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😎 Hipster Live Wallpaper HD brings you ten abstract backgrounds andurban live wallpapers with hipster symbols on them! If you aredifferent and original, and you dig the vintage style and retroclothing, come to hipsturbia and live the hipster life! If you wantto be unique and to escape from the mainstream, download these“hipster backgrounds” and say hello to the hipster population! Becool, listen the alternative music and enjoy your cannabis withthis marvelous “hipster wallpaper”! Wear your favorite hipsterclothing and strut with your platform shoes with this animalwallpaper for cool kids! Relax with this colorful wallpaper and letthe whole world know about your hipster style!😎 Main features:😎Animated hipster symbols on your screen!😎 Select the speed anddensity of floating objects!😎 Choose from ten different “hipsterwallpapers”!😎 New wallpapers are added daily!😎 “Hipster LiveWallpaper HD” will not drain your battery, because it will sleepwhen the phone is inactive!😎 If the wallpaper resets after thereboot, please move it to your device storage from your SD card!😎Visit our channel to find more beautiful wallpapers!😎 “Hipsterwallpapers and backgrounds” are completely free!😎 Download HipsterLive Wallpaper HD and choose your favorite cool background – anawesome tiger wallpaper, a galaxy background or any other of thecool pictures for mobile phones and tablets! Enrich your collectionof HD wallpapers by adding this art gallery filled with photos ofabstract drawings and modern designs! Download this free “coolbackground app” and make your phone or tablet absolutelyastonishing! Get lost in the playful vivid colors with a hipsterlive background! Set the amazing pictures of wolves, bears, lionsand tigers and make other hipsters jealous! Eat your favorite veganfood, drink beer, smoke European cigarettes and put a smile on yourface behind the cool glasses! Be a true depiction of a hipsterstyle with these amazing wallpapers HD!😎 Download Hipster LiveWallpaper HD and enjoy the best collection of abstract and retrobackgrounds and hipster pictures! With these butterfly backgroundimages and flowers wallpapers you will find your inner peace.Inspire your friends and family with a hipster vision of humanityevolving toward a world of people living in harmony. The eye of thetiger and sparkling stars will make the real hipster symbols foryour phone! Take out your hipster camera and start the new eraright now! Embellish the screen of your phone and tablet with thebest hipster wallpaper on the market! Be a part of the new wave andtake this psychedelic wallpaper with the rainbow colors! We wishyou only love, peace and happiness!

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    Hipster Live Wallpaper HD
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    July 13, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Phoenix Live Wallpapers
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Shine bright like a diamond with brilliant Pink Diamonds LiveWallpaper shimmering on your screen background! If you are a loverof accessories, this enchanting “glitter live wallpaper” is aperfect phone accessory for you! Make your mobile a real beauty bysimply installing this app for Android™ with “free download” andthese shiny wallpapers and backgrounds will enable you to enjoyluxurious gemstones on your desktop! Come on girls, glam up byadorning your smartphone with cute “pink diamonds” totally free ofcharge. A “pink wallpaper” ornamented with beautiful gems andbrilliant precious stones will blow your mind so embellish yourscreensaver today by adding “pink diamond wallpaper”! Diamonds areforever and they never go out of fashion – get these girly picturesand your cellular will always look glamorous and fabulous! ♥ Mainfeatures: ♥ Animated diamonds and sparkles on your screen! ♥ Selectthe speed and density of white diamonds! ♥ Choose from tendifferent shiny wallpapers! ♥ New wallpapers are added daily! ♥“Pink Diamonds Live Wallpaper” will not drain your battery, becauseit will sleep when the phone is inactive! ♥ If the wallpaper resetsafter the reboot, please move it to your device storage from yourSD card! ♥ Visit our channel to find more beautiful wallpapers! ♥“Diamonds wallpapers and backgrounds” are completely free! Get thesparkling “pink diamond” and the precious jewels floating ondifferent “glitter backgrounds” will captivate the attention of allyour friends! These pink wallpapers and backgrounds free fordownload are truly “girly wallpapers” because they will make youfeel so glamorous and ladylike! Don't forget that “Diamonds are agirl's best friend”- download this “diamonds wallpaper free” ofcharge and have them always with you! Frost your smartphone withglitter dust, it will dazzle everyone around with its sparkle! PinkDiamonds Live Wallpaper is your perfect animated background thatoffers ten glittery diamond pictures designed especially for girls.Why should you miss the chance to get a diamond tiara and feel likea princess? Replace your default Android™ live wallpaper with this“pink background” featuring “diamonds and pearls”, and show thatyou are a real diamond girl! This “pink diamond live wallpaper” isan absolute must have! All that glitters makes you feel extravagantand posh which is why these beautiful pictures are definitely worthhaving! Get these amazing pink live wallpapers for Android™ andenjoy your new desktop backgrounds. All you need to do is downloadthis stylish free app, install it on your phone and start usingthese wonderful animated backgrounds. It is the best livebackground for girls inspired by stunning jewels. Bathe your phonein color pink, the color of love and happiness and your device willbe the cutest ever! Sweet gems and pearls bring you the world ofluxury – grab it and fascinate everybody!
