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There are OVER 1 million games in Google Play's App Store? Whyshould you download THIS Puzzle GAME? Having played THOUSANDS ofpuzzle games there is ONE element that makes a puzzle FUN! ThisCOOL complete the picture puzzle has this ONE feature the other doNOT. DRUMROLL PLEASE: Large pretty puzzle pieces!!!!!A Cool Picturewill be scrambled into several diamond pieces, hexagon pieces, ortriangle pieces!You must unscramble the beautiful picture byswapping pieces into their correct spot, in harder more advancelevels you will also have to flip pieces or even rotate them! Pickyour difficulty from the easiest to INSANELY challenging. Are youready for the challenge? Once all the pieces "click" into place youwill see a very cool and beautiful picture! Are you READY for thebest most addictive Casual Game on Google Play?Celebrate the twelvesigns of the Zodiac today!Game Play: Quick Puzzle Play: Play a fastrandom puzzle in quick play!Standard Game: Complete all 80 levels(they get progressively harder)!Challenge Mode: Play within alimited amount of time or moves to complete the picture. Pick thedifficulty: Small, Medium, Large, and Insane!Choose your gameplay:Swap, Flip, Rotate, or Radial.Mix and match this for moreinsanity!HIDDEN SCENES FEATURES- Free addictive puzzle game!- Tonof quick addictive levels!- Reveal cool pictures! - Stunninglandscapes and beautiful scenes!- Awesome music and 'clicking'sounds!- Short quick games to long and longer puzzles!- Play 80levels in standard game!- Quick puzzle play - random quick puzzle!-Challenge Play: Limited time/movement mode!- Large range ofpictures for all ages and tastes!- Popular casual Hidden ScenesBrand!Never get bored! There are so many challenges in this coolbeautiful game. There are plenty of beautiful scenes to play inendless variations of how to play this complete the picture game.Download this addictive casual game now and start playing! Get the#1 casual game!So, if you're longing for some brain twister andlooking for hard addictive jigsaw puzzles you have come to theright place. Or if you are looking for a fast quick or short casualgame this app is for you too!--- Best Jigsaw Puzzles ------ BestJigsaw Puzzles Free Games ------ Best Jigsaw puzzles Free ------Best Jigsaw Puzzles Free Games for Adults ------ Best Casual Game------ Best Hidden Scenes Games ------ Best Hidden Puzzles ------Best Garden Puzzles ---

App Information Hidden Scenes - Zodiac Signs

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    Hidden Scenes - Zodiac Signs
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    April 27, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Difference Games LLC
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    Difference Games LLC 353 Fairway Drive Fairborn, OH 45324
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Mahjong Garden Four Seasons - Free Tile Game 1.0.78 APK
Mahjong Garden: Four Seasons is a relaxing Mahjong game withbeautiful artwork and music set in a mysterious garden. This is theperfect Mahjong game for outdoorsmen and women who love and find inbeauty all seasons. -- MAHJONG GARDEN FOUR SEASONS SPECIAL FEATURES-- UNLOCK new levels, COLLECT amazing treasure, and SPIN prizewheels for bonus coins! These awesome daily tasks are here to helpyou earn TONS of coins. Collect items and craft objects and sellthem for gold! Match to collect items and unlock prizes in hiddentreasure chests! 140 handcrafted backgrounds and 280 AMAZINGlevels! Stay busy for hours as you navigate all of the Mahjongchallenges and adventures! Take it slow with a normal level, orupgrade with coins to really challenge yourself. Earn three goldstars on every level and all of your friends will be calling youthe Mahjong master! NEW!! Now unlock even MORE BONUS LEVELS! Forevery expert level you unlock enter a new red sphere of someseriously awesome bonus levels to master! All of these awesomebonus levels make this one of the most coveted free Mahjong gameson google play! DOWNLOAD garden pictures with your extra coins! Youheard that right! Master a level and keep each beautiful scene as areward to use as a phone background and more! ---- JOURNEY THROUGH7 AMAZING OUTDOOR WORLDS ---- Land 1 - Summer Garden The birds arechirping and the bees are buzzing all around the vibrant summergarden! Whether you love vegetable gardens or flower gardens,you’ll be sure to find one that makes your heart sing in thebeautiful land of Mahjong Summer Garden! Land 2 - Autumn Garden Asthe green summer foliage turns to bright oranges, reds, yellows,and subdued browns, there is more beauty to be found in the garden.Is Autumn your favorite season of the year? You’re in luck! We havepumpkin patches and beautiful fall harvests to celebrate! Land 3 -Winter Spring The days get shorter as winter approaches andeverything around us seems to be slowing down and resting forawhile. As spring flowers begin to pop up through a soft blanket ofresting snow, we can’t help but get excited for the seasons ahead!Land 4 - Spring Garden The cycle of the Four Seasons begins againin the Mahjong Spring Garden! Tulips, daffodils, poppies, andsnapdragons - some of the most loved spring flowers - are beginningto appear in landscapes all around you! The redbuds and dogwoodtrees are in full bloom. This is a season we never want to end!Land 5 - Summer Secrets The secrets are out! What playfuladventures do you think will be revealed in the land of SummerSecrets? Complete each level to find out what’s happening in thisnew magical world! Land 6 - Garden Grazing Through the lookingglass… what do you see looking back at you? A lion in the garden?It couldn’t be! Land 7 - Garden Party End your traves in aluxurious garden party. Roses and morning glories trellis upon rockarches and more in this dream party scene! The fun doesn’t have tostop once you have mastered this game! Follow The Mahjong AdventureSeries by Difference Games and travel around an unlimited number offantasy worlds! Do you fancy majestic unicorns? What abouttraveling around the world? Are you a reader who gets lost in thepages of your favorite novels? Would you be in awe if a fairysuddenly appeared when you’d least expect it? Difference Games’Mahjong games feature all of these beautiful retreats and more. Andthe best part is: we’re always creating new and exciting FREEMahjong games that pair fantastic game mechanics and top-level 3Dprofessional artwork so that you know you’re always playing thebest free Mahjong mobile game! JOIN US ON FACEBOOK!https://www.facebook.com/hiddenmahjong/ Please emailinfo@differencegames.com for feedback and suggestions.
Hidden Scenes - World Wonders 1.0.43 APK
Hidden Scenes is a game similar to a jigsaw puzzle where you swapand flip the pieces to reveal the hidden scene. When all pieces areflipped / swapped into their correct location, you win! Time for atrip! Go sightseeing through some of the world's most well-knowndestinations, from the Eiffel Tower to the Pyramids, Big Ben to theStatue of Liberty. World Wonders contains 20 beautiful levels forFREE, full of iconic sights!Four different modes of play:SWAP -swap the pieces into their correct spot, easy and relaxingFLIP -swap and flip the pieces into their correct spot, a little morechallengingROTATE - swap and ROTATE the pieces into their correctspot! Can be very challenging!RADIAL - swap pieces of a circularpuzzle, very unique!Get bonus power-ups during gameplay!+500 coins- make correct matches in a row+500 coins - quickly match three ina row+500 coins - complete the puzzle without using the previewbutton+1000 coins - complete the entire puzzle without making anymistakes!Download this dynamic jigsaw puzzle now and join in on thefun! Uncover the beautiful hidden scenes and treasures this app hasto offer!This app is certified Actually Free© which means you getthe full game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Signup now for our newsletter or learn more athttp://actuallyfreegames.comFACEBOOK US:https://www.facebook.com/actuallyfreegamesFOLLOW US:https://twitter.com/ActualFreeGamesVISIT US:http://actuallyfreegames.com/
Hidden Mahjong: Treehouse 1.0.34 APK
Be at one with nature and try living in a Treehouse! Experienceliving a simple life with nature firsthand in these gorgeoustreehouses of all types. Rise and shine with the melodic chirps ofthe birds, and fall asleep with the relaxing sounds of crickets,all the while comfy in your chosen treehouse. "Treehouse" featuresHD graphics, beautiful artwork and music! Solve 20 beautiful,handcrafted boards as difficulty increases. Can you become themahjong expert? Main features: - New mahjong mechanic and uniquepower system - 20 handcrafted backgrounds - Beat your best times -Daily rewards - Replay for high scores - Earn coins and unlock moreboards - Become the mahjong master! About Hidden Mahjong Our HiddenMahjong games are the original Mahjong games from Difference Games.Most of them have been unpublished since our new Mahjong games havemany more features and 10-40x as much artwork included per title.We have kept a few of the old ones for our fans that enjoy thesimple gameplay and having a small APK size due to only having asingle set of 20 beautiful images in them. If you like Mahjong youwill LOVE our new ones. Check them out here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=7060724462687387137 AboutDifference Games Difference games is a publisher dedicated toproducing high quality games that combine fun game mechanics withstunning graphics and collectable artwork. Each set of artworkcontains 20 beautiful themed images masterfully created by skilledartists usually spending a day or more on each image! In this gamewe partnered with PhatpuppyArt.com, a studio specializing in bookcovers for best selling authors. They have designed 725+ bookcovers to date -- some of the authors you may know. If you loveMahjong we have crafted many unique and distinct worlds in which toplay. The core ‘mahjong matching’ experience will be familiar butyou will have entirely new worlds, art and characters to explore!
