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The Official HEO Hockey app is a must-haveforhockey players, coaches, parents, officials and fans! It bringsyouthe latest social buzz, news, notifications and events as wellasuseful hockey tools and resources.


• Information categorized by Player, Official, Coach, TrainerandParent
• Easy access to HEO policies
• Drill of the Month for players and coaches
• Online certification clinic registration
• Contact Info
• HEO Hockey Headlines
• Instant notifications for all app owners

App Information Hockey Eastern Ontario

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    Hockey Eastern Ontario
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  • Updated
    June 12, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 3.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Iversoft Solutions Inc
  • Installs
    50 - 100
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email iversoft.solutions@gmail.com
    C2-2212 Gladwin Cres. Ottawa, ON K1B 5N1
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Enjoy the majesty of the beautiful Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa,Canada - the longest skating rink in the world! Play as one ofthree characters as you race against the clock in our Time Trialmode, or against a friend in head-to-head, single-devicemultiplayer action. But watch out for other skaters, snowdrifts,and other obstacles, as well as your opponent's dirty tricks! Seelandmarks and buildings familiar to Ottawa natives rendered in aquaint, low-poly artistic style while experiencing the wonder andfun of Ottawa's Rideau Canal Skateway in a classic, arcade racinggame for Android.Scene: It's a bright and beautiful winter morning,the kind just made for some outdoorsy fun. With Bytown Skate &Brawl, every day is this picture perfect. Enjoy the majestic beautyof the heritage Rideau Canal Skateway, in the heart of Ottawa,Canada - the world's largest outdoor skating rink! The same BytownSkate & Brawl you know and love, with some exciting newfeatures. Play as one of three characters: Bro, Gary, or Marie-Eve,as you skate down the Rideau Canal. Race the entire length of thepicturesque canal, or hop on a quick skate down one of yourfavorite Ottawa neighborhoods. And just to keep you on your toes,we've tossed in some fun obstacles for your to contend with. Watchout for other skaters, snowdrifts, and other surprises along theway. Race against the clock in our Time Trials mode, or take on afriend in a local head-to-head battle; just look out for youropponent's dirty tricks! Experience iconic and landmark buildings,familiar to Ottawa natives, rendered in a charming and quaint,low-poly artistic style. All the while discovering the wonder andfun of Ottawa's Rideau Canal Skateway in our classic arcade racinggame for Android. **What's New** Two brand new events: -Lock Jump.Bring all the thrill and excitement of the Red Bull Crashed Iceevent to your Android device! -Obstacle course. Think you cannavigate this course without wiping out? -Updated art, beautifulhomages to key iconic Ottawa landmarks as you skate down the canal.-Online leaderboard -Brand new achievements and themes.
Hockey Eastern Ontario 1.2 APK
The Official HEO Hockey app is a must-haveforhockey players, coaches, parents, officials and fans! It bringsyouthe latest social buzz, news, notifications and events as wellasuseful hockey tools and resources.KEY FEATURES• Information categorized by Player, Official, Coach, TrainerandParent• Easy access to HEO policies• Drill of the Month for players and coaches• Online certification clinic registration• Contact Info• HEO Hockey Headlines• Instant notifications for all app owners