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• Each wallpaper and lock screen offered is matched to yourdevicefor the best experience. Quickly set wallpapers from withintheapp! Did you know that an average people checks their devicemorethan 50 times a day? Make each time a real pleasure withawesomeHoliday wallpaper images and backgrounds from ourprofessionaldesigners. Let your device become a cool, stylist, joy,andinspiration from this app! Holiday Wallpapers HD 2018 in sideLotOf Wallpapers. Best Feature of App: ? 5000+ Attractive and FullHDQuality Holiday background. ? A huge database of Holidaywallpapersat a resolution of 4K. ? Every day new wallpapers ? SetAsWallpaper. ? Wonderful, Unique, Awesome Art and BeautifulHolidaywallpaper ? 4k or UltraHD has a resolution of 4096x2160or3840x2160 ? Full HD, 2K - (1080p = 1920x1080) wallpapers ? QHDorQuad High Definition (1440p =2560x1440) wallpapers ? PowerZoomingand Rotation, Zoom in-out and double tapping ? You cansavewallpaper & see saved list of your favorite ? You canalsomanage your saved list by deleting it The applicationHolidayWallpapers Backgrounds HD features: - Huge base of picturesHQ, HD,1080p - wallpapers connected with graphic Holiday. - Quickandintuitive interface - Change wallpaper in just few clicks-Updating wallpapers - Sharing wallpapers with your friends-Possibility to modify size of wallpaper to your needs -Friendlygraphic - No big advertisements Holiday Wallpapers 4k(ultra hd)offers: - Free wallpapers associated with Holiday. - Ahugedatabase of wallpapers at a resolution of 4K. - Every daynewwallpapers - Preview wallpaper with the possibility of zoom.-Changing the beautiful wallpaper in just a few clicks. - Abilitytocreate your own database of favorite wallpapers. -Sharingwallpapers with friends through social networking. -Animatedloading screen, about theme of Holiday. - Holidaywallpapers nature- Holiday wallpaper live Holiday backgroundwallpaper

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1100+ Gujarati Rasoi (Offline) 1.0.2 APK
We offer Gujarati Recipes in Gujarati language because we feel thatyou can learn new recipes & dishes only in the language thatyou speak at home. Rasoi Ni Rani Is a Global Platform for Gujraticommunity to share your Cooking Art & food to the world. Withour unique collection of Recipes in Gujarati, you don't have tobrowse the web every time you want to cook some food. Our app isgoing to be your one-stop solution for all cooking ideas. In ourapp, you will find - + Gujarati Recipes in Gujarati language +Indian Food Recipes in Gujarati + Fast Food Recipes in Gujarati +Punjabi Recipes in Gujarati + Chinese Recipes in Gujarati + SouthIndian Recipes in Gujarati, and many more... You can easily sharethe recipes with others through email, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.directly from within the app. Our unique layout based on differentcategories helps you in easily finding your desired recipe withoutexcessive search. Gujrati stands for Food and Business. You canfind Gujarati in Every Corner Of The World. This Platform is aconnecting medium for such food lovers! ** Gujarati Recipes** **ગુજરાતી વાનગીઓ** Welcome to the world of Gujarati Recipes Includingall Indian Recipe in Gujarati Language have 2500 + All IndianRecipes in Gujarati. App include 24 categories. 1. નાસ્તા 2. મીઠાઈ3. સબ્જી 4. રોટી /પરાઠા 5. ફરાળી વાનગી 6. રાયતા/ સલાડ 7. આઇસક્રિમ/શરબત 8. વિવિધ કેક 9. Oven Recipes / ઓવન રેસીપી 10. SizzlingStarters /સ્ટાર્ટર રેસીપી 11. ચિલ્ડ્રન સ્પેશીયલ 12. Mango MagicWeek /મેંગો મેજિક સપ્તાહ 13. South Indian Recipe / દક્ષિણ ભારતીય14. પંજાબી રેસીપી 15. Jain Special /જૈન સ્પેશ્યલ 16. Gujju Recipes/ગુજરાતી રેસીપી 17. સિંધી રેસીપી 18. Food For Diabetics / ડાયાબિટીસરેસીપી 19. હેલ્ધી બ્રેકફાસ્ટ 20. Festival Recipe / ફેસ્ટિવલ રેસીપી
