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This game revolves around troubled story of high schooldropoutbully boy william whose sole purpose is to bully the othernaughtystudents and his class fellows, william proves himself tobeincredibly evil, manipulative to other students and teachers,andhighly intelligent, being a bad bully boy he constantlyremindsother bully kids of his arrogance and vanity. This game isnotabout shooting or fighting but its a fun game full ofadventurewhere you will be an interesting bully gangster in yourhigh schooland you will break all the rules of the discipline! Yourmission isto behave like a bad boy bully in high school gangstergame,survive and escape through hard time missions. Fight andstrikeslender students and high school security guards to bullyincafeteria and college hallway. Sneak into the principalofficestealing important confidential notes and survive your timelock indetention, sneaking from creepy teachers and authoritiesHighSchoolHero vs Bully Gang Game Play:<Violent crime is routine intheinner city high school and everything is run by a punk posse. Itisso dangerous that the students have to go through a metaldetectorat the front door!You have been chosen to bring the peaceback tothe school! Stand up against the tyrants, duel & beatthegangs, play pranks on teachers, and rise through the ranks oftheschool system. Or just freely roam in the campus and fall inlovewith a square girl - it’s all up to you!.The story is about aHighschool bully gangster who is the head of the school gang &heloves to put bully`s school mates in locking up &givingphysical punishment in classroom in this high school games.He is anew bully boy in town & joined High school. . It is notaromantic game of high school love story. High school bully boyisan evil kid of house party. He strike girlfriends by flyingpaperball toss in the classroom. Critically steal lunch boxes ofbully`sclose friends. Anna was one of bully target to whom bullyboy wasgiving hard time in city school. Participate in karatefightingtournament, beat all your bully opponents to become thechampion ofhigh school karate competition! Let the evil students ofcitycampus have the taste of their own medicine in this highschoolgangster game. It’s not a love story of the students in theschooldays rather an evil karma of their own fate in face of creepybullygangster in high school continuing the legacy of his highschooldropout student through his evil actions.High school Bullygangsteris a third person bad boy bully game where a troubledpsychopathteenager is entered into the school life to enjoyhumiliating otherhigh school students and teachers. You as a thirdperson player;Gary, has to face the bullies of the school and savehis friendfrom beating, throw rocks and papers, don’t seek too muchattentionto yourself and stop anyone from complaining to theprincipal aboutyour secret hunts of the crazy adventure in thisgangster highschool game. You have been caught into the detentionas punishmentfor your disciplinary actions, sneak and escape fromthe officewhile the teacher is sleeping, destroying the cameras ofthe campusto erase any footage of your crime recordings. Be theviciouscriminal in high school and get ready for some great fun ofyourlife by bullying kids in high school.High School Hero vs BullyGangFeatures: ◆ Rescue the grand combat against city highschoolfrontline security guards & student gang wings.◆Awesomeclassroom fever starts in high school fever by sneakingfromteacher.◆ Smooth, Easy & Intuitive Controls in bullygame.◆Amazing 3D High School Environment. ◆ You got limited time toclearyour missions so be as fast as possible◆ Immersive & avast 3Dcity◆ Realistic Sound Effects.◆ Animated fire hose andwater◆ 10most challenging levels.So what are you looking for? Justdownloadthis High School Hero vs Bully Gang.WE VALUE YOURFEEDBACK:.

