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High heels or high heels are women's shoes that are often used andseen primarily in official and important events such as weddingsand so on. On any occasion used, these shoes always make thewearer's legs look long and slimmer, thus making the wearer lookmore attractive overall.Out there, there are many types of highheels that are all based on each model and appearance, both in theheels and on the shoe body. In order for you not to buy wrong orcan find shoes that you want easily, it helps you recognize thetypes of high heels.To make her appearance more elegant, high heelsor high heels are usually made using leather, ranging from cow skinto snake skin or exotic crocodile. In addition, out there are manycraftsmen who make and sell high-heeled handmade shoes.One thingyou need to remember, while providing an attractive appearance,excessive use of high heels or high heels, either too often or toolong, can damage the posture and anatomy of the foot. So, as muchas possible use high heels or high heels is only in importantmoments only.

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Graffiti Name Ideas 1.4 APK
Speaking of graffiti images may be of some people already know,that the graffiti image is a form of artwork in the form ofgraffiti on walls or walls which composed of various compositionsof colors, shapes, lines, volumes and colors, in painting orrevealing a name, sentence As well as certain symbols.In the pastwhen in making a picture of graffiti usually we only use spraypaint that we have met in stores. It used to be that most peoplethink of graffiti as a form of destructive art because it iscontrived on walls or walls. However, lately graffiti images beganto care about its existence as one of the art of writing, drawing,crossed out the high value.Although basically this art may bedamaging if used on a wall or wall that should appear clean.However, this work of art still we must appreciate and now manyareas that may have prepared a special wall for graffiti as a meansof channeling the existence of young people in a field ofgraffiti.Download this app to get the idea of ​​graffiti design aunique name and also cool.
Clothing Patterns 1.1 APK
In sewing or clothing design, patterns are pieces of paper that areparts of clothing or sewing products. Patterns serve as examples toavoid errors while clipping the fabric. In addition to wearing aself-made pattern, one can sew at home using a ready-made pattern(finished pattern) typically published by women's magazines.At thetime of making clothing, the pattern should be adjusted to the sizeof the body shape and clothing model. For clothes that are sewn toorder, before patterns are made, certain parts of the body aremeasured one by one with a tape measure. Body parts measured fromthe size of the circumference of the neck, chest width, chestlength, until the waist circumference and long back. Before drawingin actual size, the design patterns can also be drawn in smallsizes based on the scale in the costume book.Basic patterns forvarious types of clothing such as blouses, skirts, dresses, orshirts can be used as an example for sewing, but do not have amodel. Skirts of the archetype for example, can only be equippedwith a zipper on the back, but have no model, pleated, or wrinkle.The size of the archetype is adjusted to the size of the wearer'sbody or used the common standard body size (S, M, L) for men,women, or children.This application provides an example of apattern that you can make reference in making clothes. We providehundreds of patterns with different models and sizes to suit yourneeds in sewing. Hope this app can be useful for you ..
Betta Fish 3D 1.2 APK
Betta fish are known as fighting fish, aggressive and likes toattack. Some types of hickey fish have an attractive body color,beautiful fin form, calm and authoritative movements. Betta fishare kept as ornamental fish and fish complaints. The native habitsof betta fish are spread over Southeast Asia, covering Thailand,Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. This fish isfound in swamps, lakes, ponduk, rice fields, and ditokditch. Most hobbyists know the type of betta fish with avariety of nicknames, such as half moon, crown tail, plaque, doubletail, and various crosses. The names are determined from the shape,for example halfmoon has a semicircle fin, serit has a jagged finlike a comb.The types of betta fish:- Halfmoon (moon piece)As thename suggests, halfmoon betta fish species have fins and tails thatseem to fuse in a semicircle. When viewed from the side, halfmoonfish fins shaped like the moon next door. The halfmoon betta fishare preserved for their beauty. - Crown tail (serit)Bettaserit became worldwide because of its beauty variations. It iscalled crown tail or crown tail, because when it is reversed facingup the serit on its tail it looks like a king's crown.- Plaque(fighter)The plaque comes from the term in Thai which means more orless is a fight or a fight. As the name implies, this type of bettafish is commonly used as a hoax complaint. Thailand does have alegendary betta fighting tradition.- Double tail (cigarette)It'scalled double tail because the tail part is split in two, like twohorns. Types of fish tail double tail is quite difficult todevelop. Therefore its existence is still rare in the market.-Giant (giant)Giant betta fish was successfully developed fromThailand. Its largest size reaches 12 cm, much larger than othertypes of betta fish. This giant betta is developed from a bettaplaque, which is crossed with other betta.
