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◈ IntroductionsConstipation is fashionable around the world !!Redstools, blue toilet stools to remove stoolsHelp people!Touch thepause of the same color as the color change to remove thevariation.When a certain number of stools are removed, you are freefromconstipation!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------◈How to playRemove from the sides before the explosionexplodes.Pretend to pretend, cry, laugh, impression is not worthit.Please change ~.*Remove many stitches at once!*Also challengethe record of helping a lot of people!*You can appreciate the sidesremoved from thegallery.--------------------------------------------※Notes duringgame installation※--------------------------------------------Ifthe "Play Games" app is not installed. Leaderboards andachievements are not available.In the Google Play Store, search for"Play Games", install it, set up your account informationPleaseagree to use your account and play thegame.------------------------------------------------------※ Aboutusing user accountinformation※-------------------------------------------------------It is used to login with the registered ID in Play Game, to use theleader board and achievements.

App Information Holy Poo

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    Holy Poo
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    December 14, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    #914,14-2,192 Beon-gil, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 82-2-539-1982
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com.AuraStudio.PokkiPop 1.80 APK
★ Match-3 Link Puzzle Game - Star Link Puzzle★ ★ Rescue the Starsand restore the constellations!★ ★Game Play Connect 3 or morePokkies. Connect more Pokkies to create spirits. Use the spirits torescue the Pokkies. Tap the Pokkies quickly during Pokki Time togain extra points! ★Features Test your skills against the variousmission stages. Anyone can enjoy this easy game play style.Experience the fun and thrill of one touch drawing. Can be playedoffline without data. Try out the Stage, Time mode and Movemodes.Rush mode ★Stage Mode Challenge the 400 stages. ★Move ModeScore the highest points within limited moves. ★Time Mode Score thehighest points within limited time. ★Rush Mode Challenge the higestlevels! ★combo Mode Challenge the higest score! - Achievements andleaderboard supported via Google Play Games. - Pokki Pop is afree-to-play game, but has optional in-app purchases. Notes ▶ Wecollect information about Google+ accounts for the gamers' logins.▶ The account information is used to send you Pokki Pop puzzle'sevent news and information with push messages. Contact E-mailjrjung2017@gmail.com
산타고 with BAND 1.4 APK
신개념 등산 런게임 "산타고"가 출시되었습니다!!<< 게임설명 >>익스트림 스포츠인 암벽 등반을 소재로 게임속 마왕이 설치해놓은 장애물과 각종 공격을피하며 빠른 속도감을 즐기는 클라이밍 런 게임입니다. 쿠키런, 윈드러너 등 기존런게임하고는 달리 산타고는 암벽을 타듯이 위로 오르는 무료 런게임입니다.<< 게임특징 >>- 다양하고 개성있는 선남선녀 영웅 캐릭터- 슈팅게임을 연상케하는 스피드감과 다양한 모드- 등정이라는 도전정신과 성취감을 느낄 수 있는 보상 미션- RPG와 같은 성장시스템<< 게임스토리 >>지형지물을 마음대로 조종하는 마왕 탓에 하루도 편할 날 없이 지진과 낙석의 공포 속에서살아가고 있는 사람들. 마왕은 워낙 신출귀몰하고 베일에 싸여 있기에 누구 하나 선뜻나서 물리치겠다 나서는 사람이 없다. 한편 자칭 세계최고의 클라이머라고 자부하는 당신!당신은 이제부터 마왕이 있는 절벽을 올라가 당신의 실력을 입증해 보여야 한다! 쿠쿵~<< 이벤트 >>월드컵 대한민국 선전을 기원하며 오픈 이벤트를 진행중입니다.지금 당신의 실력을 입증해 보이세요~!----개발자 연락처 :B-807, 230, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea82-2-539-1982Run game new conceptclimbing "mountain riding" has been released!Game description <<>>Extreme sport of rock climbing in the game is installed, the devilattacks and various obstacles pointinAvoid climbing to enjoy the fast paced game of runs. Run cookies,including conventional WindrunnerRun the game as opposed to putting the rock up the mountain climbaboard the free run of the game.The game features << >>- Various and unique hero in the fairy seonnam- Reminiscent of a sense of speed and shooting game in variousmodes- Climb can feel a sense of accomplishment that challenge andreward Mission- RPG systems such as the growthThe story<< >>Satan freely manipulate the landmark comfortable without me becausethe day is the horror of the earthquake and rockfallPeople live. Satan is so elusive and shrouded in a veil itgie onewho readilyAfter having a rich person is not going after water. Theself-proclaimed world's best climbers confident that you say?From now on you will have the devil to climb a cliff to show theproof of your skills! Kukung ~<< event >>Origin Republic of Korea and the World Cup opening events promotingthe progress.Now You See? Proven skills!
