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People who like Hit Cantonese songscandownload and start playing on their favorite mobiles. Whenandwhere to fill your free time. Here is a list of the songs wehavecompiled into one application. Happy to hear.

Takki Wang Ruoqi - left hand
The Best Is Yet To Come - Du Xiao Qiao Tosiukiu (Cover)
TWINS BOY'Z "Death does not change"
Twins "next stop after days"
Twins "You say you love me" [MV]
Twins "love too much"
The second half of the "new version" - Liu Jiehui
Entertainer X Tan Hwan-jen - Year after year
His life does not encounter this world
The march of the future
Wu Fuqiao Alvin - How could I do?
You do not love me. With Cantonese Romanization /CantonesePinyin
Justin Lo "Love Habits" MV Complete 16: 9 (Lyrics Edition)
Champion song: Leung Hon Man - repeatedly asked MV
Ling Jia Jun Ft. BeeMan [all normal Abnormality] official MV
Ling Jia Jun "three words" official version of the MV
Ling Jia Jun [the world's most perfect remote control]officialMV
Angela Au - not only love
Auntie Wenla Angela Au - Excuse
Leo Ku - Nintendo Tears (Live KTV)
Leo Ku - Nirvana (Live KTV)
Ancient Leo - nirvana
Leo Ku - Love too late
Leo Ku Leo Ku - Love without love
Leo Ku Leo Ku "Say goodbye to my lovers"
Wu Hao Kang Deep Ng "earlier video"
Wu Ruoxi - the secret of tears (drama "Empress Wu" OST)
Jinny (xinyu) live "entrepreneur" episode "think of you"!
Wu Ruo Xi Jinny - The more difficult the more love (TVB drama"ActsWalker" OST)
Wu Ruo Xi Jinny Ng - Love Me Please leave a message Swipe TapLove(drama "love me please leave a message" theme song)
Wu Ruoxi Jinny Ng - We are all injured (the drama "InternshipAngel"theme song)
Wu Ruoxi Jinny Ng - Miss I'm Glad I Missed
Kary Ng - Confessions MV
Kary Ng "I myself" MV
Pin Jing Fish Leong Way Back Into Love
Like you - Liu Jiehui
Big bang Juno Long 15-08-03 D
Big hole movie theme song - ear wind MV
Ladder C AllStar original MV (1080P HD)
Goddess - RX Huang Hao Bang Ft. GoldEN
We'll fly almost - Ft
Almost we'll fly - Catherine Wong Cover
Poor Half Step "Love Story" (Full Version full version)ChenZhanpeng
Twenty-four 24Herbs "Wonderland" Feat. Janice Vidal
Alcoholic Drunk HD
Zhang Yanbo composer "fell in love. Love is not love "MV
Hins Cheung Hins Cheung
Hins Cheung Hins Cheung "Find the right person"
Hins Cheung "Hut Cheong Villa"
Hins Cheung Hins Cheung "soul recognition"
Zhang Jicong Louis - "The Flower of Life" (We Are The One)
Zhang Jicheng Louis - "Tears from People"
Zhang Ji Cong Wang 菀 of - "Flower of Life" Chorus Edition
Xu Hao Terry Chui "Half Minute"
How to love me MV - Hiromi
Love second
Love and sincerity - Leo Ku
Charles Ying - 来人 - Official Full Version
I Got MV - Wu Ruo Xi (HD)
My wishful Wolf king
Wen Encheng - Entertainment entertainment
Wen Encheng - monster lover MV - YouTube.Mp4
Wen Encheng - easy to break
Wen Encheng - Water Kids MV
Had Road - get along (VB series "Who's the stove no smoke"themesong)
Lin Yifeng "Clear Water" MV
Isabella Isabella "Isabella" official full version[premiere][MV]
