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Communication App to promote each Nike retail season with Vendors.

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VDAT 2015 1.0 APK
VLSI Design and Test Symposium (VDAT) started in 1997 is theflagship event of VLSI Society of India being organized in everyMay-June. The idea behind VDAT Symposium is to promote R&D onall aspects of VLSI and to act as a forum for free discussion onemerging topics of VLSI and related fields.VDAT2015 is being hostedat Nirma University, Ahmedabad. The vision is to provide an activeplatform to present the research outcomes, share new researchideas, to learn, to discuss, to meet experts, to share experience& views, find answer to questions, to have hands on tools andto cultivate new thoughts for research scientists, academicians,practitioners and young students throughout the world.We cordiallyinvite you to join us at VDAT2015 and look forward to welcome youat Nirma campus, Ahmedabad, India!
Gandhi Ashram 1.0 APK
Initially, the ashram was established at Kochrab area of Ahmedabadon 25 May 1915, after Gandhi’s return from South Africa. Later onit was shifted to on the banks of the river Sabarmati. It wascalled Satyagraha Ashram, but later it was named after the sameriver. This ashram served as one of the main centres of the Indianfreedom struggle. This was barren land was perfect place forashram, as he wanted to conduct some experiments related tofarming, animal husbandry, cow breeding and Khadi relatedactivities. There was a mythological reason also, as this land wasashram site of Rishi Dadhichi, who gave bones for a righteous warbetween Gods and Asurs. One more prominent reason was that, it wasbetween a jail and a crematorium, and it was believed thatsatyagrahi has to invariably go to either place. From 1917 to 1930,this remained Gandhi’s home.Keywords gandhi ashram, sabarmatiashram, mahatma gandhi
VirtueMart For Android 1.1 APK
VirtueMart For Android provides quicker waytodeploy a VirtueMart store to Android application. App userscanbrowse and search through all the categories and viewproductdetails. One can buy an item directly from the app by addingit toadd to cart from product details page. App currentlyprocesspayments through paypal, however it can be configured to useanyother mobile payment gateway. App also provide access totheprevious orders and edit profile section similar to web store.The app will directly connect to your store through onesmallcomponent installed on your eCommerce store. For anyproductinquiries you can contact us on [email protected]
Bollywood Premier 1.2 APK
Are you a movie buff? Do you love to shareyour thoughts or opinion about movies? Then here is the chance foryou to rate & review Bollywood movies and win the movie ticketsvoucher for a couple every week!Don't wait to think...just download the app and start rating& reviewing movies. We'll announce the winner within the appitself. And winner will be sent a couple movie voucher over theemail.Feel free to write to us on [email protected] incase of any queries or problems you face with the app.
Kenya Homes Expo 2016 2.4 APK
This app enables you to access all aspects of the Kenya Homes Expo;the sponsors, exibitors and the location of their stalls, the expocatalogue and downloads. You can even book a stall from the app andcontact the Kenya Homes Expo team.
SocialBee 1.1 APK
Social Bee is the boon for all the people who are very active onsocial networking sites. One can update the status on multiplesocial networks with few taps on his/her android device. . Thissimple and easy-to-use android application helps you to update yourstatus on four major social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn and MySpace. What you need to is just download theapplication and install it on your Android device. Login to yourpreferred social networks, enter your message and tap on update.Your message will be published on your profile on respective socialnetworks!!
VirtueMart Products Showcase 1.1 APK
VirtueMart Products Showcase gives you easy way to present youreCommerce store as products gallery. App users can browse andsearch through all the categories to view products. The app willdirectly connect to your store through one small componentinstalled on your eCommerce store. Also, app users can share yourproduct details on their social networks directly from theapp.Please contact us on [email protected] in case you want thisapp to be customized for your store.
VirtueMart Admin 1.0 APK
VirtueMart Admin gives easy access tomajoradmin functions of VirtueMart store. App users having adminaccessto the VirtueMart store can login through this app to quicklyview,update orders or categories/products.The app will directly connect to your store through onesmallcomponent installed on your eCommerce store. Please contact [email protected] you want this app to be customized for your store.