다이스 걸 : 엎치락뒤치락 주사위레이싱 2.4 APK
※ 저희게임은 구글로그인 기능을 활용하고 있기때문에, 구글 기능 활성화 및 구글 로그인을 하셔야만 정상적으로 게임 이용이가능하십니다!! 꼭 구글약관 동의창이 뜨면 꼭 동의해주세요! 만약 구글 약관 미 동의 시 게임 진행이 되지 않습니다.만약 미동의하셨다면 재설치 후 다시 동의진행해주세요!공식까페 ::http://cafe.naver.com/dicegirl캐주얼하지만 짜릿한 주사위 보드게임!!스킬, 아이템, 카드 등 모든수단을 동원하여 즐기는 주사위 레이싱!최대 3인이 실시간으로 즐기는 엎치락뒤치락 한판 승부!다이스걸에서만 볼 수 있는웹툰까지! 지금 바로 설치하세요~- 턴베이스 방식의 캐주얼 주사위 보드게임!- 순위를 뒤집는 천사와 악마카드!- 다양한액션타일!- 윷놀이처럼 상대를 밟아 방해!- 일발역전 찬스! 행운의 숫자스킬!- 덫, 스턴, 감옥보내기 등 다양한아이템!- 게임 내 외형을 바꿔주는 모자아이템들!- 멀티플레이 시 사용하는 이모티콘!- 공주를 구하기 위한 용사들의모험담을 담은 게임툰까지~!지금 바로 설치하고, 랭킹 1위에도전해보세요!!=========================================================▶유저분들의 게임 로그인을 위해 구글 플러스 계정에 대한 정보를 수집하고 있습니다.▶ 푸시 메세지를 통한 다이스걸의 이벤트소식 및 정보를 유저분들의 단말기로 보내드리기 위해 계정정보를사용합니다.==========================================================★게임실행이안된다면 구글플레이 게임서비스를 업데이트해주세요!!그래도 안된다면 휴대폰설정 - Google 설정 - 연결된앱 -DiceGirl을 선택 - 연결해제 & 연결하신 후게임을 재실행 해주세요!!★LG G3 폰과 다이스걸과의 호환이원할치 않아, 현재 다이스걸을 이용하실 수 없습니다. 빠른 시간 내에 정상적으로 이용하실 수 있도록 하겠습니다.아래커뮤니티로 저희를 만나러 오세요! 더 많은 이벤트와 정보를 접할 수 있어요!네이버까페 :http://cafe.naver.com/dicegirl문의:help@aurastudio.co.kr----개발자 연락처:#914,14-2,192 Beon-gil, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,Gyeonggi-do, Korea82-2-539-1982※ our game because they takeadvantage of the Google sign-in feature, hasyeoyaman to enableGoogle features and Google Login     Youcan use the normal game! Please come by all means agree to Google'sterms and conditions agreement window popsup!     If Google does not accept USagreed during game play. If the fine after reinstalling If youagree, please proceed again!Official Cafe ::http://cafe.naver.com/dicegirlCasual but exciting backgammon boardgame!Enjoying backgammon race using all means, including skills,items, and cards!Up to three two eopchirak dwichirak bout enjoy inreal time!To Real Madrid it can be seen only me die! Please justinstall it now ~- turn-based casual manner of a backgammon boardgame!- overturn the ranking angels and demons cards!- Variousactions tiles!- interfere with an opponent like stepping yoo -nori!- Argyle reversed chance! Skill lucky number!- snare, stun,prisons send various items!- The headwear item that turns the gamelooks!- emoticons for use in multiplayer!Princess-up to the gameToon containing the adventures of the mighty to save!Now justinstalled, and try on the No. 1challenge!=========================================================▶ information on Google Plus accounts to users who log inthe game    It is collected.▶ event news andinformation you die by the push messages to users of thosedevices    Use account information to let yousend.================================================== ========★if you'll have the game running, please update your Google PlayGame Services!But if you'll phone settings - After disconnectingand connecting - Google Settings, select DiceGirl - linkedappPlease redo the game !!★ LG G3 is compatible with the phone anddo not die geolgwa wonhalchi not currently available to walkdice.   It will normally make available as soon aspossible.Communities come down to see us! You can encounter moreevents and information!Naver Cafe:http://cafe.naver.com/dicegirlquestion:help@aurastudio.co.kr