Men Wallpaper HD 4K 2018 1 APK
• Each wallpaper and lock screen offered is matched to yourdevicefor the best experience. Quickly set wallpapers from withintheapp!Did you know that an average people checks their devicemorethan 50 times a day? Make each time a real pleasure withawesomeMen wallpaper images and backgrounds from ourprofessionaldesigners. Let your device become a cool, stylist, joy,andinspiration from this app! Men Wallpapers HD 2018 in side LotOfWallpapers.Best Feature of App:? 5000+ Attractive and FullHDQuality Men background.? A huge database of Men wallpapers ataresolution of 4K.? Every day new wallpapers? Set AsWallpaper.?Wonderful, Unique, Awesome Art and Beautiful Menwallpaper? 4k orUltraHD has a resolution of 4096x2160 or 3840x2160?Full HD, 2K -(1080p = 1920x1080) wallpapers? QHD or Quad HighDefinition (1440p=2560x1440) wallpapers? Power Zooming andRotation, Zoom in-out anddouble tapping? You can save wallpaper& see saved list of yourfavorite? You can also manage yoursaved list by deleting itTheapplication Men Wallpapers BackgroundsHD features:- Huge base ofpictures HQ, HD, 1080p- wallpapersconnected with graphic Men.-Quick and intuitive interface- Changewallpaper in just few clicks-Updating wallpapers- Sharingwallpapers with your friends-Possibility to modify size ofwallpaper to your needs- Friendlygraphic- No big advertisementsMenWallpapers 4k (ultra hd) offers:-Free wallpapers associated withMen.- A huge database of wallpapersat a resolution of 4K.- Everyday new wallpapers- Preview wallpaperwith the possibility of zoom.-Changing the beautiful wallpaper injust a few clicks.- Ability tocreate your own database of favoritewallpapers.- Sharing wallpaperswith friends through socialnetworking.- Animated loading screen,about theme of Men.- Menwallpapers nature - Men wallpaper liveMenbackground wallpaper
550+ Gujarati Recipes - વાનગીઓ 1.0 APK
** Gujarati Recipes**** ગુજરાતી વાનગીઓ**Welcome to the worldofGujarati Recipes Including all Indian Recipe in GujaratiLanguagehave 2500 + All Indian Recipes in Gujarati. App include24categories.1. નાસ્તા 2. મીઠાઈ 3. સબ્જી 4. રોટી /પરાઠા 5.ફરાળીવાનગી 6. રાયતા/ સલાડ7. આઇસક્રિમ /શરબત8. વિવિધ કેક9. OvenRecipes /ઓવન રેસીપી10. Sizzling Starters /સ્ટાર્ટર રેસીપી 11.ચિલ્ડ્રનસ્પેશીયલ 12. Mango Magic Week /મેંગો મેજિક સપ્તાહ 13. SouthIndianRecipe / દક્ષિણ ભારતીય14. પંજાબી રેસીપી15. Jain Special/જૈનસ્પેશ્યલ16. Gujju Recipes /ગુજરાતી રેસીપીGujarati Recipes(Vangi)is an extra-ordinary app for cooking lovers. GujaratiRecipescontains all famous Indian Cooking Recipes. 
GujaratiRecipesapplication is provided in Gujarati language for thosepeople whoare not able to read in English.All recipes aremeaningfullycategorized for easy to find required recipe and useapplicationappropriately.
Key Features:- More than 300+ Gujaratirecipes arethere in our application.- All recipes are categorizedin various12+ categories.- No need of Internet connection- PurelyGujaratiApplication===============================================================Nowyoucan read Gujarati fonts in our app even if your devicedoesn'tsupportGujarati===============================================================WeofferGujarati Recipes in Gujarati language because we feel thatyou canlearn new recipes & dishes only in the language thatyou speakat home.Rasoi Ni Rani Is a Global Platform for Gujraticommunity toshare your Cooking Art & food to the world. Withour uniquecollection of Recipes in Gujarati, you don't have tobrowse the webevery time you want to cook some food. Our app isgoing to be yourone-stop solution for all cooking ideas.In ourapp, you will find -+Gujarati Recipes in Gujarati language+ IndianFood Recipes inGujarati+ Fast Food Recipes in Gujarati+ PunjabiRecipes inGujarati+ Chinese Recipes in Gujarati+ South IndianRecipes inGujarati, and many more...