Galaxy Live Wallpaper HD 1.7 APK
Download Galaxy Live Wallpaper and have all the stars andconstellations and planets on your mobile background! Enjoywatching them glitter in the dark night sky! Nothing can adorn yourphone screen better than these heavenly bodies because theirmagical glow will win your heart in a sec! It's a perfect “galaxywallpaper” for your Android that will help you explore the “outerspace” and get more familiar with it! Watch the “star galaxy” onyour phone screen and try to find the path to the “Milky Waygalaxy”! You do not need a telescope any more to be able to admirethe night stars – obtain this “space live wallpaper” with freedownload and turn your phone into a sparkling starry sky! Beoriginal! ✪ Animated space stars on your screen; ✪ Full support forlandscape mode and home-screen switching! ✪ Amazing HD graphics; ✪Best HD wallpaper for your mobile phone! ✪ Social share button andmore; ✪ Enjoy this lovely, free and useful "live wallpaper"! Followthe installation instructions: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers-> Live Wallpapers ✪ You can choose from 10 different “galaxyimages” for your phone background. ✪ New backgrounds added daily -collect them all! ✪ HD graphics – "space galaxy" decorating yoursmartphone. ✪ Optimized Battery Usage. ✪ Compatible with 99% mobilephone devices. ✪ The app will sleep when your phone is inactive, sothis “space live wallpaper” will not drain your battery. ✪ “GalaxyLive Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientation and looksamazing on both mobile phones and tablet devices. This free app forAndroid™ allows you to trap all the constellations and shootingstars into your cellular – acquire “space wallpaper HD”, close youreyes and make a wish for the falling star! That's right, usually,stars and planets are far away in the universe that's surroundingour planet Earth, but with this mobile wallpaper you can have themin your phone as well, and admire them day and night. This livewallpaper app will take you on a space trip: Fasten your seat beltsbecause we are taking off – check out all the stars and planets ofthe “solar system” by adding this “galaxy live background” to yourcellular! Grab the chance to bathe your smartphone in night lightand maybe you'll even get to enjoy the magical glow of “Northernlights” or Aurora Borealis together with this stars live wallpaper!To put it shortly, if you love astronomy and you're fascinated withall galactic facts then this “stars wallpaper” is a must have!Being a “solar system wallpaper” it will place the space planets onyour screen: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune etc.,as well as comets and asteroids. Use it to personalize your mobilein the best possible way! This galaxy wallpaper will make yourphone truly beautiful! Download for free Galaxy Live Wallpaper andchoose among 10 amazing “galaxy pictures”. Pick your favoritebackground image and share it with your friends! They will love it,you'll see! After all, anyone who is a fan if star wars willrecognize the quality of this “outer space wallpaper”. Be the firstin your company to get this “galaxy background” and then brag aboutit!
