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玉里國中英語教學AR以自然人文及校園特色為教學內容利用AR來進行英語教學Yuli junior EnglishteachingARThe humanities and the natural characteristics of thecampus forteaching contentUse AR to teaching English

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方向聯合數位科技有限公司 Show More...
利用VR影音打造多元化的演出通路及表演舞台Use VR to create a widerange of audio-visual performances and stage performancespassage
Sea World VR 1.7 APK
Only Google Cardboard applications.Please watch the underwater.Usethe Google cardboard 360 Please watch stereoscopic 3D .Looking atthe button, the interesting events occur .* Recommend specification(Android 5.0 Lollipop)* minimum specification (Android 4.1 JellyBean over )
Amazing Halloween 1.3 APK
如何使用此應用程序適用於VR-Box和藍牙操縱桿。 當用戶真實移動時,用戶將看到不同的方向。同時,用戶可以在按下藍牙操縱桿中的“A”按鈕時殺死鬼魂。公司簡介DDTMAP有限公司專注於微軟Kinect/網絡攝像頭/手機攝像頭技術,以實現人機交互,運動追踪,物體識別,面部識別,運動識別,增強現實(AR),虛擬現實(VR)等。DDTMAP還擁有3Ds Max,Maya,iBeacon和室內定位技術。 我們提供MicrosoftWindows,Android和iOS平台的服務,我們還為Apps提供定制服務。請訪問我們的網站了解更多信息 -www.ddtmap.comhow to useThis application applies to VR-Box andBluetooth joystick. When the user real mobile, users will see adifferent direction. At the same time, users can kill the ghostwhen you press the Bluetooth joystick in the "A" button.CompanyProfileDDTMAP Co., Ltd. focuses on Microsoft's Kinect / webcam /camera phone technology to achieve human-computer interaction,motion tracking, object recognition, face recognition, motionrecognition, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and soon. DDTMAP also has 3Ds Max, Maya, iBeacon and indoor positioningtechnology. We provide Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS platformservices, we also offer customized services to Apps.Please visitour website for more information - www.ddtmap.com
海洋水族館AR 1.3 APK
【使用方式】此APP頁面上有一項"方向聯合數位科技"辨識圖案,進入場景中將鏡頭中央對準辨識圖案即可顯示海洋動物。【公司介紹】方向聯合數位科技著重於透過MicrosoftKinect / Webcam/手機鏡頭實現人機互動、運動追蹤、物體識別、人臉識別、動作識別、擴增­­實境(AugmentedReality,簡稱AR)、虛擬實境(Virtual Reality,簡稱VR技術)等技術,更具備3D建模(3DsMAX、Maya)、iBeacon、室內定位等技術,提供MicrosoftWindows、Android、IOS等平台之應用服務,可依照不同的需求提供客製­­化的APP開發服務。關於更多消息請上官方網站:【www.ddtmap.com.】Methodof operationThere is a "joint direction of digital technology" toidentify patterns into the central scene in the lens to identifypatterns of marine animals can be displayed on this pageAPP.Company ProfileDirection of the joint digital technology tofocus on human-machine interaction through Microsoft Kinect /Webcam / cell phone camera, motion tracking, object recognition,face recognition, gesture recognition, augmented reality (AugmentedReality, referred to as AR), virtual reality (Virtual Reality ,referred to as VR technology) and other technology, but also with3D modeling (3Ds MAX, Maya), iBeacon, indoor positioning technologyto provide Microsoft Windows, Android, IOS and other platforms ofthe application service, according to different needs to providecustomized APP development services.For more news please visit theofficial website: [www.ddtmap.com.]
尋找禮物大作戰 6.0 APK
快樂溫馨的節日,狐小子居然把禮物給遺失了。請大家幫幫狐小子把散落各地的禮物找出來吧!活動時間2015/12/10~2015/01/10Warmand happy holiday season, give the gift fox kid actuallylost.Please help fox kid to find out the gifts scattered aroundCome!Activity 2015/12/10 ~ 2015/01/10
城市景觀AR 1.3 APK
【使用方式】此APP頁面上有一項"城市景觀"辨識圖案,進入場景中將鏡頭中央對準辨識圖案即可顯示城市的模型。【公司介紹】方向聯合數位科技著重於透過MicrosoftKinect / Webcam/手機鏡頭實現人機互動、運動追蹤、物體識別、人臉識別、動作識別、擴增­­實境(AugmentedReality,簡稱AR)、虛擬實境(Virtual Reality,簡稱VR技術)等技術,更具備3D建模(3DsMAX、Maya)、iBeacon、室內定位等技術,提供MicrosoftWindows、Android、IOS等平台之應用服務,可依照不同的需求提供客製­­化的APP開發服務。關於更多消息請上官方網站:【www.ddtmap.com.】[Manner]Onthis page there is an APP "urban landscape" identify patterns inthe lens into the center of the scene to identify the alignmentpattern to a display model of the city.[Company]Direction of thejoint digital technology to focus on human-machine interactionthrough Microsoft Kinect / Webcam / cell phone camera, motiontracking, object recognition, face recognition, gesturerecognition, augmented reality (Augmented Reality, referred to asAR), virtual reality (Virtual Reality , referred to as VRtechnology) and other technology, and more with 3D modeling (3DsMAX, Maya), iBeacon, indoor positioning technology to provideMicrosoft Windows, Android, IOS and other platforms of theapplication service, according to different needs to providecustomized APP development services.For more news please visit theofficial website: [www.ddtmap.com.]
com.ddtmap.AmusementEN 2.1 APK
You Can Experience 3D VR Amusement Park,Just Download And Use ThisAPP You Can Play And Experience Many More Rides You Can Experience3D VR Amusement Park, Just Download And Use This APP You Can PlayAnd Experience Many More Rides
VR虛擬遊樂園 2.0 APK
只要搭配手機專用VR裝置,並且執行VR虛擬遊樂園APP就可以體驗遊樂園設施臨場感 As long as with mobilephones VR devices, and performs VR virtual amusement park amusementpark APP can experience telepresence facilities