Stitches 1.1 APK
In sewing, stitches are part of a meeting between two or more oftwo layers of fabric, leather, or other material interconnectedwith a cake. The stitches in the bulk products of clothing,footwear, household textiles and modern sports equipment are sewnby industrial sewing machines. Shoe manufacturing, clothing,quilting, handicrafts, haute couture and home modiste may use acombination of hand sewing and machinery.In the structure of theshirt, the stitches are grouped by type (plain, lapped, bound,flat) and its position in the finished garment product (center backstitch, inner suture, side seam). The stitches are finishing with avariety of techniques to prevent the edges of the cloth fromopening and oppressing the inside of the fabric.The sutures used tounite the stitch products are generally load-bearing and ideallyshould be physically similar to the sewn fabric. Types of stitchesand sewing threads are used vary depending on the needs. Therefore,it is important to understand the different types of stitches,their use and their variations so that you can choose the righttype of stitches to suit your needs.- Sewing GroupingStitches aregrouped according to type / number of components used:Class 1 -Superimposed StitchesClass 2 - Stitch LappedClass 3 - StitchBoundClass 4 - Stitch FlatClass 5 - Decorative / OrnamentalSetClass 6 - Stitches / pliersClass 7 - Unify the separatepartsClass 8 - Construction of single strand
Henna Mehndi Design 1.1 APK
Henna is one of the oldest plant names used as cosmetics. Very safeto use, rarely cause problems for the skin. Generally when weddingpeople will carve to decorate the henna in hand. The art ofdecorating the body using henna is called Mehndi. Mehndi mixed andmixed from henna plant leaves (Lawsonia Inermis).Henna Art has beenknown to man since 5000 years ago. Generally in different countrieshenna applied in hands / feet. While in India the women use hennawhenever there is a big celebration, such as weddings, holidaysetc. The Easy Way to Make Henna Designs in HandFor those of you whohave high artistic souls can learn by yourself how to make henna.No need to be embarrassed if it is still not good. Before usinghand media you can draw on paper first.Draw a hand-shaped patternand start designing henna with simple motifs such as flowers orleaves, use a pencil if you do not have henna. You can use thisexample of henna drawing as a reference material to create your owndesign. If it is considered proficient use transfer paper to createhenna design so that it can be pasted in the media, such as hands /other objects.
Creative Wood Art 1.1 APK
Wooden crafts for the people of Indonesia is a product that haslong been occupied and became one of the wealth of art crafts areknown to foreign countries. Areas such as Kalimantan, Central Java,Sulawesi, Bali, and Papua have different types of wooden craftsthat further add to cultural diversity.Wooden crafts have beenaround since ancient times. It can be seen from various ancientrelics made of wood. The development of wood crafts is also veryrapidly various types of crafts have been produced. In general, thewood used to make a craft is mahogany, teak wood, pine wood, andmany other types of wood. There are also artisans who use wastewood or waste wood that has not been used to make a variety ofhandicraft products.For those of you who want to start makingwooden crafts this time we give some unique and interesting woodencraft ideas. In making wooden handicrafts it is necessary skill toprocess wood, especially skill to use supporting tools related tosawing tools and carving.
Nail Art Designs 1.1 APK
Nail painting is one of the latest hobbies and trends among youngpeople today. They can choose the design they want and according totheir preferences and their lifestyle. Therefore, most teenagegirls spend their time in nail salons.Nail Art is the practice ofdecorative painting on your nails. It's a fun and unique way tobrighten your everyday appearance or beautify a rhythm in a specialevent. There are various art designs available in your favoritenail salon ranging from simple and understated to trendy andelaborate designs. For example, you can choose to paint dots,flowers or you can stick a sticker on your nails. Everything livedtailored to your taste and appearance of course.Download this appto get the latest nail art design idea. We provide hundreds ofmodels and colors that are perfect for feminine women. Hopefullythis application can help you in choosing the design of nailpainting that is suitable for you.
Skirt Design Ideas 1.0 APK
The skirt is a piece of clothing worn from the waist down or legs,using the size of waist circumference, hip height and skirt length.To make skirt required pattern, that is pattern of front and backskirt.The shape of the skirt there are various but basically thereare three types of skirts suits, wrinkle skirts, and skirts. Thewrinkle skirt is a skirt that uses wrinkles on the face, back, orside of the skirt. Suitable skirt or skirt, which is a skirt thathas a simple model there are only line kupnat only (if required)without any pleated, wrinkle etc.Lingkar skirt is a skirt that usesa full circle pattern so it looks wide. Of the three basic skirt,the model also developed a skirt with a variety of variations, forexample:- Skirt pleated, is a skirt model that uses pleated -pleated either permanently or not.- Skirt pias, is a skirt thatconsists of several pieces or parts, with the basic pattern used isthe pattern of skirt.- Skirt pelpum, is a skirt model that usesfringes - tassels located at the waist and the length does notexceed the pelvic line.- Skirt drapery, skirt model that has amodel of dangling fabric or curved fabric.