720+ Hyderabadi Recipe 1.0 APK
"Hyderabadi Recipies"--Peoples are excited to have HyderabadiRecipies ....Specially for Non Veg....."Hyderabadi Recipies"Provide The test of Hyderabadi Biryanis Curries and many more....ItHas 3 different Category:*** Non Veg*** Veg*** sweetsall are theHyderabad RecipesIn Non veg you can find Most Famous recipes fromHyderabad likeChicken BiryaniChiken Curry- This app gives you eachRecipes in Hindi only. It is a very useful App for cooking loversas well as new cooking Learner also.This app will use in yourkitchen at any time.- Hindi Recipes App have total 20 Categorieswhich includes - Nashta (Breakfast)- Paratha /Thalipeeth- FastRecipe in Hindi- Chatani Recipes- Achar Recipe- Salad Recipe- IceCream Recipe in Hindi- Roti Recipe- Sabji Recipe in Hindi- SambarRecipe- Mithai Recipe in Hindi- Festival in Hindi - Non Veg Recipesin Hindi- Baby food Recipes- Panjabhi Recipes- South Indian HindiRecipe- Soup Recipes in Hindi-Gujrati Recipes in Hindi - BengaliRecipes in Hindi - Veg and Non Veg Biryani Recipe
100+ Athana(Pickle) Recipes in Gujarati 1.0 APK
In this Recipes describe lots of Athana Category recipes in hindilanguage.Every recipe described with ingredients and step by stepdirections.Through this application you can easily learn to how tomake different varieties of Athana.Application contains followingmain categories…* Gundaa Athana* Panchrangi Athana* Chibhda Athana*Kerda Athana* Garmar AthanaEtc Athana are Included in thisappFeature :-Completely offline application so you can useapplication without internet.-Beautiful user friendlyinterface.-Chang text size for better readability.-Choose favoriterecipe.Presenting a unique collection of athana(achaar) recipes.Indian dishes do not complete without Athana(Achar). Install thisapp and make your dishes more tasty. We have developed this app inGujarati for our Gujarati viewers.|| APP FEATURES ||▸ Goodcollection of recipes.▸ Favorite recipes (mark a recipe asfavorite).▸ Simple app, works offline. ▸ No internet connectionneeded. ▸ Content presented in simple Gujarati language.▸Professionally designed, user-friendly design.▸ Gujarati font forbetter reading experience. ▸ Share any recipe with friends onWhatsApp and other supported social networks.▸ Easy to use.|| APPCONTENTS ||* Amla Pickle* Carrot Pickle* Chana Pickle* AmlaMethambo* Ginger Pickle* Katki Keri* Kathiyavadi Pickle* LemonPickle* Mango JamAlso give us your reviews and suggestions aboutAthana Recipes that means a lot to us. We will keep in mind yoursuggestions when we will give our next update.
