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Woo-hoo! It’s time for a trip to the summer resort on the beach andit’s your chance to be holiday chic while climbing to the heightsof social queen!Start with a fun trip to the resort spa for a nicehot stone massage and relaxing facial. Use high end oils andlotions to treat her skin and make her glow. Trim her eyebrows andexfoliate. Give her a relaxing cucumber mask to freshen herlook.Choose pretty summer makeup too! Embrace the natural beauty ofevery woman by choosing light colors or go wild with dramatic andpunk looks! The choice is up to you. Carefully apply cosmetics toget the coolest look for you.Try on lots of fun summer outfits atthe beach side shop. Experiment with shorts, skirts and bathingsuits. Add sandals and sneakers to finish the look. Complement withbeach bags and fun, earthy jewelry. You’ll be the envy of highsociety for your ability to be a natural beauty and true toyourself!Product Features: - Summer themed backdrops at the resort-Three fun levels: Spa, Makeup and Dress Up- Lots of differentoutfits and cosmeticsHow to Play: - Tap to pick outfits and makeup-Swipe to apply spa treatments like masks and exfoliants- Tap anddrag to switch clothes and play again and again to find the perfectoutfit![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you wantto check us out, visit our website:http://www.lovefashiondoll.com/Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Fashion-Doll-Inc-541320739345559Follow uson Twitter: https://twitter.com/FashionDollInc

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    February 10, 2017
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This fashion doll is getting ready to go to the mall. Help her getready by choosing out a new outfit, new clothes, trendy shoes,bags, dresses, makeup and more! In Fashion Doll: Shopping Day SPA,you get to help this fashion beauty go shopping at the mall bydressing her up in the best clothes and outfits around. Make sureshe looks her best for the trip! Design your own clothes andoutfits in this trendy mall shopping dress up and make game. Thefashion doll is getting ready for her trip to buy new shoes,clothes, bags and dresses. But in order to go, she has to lookgood, first! Pick out her outfits by choosing from clothes thatsuit her amazing style. Then give the doll makeup, hairstyles andtrendy shoes and bags to carry to the mall. Only the most fantasticclothes will fit for her amazing shopping trip! Features: - Help afashion doll get ready for a trip to the mall. - Choose outfits,clothes, shoes and trendy bags. - Pick out the perfect dress forher to wear. - Do her makeup and give her a new hairstyle. -Complete fashion doll makeovers at your fingertips! How to Play: -Use the touch screen to choose outfits for the doll to wear. -Dress up the model by choosing dresses, shoes and trendyaccessories. - Apply makeup and create a beautiful hairstyle! [[You can find out more fun games on our social media! ]] If you wantto check us out, visit our website: http://www.lovefashiondoll.com
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The school dance is tonight and fashion doll is nervous. She's notgood at doing her hair, she doesn't wear much makeup, and she neverhas a thing to wear. Open up your beauty salon and help her getready! With your fashion knowledge and makeover skills, fashiondoll will outshine all the other girls. Who knows? Maybe she'llbecome prom queen! Pick out a new hairstyle, then dress her in agorgeous gown. She'll need pretty makeup and matching shoes! Withyour help, she'll get a handsome boyfriend too! Product Features:Fun beauty salon game for girls. Tons of fashion combinations touse. Change her hairstyle using the curling iron, straightener, orhairspray. Fix her makeup by using blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, andmascara. Dress her in a pretty ball gown that is sure to impressthe boys! Pick out cute shoes to match her gorgeous dress. Helpfashion doll become prom queen! Fashion doll is in the running forprom queen, so this makeover is very important! Your beauty skillscan make or break her chance at winning! To make the perfectchoice, you may have to try different combinations, so don't beafraid to try them all to make sure she wins! How to Play: Useinteractive touch controls to play. Choose a cute hairstyle andmakeup. Dress her in a beautiful gown and cute shoes. Make sure sheis the prettiest girl in school so she wins prom queen! [[Find outmore fun games on our social media! ]] If you want to check us out,visit our website: http://www.lovefashiondoll.com/ Like us onFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fashion-Doll-Inc-541320739345559Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FashionDollInc