Pink Glitter Live Wallpaper 2.2 APK
✨ Make your screen come to life with this Pink Glitter LiveWallpaper! Enjoy the cute sparkles and shines on your screen andfeel like a true lady with these shiny wallpapers! Choose to shineeveryday with this “glitter wallpaper” - passionate pink color andamazing floating glitter hearts and sparkles will turn your phoneand tablet into a real embodiment of luxury! “Pink glitterwallpaper” has been designed for all the fashionistas and followersof the newest trends – download this free glitter wallpaper andshine bright like a diamond always! Do not let anyone ever dullyour sparkle – install this moving glitter wallpaper on your deviceand create your own pink world on the your desktop! Customize yourprecious phone with the most luxurious selection of “pink glitter”wallpapers and amazing diamond backgrounds sparkling – simplyselect your favorite free sparkle and glitter live wallpaper, addfloating particles and join the glitter force today! ✨ Mainfeatures: ✨ Animated glitter and shiny hearts on your screen! ✨Select the speed and density of floating objects! ✨ Choose from tendifferent “glitter wallpapers”! ✨ New wallpapers are added daily! ✨“Pink Glitter Live Wallpaper” will not drain your battery, becauseit will sleep when the phone is inactive! ✨ If the wallpaper resetsafter the reboot, please move it to your device storage from yourSD card! ✨ Visit our channel to find more cute glitter wallpapers!✨ “Glitter live wallpaper” is completely free! ✨ Pink wallpapersand backgrounds are something every girl should have in hercollection of “live wallpapers”! Pink Glitter Live Wallpaper offersyou many glitter wallpapers and backgrounds and pink wallpaperswith cute glittering hearts and adorable glitter stars – customizeyour phone with the best glitter wallpaper HD! Choose your favorite“pink glitter theme” and set your phone and tablet ablaze with afiery hot pink wallpaper and an amazing glitter moving wallpaper!Say “shine on you crazy diamond” and open a new window to the world– put on your pink glasses and set our falling glitter livewallpaper as your default background image – you will become a truediamond girl in a matter of seconds! Download these pink wallpapersfree and choose your favorite glitter HD wallpaper - fill yourscreen background with diamond dust and have a truly unique andfashionable device! Diamond glitter wallpaper or a pink sparklewallpaper – the choice is entirely up to you – these amazingglitter themes will customize your background, and you can addfloating sequins and shimmer all over it to have your new best livewallpaper for girls! Glitter wallpaper live is something that willput any frown upside down – diamonds are forever, and we guaranteeit that you will keep this moving glitter wallpaper for a longtime! Free girly girl backgrounds and wallpapers are a click awayfrom you! Download our Pink Glitter Live Wallpaper for girls andhave the most unique and exclusive wallpapers – use a glitterwallpaper home screen or set a glitter wallpaper lock screen –either way, you will be a proud owner the most glamorous and cutewallpapers for girls on the market!
Allah Live Wallpaper 1.7 APK
☪ Allahu Akhbar! Allah Live Wallpaper brings you ten beautifulIslamic backgrounds with the most prominent religious symbol onthem – the name of Allah! Chose your favorite “Allah wallpaper” andembellish the screen of your phone and tablet right now! If you arelooking for the best religious backgrounds, don't worry – yourfavorite “Muslim photo” is hiding among these ten beautifulpictures! Show that you have faith and download this amazing“Islamic live wallpaper”! The symbol of your religion has neverlooked so beautiful – this free app gives you the opportunity toput it on the screen of your smartphone and carry it with youwherever you go! Allah name on your desktop will make you feel safeand loved – get these “Allah background” images and see foryourself! If you believe that Allah is the one and only true God,this is the perfect Islamic wallpaper for you! You do not have tocarry the Quran with you – just download these “Allah wallpapers”and Islamic backgrounds and celebrate Islam on your phone! ☪ Mainfeatures: ☪ Animated Islamic symbols on your screen! ☪ Select thespeed and density of floating objects! ☪ Choose from ten different“Islamic wallpapers”! ☪ New wallpapers are added daily! ☪ “AllahLive Wallpaper” will not drain your battery, because it will sleepwhen the phone is inactive! ☪ If the wallpaper resets after thereboot, please move it to your device storage from your SD card! ☪Visit our channel to find more beautiful wallpapers! ☪ “Allahwallpapers and backgrounds” are completely free! ☪ If you aresearching for “top free Islamic apps”, then Allah Live Wallpaper isthe right thing for you! Cherish Islamic religion with this “Islamlive wallpaper” - download this free 2015 Allah wallpaper anddecorate the screen of your phone and tablet right now! Find yourinner peace as soon as you install this religion wallpaper! EveryMuslim will adore the animated backgrounds this app has to offer!See how the majestic “Allah symbol” glows on your screen and beamazed by the glory of these religion wallpapers! The power ofAllah is in each and every Muslim wallpaper from this magnificentapp! All of the “99 names of Allah” are united in one beautifulsymbol found on each of these background pictures – hurry to themarket and be the first one who will download this free Allahwallpaper app! ☪ Pray to one and only God of Islam, the mightyAllah and download these free Islamic wallpapers and backgrounds!Allah Live Wallpaper is here to decorate your screen with tenbeautifully designed “Allah pictures” representing the mostprominent symbol of Islam! Muslims, this gallery of "HD wallpapers"is created specially for you – don't waste another second, get themnow! Let your spiritual energy grow every time you look at theAllah wallpaper on your display, relax and enjoy! There is not needto free download Islamic pictures or Allah images from the Internet– this Allah background has everything that you need to cherish thepower of Allah! ☪ Check your “Islamic calendar 2015”! Is it alreadytime for the Muharram or the Ramadan! Is the day of the Ashuranear? If yes, be prepared for all the upcoming holidays byinstalling this Allah Live Wallpaper on your device! If you believethat “Allah is one”, download this collection of free Islamicbackgrounds and share them with your friends to send Muslimgreetings! “May Allah bless you”!