150+ Farali (Fast) Recipes in Gujarati 1.0 APK
Farali food can be eaten during certain fasts, Upvaas or vrat inhindu religion. Generally, farali vangi or upvas recipes avoidbeans, pulses, grains, onion and garlic. Farali food can beconsumed when observing Ekadashi upvaas,Navratri upvas etc.thisapps includes recipes are:1. Sabudana Vada2. Sabudana Kheer3.Sabudana Khichdi4. Farali Samosa5. Rajagra Puri6. Rajagra Shiro7.Potato Kheer8. Farali Aalu Paratha9. Moraiya kheer10. BatakaBarfiIndian families practice the traditional form of fasting wherethey consume only some of food items and fruits. There are severalIndian recipes for fasting. Farali food is a type of food that canbe eaten during certain fasts, Upvaas or vrat in hindu religion.Generally, farali recipes or upvas recipes avoid beans, pulses,grains, onion and garlic. Farali food can be consumed whenobserving Ekadashi upvaas. Fresh and dried fruits, milk products,vegetables and nuts are also considered farali. One can also eatFarali food during shravan maas and chaturmas. Enjoy our faralirecipes.Upvaas allows selected food varieties (Farali dishes) to beconsumed during the day. This App covers most of all Farali dishesthat can be consumed on Upvaas as per the traditions withoutcompromising with your taste buds. Each of the recipes come alongwith a unique tip to make it easier to cook and more tasty!Achar(Pickle) Recipes,Baby Food Recipes,Bengali Recipes,Bengali SweetsRecipes,Bread Recipes,Bihari Recipes,Burfi Recipes,Cakes andCookies Recipes (Baking Recipes),Chaat Recipes,Chatani (Chutney)Recipes,Cheela Recipes,Chikki Recipes,Chinese Recipes,DalRecipes,Deserts Recipes,Drinks/Beverages RecipesFarali VangiRecipes for Upvas and Vrat,Fast Food Recipes,FastingRecipes,Festival Recipes,Gujarati Dishes Recipes,Halwa Recipes,IceCream Recipes,Indian Food Recipes,Indian Cuisine Recipes,Jam andJelly Recipes,Kachori Recipes,Kadhi Recipes,Kheer Recipes,KhichdiRecipes,Kofta Curry Recipes,Ladoo Recipes,Lassi Recipes,MarathiRecipes,Microwave Oven Recipes,Murabba Recipes,Naan Recipes,NamkeenRecipes,Nashta (Breakfast) Snacks Recipes,North IndianRecipes,Pakora Recipes,Pakwan Recipes,Paneer Recipes,Pani PuriRecipes,Panjabi Dishes Recipes,Paratha Recipes,Pasta Recipes,PedaRecipes,Pizza Burger Recipes,Pizza Recipes,Pulao Recipes,PuriRecipes,Raita Recipes,Rajasthani Recipes,Roti Recipes,SaagRecipes,Sabji Recipes,Salad Recipes,Sambhar Idli Recipes,SambharMasala,Sandwich Recipes,Sharbat Recipes,Snacks Recipes,South IndianRecipes,Spices (Masala) Recipes,Sweet and Spicy Recipes,Street FoodRecipes,Stuffed Vegetable Recipes,Sweet (Mithai) Recipes,TeaRecipes,Traditional Sweet Recipes,Upvas Vrat Farali Recipes,VegBiryani Recipes,Vegetarian Curry Recipes,VegetarianRecipes,Vegetarian Soup Recipes
1300+ Gujarati Recipes Free 1.0 APK
The Gujarati cooking has garnered much fame not only outside theGujarati diaspora but also beyond the national boundary. A typicalGujarati thali served as lunch or dinner in households andrestaurants consists of an array of selective dishes arranged in athali or plate. Gujarati cuisine refers to the cuisine of Gujarat,a state in western India. Despite having an extensive coastlineproviding wholesome seafood, Gujarat is primarily a vegetarianstate due to the influence of Jain vegetarianism. Many communities,however, do include seafood, chicken, and goat in their diet.Thesweet flavor of these dishes is believed to neutralize the slightlybland taste of the vegetables. Gujarati Thali, a variety filledtraditional dish served in Gujarat. Bajri no rotlo. Puran Poli.Kadhi. Khaman Dhokla. Handvo. Khandvi, a popular Gujarati snack(Farsan), Sukhadi and many more.Gujarati Cuisine offers some worldknown