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It's time to roll out the red carpet. The photographers are liningup and the awards show begins in just hours! The celebrity girlsneed the perfect makeup and gowns to impress their fans and theirboyfriends. Each star is scrambling to find the perfect fashionstatement and they need your help to look beautiful while walkingdown the red carpet. Can you help them?Product Features:- Fourpretty celebrity girls: Diane, Helen, Isabelle, and Cara.- Fourstar boyfriends: Adrien, Patrick, Nicholas, and Kevin.- Tons ofoptions for the best beauty makeover!- Dress each star in abeautiful gown that will wow the audience!- Pick out the perfectmakeup to match her outfit.- Style her hair and choose the rightaccessories!- Help the girls shine on the red carpet!Adrien,Patrick, Nicholas, and Kevin are waiting to see their beautifuldates. When you're finished giving them the ultimate beautymakeover, the boys won't believe their eyes! The girls are trustingyou to make the boys' jaws drop when they step on the red carpet,so be the best celebrity stylist they've ever seen! Each choice isimportant to get them ready, so only choose the prettiesthairstyle, makeup, and dresses!How to Play:- Use interactivecontrols to make your beauty selections.- Choose the righthairstyle and makeup.- Dress the celebrity in beautiful gowns.-Watch them wow their boyfriends![[Find out more fun games on oursocial media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website:http://www.lovefashiondoll.com/Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Fashion-Doll-Inc-541320739345559Follow uson Twitter: https://twitter.com/FashionDollInc
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Are you ready to go to fashion doll’s hair salon? This beauty shophandles every aspect of hair design. It’s the perfect place to getthe trendiest looks. With all the latest fashion trends at herfingertips, fashion doll will get you looking amazing from your newhairstyle to awesome outfits. Fashion doll is well known for givingthe most cutting edge haircuts and hairstyles in her hair salon.Then, she’ll make your new cut pop with some fun different hairdyes. You’ll be the envy of all of your friends with your newhairdo. Don’t miss out on her talent to help you look fabulous! Howto Play: • Time for hairdresser visit! • Go to the fashion doll’shair salon • Time for a new hairstyle • Choose an amazing newhaircut • Choose from the fun hair dye options • You’ll be dressedup in some amazing fashions Fashion doll’s hair salon is the placeyou want to be. You’ll be able to get an amazingly fashionablehaircut that flatters your features. You’ll be rocking a new lookin no time at all that wows all your friends. How many differenthairstyles can you come up with? Find out today by downloading now.[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]] If you want tocheck us out, visit our website: http://www.lovefashiondoll.com/Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Fashion-Doll-Inc-541320739345559 Follow uson Twitter: https://twitter.com/FashionDollInc
Fashion Doll - House Cleaning 1.6 APK
You don’t have to wait until Spring to give your house a goodcleaning! In House Cleaning Day, clean up your house and get rid ofthe things you don’t need. Clutter has got to go so you can giveyour house a beautiful makeover. First, clean up all the rooms ofyour house from the kitchen to the bedroom. Wipe up dust, vacuumthe floors, and throw away junk! Leave nothing dirty and fixanything that’s broken. When everything is tidy and neat, designyour rooms just how you like, Pick out the perfect paints anddecorations to make it feel like new! Once you’re done workinghard, give yourself a beauty makeover to match. It’s a new day inFashion Doll’s house so don’t hold back! Be creative and helpcreate a whole new style. With careful planning, your dream housewill become reality! Product Features: - Fun home makeover gamewith tons of options. - Easy to use controls for baby to play. -Clean up mini games to clean the dirty kitchen, bedroom, bathroom,and living room. - Fix broken items around the house. - Design eachroom just how you like with new paints and decorations. - Dressyourself up to look as good as your house! - Play various minigames around the house. How to Play: - Use interactive controls toselect items and decorate. - Help clean up dirty rooms like thebedroom. - Carefully fix broken items in the kitchen and bathroom.- Give yourself a beauty makeover! - Complete all mini games tohave the perfect house! [[Find out more fun games on our socialmedia! ]] If you want to check us out, visit our website:http://www.lovefashiondoll.com/ Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Fashion-Doll-Inc-541320739345559 Follow uson Twitter: https://twitter.com/FashionDollInc
