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Bura Na Mano Holi Hai - Download this game and Celebrate festivalofcolour.

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    Holi Fun
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    March 19, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    AbracaDabra Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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    2, Gurushree, Snehalata Coloney, Nashik Road Nashik 422101
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Kusumagraj - V. V. Shirwadkar 5.0 APK
Kusumagraj - V.V. Shirwadkar [ ] is the most renowned Marathi poet,Writer and hugely revered as the most elite phenomenon in Marathiliterature even today. His Birthday is celebrated as "Marathi Day"in Maharashtra. His Play - “Natasamrat” has gathered huge accoladesand still considered as one of the best plays in Marathilanguage.Kusumagraj grabbed huge attention world over for his“Vishakha” which was collection of Marathi poems. He has toucheddifferent emotions that no other contemporary marathi poet couldable do and this fact set him as the unique. After the grandsuccess of ‘Vishakha’ ,he has come up with series of poemcollections.He was equally revered for his plays. Especially“Natasamrat” has changed the outlook to look at Marathi plays andset a new hallmark. His other plays were also successful.He hasalso been active as a novelist and short story writer.He wasrecipient of many award and accolades such as he had been awardedPadmabhushan by Government of India in 1991 This app is an humbleeffort to grab all the work of the great Kusumagraj and present itto his fans and followers.Special Thanks for Tabla - Tabla MaestroMr. Rasik Kulkarni [ M.A. Sangeet, Tabla Alankar] !
com.AbracaDabra.SantDnyaneshwar 1.0 APK
Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj is the spiritual Guru. He bestowed us themost amazing and incredible 'Dnyaneshwari' which is source ofinspiration to almost all who go through it. Dnyaneshwari is alsoknown as the absolute piece of art in marathi poetry. He is notonly the most creative magician of words but also veryphilosophical at the same time. This application tries to encompassall his work which is on the cloud and present it to his followers.Hope, his blessings would guide us all in difficult phases of ourlife.
Ramayana - Kill Ravan 13.0 APK
'Ramayana - Kill Ravan' is superb 2D game based on the famous 'Ram'Vs. 'Ravan' war offers great archery action. Epic in ancient Indianliterature; 'Ramayan' written by Famous saint 'Valmiki'. It is mostfamous Indian story of great deity Ram and his heroism with Sita(princess) and Lakshman (brother). On the very occasion of Dussehraor Vijayadashami Ram Killed Ravan (demon) who has 10 heads andburnt his capital - Lanka on the occasion of Dussehra! ThisDussehra each one can become ram and kill the 10 heads of evilRavan which represents - Dishonesty, hate, extortion, evil, misuseof power, egoism, lack of conscience, apathy, lust and anger!Prince Ram is hero of the Game - Ramayana with special Astras tofight against ghastly demons. This game has 18 levels and in eachlevel one has to kill 10 heads of 'Ravan' the ultimate demon as itis said that he had 10 heads. Each head would fetch you 1000 pointsand there are many hurdles you have to pass to get the magical killno. Help Ram to Conquer lost Sita and his land. Arrow automaticallyspawn when you touch that part of screen and you can tilt the bowto change the path of projectile. Seeta who's legacy latertransposed to rani Padmavati was to be rescued ! We are launchingthe game on the occasion of great 'Ramnavmi' - The day we celebrateas the birthday of our great god Ram.
Tukaram Maharaj 1.0 APK
Tukaram Maharaj is one of the great saints in Maharashtra. He wasone of the best philosopher and equally good poet of his times. Hewas very straight forward in his approach to guide others. He hatedhypocrites and put incredible efforts to shun away hypocrisy in thesociety. He came up with legendary doctrine - "Tukaram Gatha" whichis still guiding those who follow it. This app is just a humbleeffort to grab all his presence on the cloud and present it to hisfollowers. We hope that, this app would please and guide those whowant to stroll through his work and works on him. This app wouldalso please those who wants to go through all 4583 verses oflegendary "Tukaramachi Gatha"
Ronu Majumdar Flute 8.0 APK
Pt. Ronu Majumdar-India's Ace Flautist needs no introduction tomusic lovers all over the globe. Pt. Ronu Majumdar is a style makerand has invented unique style of rendering the Raga, which has goodmixture of 'Drupad Gayaki' with 'Laykari'. Pt. Ronu Majumdar iscredited for making flute popular musical instrument amongst theyoungsters of this era all over the globe. By virtue of hisphenomenal talent, he and the Bansuri are literally synonymous. Ifthe flute is likened to a temple, Pt. Ronu Majumdar would be itsforemost worshipper. Ranendra Majumdar, popularly known as RonuMajumdar is a force to reckon with in the realm of Indian classicalmusic both as a thinking musician and scintillating performer. Pt.Ronu Majumdar began playing the flute under the guidance of hisfather Dr. Bhanu Majumdar, late Pt. Lakshman Prasad Jaipurwale andfinally the revered Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao. He was also fortunate toreceive training from his grand guru Pt. Ravi Shankhar. Apowerhouse performer, Ronu Majumdar is firmly rooted in the Maihargharana which has also given shape to sturdy musical oaks like Pt.Ravi Shankhar and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. He has been felicitatedwith numerous remarkable accolades for his mesmerizing performancesworldwide. Ronuji has created an enviable niche for himself in thefield of contemporary popular music which is exemplified by hisGrammy Nomination in 1996. Pandit Ronu Majumdar has composed musicfor India's first I-Max film 'Mystic India'. Pt. Ronu Majumdar hasconducted a concert of 5,378 flautists on one stage called 'VenuNaad' under the banner of 'Art of Living'. This event is beingrecorded in Guinness Book of World Records. Pt. Ronuji has beenawarded the 'Sangeet Natak Academi Award for 2014' for hiscontribution to Hindustani Instrumental Music – Flute.
