling Collector’s Edition?This is a specialCollector’s Edition version that containsmaterials that you won’tfind in a standard version. · EXPLORE THEHIDDEN CITY! It’s time tofind out what lies beneath the surface ofLondon! Your Magic Glasseswill help you see what’s concealed inthese search and find games.Enjoy your unique adventure in theSecret City, explore greatlandscapes, fantasy locations full ofmagician Lakrians, Dwarves andblue-skinned giants Yotuns! ·UNTANGLE THE MYSTERIOUS CHAIN OFEVENTS AND FIND THE CULPRITS! Aseries of murders swept through theSecret City in this hiddenobject mystery game. Everyone is inpanic! Who’s responsible forthe series of murders? Can it be thelocal residents, or someinterveners? · ENJOY COLLECTOR’S EDITIONBONUS GAME AND MORE! Magicpuzzles, riddles are waiting for you inthis game as well as aBonus Chapter, Wallpapers, Concept Art andMini-games that you canreplay many times! This game has a freetrial part. You can unlockthe full version through an in-apppurchase. --- Our officialwebsite: https://dominigames.com/ Becomeour fan on Facebook andsearch for new free hidden objectgames:https://www.facebook.com/dominigames Want more objectfindinggames? Check out our Instagram and staytuned:https://www.instagram.com/dominigames