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Time to travel to the coolest music festival! Time to be a reallycool by wearing the latest styles and looking like a rock star orhippie! Time to hang out with your friends and dance around allnight! In Music Festival Salon, you get to live the glamorous rockstar life! Pick one of four amazing ladies – Jennifer, Stephanie,Sarah and Brittany! Then pick one of the friends – Anna, Rebecca,Chloe or Tiffany! So many pretty ladies…it’s so cool! See thehottest bands and coolest DJs while wearing beautiful makeup andawesome dresses! There are so many different kinds of clothes tochoose from! Go to the salon to get a cool new hairstyle that showsoff your individuality and girl power! Wear the coolest brands andshow off your beautiful face - be the ultimate rock star with MusicFestival Salon! FEATURES - Be the most beautiful girl at the musicfestival! - Hang out with your friend wearing amazing clothes! -The party never ends! HOW TO PLAY - Follow the instructions forfashion fun! - Use the touch screen to select your favorite makeupand clothes! - Four girls and four friends means you never have tostop![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you wantto check us out, visit our website:http://www.lovefashiondoll.com/Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Fashion-Doll-Inc-541320739345559Follow uson Twitter: https://twitter.com/FashionDollInc
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Are you ready for fashion week? It’s time for all of thehigh-fashion celebrities to come out to enjoy a week of the mostamazing outfits ever. Want to be a star and enjoy all of fashionweek?All that celebrity status comes with a lot of perks. Get toenjoy some trendy spa treatments and the hottest makeup look tomake you feel like a million bucks. Finish it off with some dressup in an excellent outfit to make you feel like a star! Don’tforget your super hot co-star celebrity partner. Make sure he looksjust as great as you do for your walk down the red carpet atfashion week!How to Play:• Relax with some five-star treatment• Getsome awesome spa treatments• Put on some lovely makeup to make youlook amazing• Top off your look by dressing up in some of thehottest outfits• Get your celebrity date red carpet ready• Time toshine!• Walk the red carpet for fashion week and strut yourstuffThe time is now! Let your winning personality show just intime for fashion week. Give yourself the celebrity star treatmentwith lots of beauty treatments and outfits. Download now to getyour fashion week fun going![[Find out more fun games on our socialmedia! ]]If you want to check us out, visit our website:http://www.lovefashiondoll.com/Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Fashion-Doll-Inc-541320739345559Follow uson Twitter: https://twitter.com/FashionDollInc
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Show off your pop star style in this fun makeup and dress up gamewhere you’re the STAR! It’s time to dress up the pop star for ahuge show! Start with your famous fashion doll and take her to thespa where you can give her a facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone andmoisturize her skin to make her glow. Pamper her with all naturaloils and luxurious body treatments. It’s a day at the spa fit for aqueen! Then it’s time to choose her makeup. Take her to the salonand pick out the best colors for her. Apply blush, eyeshadow andmascara. Keep it traditional or go crazy with neon looks! Thechoices are all yours and it’s easy to start over! Move on to herfabulous closet and search for the right outfit for this popularsinger. Select from punk rock to glamour looks, dresses and jeans.Make sure that she looks her best for the show. Don’t forget todress up her number one fan too! She’s your special guest and wantsto look her best too! Your pop star rocks the house! ProductFeatures:- Three levels of design fun – Spa, Makeover and Dress Up- Features a second doll to dress up – her friend and concertguest- Lots of different makeup and dress up choices How to Play: -Tap to choose outfits, makeup and hairstyles- Swipe to applyeyeshadow, mascara and blush - Follow all of the steps and don’tforget to save your creations at the end! [[Find out more fun gameson our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: http://www.lovefashiondoll.com/Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Fashion-Doll-Inc-541320739345559Follow uson Twitter: https://twitter.com/FashionDollInc