special dishes with taste and flavor such as Undhiyu, Pavbhaji, samosa, gulab jamun, uttapam, modak, handvo, chaat, dabeli,malpua, khandvi, pani puri, poha, kulfi, khaman dhokla, payasam,kaju katli, dosa, idli,sambhar, thepla,muthiya, Kadhi, Sev Tametanu Shaak, Khichdi, Sev Usal, Patra, Ganthiya, Dabeli, Sev Khamni,Chorafali, Lilva Kachori, farsan, Mohanthal, Doodhpak,Fafda,khichu, shrikhand, chutney, chapatti, ladoo, pudina rice, nutritionfacts and so on.Gujarati Food cooking recipes give you taste fromfamous chefs of india with Vikas Khanna,Sanjeev Kapoor,KunalKapur,Tarla Dalal,Ranveer Brar,Suvir Saran,Gaggan Anand,MadhurJaffrey And Floyd Cardoz.With our unique collection of Recipes inGujarati, you don't have to browse the web every time you want tocook some food. Our app is going to be your one-stop solution forall cooking ideas.In our app, you will find -+ Gujarati Recipes inGujarati language+ Indian Food Recipes in Gujarati+ Fast FoodRecipes in Gujarati+ Punjabi Recipes in Gujarati+ Chinese Recipesin Gujarati+ South Indian Recipes in Gujarati, and many more...Ourunique layout based on different categories helps you in easilyfinding your desired recipe without excessive search.Gujrati standsfor Food and Business. You can find Gujarati in Every Corner Of TheWorld. This Platform is a connecting medium for such foodlovers!Achar (Pickle) Recipes,Baby Food Recipes,BengaliRecipes,Bengali Sweets Recipes,Bread Recipes,Bihari Recipes,BurfiRecipes,Cakes and Cookies Recipes (Baking Recipes),ChaatRecipes,Chatani (Chutney) Recipes,Cheela Recipes,ChikkiRecipes,Chinese Recipes,Dal Recipes,DesertsRecipes,Drinks/Beverages RecipesFarali Vangi Recipes for Upvas andVrat,Fast Food Recipes,Fasting Recipes,Festival Recipes,GujaratiDishes Recipes,Halwa Recipes,Ice Cream Recipes,Indian FoodRecipes,Indian Cuisine Recipes,Jam and Jelly Recipes,KachoriRecipes,Kadhi Recipes,Kheer Recipes,Khichdi Recipes,Kofta CurryRecipes,Ladoo Recipes,Lassi Recipes,Marathi Recipes,Microwave OvenRecipes,Murabba Recipes,Naan Recipes,Namkeen Recipes,Nashta(Breakfast) Snacks Recipes,North Indian Recipes,PakoraRecipes,Pakwan Recipes,Paneer Recipes,Pani Puri Recipes,PanjabiDishes Recipes,Paratha Recipes,Pasta Recipes,Peda Recipes,PizzaBurger Recipes,Pizza Recipes,Pulao Recipes,Puri Recipes,RaitaRecipes,Rajasthani Recipes,Roti Recipes,Saag Recipes,SabjiRecipes,Salad Recipes,Sambhar Idli Recipes,Sambhar Masala,SandwichRecipes,Sharbat Recipes,Snacks Recipes,South Indian Recipes,Spices(Masala) Recipes,Sweet and Spicy Recipes,Street FoodRecipes,Stuffed Vegetable Recipes,Sweet (Mithai) Recipes,TeaRecipes,Traditional Sweet Recipes
1000+ Cake and Cookie Recipes 1.0 APK
Baking Recipes application describe lots of Cakes , Cookies ,IceCream and Sandwiches recipes in hindi language.Every recipedescribed with ingredients and step by step directions.Through thisapplication you can easily learn to how to make different varietiesof Cakes,Cookies,Ice Cream and Sandwiches.Application containsfollowing four main categories…*Cakes(केक)*Cookies(कुकीज़)*IceCream(आइसक्रीम)*Sandwiches(सैंडविच)Feature :-Completely offlineapplication so you can use application without internet.-Beautifuluser friendly interface.-Chang text size for betterreadability.-Choose favorite recipe.We offer to you a lot of tastycake and baking recipes: cake recipes, muffin recipes, pie recipes,sweet roll recipes, cheesecake recipes, cookie recipes, cupcakerecipes and other tasty cake and baking.All cake and baking recipesare presented in the application with simple and detailedinstructions.All cake and baking recipes are presented with simpleinstructions and photos.You can choose your liked recipes and keepthem in your favorites.