1.1 / February 12, 2016
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Show yours hunting, target skills, hold breath take precise aimfrom scope to destroy highway cars, trucks, get ready to becomeexpert marksman shooter inHighway Traffic Shooting brand new actiongame from android play store.One of the most addictive, deadly andentertaining physics based target shooting game ever made..!Destroycars, trucks of the gangster and terrorists, select modern weaponamong guns from sniper to semi-auto assault rifles. Highway TrafficShooting givesyou thrilling modern target shooting experience likenever before. Shoot in the highway traffic or they will take youdown with their weapon firepower.Play as expert gunner takeposition in city rooftop, take kill shot to eliminate terrorist inthe city. Destroy their cars, jeeps and trucks with your semi-autoguns.If you love playing hunter and sniping game this game willtake your breath away with the action packed gameplay.In this brandnew shooting adventure you play role of trained marine snipershooter with your skills target all enemy cars and vehicles beforethey kill you down.Highway Traffic Shooting - shooting on thehighway heavily traffic. Shoot on the highway ahead of busy trafficand road winding between them.This Highway Traffic Shooting gameuses realistic physics of cars, which will give the real feeling ofshooting and targetting on highway roads.Dynamic change of cars,trucks gives you an opportunity to shooting at any time anyvehicle. At time, you will feel the realism of the present,whichwill give you our Highway Traffic Shooting. The choice of target toshoot, hunt will appeal to fans of realism and shooting.If you areconfident on your abilities and skills of shooting, choose the ammoand take full control of the shooting.Very challenging game withvariety of weapons and gaming experience that will make you feelexciting and thrill. Feel the adrenaline rush in your blood,targetto destroy traffic cars on highway in the city make deadly aim withshooting scope to resist against terrorist group. Don’t let themescape out of sight or they can cause mass destruction in thecity.Download free and enjoy Highway Traffic Shooting modern actiongame in your phone device and tablet.***How to Play**** Simply TAPto shoot and kill.* Avoid shooting civilian cars and pedestrian.*Take consecutive close shots to destroy thief cars for bonusscore.* Complete each mission within the given time.***Features****Simplified Control: TAP to KILL* Fast paced, Arcade style,Shoot-em-up* Stunning graphics* High quality SFX and BMX*Multi-lingual support * Variety of GTR cars

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    Highway Traffic Shooting
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    February 12, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    G-Tech Studio
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Hunting jungle animals is a great passionaboutanimals.If we talk about the new hunting season Deer hunting is muchpopularas hunting of other animals.So this is Real Deer Hunting game in which a sniper is lookingforanimals to hunt.This is hunting season and you are african hunter of 2016 andthis3dstunning game requires passion from you. You have unlimitedammowithyou and there are a lot of deer, boar, lion, stag, wolf, bear,duckandmany other animals and birds for adventure hunting in jungle.In snowy mountains and green forest you need best skillsofhunting.When the sniper animals hunter shoot the target, all deerbewareofthe deer hunter and they ran in the wild jungle.This is the best addictive game for the entertainment ofyourchildren.Endless hunting game contains many levels for you to enjoy thedeerhunting in jungleas modern sniper hunter.After playing the game you will feel like perfect sniper shooterofanimals.******Game Features*********** Real Sniper Deer Hunting 2016 game to hunt the animalswithsniper gun.* Wild and deadly animals are too occupy like wolves, rhinostheyaredangerous and can harm you.* Sniper will target the deer and hunt with expertise.* After VIP shot you will be awarded with gift.* In the next levels strategy is changed i.e; Animalsalsoattackon the person (hunter) they are also walking in the wildjungleandyou have to protect them too.* Stunning Graphics with Attractive Menu.* Full of Adventure with realistic environment.* This game is like beast hunter.*****Game Play*********** As early said you are a sniper and sit on the high hill,soyouhave to hunt the animals and deer with your modern snipergun.* Touch on the screens anywhere with your finger.* Fire button is available to fire.* There is zoom capability to zoom the gun .This game is uploaded on the play store and you can downloaditeasily from there.Best of luck...!