Tukdoji Maharaj 1.0 APK
Tukdoji Maharaj was born in Yawali, Maharashtra. He receivedspiritual initiation from Samarth Adokji Maharaj of Warkhed gram.He was a great orator and a musician who composed more than 3000bhajans in Hindi and Marathi. He has also written many articles onReligion, Society, Nation and Education. He was determined tore-define socio-spirituality and revitalise and awaken the nation.In 1941 he performed individual satyagrah and he took part in themass upsurge of the ‘Quit India’movement in 1941. He stronglyopposed the inhuman repressive measures, adopted at that time bythe British rulers. He was arrested in 1942 and was imprisoned inNagpur and Raipur Central Jails. After thedawn of Independence,Sant Tukdoji concentrated on rural reconstruc-tion. He establishedthe ‘All India Shri Gurudev Seva Mandal’ and developed manyprogrammes for integrated rural development. Hisactivities were soimpressive that, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of Bharat at thattime, bestowed the title of ‘Rashtra Sant’ on Him.He was one of thefounder Vice Presidents of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. He worked on manyfronts for National cause – at the hour of the Bengal famine(1945), at the time of the China war (1962), and aggression ofPakistan (1965), the Koyna earthquake devastation (1962). RashtraSant Tukdoji Maharaj went with His mission to help the affected andorganised constructive relief works.He took part in Acharya VinobhaBhave’s Bhudan Movement. He attended the World Conference ofReligion and World Peace in Japan in 1955. His wisdom lives on inHis ‘Gram Gita’ which provides inspiration for village developmentand National reconstruction. He worked hard to convert devotion toGod into service to mankind and the Nation. He transformed atraditional prayer Organisation into disciplined, broad basedgroups of devout young men and women who engaged in constructivesocialworks. He left his mortal body on 11th October 1968. RashtraSant Tukdoji Maharaj’s Jayanti falls on 27th May. We pay obeisanceto this son of the soil who combined devotion and action to bringabout changes in the society.
Flag Quiz 5.0 APK
Flag Quiz is the simple flag quiz which you can play with youfriends in real time. It's the world tour for many. Install thisapp and you got to know specific aspects of each of the 200countries in the world. The app has many angles. It enriches youwith knowledge of geography. It astonishes you with surprisesstored in every nation. It persuades you to travel around theworld. It offers you to share the world which you have traveledwith your friends. Moreover it educates you in very easy mannerirrespective of your age. Basically its lots of information clubbedtogether in very creative manner. Please check if you find this appuseful and kindly suggest your valuable inputs to improve ourefforts.Now get highest Streaks to make it on leaderboards!challenge your friends in real time and win Crazy Awards!
Hanuman Adventure 20.0 APK
Hanuman Adventure is super game. Bajrangi has magical powers tothrow Gada at animies on the special occasion of Dussehra."Bajrangi Hanuman" is available for Game Lovers on the specialoccasion of Hanuman Jayanti [Birthday of Hanumanji]. Veer Hanumanjiis very famous Indian Deity from Ramayana and first ever Bahubaliwho helps poor and farmers of all times ! Hanumanji played big rolein helping Ramji finding his wife Godess Seeta Mata whos beauty isoften compared with Rani Padmavati - and rescue her from Ravan -the greatest villain of all times. Hanumanji is always consideredas the icon of "Bajarangi" Strength. Hanumanji is also know for hisspecial magical abilities such as he can fly he can grow as big ashe wants, he can lengthen his tail to any length and lot more Inthe great war against Ravan; Hanumanji played an instrumental rolein helping Ram to win the war. First he acted as Ramji's spy (JaggaJasoos :P) later he use his mighty strength to destroy Rakshas ofall kinds and breed. Lot has written on Hanumanji but one of themost famous verse is written by Saint Tulsidas which is famous byname " Hanuman Chalisa" . Hanuman Chalisa has 40 stanzas narrating"Hanumanji" and glorifying his importance. In this game one has tohelp Hanumanji to fly with right altitude to pass the hurdles. Eachpassing hurdle would fetch player 2000 points and if playerfinishes listening the Entire Hanuman Chalisa without falling theplayer wins the game. For that he need to score approximately100000! All the best Guys ! Enjoy the Game on the holy eve of"Hanuman Jayanti" and ever after. Bolo Bajarangbali ki - Jai! BoloPawan Sut Hanuman ki - Jai! Bolo Siyawar Ramchandraki - Jai!