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You have been into high school as a student. How about changingtherole and start to work as High School Cafe Chef. It feelsgreatgetting tasty food from high school cafe but managing cafe ashighschool cashier girl is a real challenge. Let’s learn to servehighschool students tasty and delicious food during lunch time andputyour time management simulator skills to real test as you aregoingto manage the cafe cashier counter as well in High SchoolCafeChef. Being a cashier girl, learn to make the crazy highschoolstudents satisfied with your skills. Make your cashmanagementskills strong by serving tasty burger & yummysandwich. Improvebasic mathematical learning skills in amazing cafecashier girlsimulator story.High School Cafe Chef is about takingfood orders,serving tasty food to high school students &managing cash atthe bank ATM counter. The cashier machine will helpyou quicklylearn best cashier techniques using debit credit cardPOS. Operatethe cashier register machine, enter the price of eachitemmanually, total the bill of all items, receive cash fromthecustomers, return balance amount if any, put money in thecashdrawer and give receipt to the customers. There is a long queueofhungry high school students and long delay would make themangry.Be a smart High School Cafe Chef and don’t let the studentleavefood counter. Your appointment as a new High School Cafe Chefisappreciated in high school. Once you learn to handle cash atburgershop you will be given chance to become the super cafecashierstore girl in supermarket bakery, grocery store juice cornerandhigh school cafe.Learn the skills of becoming a cafe cashierprosimulator and become a super cashier girl in high schoolburgershop, juice corner and university campus cafe. Be ready for arealcash handling challenge standing at the point of sale inhighschool cafe after serving home made pancake, pastry, burger&sandwich to your hungry house customers. Don’t put thepatience ofhungry high school students & teachers at test.Serve the food,play with the cash and handle cashier countersmartly in HighSchool Cafe Chef. The sweet customer might get angryand leave thecounter. Give them a super quick service to become asuper cashiergirl of cafe. Decorate with awesome toppings, sauces& cream.Serve with soft drink juices & coffee.High SchoolCafe ChefFeatures:- Take orders, cook & serve food and handlecash inhigh school cafe!- Learn time management skills as supercashiergirl & be pro chef & baker!- Increase yourcustomer’spatience by offering sweet candies!- Become top bakergirl of cafeby serving creamy pancake, delightful pastry- Show yourcookingskills by baking grilled chicken sandwich & muttonburger

App Information High School Cafe Chef: Cashier Girl Cash Register

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    August 10, 2018
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Supermarket grocery store is an amazing cashier games for girlsandboys. Learn how to handle money at shopping mall inthissupermarket simulator games. Improve basic cashmathematicallearning skills like addition & subtraction insupermarketgrocery store, unique girl cashier games. it’s your turnto shopand calculate own super market grocery store items at cashregisterin this little chef cashier games. In supermarket cashregistercashier games, you can learn how to do shopping fromkitchengrocery store and calculate bank atm money at supermarketcashregister. supermarket cashier games is full of fun activities,soenjoy shopping of all farm fresh vegetables, fruits andothersupermarket grocery store items at shopping center. Shopveggie,desserts, drinks, toys and much more in supermarket cashiergames!Calculate price of all purchased things at cash register andpaythrough credit card or cash money in supermarket. So discoverthemagic of sell trade in this supermarket cash register girlcashiergames!Play as a cashier in your very own supermarket grocerystore& learn to operate cash register in this shopping mallgirlcashier games. In shopping mall grocery store supermarketcashregister girl games, you can learn to handle money as girlcashierat supermarket cash register. Grocery store girl cashier isa timemanagement supermarket game, customers are in queue, waitingto paymoney and get their supermarket grocery items packed. Proveyourskills as an experienced supermarket girl cashier to operatethecash register. Serve your customers on time &managesupermarket cash register, so they don’t get angry on anykinds ofdelays. Supermarket cash register girl cashier games startwith anautomatic machine, scan price and get the total of allsupermarketgrocery store items at cash register.Supermarket cashregister girlis a fun adventure simulator cashier games where youlearn tohandle money and do customized packing of grocery itemsinsupermarket shopping mall. Shop grocery store itemsfromsupermarket cash register game and get it packed insupermarketgrocery store. Supermarket cash register girl cashiergames is anamazing & adventurous gift packing simulator. Thisshoppinglearning girl cashier game is a great app to learn thecurrencynotes and coins and how to calculate balance, add prices,subtractproducts and time management in supermarket cash registergirlcashier games.Supermarket grocery store features:-Amazingsupermarket cash register girl cashier games level!-Packsupermarket grocery items in shopping mall cashier games!-Computesupermarket grocery item prices at cash register!- bestlearninggame to enhance mathematical skills & time managementskills-addictive supermarket shopping mall gameplay andsoundeffectsDownload supermarket grocery store and give usyourfeedback, so we can make more supermarket cash registersimulation& girl grocery store and shopping mall cashier gamesfor you.
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Do you like to indulge? Do you like Ice cream cones? If yes thenyouwill just love playing Ice Cream & Ice Cone Maker, auniquecooking simulator game by following the simple but fun stepstobake perfect cupcakes & to cook delicious ice popsicles inyourdessert maker factory. The most delicious Ice Cream game isnowavailable on your mobile phone. You fingers won’t be able toresistthis carnival foodie treats. As a proud owner of an IceCreamStand, your job is to prepare the most intricate ice creamcones ina record time in Ice Cream & Ice Cone Maker.Disappointingcustomer is not an option for the future of yourbusiness. Takeorders and make them happen as fast as possible inyour homekitchen. The more customers you look after, the moreadventure& fun you will get in Ice Cream & Ice Cone Maker.Yourmemory, cooking & decoration skills will be challengedallthroughout the game for making vanilla ice lolly pop. Also, asyouprogress through this fun strawberry cooking simulator game,youwill unlock new bakery shop ingredients making levels harderandharder to complete. Do you think you are ready as a baker&chef to keep up with such intense pace in Ice Cream & IceConeMaker? Can you make it to the top chef and be crowned the bestIceCream Parlor store in the world? Run your own super marketbakeryshop & kitchen cafe to show your ice cream making skillsinthis ice cream games. Here you can easily make your ice creamconesfrom scratch by collecting all the ingredients from your shelfandpreparing them ready for mixing in Ice Cream & Ice ConeMaker.We have all the necessary baking & cooking ingredients soallyou need to do is start to prepare, craft and decorate yourownpopsicle rainbow glowing ice-creams, Freeze water & crushtheice to create ice cones in ice cream making simulator fromyourhouse kitchen. When you have finished making your ice cones youcanhave the fun of decorating them by adding the icing, syrup andanyyummy decorations for added flavor and effect with this IceCream& Ice Cone Maker game. Great for everyone to enjoy, whynot getyour friends together and see what types of ice-creamcupcakes youcan make & deliver on your ice cream truck &cycle.IceCream & Ice Cone Maker Features:- CHOOSE theingredients fromthe shelf to make your ice cream- MIX theingredients together withthe mixing bowl- COOK and wrap the conesready to hold yourdelicious cake mixture- PLACE the ice cream conecupcakes in thefreezer until they are frozen- COLOR the top of thecones withblue, yellow, and purple icing & sprinklers- ADDChocolate,maple, or honey syrup to your ice cream cones to addflavor-DECORATE your ice cream cones and add the finishing touchestopromote additional flavor- FILL your cone with a layer of icecreambefore sending it into the freezer for chilling!- ADD youryummyice cream from your ice cream tube until it is nice and highon thecone!- DECORATE your ice cream cone with a layer ofchocolateflavored topping and chocolate sprinkles before sending itout toyour customers!