1.23 / January 31, 2012
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Japanese culture is one of the "hiragana"application to study.
Order made ​​for the purpose of writing more fun.
Please try but I may want to know whether there is a need becausethe Japanese.

App Information Hiragana Study!

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    Hiragana Study!
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    January 31, 2012
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    5,000 - 10,000
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Hiragana Study! 1.23 APK
Japanese culture is one of the "hiragana"application to study.Order made ​​for the purpose of writing more fun.Please try but I may want to know whether there is a need becausethe Japanese.
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RedCaveからチャレンジ九九の第二弾!今回のチャレンジ九九は小学校二年生が九九の学習をするのに最適なアプリとしてリリース!■九九のれんしゅう■もんだい■ゲームの3つのモードを搭載しています。【それぞれのモードの説明】■九九のれんしゅうそれぞれの「段」を覚えることを目的として、よみがなまで表示されます。また、スピーカーマークをタップすると、音声で読み上げをしてくれます。■もんだい2つの「もんだい」が用意されています。一つは答えをタップする九九の問題、もう一つは問題の片方と答えが出ている歯抜け状態からの答えを出す。(うまく説明できないのでやってみてください)■ゲームそれぞれの段を選択すると、例えば4の段を選ぶと、4、8、12と4の段を順番に押して、何秒でクリアできるか。もう一つのゲームは4の段を選ぶとたくさんの答えの中から4の段を探すゲームになっています。【動作確認】Docomo Galaxy Note 3Docomo DTABThe second part ofthechallenge from ninety-nine RedCave!Ninety-nine challenge this time of release as the best appsecondgrade elementary school to the learning of ninety-nine!■ practice ninety-nine■ Problem■ GameI is equipped with three modes.Description of each mode]■ practice ninety-nineFor the purpose of having to remember each of the "stage",itappears to Reading. Also, when you tap the speaker mark, youwillsee the data by voice.■ ProblemTwo "problem" is available. Problem of ninety-nine to taptheanswer, and one to answer from the state missing teeth andanswersone of the problems have come up one. (Please try it becauseit cannot explain well)■ GameIf you select each stage, for example, you select a stagefour,press to turn the stage of 4, 8, 12 and 4, many seconds youcan doclear. Another game is the game is to look for stage fourfromamong the many answers to choose the stage of 4.[Operation check]Docomo Galaxy Note 3Docomo DTAB