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    July 31, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Gravity Games Studio
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(Gravity Game Studio) would like to welcome you to our SpeedsterJogging Survival game which is one of the best jungle survival typegame. This Jogging survival type game is specially developed forthe fans who always love to play temple oldman run, survivalrunning at jungle and other Endless Fun Runner games of 2018.Youalways go for jogging at nearest offroad type area. Jogging mayalso be used as a warm up or cool down for runners, preceding orfollowing a workout or race. It is often used by serious runners asa means of active recovery during interval training. So you’regetting training of same type like other flash hero endless runningso called jogging. But in your case you’ve to pick up coins also togo for long term training of endless jogging as specialhero.Speedster jogging can be used as a method to increaseendurance or to provide a means of cardiovascular exercise but withless stress on joints or demand on the circulatory system. So getexcited to become speedster hero and make stamina of long termrunning. Endless Jogging also prevents muscle and bone damage thatoften occurs with age, improves heart performance and bloodcirculation and assists in preserving a balanced weight gain. Therewas announcement of one day long term jogging championship andafter having that news of league of endless jogging, you juststarted to have practice of daily bases slow running and endlessjogging. You should also have idea about Jogging that which is alsodistinguished from running by having a wider lateral spacing offoot strikes, creating side-to-side movement that likely addsstability at slower speeds or when coordination is lacking.You cantake it as an awesome runner game and endless fun run with greatestadventure. Need to focus and face the extreme run and joggingchallenge which you’ve to jump and face some different creatures inyour way of jogging track at jungle mania. Your one mistake can endyour level. Fun of amazing endless run adventure through thevolcanoes and snow. Run, slide, jump, roll and dodge past anyrockets and obstacles that come in your way of speedster herojogging! Collect coins and run for your life as the tremendousrunning fast hero Avoid hitting any type of stone and fire in yoursubway like a highway running scenario. Use powerful upgradesincrease your speed, unlock new levels and grow your capacity!GamePlay of Speedster Jogging Survival:You’ve to perform jogging atoffroad jungle arena and reach at destination point.Save yourselffrom obstacles, boxes and other ground hurdles.Keep eye on joggingtrack and don’t let you go out from track & get lifeescaped.Heal yourself from power bottle on the endless runningtrack and get powered up & fast speed just like junglespeedster heroes.Become speedster hero and run & save your lifefrom angry lion and warrior elephant.Game will bring mission aftermission of running, jogging and survival run from junglemonsters.Features of Speedster Jogging Survival:* Realisticenvironment of jogging track with jungle survival.* Selection ofspeedster young man or old man hero!* Endless temple speedster runwith multiple of amazing missions.* Survival from angry lion andwarrior elephant while jogging training.* Futuristic 3D, HDgraphics of endless amazing run like other temple jogging run.*Run, slide, jump, roll and dodge past any rockets.* One touch gameplay suitable for all including all users. Amazing subway jogginggame for simulator category.Don’t Wait to Download:So why are youwaiting for other Endless Runner, flash hero running and otherjungle survival type game? Just download this survival game andhave 2 in 1 experience like endless jogging and jungle survivalmodes also.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Speedster Jogging Survival Gamewill be updated according to your suggestions. Don't forget toleave a review with your feedback.
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FANTASTIC ROPE HERO first appeared in the Mutants fighters asananti hero. FANTASTIC ROPE HERO is the real master of martialartand he can do a lot of things . First FANTASTIC ROPE HERO wasareal super-villain, but then he has evolved to the anti hero.Andnow he has a lot of allies such as ultimate king fighter,Cablehero, spider hero, iron ninja and others. Just fight against alotof enemies and kill them all! The Dead rope hero foes areBullseye,Kingpin, Mister Sinister, Sabretooth and others. So, justhavefaith in yourself and play this fantastic free games. Enjoythemright nowYou're new to the Mutant Academy, and looking forrevenge.Fantastic Rope hero is all for a good time, until Ultimatekingfighter shows up to get in on the action. Your choices willdecidethe fate of President Revenge life. You will get the feelingyouare on a Miami city and will be able to drive this superbcar,Taxi, school bus and Ships.The most powerful rope herofightergangster theft auto game. Speedster Army vs Fantastic RopeHero isa classic street mafia games. combines boxing, karate, kungFu,wrestling, latest arcade games totally free! endless