Isabella Isabella "tearful drama" official full version[premiere][MV]
Leung Man-man - Love Song [Official MV]
Edmond Leung - Half Life MV - Official Full Version
Fish Leong original you also sing my song
Yee Phoebe Yeung - Do not Say Goodbye MV - OfficialFullVersion
Jiang Ruolin - you're gone (absolutely HD)
Elanne Kong - I'm just my MV - official full version
Jiang Ruolin "I still love you" MV
Jiang Ruolin "small beacon" (special voice actor: VivianChow)

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New Cantonese love song 1.0 APK
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You love the new Cantonese love songs, youcandownload and start playing your favorite mobile phone. Whenandwhere to fill your free time. Here is a list of the songs wehavecompiled into one application. Happy to hear.[JOY RICH] [New Song] Hu Hongjun - A Lifetime (TVB DramasThemeSongs) (Full Release)[JOY RICH] [New Song] Jung Jun Hsong - Surrender (TVSeriesSoundtrack OST) (Full Release)[JOY RICH] [Old Song] Justinia - Kong (Movie Love FirstSongepisode)[Full Full] [Old Song] Love Finds You in Memory - Raymond Lam[Full Full] rest - Wu Ruoxi [Love comes - Singaporethemesong][Full Full] little angel's words - Lin Shijie [love.Homeepisode][Full Full] One day - Chen Min [My Sheng Lady OST][Full Full] Love me please leave a message - Wu Ruoxi [lovemeplease leave a message theme song][Full Full] Song of the Rhythm - Eason Chan [Rush to the skythemesong][Full Full] more difficult Love - Wu Ruoxi [Apostle Walker][First Full Version + Download Link] Fiona Sit - Now at thismoment(drama "Celebrity Charm" theme song)"Unrequited Love" episode - poor half step Tan Jiayi (playfemaleversion)MV】 Dicky Dicky * Who do you like me like?A Girl's LifeEason Chan Eason Chan Happy Ferris wheel MVEason Eason Enthusiast in shame MVEdison Chen - Love my MVGigi Leung - TodayHins Cheung Hins Cheung "zero Celsius" MVHong Kong's Past - every changeHow To Make Thai Mango Sticky Rice ข้าว เหนียว มะม่วงหอมหวานจ้าI'm YoursLao Shu Ai Da Mi- Twins MV MandarinOshinRaymond Lam Raymond Lam - Love to Find You in Memory(FullVerson)Sammi Cheng Sammi Cheng Show Mi Beautiful Lifetime 6/29/07InTorontoTWINS- Xia Yi Zhan Tian Hou KTVTwinsWanting Qu Wanting - You Exist In My Song [Trad. Chinese]Zhao Wei - Li Bie De Che Zhan (Romance In The Rain)Yizhen Yizhen curtain, Xie Xian, Qin Xianglin starringEndless Love ▶ Beautiful Chinese Cantonese Romantic SongDo not Decorate Your Dreams ▶ Beautiful Chinese CantoneseRomanticMusicLife Will Bring Us Together Again ▶ Beautiful ChineseCantoneseRomantic MusicXindu La VS Jenny Jen - Ferocious causeLike an Old Friend Like ▶ Beautiful Chinese CantoneseRomanticMusicHe Yan - I and you (drama "Four Girls Three Bar" theme song)letterJust Love You I Just Love You ▶ Beautiful Chinese CantoneseRomanticMusic Winter EditionSide Fields - Love foreverCarina Lau Ching Chun Hau Rose I love you in the classic songAndy Lau I hate my heart I Blame My Infatuation By Andy LauLeo Ku - Really missAncient Leo - nirvanaNicky Wu, Charlie