SuperBall Advance 1.1.3 APK
New type casual game has been released!This is Simple but not easy.This is game to utilize ability of reaction, which will stimulateyour brain.We provide 'Training Mode' and 'Reaction Mode' Stimulateyour Brain![How to Play]- By touching screen, makes ball black anddestroy the black bricks- By taking your hand off the screen, makesball whit and destroy the white bricks - By touching and take offthe screen, destroy the all bricks on screen.[Features]- Simple butadorable design- Various stages and ball items- Charming 8bitsounds- Reaction mode will provide 'Rank'- Bricks which havevarious functions[Contents]- More than 150 stages- More than 80ball items- Provides reaction rank[Notes]▶ We collect informationabout Google+ accounts for the gamers' logins.▶ The accountinformation is used to send you SuperBall Advance's event news andinformation with push messages.Challenge your limit of reaction!Enjoy the block destruction!It is most powerful killing time game.'Super Ball Advance'Follow us onfacebook:https://www.facebook.com/auragamestudio?fref=tsHomepage:www.aurastudio.co.kr
Crash Climber 1.0 APK
No more running, just climb the mountain!!Feel the super speed!!TheMega action game has been released![Features]- Various Characters-Various Contents- Various Obstacles- Powerful action withdashes[Contents]- Stage mode with more than 100 stages- Endlessmode- PVP mode coming soon[Notes]▶ We collect information aboutGoogle+ accounts for the gamers' logins.▶ The account informationis used to send you Crash Climber's event news and information withpush messages.Challenge the limitation!It is most thrilling game.'Crash Climber'Follow us onfacebook:https://www.facebook.com/auragamestudio?fref=tsHomepage:www.aurastudio.co.kr
Make100-Quiz 1.0.1 APK
Do you want to become smart?This game stimulate your brain!'Make100' helps your ability of calculating.Just become smart with'Make100'! No more stress for calculating![How to Play?]- Just make100 within limited time- Get great title of scientist by achievingmission[Game Mode]- Classic Mode- Time Attack Mode- Hell Mode- Make99 Mode[Notes] ▶ We collect information about Google+ accounts forthe gamers' logins. ▶ The account information is used to send youMake100r's event news and information with push messages.Follow uson> http://www.aurastudio.co.kr>https://www.facebook.com/auragamestudio?fref=ts
매일매일퀴즈 for Kakao 1.3.1 APK
300스테이지까지 모든 상식을 퀴즈로 즐겨보세요!다양한 카테고리별 퀴즈들을 플레이하세요!레벨(스테이지)가 올라갈수록캐릭터들이 변화화는 재미를 느껴보세요!* 게임 특징- 1스테이지부터 300스테이지까지 클리어!- 스테이지 레벨에 따라초등, 중등, 고등, 대학교, 대학원으로 레벨이 분류된 퀴즈게임!- 다양한 장르의 퀴즈문제와 재미있는 미션 제공!(역사퀴즈 , 아재개그, 넌센스, OX문제, 연상퀴즈)- 가족캐릭터를 클릭클릭! 다양한 아이템보상을 받을 수 있어요!-카카오친구와 연동된 게임! 높은 스테이지로 가는 방법은 풀고 또 풀고! 스테이지 랭킹 1위에 도전해보세요!- 50개이상의 다양한 아이템을 모아보세요!매일매일퀴즈! (매매퀴!)지금 바로 다운로드 받으세요!아래 커뮤니티로 저희를 만나러오세요! 더 많은 이벤트와 정보를 접할 수 있어요!네이버까페 :http://cafe.naver.com/everydayquiz=========================================================▶푸시 메세지를 통한 매일매일퀴즈의 이벤트 소식 및 정보를 유저분들의 단말기로 보내드리기 위해 계정정보를사용합니다.