boxinggamesaction A new style ARPG is coming! You can compete againstmastersof kung fu, MMA, karate champion, wrestling, boxing andother formsof struggle, to enjoy an epic battle. Train your boxers,and earnglory and money. Complete the challenges and receiveability pointsthat you can use to become the next boxingchampion.GAMEPLAY OFFANTASTIC ROPE HERO: CAPOEIRAFIGHTER: Game play of thisFantastic Rope hero: CapoeiraFighter game is pretty amazing. Youas a fantastic rope herosupernatural hero can steal & driveany sports car, bmx cycle,school bus or police helicopter.Different superheroes (Green hero,Speedster flash hero, Hammerhero, Spider hero and Incrediblemonster) are scattered in Miamicity. You can challenge anyfantastic superhero to fight in Go totown: Capoeira Fighter &beat them all with your fantasticsuper powers & become lord ofsuperheroes in Miami city. Playas a san Andreas thug and whole cityfears you. The go to townmafia city is similar to san Andreas &Las Vegas but actuallyit's Miami. Once part of the Weapon Xprogram, fantastic rope herohas a healing factor that allows him toheal from any wound, anduses high-tech equipment and is known forhis dark humor andwisecracks.In the Fantastic Rope Hero: Capoeirafighting tournamentGreen hero opponents are some great fighterslike:FANTASTICPAUL: Fantastic Paul is a hotheaded Americanbiker and martialartist who regularly enters the King of Iron Fistfightingtournaments to prove he is "the toughest fighter intheuniverse".Mutant Speedster Flash hero: Mutant flash Hero isanaction-packed adventure of rope hero in vice town. Fight likeastrange hero, be a legend of heroes and tagged yourself asspeedhero of gotham city.Brazilian Eddy Capoeira Fighter: Eddywasborn into one of the richest families in Brazil. When Eddy was19years old, his father was killed while trying to destroyaBrazilian drug cartel known as the "Organization". Eddytrackeddown the gang who killed his father; the gang membersconfessedthat the killing had been ordered by Kazuya . Eddy left bysaying,"Those responsible for my father's death will pay.” Now heis alsojoining ultimate Fighting tournament.UltimateKingFighter: Ultimate King used to be a ruthless streetbrawlingorphan with no care in the world except fighting. Ultimatekingbecame a man with a mission. Ultimate king also joiningFantasticRope hero fighting battle. SPIDER BOY: Spider Boygangsterwore a black costume with a white spider design on hischest.Spider hero is one of the favorite super hero in the Universewithmassive . Defender of the city of San Andreas.WE VALUEYOURFEEDBACK.
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Use your destructive laser light as your ultimate weapon againstthug jet fighters and gangsters in Laser Light Hero. Looking forlaser speed hero and future speed laser hero flash games for2018? With lightning laser hero speed flash hero andimpulse speed hero flash fighting the criminal mafia in crimesimulator crime city in new infinite war future battle inthe future hero super flash laser video games? Try this amazingspeedy Laser Light superhero game and be the champion in the city!Prepare for Impact is the world-first game that reproduces theexperience of real aircraft emergencies from the passenger’sviewpoint, with the highest fidelity allowed by today’s mobiledevices. A passenger airliner lost its engine, prepare the airportground staff for emergency landing. Play as jet pilot to fly andland aircraft in impossible situations in this advanced simulationand a realistic flying game. Test your piloting skills and handlethe most critical flight conditions known to man. In this flyingwild panther superhero video game the super flash Laser Light herothe super flash speed hero is rescuing the future hero fightingJets infinity royal plane war video games. This airplane simulationis open world, filled with infinite emergency landing missions.With realistic graphed open world, you can explore the land and skyof real life locations. STORY OF OUR LASER HERO He wasborn Kal-El on the planet Krypton, before being rocketedto Earth as an infant by his scientistfather Jor-El, moments before Krypton's destruction.Discovered and adopted by a farm couple from Kansas, thechild is raised as Clark Kent and imbued with a strongmoral compass. Early in his childhood, he displaysvarious superhuman abilities, which, upon reachingmaturity, he resolves to use for the benefit of humanity through a"Super hero" identity. GAMEPLAY OF LASER LIGHT HERO Gameplay ofthis fictional video game is very interesting , Main role of laserlight hero in this game is a Saviors of Plane and passengers. YouShould use your super natural immortal flying super powers so savecrashing plane & land it to secure place. On some levels therewill be army jets who’s fighting in world war and their engineblast now you as a Flying laser hero should save those army jetsbefore they destroy. Laser Light Hero: Rescue Crash Plane FEATURES◆ Fast landing mode with global competition and 5 faultlevels.  ◆Best controls for flight simulator learn handlingcrashing jet plane ◆Realistic physics for takeoff and landingcontrols for airplane pilot  ◆Play as light superhero &use speed laser attack powers.