Yeung - "Butterfly Lovers" Movie ThemeSong(Transfer from Siu's Room)I'm destined to love you Chen Qiao En "Love Song" MVEncouraging - Chen BaiqiangLove Twins - theme song "I really want to hate you" By Lin XiaWei(TVB)Love Twins theme song "I really want to hate you" - TanJiayi(Cover)Four King Choir that year loveStupid regret (country) 1994 Live! Faye WongBig lazy ChurchVickiYao Su-Rong "like fog and flowers"Little fat | Kary Ng - Forcing pets too tightA few minutes of datingLeslie Cheung silly MVNew joke marriage - Sin Dura. AviBreakpoint Hins Cheung (lyrics)Tomorrow will be better MTVFriend number 2Lin Shi Jie - no longer lying (drama "Love Home" song)Lin Shi Jie - puppet's words (TVB drama "Love Home" episode)Sandy Lam Sandy Lam & Jonathan Lee Jonathan Lee [When LoveHasBecome Past Bygone Love]Sandy Lam Sandy Lam [for you I Suffer For You by thecoldwind]Miriam Yeung - a major event in a small townLove that yearBuddhist Temple Bell - Adam Cheng [HD]Tonganger Ye Qianwen - in fact, you do not understand myheartLuo Jialiang - Chen Huishan ~ to you, I will never giveup(Mv)Bitter medicineEverywhere smell the birds - Liu Wenzheng Brigitte Lin (1978)Xu Ting Keng + Wu Ruoxi - selfish MVNicholas Tse - perfume (high quality)Did you ForgetSammi Cheng is not delayedPriscilla Tea House MTVChen Baiqiang ~ just like youChen Baiqiang MTV- tonight more preciousChen Baiqiang - read naive
Eighties Cantonese songs 1.0 APK
Surga Na'im
People who love Cantonese songs of the 80scandownload and start playing your favorite mobiles. When and wheretofill your free time. Here is a list of the songs we havecompiledinto one application. Happy to hear.【Yakitori】 Across 4 generations, accompanied by each generationofHong Kong people grew up 105 Cantonese songs1992 Asian Games finalists: Xu Xiaofeng + Teresa Teng Part1/21999-2010 Gold Melody Gold SongsRaidas - LegendRaidas legend - Yahoo! Video.FlvTeresa Teng - Aijin - loverTop Mandarin - Baby Sorry - Bao Bei Dui Bu Qi (Version 1)Great Wall never fall - Huo Yuan JiaOn the beach, Ye LiyiWhen people shed their tears in the journey - YuAn-AnZhengjieRen Jianhui, Snow White / Peony Pavilion amazing dream -secluded(pretty voice 14 minutes Edition)Rich Rich Jen [too soft heart Too SoftheartedSon passionate - Ming QianNo Cable Station - Eric Tsang Lin Min Yong (full version)Dolan grassland rising from the sun does not fallGu Zheng light music ~ Chang JingJust live a day for you - Featured In Movie Kung Fu HustleFamous artists to return to China (Ren Jianhui, Snow White)Emil Chau Wakin Chau [Faith The Flowery HeartFlirting at Bo Qihu 1957 (full film) DVD version of the wordIn the water central - Xu XiaofengHeroes Huo Yuan Jia (Huang Yuan Shen Michelle) Episode 1Dynasty Great Britain (1980)Earth's Theme Song (Clear)Earth kindness Jacky CheungSilkworm change (1978)Tai Chi Cheung San Fung (1980 TV series "Tai Chi Zhang Feng"themesong)Little Li knife - Luo WenGoddess flowers (An encounter) - Ren Jianhui white snow fairyGoddess flower girl encounter - cover Ming Hui (child's