Happy Halloween 1.0.20 APK
Phatpuppy presents "Happy Halloween"!**Note some images may bescary for small children**Embark on a spooky adventure into a landwhere the weird and wicked are the norm. Journey throughspine-chilling realms, but watch out for ghouls and ghosts, mutantsand monsters!Find unique hidden objects among the beautiful butcreepy images. This is a wonderful challenge for Hidden Objectdevotees. "Happy Halloween" contains 23 artistically-craftedlevels, filled with items.Three different modes of play!-NORMALMode: Timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds! -CASUAL Mode:Nice and relaxing experience.-CHALLENGE Mode: An extra challengefor those that are willing to accept! Three ways to find items!-Find items by their PICTURE. This is the easiest mode and greatfor kids. -Find by items by the WORD. This is great if your childis just learning how to read and a slight step up in difficulty foreveryone. -Find items by SILHOUETTE. This is a tricky way to playthat will often surprise you once you finally find the correctobject. Training mode and hints also included :)
Hidden Mahjong: Happy Dog Life 1.0.28 APK
Hidden Mahjong: Happy Dog Life is a relaxing Mahjong game withbeautiful artwork and music, set in the home of happy dogs! Solve20 beautiful, hand crafted boards as difficulty increases. Can youbecome the mahjong expert? Main features: - New mahjong mechanicand unique power system - 20 hand-crafted backgrounds - Beat yourbest times - Daily rewards - Replay for high scores - Earn coinsand unlock more boards - Become the mahjong master! About HiddenMahjong Our Hidden Mahjong games are the original Mahjong gamesfrom Difference Games. Most of them have been unpublished since ournew Mahjong games have many more features and 10-40x as muchartwork included per title. We have kept a few of the old ones forour fans that enjoy the simple gameplay and having a small APK sizedue to only having a single set of 20 beautiful images in them. Ifyou like Mahjong you will LOVE our new ones. Check them out here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=7060724462687387137 AboutDifference Games Difference games is a publisher dedicated toproducing high quality games that combine fun game mechanics withstunning graphics and collectable artwork. Each set of artworkcontains 20 beautiful themed images masterfully created by skilledartists usually spending a day or more on each image! If you loveMahjong we have crafted many unique and distinct worlds in which toplay. The core ‘mahjong matching’ experience will be familiar butyou will have entirely new worlds, art and characters to explore!
Idle Artist - Dreaming Fairies 1.0.11 APK
Enjoy a relaxing game where you tap to create artwork and expandyour gallery business.TAP TO DRAWStart with an empty canvas and asyou tap the line drawing is revealed. Can you guess what thepainting is from the outlines?TAP TO FILL IN DETAILSOnce theoutline is revealed the next layer fills in the shading anddetails. At this point the full image is revealed.TAP TO ADDBEAUTIFUL COLORSThe last layer reveals all the color and brings theimage to life.SELL YOUR PAINTINGSell copies of your paintings inthe gallery. Higher level paintings are worth a lot ofmoney!UPGRADE YOUR TOOLSSpend your coins to buy new tools andupgrade the power of your existing ones.BUY NEW CANVASESYou canalso use your coins to unlock new canvases. Higher level paintingsrequire a greater number of taps to reveal so be sure to upgradeyour tools!HIRE FAIRIESMagic Fairies can do a lot of the tappingwork for you! Set them to work revealing your paintings.HIREMANAGERSManagers will work day and night to sell your paintingseven while you're away!MANY PAINTINGS TO UNLOCKDreaming withFairies contains 20 beautiful images. Unlock them all!Idle Artistis a brand new game we are actively developing - please leave areview telling us what you like, don't like, and want to see added!Seriously, please write to us! :)
Match 3 - Wood Elves 1.0.38 APK
A spell has been cast and the Elves want to play! Elves Beyond theWoods is a fun and relaxing gem matching game featuring stunningimages of elves in their woodland worlds. Play through 60 levelswith carefully crafted layouts and challenges.Features:- ChooseCampaign or Relaxed mode- 60 different puzzle layouts- Triggerawesome powerups and combos- Stunning background images- Earn coinsto unlock more content
Sweet Pony 1.2.1 APK
Have you ever wondered how perfect would be to have your own ponyfriend? With My Sweet Little Pony you can create your pony the wayyou’ve always dreamed.You have many options to customize your newfriend. You can change its color, clothes, eyes, accessories,wings, paintings, you can even match its hair with yours! You wanta princess pony?! Try the dresses, long hair and maybe even thebutterfly wings under a pink sky. You want something more wild?!Try a dragon wing under the full moon. There are countless ways tomake your pony unique!Join the magical land of ponies, they arewaiting for you!