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Holi Photo Frames 2018 is a free android application whichprovidesdifferent HD beautiful holi photo frame. Using this app youcanmake a cool holi profile picture Or Holi DP Maker for allsocialmedia.Decorate your photos with colorful holi photo frameeffectsand give a new look to your photos with awesome holiframeeffects.Holi (होली) is a Hindu spring festival celebrated intheIndian subcontinent, also known as the "festival of colours.Thefestival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrivalofspring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meetothers,play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repairbrokenrelationships. It is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for agoodharvest. It lasts for a night and a day, starting on theevening ofthe Purnima (Full Moon day) falling in the Vikram SamvatHinduCalendar month of Phalguna, which falls somewhere between theendof February and the middle of March in the Gregorian calendar.Thefirst evening is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi andthefollowing day as Holi, Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi,orPhagwah. Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival whichhasbecome popular with non-Hindus in many parts of South Asia, aswellas people of other communities outside Asia.] In recent yearsthefestival has spread to parts of Europe and North America asaspring celebration of love, frolic, and colours. Holicelebrationsstart on the night before Holi with a Holika Dahanwhere peoplegather, perform religious rituals in front of thebonfire, and praythat their internal evil be destroyed the wayHolika, the sister ofthe demon king Hiranyakashipu, was killed inthe fire. The nextmorning is celebrated as Rangwali Holi – afree-for-all festival ofcolours, where people smear each other withcolours and drench eachother. Water guns and water-filled balloonsare also used to playand colour each other. Anyone and everyone isfair game, friend orstranger, rich or poor, man or woman, childrenand elders. Thefrolic and fight with colours occurs in the openstreets, openparks, outside temples and buildings. Groups carrydrums and othermusical instruments, go from place to place, singand dance. Peoplevisit family, friends and foes to throw colouredpowders on eachother, laugh and gossip, then share Holi delicacies,food anddrinks. Some customary drinks include bhang (marijuana),which isintoxicating. In the evening, after sobering up, peopledress upand visit friends and family. Happy Holi Photo FramesFeatures: -Choose Holi Photo Frame which you like.- Select yourImages fromthe gallery.- Save the photo- Share your photo frame onany socialmedia like whatsApp, facebook etc....- Colorful HoliFrame WithYour Photo For Whatsapp Profile Pics- Works offline(withoutinternet connection)- Easy to use & totally free.-Userfriendly interface. Disclaimer: The images in this apparecollected from around the web, if we are in breach ofcopyright,please let us know and it will be removed as soon aspossible.Thankyou...

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Photo Editor & Filter Offline is a perfect photo editor with somany amazing effects, filters, frames and stickers to apply to yourphotos!Aviary is a powerful photo editor which we created becausewe wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with nofuss. Edit your photo instantly with this powerful Photo Editor& Filter app, which is one of the best photo editing tools inandroid. Get the best photography art in your photos with largenumber of amazing photo effects.Features:+ Adjust color tools+Adding text, images or shapes+ Perspective, red-eye, white balance+Easily edit with the touch and pinch-to-zoom interface+ Use photosfrom your gallery + Share photos on any social media.+ UserFriendly interface.+ Photo filters+ Gorgeous photo effects andframes+ Fun stickers+ Color balance+ Easy crop, rotate, andstraighten or resize your photo+ Adjust brightness, contrast, colortemperature, and saturation+ Sharpen and blur+ Color temperature("Warmth")+ Color Splash+ Focus (Tilt Shift)+ Draw and add text+Create your own memes+ High resolution output
Bhagavad Gita in Hindi Offline 1.2 APK
Bhagavad Gita often referred to as simply the Gita, is a 700scripture in Sanskrit that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata.On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna gave an inspiringmessage to Arjuna, which became known as Bhagvad Gita, BhagawatGeeta or Srimad Bhagavad GitaBhagavad Gita comprises 18 chapters asbelow:1. Prathama adhyaya: Arjuna has requested Krishna to move hischariot between the two armies. His growing dejection is describedas he fears losing friends and relatives as a consequence of war.2.Sankhya yoga: After asking Krishna for help, Arjuna is instructedinto various subjects such as, Karma yoga, Gyaana yoga, Sankhyayoga, Buddhi yoga and the immortal nature of the soul. 3. Karmayoga: Krishna explains how Karma yoga, i.e. performance ofprescribed duties, but without attachment to results, is theappropriate course of action for Arjuna.4. Gyaana–Karma-Sanyasayoga: Krishna reveals that he has lived through many births, alwaysteaching yoga for the protection of the pious and the destructionof the impious and stresses the importance of accepting a guru.5.Karma–Sanyasa yoga: Arjuna asks Krishna if it is better to forgoaction or to act ("renunciation or discipline of action"). Krishnaanswers that both are ways to the same goal, but that acting inKarma yoga is superior. 