throat)/Zhong Qian Yi (Ping Throat)Goddess of flowers flowers encounter - cover MinghuiVivianChowGoddess of flowers flower white snow fairy Ren JianhuiGoddess of flowers flower white Xuexian Ren Jianhui [1]Jacky Cheung earth kindnessZhang Delan - network of peopleZhang Delan love two heart firm The Return Of The CondoHeroesDeLand keep today's situation The Return Of The Condor HeroesZhang Delan flowers full moon floorXu Xiaoming Chen Zhen theme song "Queen is the Chinese"Xu Xiaofeng - long ago (1979)Xu Xiaofeng - Stormy Road (1978)Xu Xiaofeng concert Chow Yun Fat Xu GuanwenUnforgettable love lover - You YaSad love how muchOpera Phoenix - Andy Lau, cover Minghui, SU YongkangPlaying gold branches - Ma Jiaxiao FengNew Jockey had Cantonese song skewersI will have you - You YaLangaram singing 50.50 minutes (fifteen skewers)Lee Lord (go to the country to return) - Ren Jianhui WhiteSnowFairLee Lord (go to the country to return) - Dragon Sword MeiSuetpoetryLi Shuqin / Yin Guang - Fire Network Vatican Palace contained inthetemple ten appeal (Yin Guang 08 good concert)Li Yi Lang & Jiang Yawen - the limelightAnita Mui seems to be the enemyChu Liu Xiang Heaven Sword and Dragon Kee - Adam Cheng [HD]Longing - Mao Amin Singing In Orchestra [.Mkv HD 1080p]Wulantuya The Sun Is Rising In The PrairieWang Jie Whether I really have nothingWang Zhaojun - Tomato girl Xiao Pei beads 2003 Chinese oldsongHuangmei fine selectionWang Jie how sad you I am sadWang Hong - style of bloomingJenny Jenny left my dreamBihai monk - Xu XiaofengSwordsman - (Cantonese version) (nice) (with lyrics)Swordsman Ye Jingtang Ye LiyiLuo Wen Jenny asked who dominatedBeauty ♫ ♫ ~ ♪ "Le Di ✿ Lin Dai Wang Zhaojun Beyond The GreatWall"♪ ~ ♫ ~Old dreams - Tan BingwenWan Fang Wang ZhaojunYe Qianwen _ _ _ take a walk back _ (HQ)Ye Qianwen - Wang ZhaojunXu Guanjie concert '87 Xu Xiaofeng articlesAlan Tam Medley Yakitori Alan Tam Medley Part 1Please come with me - Take the wrong car [Clear Version]
New Armenian songs 1.0 APK
Surga Na'im
Those who like new Armenian songs candownloadand start playing on your favorite cell phone. when andwhere tofill your free time? Here is a list of the songs wesummarize inthe app. Hearing happily.(DUETRO) Hayk Ghevondyan & Liana - Im MayrikDownload Magomed Alikperov - ВАЙ АМАН* DJ DAVO FEAT TATOUL AVOYAN (SHNORHAVOR) (D.D.F Vol.2)ADRIAN MINUNE - FAC CE VREI DAR NU MA MONEY HIT 2016(MAUROCAIAZZA)Akcent Feat Lidia Buble & DDY Nunes - KameliaAlida Feat. Adrian Minune - 2016Alida Feat. Adrian Minune - 2016 [1]Anahit Simonyan - Patient La Vista // Anahit Simonyan - HastaLaVistaAnush Petrosyan - Kenact Tuynov NEWDownload Anush Petrosyan - Muraz (Tsaxkadzorits Jur Berem)Arabo Ispiryan - Annan// Arabo Ispiryan -Anmanma / 4 kOfficialMusic VideoArabo Ispiryan - Annman// Arabo Ispiryan - The Inquiry - //4kOfficial Music // [1]Arabo Ispiryan - Aprum Em Keznov // Armenian Folk // HF New//HDARABO ISPIRYAN - HAYI ARYUN // ARABO ISPIRIAN - ARMENIANBLOODDownload Arabo Ispiryan - QeleDownload Arabo Ispiryan - Tun Im