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DP Kecewa sendiri merupakan sebuah aplikasi gambar dengan kataungkapan kecewa. Dengan aplikasi ini, kamu bisa dengan mudahmendapatkan koleksi gambar yang bertemakan kecewa. Kamu juga bisaupdate status di jejaring sosial seperti di jadikan dp bbm, statusfb, twitter, ig dll. Kamu bisa mengungkapkan perasaanmu melaluigambar-gambar kata dan kalimat yang menyentuh hati seseorang Hidupitu pilihan. Pilihlah untuk berbahagia sekarang juga. Lupakansedihmu, lupakan kekecewaanmu, lupakan semua yang membuat senyummusirna. Dunia begitu luas, taman tidak hanya sepetak, kumbang takhanya seekor. Masih banyak hal-hal lain yang kan membuatmu bahagiahingga kau lupa bahwa kau pernah terluka semoga bermanfaat..silakan di Download gratis Disappointed DP itself is anapplication image with the word phrase disappointed. With thisapplication, you can easily get a collection of images on the themedisappointed. You can also update your status on social networkingsites like in make dp bbm, status fb, twitter, ig etc. You canexpress your feelings through images of words and sentences thattouch a person's heart Life is a choice. Choose to be happy now.Sedihmu Forget, forget your disappointment, forget all that makesthe smile vanished. The world is so vast, the park is not just apatch, not just a beetle. There are still many other things thatmake you happy right until you forget that you were ever injuredmay be useful ..silakan in free download

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Best Repair Automatic Transmission For Car 2.0 APK
this application informs and explains in detail things about theautomatic transmission that exists on cars in today's digital age.in which many components are discussed related to automatictransmission TRANSAXLE ASSEMBLY Removal and Installation OVERHAULTorque Converter Impeller Stator Turbine Torque multiplicationFluid clutch operation Damper clutch Clutch disc Piston movesSlightly forward Vented Damper clutch released Hydraulic systemRegulator valve Pressure control valve (DC) Control valve withspring Control valve without spring Two way and one way check ballSpring loaded check ball Pressure control valve without springSolenoid valve (three ports) Solenoid valve (two ports) Brake multidisc type Brake band type One way clutch Planetary gear set Sungear Ring gear Planetary carrier Planetary gear set variations Twoplanetary gear sets combined Simpson type gear set Ravigneaux gearset Electronic control system (HIVEC) Electronic control system (Alpha,Beta,KM Series) ATF temperature High Scan Troubleshooting andmaintenance Multi meter Stall test Pressure test Components OilChannel Fluid clutch Locations of Adjusting Shims, Needle Bearings,Thrust Washers and Snap Rings DISASSEMBLY REPAIR FOR COMPONENTPARTS Manual Shaft Oil Pump Control Valve Assembly Control ValveUpper Body Control Valve Lower Body Reverse Clutch High ClutchForward and Overrun Clutches Low & Reverse Brake Rear InternalGear, Forward Clutch Hub and Overrun Clutch Hub Output Shaft, IdlerGear, Reduction Pinion Gear and Bearing Retainer Band Servo PistonAssembly Final Drive ASSEMBLY Adjustment SERVICE DATA ANDSPECIFICATIONS (SDS) General Specifications Shift Schedule StallRevolution Line Pressure Control Valves Accumulator Clutch andBrakes Final Drive Planetary Carrier and Oil Pump Input ShaftReduction Pinion Gear Band Servo Output Shaft Bearing RetainerTotal End Play Reverse Clutch End Play Shift Solenoid ValvesSolenoid Valves A/T Fluid Temperature Sensor Revolution SensorDropping Resistor Turbine Revolution Sensor (Power Train RevolutionSensor) Precautions for Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) “AIRBAG” and “SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONER” Precautions for On BoardDiagnostic (OBD) System of A/T and Engine Service Notice orPrecautions Wiring Diagrams and Trouble Diagnosis PREPARATIONSpecial Service Tools Commercial Service Tools A/T FLUID CheckingA/T Fluid Changing A/T Fluid A/T CONTROL SYSTEM Cross-SectionalView Shift Mechanism TCM Function CAN Communication Input/OutputSignal of TCM Line Pressure Control Shift Control Lock-up ControlEngine Brake Control (Overrun Clutch Control) Control Valve ONBOARD DIAGNOSTIC (OBD) SYSTEM OBD-II Function for A/T System One orTwo Trip Detection Logic of OBD-II OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC) Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) TROUBLE DIAGNOSIS