Cute Girly Live Wallpapers HD 1.4 APK
❤ Hello, girls! Are you searching for cute wallpapers for yourphone and tablet and pink backgrounds for your screen? Try CuteGirly Live Wallpapers HD, a beautiful collection of ten “wallpapersfor girls free” of charge! With beautiful backgrounds of pink love,romance, cute unicorns, hearts and flowers, these “cute picturebackgrounds” are ideal for teens and little girls, ladies andwomen! These “cute and girly wallpapers” offer you pictures foryour home and lock screens, with animated shapes such as hearts andflower petals flying all over your desktop! You can even choosetheir speed, density and type – with these “cute pink wallpapersfor girls”, you will certainly have the most beautiful backgroundimage! Try these adorable cartoon live wallpapers that will makeeach and every phone and tablet look like they belonged to a trueprincess! Ladies, don't waste your time, download these “beautifulwallpapers for Android™ phones” and stylize your screen right now!❤ Main features: ❤ Animated hearts and rose petals on your screen!❤ Select the speed and density of floating objects! ❤ Choose fromten different “cute wallpapers”! ❤ New wallpapers are added daily!❤ “Cute Girly Live Wallpapers HD” will not drain your battery,because it will sleep when the phone is inactive! ❤ If thewallpaper resets after the reboot, please move it to your devicestorage from your SD card! ❤ Visit our channel to find morebeautiful wallpapers! ❤ “Pink wallpapers and backgrounds” arecompletely free! ❤ Girls, if you are searching for “pink wallpapersthat move” and “cute wallpaper themes” with animated objects, tryCute Girly Live Wallpapers HD, the only collection of backgroundsdesigned to satisfy even the finest tastes! With backgrounds oflove and hearts, wallpapers of flowers, cute unicorn pictures andshiny and sparkly themes, these images for phone and tablet willmake all girls happy! Smile every time you see your new “cutewallpapers and lockscreens” – spread love, happiness and joy withthe most adorable wallpapers and backgrounds for girls! ❤ Choosebetween ten “cute themes for Android™ free” - you can find a “pinkheart theme”, “cute wallpaper HD”, girl with flowers, “pinkflowers”, cute backgrounds and much more! ❤ “Cute wallpapers forfree” are ideal for high resolution phones and tablets! ❤ Girlywallpapers for desktop, pink backgrounds, cute themes for girls,cute backgrounds for pictures and much more. ❤ Make your phone andtablet be all pretty in pink with these fabulous cute livewallpapers for girls! Flower pictures, cute themes for desktop,romantic cartoon backgrounds with floating balloons – all of thesecan be a part of your desktop! Just download these “wallpapers forgirls for free” and enjoy your best new pink backgrounds, lovelyscreensavers and beautiful pictures! Think pink – this surely isone of the best 2015 cute wallpapers for teen girls, for women andladies, for everybody who loves stylizing their background images!Brighten up your screen with new and beautiful Cute Girly LiveWallpapers HD – lovely themes for your home and lock screens arejust a click away from you! Ladies, this one is just for you –enjoy these cute background wallpapers and don't forget to sharethem with your friends and family! Glorious and luxuriousbackgrounds are what every girl needs, so hurry to the market andgrab your own Cute Girly Live Wallpapers HD!