HayreniAram Mp3 - ShineAram MP3 & Iveta Mukuchyan - DashterovAram Mp3 Feat 3.33 - SKSUM ENQAram MP3 Feat. The Sunside Band - You're My SunshineArame - Im Arev // Full HD // + 37477718282ARAME - UR ES JANS //Full HD // + 37477718282Arame - Ur Gnam // Full HDArame & Anna - Imn Es 2017 4KArame & Karapetyanner - Qavor// Full HD// +37477718282Arkadi Dumikyan - Mulatka / Arkady Dumikyan - Mulatka // FullHD2016 //Featuring Apeh Jan Baby Love You "Remix"Arman Hovhannisyan Mihran Tsarukyan Saro Tovmasyan KamoSeyranyanJivan Gasparyan Efo - "NOR-HAYER"Download Arman Tovmasyan - Chiquita //Arman Tovmasyan Feat. Xenon - Jana JanaARMENCHIK - HAYRIK // 4K // NEW 2016ARMENCHIK - MY STORY // PREMIERE 2016Armenchik & "True Love &" NEWArmenchik "Hayastan Jan" NEWArmenchik "Taq E - Taq E" NEWArmenchik "Taq E - Taq E" NEW [1]Armenchik "True Love" NEWArmenchik "True Love" NEW [1]Armenchik Feat. Francesca Ramirez "Kiss Me" NEWARMENCHiK Microsoft Theater "IM LUSIN" NEWARMENCHIK New Single '' Happy Birthday ''ARMENCHIK NEW SONG 2016 '' ARTSAKH '' PREMIEREDance Of Van And Taroni DanceArmenian Navy Band - Ararat Music Of ArmeniaArmo - HalelaArmo - Im AxchikARO-KA & VDJ ART NEW 2016 LIFE MUSIK LIFE MUSSIKARPI GABRIELYAN - "FLOWER" "TSAGHRATSU"Arsho Feat. Lilu - Marela // Armenian Rap / Pop // HFExclusivePremiereArtash Asatryan - Aranc Qez // Full HD 2015Artash Asatryan - Miami /Artash Asatryan - Sir Jan Jan 4th, 2016Artash Asatryan - Sirun Jan // 4K 2016 [1]Artash Asatryan - Sirun Jan // 4K 2016 [2]Artem Walter - Anhamemately (Lyric)Artem Walter - Mut Gisher EArtem Walter - Pari NopaArtem Walter - Tashi TushiArtem Walter - VarumaArthur Davtian - 18 Tarekan "A" - 4K // NEW 2016Artsrun Babakhanyan - Azarine Pareri Sharan / ZurnaAvraam Russo - Im Ashxarh // Premiere 2016Azat Hakobyan Feat. Super Sako HAVATACheb Khaled feat Pitbull - Hiya HiyaC-Rouge Ft. Carmen Balian - Ganchoum Em, Ari Ari MusicOfArmeniaDeep Summer Mix # 29 Best Of Deep House Chill Out Lounge Music2016|Dj Davo - Jana feat Jana Feat. Spitaci Hayko & TatoulDj Davo - Jana feat Jana Feat. Spitaci Hayko & Tatoul [1]DJ Davo - Vartan Taymazyan & Sash * Ser Im *DJ DAVO & SURO // DU SHAT CHAR ES // * 4 K *DJ DAVO & SURO // DU SHAT CHAR ES // * 4 K * [1]DJ DAVO & SURO // DU SHAT CHAR ES // * 4 K * [2]DJ Davo "Nazani" Feat. Hayko (Music 4K)Dj Davo * Matani * Feat Sptakci HaykoDj Davo * Matani * Feat Sptakci Hayko [1]Dj Davo Feat Spitaci Hayko (Che Ka Mekeh) * Exclusive * 2016Dj Davo Feat Spitaci Hayko (Che Ka Mekeh) * Exclusive *2016[1]DJ DAVO FT. TATUL AVOYAN ZANGUM EM 2017Eghishe Gasparyan - RIGO // NEW 2015 //Eldar Dalgatov .... RAZBILA SERDCEEXCLUSIVE !!! Super Sako & "Chem Grapes" - Super Sako&&Sago ...Florin Salam - Saint TropezGaby - Davachan Es | Gaby - Traitor IGevorg Barsamyan - Im Al Ashkharh U Luys 2012
Armenian songs of the 90s 1.0 APK
Surga Na'im
Those who love Armenian songs of the 90scandownload and start playing on your favorite cell phone. whenandwhere to fill your free time? Here is a list of the songswesummarize in the app. Hearing happily.