==========================================================문의:everydayquiz@aurastudio.co.kr----개발자연락처 :B-807, 230, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,Gyeonggi-do, Korea82-2-539-1982----개발자 연락처 :#914,14-2,192 Beon-gil,Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea82-2-539-1982300 Stage Enjoy every sense quiz!Please play avariety of categories quiz!Level (stage) goes up the characterschange anger's Fun!* Game Features- Clear the stage from 1 to 300stages!- Elementary, middle, high school, university, a quiz gamelevel is classified as a graduate-level, depending on the stage!-Quiz questions in a variety of genres and interesting missionsoffer! (History Quiz, buttercups, gags, nonsense, OX problem,reminiscent of the quiz)- Click-click the family character! You canget a variety of items rewarded!- The game works with cacaofriends! How to get to the highest stage again unpack unpacking!Try number one challenge on the stage!- Collect a variety of items50 or more!Quiz every day! (Marketing thistle!)Now Get it Now!Comemeet us down community! You can access more information andevents!Naver Cafe:http://cafe.naver.com/everydayquiz=========================================================▶ News and information event every quiz daily via message topush handsets those users    Use accountinformation to let yousend.==========================================================question:everydayquiz@aurastudio.co.kr----DeveloperContact:B-807, 230, Pangyoyeok-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,Gyeonggi-do, Korea82-2-539-1982
com.AuraStudio.SpookizLink 1.9957 APK
*Try more connect * "Funny Link Puzzle – Spookiz 2000" brings youthe joy of matching links and creating magic marble ! *Lots ofspecial magic marble can be created while playing! Moreover, youcan choose the type of the magic marble you get! *Join Dracula,Zombies, Jiangshis, Goblins, and Frankenstein * You can work on twodifferent missions at the same time, or enjoy timed missions, whereyou have to complete your goal in 60 seconds! *How to play Try tomatch 3 or more Spookiz of the same color. If you match more, youcan create a magic marble. Use the magic marble to help theSpookiz. 2000 stages are waiting for you and your Spookiz friendsto take on! *Monster Puzzle – Spookiz Link Quest Features Variousthrilling missions that no single-swipe puzzle game ever hadbefore! Easy and simple gameplay for all ages. Enjoy the unique funthat this one-swipe drawing game brings you. Keep playing MonsterPuzzle – Spookiz Link Quest without worrying about hearts! Playoffline to your heart’s content without using up your data plan.Achievements and leaderboards in Google Play are supported. Thegame supports 15 languages. - Monster Puzzle – Spookiz Link Questis free to play with optional in-game purchases. *Attention -Wegather Google Plus account information from users for the gamelogin. -Account data is used to send users push messages aboutMonster Puzzle – Spookiz Link Quest events and news." *Please noteIf you delete the game, your play data will also be lost. Make sureto save your data on the server regularly. Contact E-mail :jrjung2017@gmail.com