Fail-SafeFunction How To Perform Trouble Diagnoses For Quick and AccurateRepair A/T Electrical Parts Location Circuit Diagram InspectionsBefore Trouble Diagnosis Check Before Engine is Started Check atIdle Cruise Test Vehicle Speed at Which Gear Shifting OccursVehicle Speed at Which Lock-Up Occurs/Releases Symptom Chart TCMTerminals and Reference Value CAN COMMUNICATION LINE Wiring Diagram— AT — CAN PARK/NEUTRAL POSITION (PNP) SWITCH Wiring Diagram — AT —PNP/SW A/T FLUID TEMPERATURE SENSOR CIRCUIT Wiring Diagram — AT —FTS VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR•A/T (REVOLUTION SENSOR) TORQUE CONVERTERCLUTCH SOLENOID VALVE ENGINE SPEED SIGNAL OVERRUN CLUTCH SOLENOIDVALVE Give your assessment, is this application useful? if usefulprovide the best judgment for this app thank you This applicationdo not need internet connection (can be used offline) Free download
New Wire Calculator Pro 2.0 APK
Wire Calculators In commerce, the sizes of wire are estimated by adevice, also called gauges, which consist of plates of circular oroblong form having notches of different widths around their edgesto receive wire and sheet metals of different thicknesses. Eachnotch is stamped with a number, and the wire or sheet, which justfits a given notch, is stated to be of, say, No. 10, 11, 12, etc.,of the wire gauge. The circular forms of wire gauge measurementdevices are the most popular, and are generally 3¾ in. (95 mm) indiameter, with thirty-six notches; many have the decimalequivalents of the sizes stamped on the back. Oblong plates aresimilarly notched. Rolling mill gauges are also oblong in form.Many gauges are made with a wedge-like slot into which the wire isthrust; one edge being graduated, the point at which the movementof the wire is arrested gives its size. The graduations are thoseof standard wire, or in thousandths of an inch. In some cases bothedges are graduated differently in order to allow comparisonbetween two systems of measurement. A few gauges are made withholes into which the wire has to be thrust. All gauges are hardenedand ground to dimensions. In some applications wire sizes arespecified as the cross sectional area of the wire, usually in mm².Advantages of this system include the ability to readily calculatethe physical dimensions or weight of wire, ability to take accountof non-circular wire, and ease of calculation of electricalproperties. Wire Gauge Calculator AWG To mm Calculator SWG To mmCalculator Voltage Drop Calculator cable size calculator wire sizecalculator voltage drop calculator voltage drop wire gaugecalculator wire size cable calculator voltage drop formulaelectrical cable size wire size chart power cable size calculatorcable size electrical wire size wire gauge electrical wire gaugeelectrical wire size calculator electrical cable size calculatorgauge wire electrical cable calculator wire gage calculator copperwire sizes voltage calculator calculate cable size voltage dropcalculation formula cable size calculation formula wire gauge ampscopper wire gauge electrical wire calculator wire amp chart cablesizing calculation cable loss calculator cable diameter calculatorsize of wire calculate voltage drop electrical cable sizecalculation formula sizing electrical wire wire size amps cablesize chart wire awg power cable size calculation electrical wiregauge calculator power cable size drop wire gage wire voltage dropcalculation for cables power cable calculator wire resistancecalculator cable selection calculator calculate wire size cablecalculation formula cable capacity calculator formula for voltagedrop calculating voltage drop wire gauge sizes gage calculator wireamp calculator sizing wire wire resistance table cable voltage dropcalculator cable selection calculation copper cable size calculatorwire size calculation formula 3 phase cable size calculatorelectrical wire size chart cable voltage drop calculation of cablesize copper wire size calculator cable size selection chart amps tocable size calculator cable voltage drop calculation what gaugewire for amp wire size gauge cable resistance table voltage dropchart resistance wire calculator cable length calculator voltageloss calculator 3 phase cable size cable calculations formula cablegauge calculator cable sizes calculator size of electrical wirewire voltage drop calculator voltage drop calculator wire sizecable voltage drop calculation formula wire load calculator Justinput source Voltage, Power/Current, and Distance and Wire GaugeCalculator will calculate the needed wire size in AWG and CircularMils. Results given for both Copper and Aluminum Wire