Horse Cart Carriage: City Transporter 1.1 APK
★★★Welcome to Horse Cart Carriage: City Transporter Game 2018★★★Areyou crazy enough to become master of horse riding games? Do youhave interest in horse cart pick n drop game? So wait is over!!We’ve prepared an amazing horse riding pick n drop game and now getexcited to become expert of Horse Cart Carriage.Storyline of CityCart Carriage Transport Simulator 3D:Meet our saddle riding playerDassam a real horse rider jockey, want to ride on cart &explore beautiful environment of futuristic city. He has no money.A rich tycoon lalih gave him a buggy carriage for transportation.Dassam wake up early in the morning and go to stable to wash, care,and give some run practice to his ultimate horse buggy racinggallop. After it the postilion coachman has assign a tsk oftransportation of passengers from one place to other, people getbarrels from village farmhouse and sell it in marker. Drawn thecart carriage in off-road is not easy. Journey with real strideCart Riding Simulator with a fantastic adventure Arabic backgroundmusic/ sound will compel you to play this royal chariot carriagetransportation game. Be Responsible while riding Horse BuggyTaxi:Enter into the most trending Horse Cart Transport game of 2018with various city horse army transport missions. Use your horse asa taxi and take a ride in the real city horse carriage transporterbecause this City Horse real Passenger Transport Taxi Driver bringsyou the actual experience of driving the royal old virtualhorse-drawn taxi in the horse tracking city. Also avoid horsestunts!Game Play of Horse Cart Carriage: City Transporter:Ride yourcarriage professionally from the city street corridors. Transporttourists around the city and Off-road areas to experience themgreat amusement trip. Be the pro horse transporter of majestictravel by giving the best ride to the tourist of royal family. Thefurious wild stallion has been tamed for vital carriagetransportation purpose of royal tourist. Avoid hitting horsecarriage in city roads traffic & public. Become master of buggyrider and get fame for city pick n drop Buggy service provider.Fantastic Features of Horse Cart Carriage: City Transporter Game:*5 amazing pick n drop missions as horse rider.* Realistic racinghorse carriage driving on City and off-road tracks.* HD GraphicsDisplay, Animations and dynamic camera view.* Challenging Missionsto controlling horse carriage Driver Skills.* Pick and Drop Touristin an Ultimate Transport Horse Simulator.* Pick and Drop weddingcouples in an Ultimate Horse Transport Simulator.* Smooth controlsof horseback riding.* Realistic and Amazing Music sound effects ofhorserider.It’s time to oversee other transporter games and enjoythis marvelous horse simulator in one of the modern horse ridinggames. It’s time to become the best rider in Horse Cart Carriage:City Transporter game 2018 and ride like the wind in one of thesuperlative horse carriage games.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Horse CartCarriage: City Transporter Game 2018 will be updated according toyour suggestions. Don't forget to leave a review with yourfeedback.
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Best Formula Racing Game Created EverFurious Formula Racing Car isthe most amazing car racing game-s 3d which has variety of 4x4sports cars & some challenging tricky ways. This best carracing game-s gives you opportunity to be a better furious carracer. By playing this best 3D car racing game-s of 2018 you maygain experience in handling the various sports cars on thechallenging & difficult tracks of adventure car racing 2018.Arcade Mode of Drift Racing:In this mode, you’ve to defeat therivals individually in each level and reach at destination on time.As you get switch to next level then the rivals of furious racingwill also be increase. You should get excited to ride f1 2018. Thisultimate racing car simulator allows you to drive your sports caron the drifting tracks and earn the extra points by showing yourdriving skills. You should have experience with the steering,handbrakes & some drifting techniques & you must be able tohandle each and every scenario.Survival Mode of Racing Fever:Inthis survival mode of ultimate formula mania, you don’t need tofocus on racing and reaching at destination point. However you’veto save yourself from rivals who will never let you go alive andperform stunts and dodge all racing rivals. This mode is endlesssurvival mode. Don’t focus on levels, just do focus on steering,breaks, right and left rivals and you’ve to get life escaped.GamePlay of Furious Formula Racing Car:To step on the pedal, all youhave to do is to take control and drive your fastest formula car.Get your high performance vehicles and speed up the breath takingspeed of the track, compete against other racing cars off the gridand win to top the stage and unlock the next stunning racing trackto become one of the greatest racing legends to compete in formularacing game.Features of Furious Formula Racing Car:* Two modes;arcade mode and survival mode of formula racing car game.* 10levels with amazing formula car racing and stunts.* Best sportscars with amazing turbo engines.* Good quality graphics withrealistic racing environments.* Addictive futuristic car racinggame of formula 1 race.