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various models of the latest women's shoesbothlocal and international brands many in the market are soldinboutiques and online fashion shop. Women's shoes have a varietyofmodels of the cool stuff that is preferred by women who wanttolook stylish, fashionable, and trendy. Models the latestwomen'sshoes are often worn women ie for example kitten heels,wedges,loafers, sneakers, peep toe, pumps, angkle strap, andmore.

High heels or high heels are often used women's shoes andlookespecially at formal occasions such as weddings and important,andso on. But, in any event are used, these shoes always makethewearer's feet look longer and slimmer, so it makes the wearerlookmore attractive overall.

Somewhere out there, there are many types of high-heeled shoesareall based on each model and performance, both at the heels andonthe body shoes. That ye be not wrong to buy or can find theshoesyou want easily, it helps you identify the types of highheels. Tocreate a more elegant appearance, high heels or high heelsareusually made using leather, ranging from cowhide to snakeskinorcrocodile exotic. In addition, out there, including inIndonesia,many artisans who make and sell handmade highheels.

But, one thing you need to remember, though giving anattractiveappearance, the use of high heels or high heelsexcessive, well toooften and / or too long can damage posture andanatomy feet. So, asmuch as possible using high heels or high heelsis just at thecrucial moments alone.

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