6. Dhyan yoga or Atmasanyam yoga: Krishnadescribes the Ashtanga yoga. He further elucidates the difficultiesof the mind and the techniques by which mastery of the mind mightbe gained.7. Gyaana–ViGyaana yoga: Krishna describes the absolutereality and its illusory energy Maya.8. Aksara–Brahma yoga: Thischapter contains eschatology of the Bhagavad Gita. Importance ofthe last thought before death, differences between material andspiritual worlds, and light and dark paths that a soul takes afterdeath are described.9. Raja–Vidya–Raja–Guhya yoga: Krishna explainshow His eternal energy pervades, creates, preserves, and destroysthe entire universe.10. Vibhuti–Vistara–yoga: Krishna is describedas the ultimate cause of all material and spiritual existence.Arjuna accepts Krishna as the Supreme Being, quoting great sageswho have also done so.11. Visvarupa–Darsana yoga : On Arjuna'srequest, Krishna displays his "universal form", a theophany of abeing facing every way and emitting the radiance of a thousandsuns, containing all other beings and material in existence.12.Bhakti yoga: In this chapter Krishna glorifies the path of devotionto God. Krishna describes the process of devotional service. Healso explains different forms of spiritual disciplines.13.Ksetra–Ksetrajna Vibhaga yoga: The difference between transientperishable physical body and the immutable eternal soul isdescribed. The difference between individual consciousness anduniversal consciousness is also made clear.14. Gunatraya–Vibhaga:Krishna explains the three modes of material nature pertaining togoodness, passion, and nescience. Their causes, characteristics,and influence on a living entity are also described.15. Purusottamayoga: Krishna identifies the transcendental characteristics of Godsuch as, omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.16.Daivasura–Sampad–Vibhaga: Krishna identifies the human traits ofthe divine and the demonic natures. He counsels that to attain thesupreme destination one must give up lust, anger, greed, anddiscern between right and wrong action by discernment throughBuddhi and evidence from the scriptures.17. Sraddhatraya-Vibhagayoga: Krishna qualifies the three divisions of faith, thoughts,deeds, and even eating habits corresponding to the three modes(gunas).18. Moksha–Sanyasa yoga: Krishna asks Arjuna to abandon allforms of dharma and simply surrender unto him and describes this asthe ultimate perfection of life.
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Happy Birthday Gif Images app is the collection of 150+ CreativeGIF images of Bday Cake. Send Birthday Wishes and Birthday Cake GifImages to the one your friend or Family to birthday wish.Features:-Birthday Wishes & Bday Cake with animated GIF for wish happybirthday to all with fully Animation GIF.- Save Birthday Cake andBirthday Wishes Gif to your device for easy future use.- SendBirthday cake GIF & Birthday wishes GIF Images to your near anddear one.- You can also zoom Gif Images With Pinch-To-Zoom andDouble-click to Zoom Functionality- Easily share your favoriteanimated GIF by clicking Share button at the bottom of theapplication via your favorite social network such as Facebook,Whatsapp etc...- High Quality Birthday cake and Birthday wishes GIFcollection- Wishes and cakes for friends, love, wife, husband oryou can send to someone special- Very beautiful Free animatedbirthday cake gif and birthday wishes gifThank you…
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Matching Game: Easter Eggs & Bunny is the Casual game, whichhelp you to improve your memory skills. Matching game contains verycute images of eggs and bunny. Find all matched cards and enjoy Eyecatching Easter eggs & bunny.Your brain needs exercise to stayfit. Are you ready to challenge your memory daily with eggs andbunny memory? Install this great game to exercise your memory andbrain!How to play Easter Eggs & Bunny matching game: For eachlevel, player is required to tap the square buttons and need tomemorize what is behind it in order to match its couple. Playersare required to complete a level in minimum time to match all eggsor bunny.Match up pairs games most awesome features: - 6 differentlevels from easy one up to really hard one- 2 different themes:Easter Eggs & Easter bunny- Specially developed for tablets-Fun music and sound effects.- Colorful HD graphic designed- You canon/off game sounds and music- Visual memory training- Beautiful andcolorful Easter graphics.- Free pair’s game - Free memory game-Free brain gameIf you love Easter Holidays and easter eggs you willlove this Easter Eggs game! Game was prepared specially for theEaster Holidays.Thank you for playing! Happy Easter Holidays!