* Simply tilt your phone left and right tostay clear off vehicles and move forward.* Complete all the levelsand unlock new real super racing cars.High Speed – Race FeverThisdrift racing championships 3d car game is modified form of speedwayair racer and wrong way 3d racing games and free car games of 2018with new yet most addictive opportunity of extreme real highwaydriving on these furious car drifting drive 3d and asphalt racinggames with limited nitro gas on the luxury sports cars like supercars, racing cars, speed cars, and sports cars.It’s not someordinary driving school test or car parking game. Your formularacing rivals got automatic shield and armoured cars, No cash orcoins to collect, you got fully upgraded indestructible formulacars to drive and destroy rivals in this best racing car game offurious city formula. With fast cars, big guns and realisticgraphics of formula racing legend, you will be far away from theeyes of anyone else.We've worked hard to bring you some of the bestgraphics available on Android, if you love furious racing car gamesthen Furious Formula Racing Car leads you to next generation actionpacked gameplay.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Furious Formula Racing Carwill be updated according to your suggestions. Don't forget toleave a review with your feedback.
GUNSHIP BATTLE: Air craft war 1.2 APK
Gunship aircraft Battle: Highway car Shooting is best aircraftshooting game of shooting the Miami Mafia vehicles on traffichighway. This game is all about testing your shooting skills. Canyou shoot fast moving traffic and other military armoredvehicles?Highway aircraft shooter contract assault rifle killerenough to fight and want to shoot your city mafia gangster who arerunning in Sports Cars, and then this mountain army aircraft sharptraffic shooting 3D game is best crime target killer counter eliteattack game ever. You have to shoot crook's armored vehicleand gangster's cars on the road. Like an expert road warrior youhave to save hitchhikers and innocent citizen's cars.One of themost addictive, deadly and entertaining physics based targetshooting game ever made. Play as expert gunner take position incity highway wit Aircraft, take kill shot to eliminate terrorist inthe city. Destroy their cars, jeeps and trucks with your PoliceAircraft semi-auto guns. Roadkill hunter drift car will in fullspeed in this game, Now take challenge of traffic hunter arena andget wonders of crazy car shooting. Get contract traffic killermission and play this game, Strat shooting traffic mafia cars withPolice Aircraft weapons.Race to your freedom. Your hands are on theAero plane gunner wheel. Your heart is pounding. City’s MOST WANTEDMafia’s, caught in an endless police pursuit. Are you fast enoughto shoot mafia cars in the hot pursuit of this action-packed racinggame ? The countries most devoted to prison escape plan gamesinclude Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Moscow, London, Germany, Russia,Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spainand Switzerland. Other countries with international standinginclude Australia, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the UnitedStates.The cop detector and radar are on, their checking on townstreets. The police patrol have random routes. As long as there areno cops on the horizon, you can be the car driver that can go atcrazy high speeds for game credits. The police can pull you over ifyou exceed the allowed speed or if you'll crashing into any copcar; then, you'll be the most wanted of Buckle up, hit the gas andhold on tight; you’re in for the ride of the wildest chases. Takedown runaway street racers while avoiding civilian cars as youchase and weave through traffic. Outrun high speed felons, outsmartrivals, outdrive buddy police and smash road in the most dangerousAircraft Gunner shooting game now!The world's most powerful combathelicopters are at your fingertips. Launch the attack on the mostdangerous terrorists now! Police Aircraft puts you in the gunnerseat of the most powerful combat helicopters. Strategically fireyour powerful machines guns and devastating missiles to slay hordesof enemies across the world.  From the USS Arizona to the HMSBulldog, take control of authentic World War II era vessels andsteer them through epic naval battles to glorious victory!This jetfighter game is like never before. Test your skills in an actualplane battle game in which you fight against the most lethalmachines in the world. Become the pilot of fighter jets and destroyenemy’s evil cars in highway. Equip the fighter plane you want totake to battle arena and fly over the enemy’s base and unleash hellupon them with amazing weaponry. Use machine guns firing and rocketlaunchers to take down the most fatal gunships from all over theworld.Military Intelligence and the CIA has indicated largeformations of enemy positions on the outskirts of a fallen alliedstronghold. The enemy seems to be amassing their capabilities tomake a major push to overrun allied territory, Your targets will bemarked and you will be required to destroy them with your machineguns and powerful hellfire rockets. If you enjoy FPS,shooting, or racing games, this is the perfect game for you.You'llfind yourself whirling through the skies across intense crossfire.