Old Cantonese song 1.0 APK
Surga Na'im
You like Old Cantonese to download andstartplaying your favorite mobile phone. When and where to fillyourfree time. Here is a list of the songs we have compiled intooneapplication. Happy to hear.Good to hear ~ "The Season of the Wind" Paula Tsui - Windy Season•* ♪ ¸ • *Xu Xiaofeng - people like spray (1980)Xu Xiaofeng - full of hope (1978)Xu Xiaofeng - Dream Flight (1986)Xu Xiaofeng - Star asked (1982)Xu Xiaofeng - Miss you everyday (1980)Xu Xiaofeng - Helpless (1981)Xu Xiaofeng - Happy Quartet (1981)Xu Xiaofeng - Capriccio (1982)Xu Xiaofeng - Stormy Road (1978)Forget you like forget me - Faye Wong (White Hair Witch Passthemesong)Unexpected - Ao Jia yearsLove to separation is still love 2010 version - Lin Zixiang,YeQianwenLove in the heart of warm - Zheng Shaoqiu Li Ziling (LiZhiling)Cantonese songSpecial Club Mix - Alan Tam Wing Lun (Alan Tam)Oi Dik Tou Bing - Alan Tam Wing Lun (Alan Tam)The Edge of Love and Pain - Faye Wong Faye WongI have not been surprised (Sam Hui, Leslie Cheung)Hometown of the rain - Fenni (North's Spring - 1000 changfu)Alex Fong & Stephy Tang - Mark Lui /Thank YouConcertHD1080Tomorrow Today - Jenny (Heart の ko ri - Hosokawa ta ka shi)Who is the favorite - George LamLi Keqin - Desert BoyHacken Lee - Hong Ri (Guangdong)Hacken Lee Kelly love a personHacken Lee - waiting for you. Mp4Li 玟 - really want to see youLong live the friendship of Li LiruiSong Songling classic song [End of the World Lady] episode ofthelight of the nation .WmvGeorge Lam - a mirageGeorge Lam - Rushed to the sky drama "Rush to the sky II" themesong(3 50 Ultimate Complete Edition)George Lam - Sunset Sunrise (CD Version)Lin Shanshan - love notice [1982]Tony Leung BrothersAnita Mui seems to be the enemyEvery night (Linzi Cheung Cantonese)Xu Xiaofeng every stepWang Ming Quan - picking tea folk songsWynners' Rhapsody - The WynnersMo Yin Gam Gik - Alan Tam Wing Lun (Alan Tam)Modern Love Story (1991) Julian Cheung Andy Hui Maple HuiJenny Love set you a 1983 MTVJenny Jenny left my dreamHeart to steal with love - Wang Ming Quan 4Yong Xin Jiang Xin Tou Wang Ming QuanUntil now is still like the song Luo Jialiang - years offairytaleIslands special police temperature version MV.MpgTong Li --- sub-FeiyanSwordsman Ye Jingtang Ye LiyiLaughing to see the situation (1994 TV series "laugh atthesituation" theme songMichelle large QunyingPeerless arrogance (1979 TV series "peerless twins"themesong)Classic Melody Julian Cheung & Andy Hui - Modern LoveStory(with lyrics)Luo Jialiang ~ allow me to stayLuo Jialiang - did not understand the woman (MV)Luo Jia Liang - years of fairy tale KTVRowan - good song dedicated to you (1979 album) (1996re-translatedalbum)Luo Wen Jenny asked who dominatedDelicious loveHeroes out of juvenile (1981 TV drama "Heroes Teen"themesong)Ye Qian Wen Lin Zixiang Zero Hour Made In Love 2010Ye Jingtang drama class boyYe Qianwen - confusedSally Yeh - lover confidante 1992Sally Yip / Yeh Wen - Soul Yip already knowSally Yeh: I just want to have you (1985)Su Yongkang + Chen Huishan fixed partner super niceFamily (1980 TV series "Family Love" theme song)By Sam Hui - With Lyric Sing Along - Sam's SpecialSam Hui - Sam Hui (With Lyric & Sing Along Version)Vowed to knife into the mountains (1978 TV series "LuXiaofengWudang war" theme song)Alan Tam - who will be the wrong love rightAlan Tam - love read [1989 40th red and white songtogetherwar]The more kiss the more sad - Suk Wing KTVFaraway her + romantic railway, kiss goodbye, old legend -JackyCheung + Tanimura Shinji LIVE IN TOKYOToward a new day Anita Mui Li Zhonghao movie and dance movedTeresa Teng - With Lyric & Sing Along VersionRonald Cheng - a speciesRonald Cheng rogueEkin Cheng - Together
Classical Armenian songs 1.0 APK
Surga Na'im
Those who like Classic Armenian Songscandownload and start playing on your favorite cell phone. whenandwhere to fill your free time? Here is a list of the songswesummarize in the app. Hearing happily.
Classic Azerbaijan Songs 1.0 APK
Surga Na'im
You who like Classic Azerbaijan Songscandownload and start playing on your favorite mobile phone. whenandwhere to fill your leisure time. here is a list of songs thatwesummarize into an app. Happy listening.