Snow Live Wallpaper HD 1.5 APK
❄ “Winter is coming!” Prepare for the enchanting “winter season”with one of the most beautiful “snow live wallpapers” on themarket! Download Snow Live Wallpaper HD, a collection of ten“winter backgrounds” and find yourself in the midst of a winterwonderland – completely free on your screen! You won't need a “snowday calculator” or a snow report to know about weather conditions –because many tiny white snowflakes will dance on your screenwhenever you want them to! Choose your favorite “live wallpaperfree winter” and embellish your screen with enchanting “winterscenes” and “snow pictures”! Christmas Eve is near – prepare forthe “winter holidays” with these “snow backgrounds”! Walk throughthe “winter snow” in your new snow boots – let this “winter livewallpaper” be your guide through the magical snow paradise all theway to the “silent night”! Download the best collection of winterimages and snow pictures and “let it snow” on your phone andtablet! ❄ Main features: ❄ Animated snow and snowflakes on yourscreen! ❄ Select the speed and density of “falling snow”! ❄ Choosefrom ten different “snow wallpapers”! ❄ New wallpapers are addeddaily! ❄ “Snow Live Wallpaper HD” will not drain your battery,because it will sleep when the phone is inactive! ❄ If thewallpaper resets after the reboot, please move it to your devicestorage from your SD card! ❄ Visit our channel to find morebeautiful wallpapers! ❄ “Winter wallpapers and backgrounds” arecompletely free! ❄ “Do you want to build a snowman”, but you aretoo frozen to go outside and feel the cold weather? Do not worry,Snow Live Wallpaper HD brings you all the magic of the winterseason, without you being cold or wet! Choose your favorite fromten “winter images” - be it a winter park, some of the most popularsnow resorts or Frosty the Snowman, you won't be disappointed! Allthe joy of the winter vacation will be right there, on the screenof your phone and tablet! If you are searching for “snowfall reallive wallpapers” and “winter photos”, you are in luck! Downloadthese mesmerizing “snow pictures” and never again will you be boredwith your default wallpapers and backgrounds! The question “will itsnow for Christmas” has been answered with these winter night livewallpapers! Share your winter dreams with your loved ones – make asnow globe on your screen and enjoy all the beauty of the holidayseason! ❄ Jingle bells are coming, Santa Claus is preparing hissleigh to bring you the best Christmas gift – Snow Live WallpaperHD 2016! Sing your favorite winter song as you watch tinysnowflakes falling from the sky! Your phone and tablet will becomeyour own snow machine, and everybody will envy your new frozenscreen! What is winter without some snow or ice, so why wouldn'tyou hurry to the market and download the best collection of wintersnow wallpapers! Make a snowstorm for free on your desktop, let thecute snowflakes dance on your phone and tablet! If you have dreamedof a “white Christmas”, you can make it happen even if it is notsnowing outside – just download this free snow wallpaper forAndroid™ and let a bunch of snow flakes make a snow show on yourscreen! We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!
Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper 1.5 APK
👼 Welcome to the world where “Heaven and Hell” meet and become one!Download Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper and decorate yourscreen with “magical backgrounds and wallpapers HD”! Choose fromfive HD images of angels and devils and watch the never-endingclash of “good and evil”! Try to reunite gentle and soft angelswith ferocious and fierce devils by setting this HD background asyour home-screen theme! If you are searching for “angel wallpapersthat move by themselves” and “demon backgrounds”, try this 2016free app for Android™ and decorate your screen with the mostbeautiful pictures of Heaven and Hell! 👼 Main features: 🐲 Animatedstars and sparkles on your screen! 👼 Select the speed and densityof floating objects! 🐲 Choose from ten different “angelswallpapers”! 👼 New wallpapers are added daily! 🐲 “Angels &Demons Live Wallpaper” will not drain your battery, because it willsleep when the phone is inactive! 👼 If the wallpaper resets afterthe reboot, please move it to your device storage from your SDcard! 🐲 Visit our channel to find more beautiful wallpapers! 👼“Demon wallpaper” is completely free! 🐲 Are you a fan of fantasywallpapers and enchanting backgrounds of which each and every tellsa different story? Try Angels and Demons LWP and have the mostamazing picture backgrounds for your phone and tablet! See theexplosion of blood red color while you watch a devilish figure, orchoose a more subtle, angelic theme, with blue and pink colors.Trust us, there isn't a wallpaper that depicts unified Heaven andHell better than this “angels and demons free” background pictures!Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper depicts a never-ending strugglebetween the good and the bad, the evil and the nice ones, fire andice! Get these “free wallpapers live dark angels” and enjoy yournew screensavers! 👼 Magical HD wallpapers of angels and devils! 🐲Stunning animation of floating particles on your screen! 👼 Tenamazing angels and demons themes for Android™! 🐲 “Angelbackgrounds” ideal for high resolution phones and tablets! 👼 Angels& Demons Live Wallpaper has everything that you need to enterthe fantasy world and be a witness of the majestic clash of twocompletely different worlds! Who shall prevail? The choice iscompletely yours – choose a picture of the impossible love betweena gentle God's messenger and a mighty Prince of Darkness, or watchthe display of angel and demon wars on your new fantasy background!A perfect “Gothic wallpaper HD” for your home and lock screens –personalize your device with the best angel wallpapers and demonbackgrounds on the market! 🐲 Find yourself amid the glorious fightand love between celestial beings and archfiends, seraphs and evilones, download Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper for phones andtablets and enjoy the best magical pictures for background! Let thepower of Heaven and Hell united protect your phone from all theunwanted visitors! Share this fun app with your friends and family– everyone will envy you on your new angel and demon wallpaper app!Choose your side in the battle of the worlds, pick a backgroundthat suits you the most and start enjoying the best angel and devilpictures on the market! Unique fantasy 2016 wallpapers are createdfor your enjoyment only! Stairway to Heaven or highway to hell –choose a path and embark on a magical journey through the world ofgood and evil!