SuperHero Avengers: Thanos Ring Battle 1.3 APK
GRAVITY GAMES STUDIO would like to welcome you to our SuperHeroAvengers: Thanos Ring BattleAre you crazy enough to play infinitewar, immortal superheroes game and other marvelous fighting gamesof ring fighting game? Do you want to become immortal Thanos andwant to defeat all incredible superheroes like captain hero,incredible monster super hero & Black Russian robot.STORY OFFANTASTIC HERO THANOS:Thanos was born on Saturn's moon Titan as theson of Eternals Mentor and Sui-San, and his brother is Eros ofTitan, also known as Starfox. At birth, his mother was shocked byhis appearance and attempted to kill him, due to believing that herson would annihilate every life in the universe, but was stopped byA'Lars, Thanos' father. During his school years, Thanos was apacifist and would only play with his brother Eros(Starfox) andpets. He also attempted to create a new life for himself by siringmany children as well as becoming a pirate. He finds no fulfillmentin either until he is visited again by Mistress Death, for whom hemurders his offspring and his pirate captain. Enter into Arena ofThanos Infinity Ring BattleA huge number of weapons, awesome sportscars, girls, car pursuits, Deceive police, double-crossed themafia, have fun, go for a drive on sport muscle cars. In thisviolent 3D action game you play as angry thanos ninja samurai. Youhave been hired to complete task from ex general of an empire tosave the land. Your main mission is to go after murder of the realking of a ring battle. Mortal warriors will try to crush you withtheir strong tiger armor and hammer. Select your Favorite ImmortalSuperhero of Infinity WarChoose your superhero wrestler wisely fromInfinity superheroes like captain hero, spider hero, super panther,hammer hero, & Russian widow and train him to your level so hecan fight without any sauce of mercy and opens up a death battleright in the ring of wrestling games. Use all the possible fightingcombinations of Fantastic Thanos to join the Street fighting gamesand fight like a legend to show your power in war of allies!BecomeChampion of Avenger: Death MatchFight like the chamber wrestlingwrestler in the world wrestling tournaments of super hero and avoidelimination wrestling rules by destroying the infinity war ringbattle. If you want to win the belt of championship then defeat theopponent like rumble wrestling wrestler in World SuperstarWrestling 2018. Increase the power of superstar in royal wrestlinggames of beach Wrestling battle. Become Ultimate SuperheroAvenger!How to Win Russian Avenger: Superheroes Infinity War?Fightusing a variety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, jointlocks, close fighting, throws and take downs. Move quickly likespeedster hero in the cage of Fighting like legend Thanos wrestlerand dodge your competitor with your quick left, right sudden strongkick attacks. Use different free wrestling fighting techniques likekung Fu, muay Thai, taekwondo, mix martial arts, Karate and muchmore to win the wrestling mania tournaments of Legend like AllianceWar. Become the World Greatest Superstar; comic monster in AvengerFighting Game & wrestling also.Features of SuperHero Avengers:Thanos Ring Battle:* Realistic superhero ring fighting animation,flying kicks, punches and combo attacks.* Multiple of Infinitybattle – ring fighting missions.* Selection from infinity warSuperheroes like captain avenger, incredible spider,flash panther,incredible monster super hero & hammer hero.* Fight and survivelike a true super hero Immortal God!* Realistic arena superheroinfinity war sounds in this superhero fighting game.WE VALUE YOURFEEDBACK:SuperHero Avengers: Thanos Ring Battle 2018 will beupdated according to your suggestions. Don't forget to leave areview with your feedback.