New circuit wiring diagram complete 2018-2019 2.0 APK
the wiring diagrams circuit application lets you automotiveenthusiasts especially who love high speeds on their engines, raiseengine torque, convert standard versions into racing cars, upgradeengine control modules (ecm). following his review 1. starting& charging system - battery,ignition switch,startermotor,generator & pnp switch circuit 2. ecm (engine controlmodule) - battery power supply,ground,ei system & ckp sensorcircuit - fuel pump,fuel connector & cmp sensorcircuit,injector & heated o2 sensor circuit - mtia,iac,sensor(map,ect,tp,iat,knock,acp,ho2s,o2 & rough road) egr valve,legrcircuit & power steering pressure switch circuit - evapcanister purge solenoid,cmp sensor,vgis,cluster & vss circuit -cluster,fuel pump & tcm circuit - dlc,mil lamp &immobilizer control circuit & ron switch circuit 3. tcm(transmission control module) - power supply,ground,pnpswitch,brake switch & solenoid valve circuit - sensor (inputspeed,output speed,transmission fluid temp),cluster,dlc,ecm &hold mode switch circuit - pnp switch & cluster circuit 4. airconditioner - air conditioner control switch,blower motor resister& blower motor circuit - air conditioner control,intake motorswitch & air conditioner compressor circuit 5. fatc (fullautomatic temperature control) - blower motor,intake motor,modemotor,max high relay & power tr circuit - sensor(ambient,incar,sun & water),air mix door motor,a/c compressor& ecm circuit 6. radiator cooling fan circuit 7. head lamp& head lamp leveling device (hlld) circuit 8. illuminationcircuit - illumination circuit -- w/ dimmer control - lamp (licenseplate & w/ front / rear parking) circuit 9. front & rearfog lamp circuit 10. hazard & turn signal lamp circuit 11. stoplamp,center high mount stop lamp (chmsl) & reverse lamp circuit12. trunk open switch,trunk latch switch,trunk room lamp & horncircuit - dual horn - signle horn 13. lamps (map & room)circuit - w/o sun roof & w/o decay - w/ sun roof & w/odecay 14. clock,cigar lighter,ashtray illum.lamp & extra powerjack circuit - m/t - a/t 15. chime bell,seat belt & key remindswitch circuit 16. wiper circuit - w/o rain sensor & airconditioner,fatc - w/ rain sensor & air conditioner,fatc 17.rear window defroster & osrv mirror heating system circuit 18.electric osrv (outside rear view) mirror circuit 19. folding mirrorunit circuit 20. power window circuit - only front power windowcircuit - front & rear power window circuit 21. central doorlocking system circuit 22. cluster - temperaturegauge,tachometer,fuel gauge,oddometer,speedometer & fuelwarning lamp circuit - warning (mil,abs,tcs,parking brake &charging) lamp circuit - warning (ssps,air bag,oil pressure &seat belt) lamp & hold mode circuit - indicator lamp (front& rear fog) & door opening warning lamp circuit - indicatorlamp (turn signal,high beam & hazard) & illumination lampcircuit 23. audio circuit - w/o rds - w/ rds 24. abs (anti lockbrake system) - power supply,wheel speed sensor & brake switchcircuit - oil feeding connector,warning (abs,tcs & brake) lamp& dlc circuit 25. air bag (sdm: sensing & diagnosticmodule) circuit 26. sun roof circuit 27. ssps (speed sensitivepower steering) circuit 28. immobilizer system circuit 29. antitheft control system circuit 30. and others give your criticism andsuggestions for our application so that we can make improvements tothe less than perfect application hopefully our application can behelpful and useful thank you free download
Connectors And Grounds 2.0 APK
This application allows you to know the location of the cables andconnectors on your vehicle (sedan, mini bus, truck, double cabin /double cab, city car, suv, mpv, crossover, luxury sedan, luxury suv, Luxury hatchback). Which is no less interesting again is thisapplication is also able to assist you in overcoming variousproblems on your car electrical system, the following list : -Electrical Wiring Diagram - Service Manual - Owners Manual - ECMEngine Control Module - EBCM Electronic Brake Control Module - AllWheel Drive control module - Body Control Module BCM - TEHCMTransmission Electronic & Hydraulic Control Module - EPBElectric Parking Brake - Remote engine start - Rear and frontultrasonic parking sensors - Rear cross traffic alert - Side blindzone monitoring - Hill descent control - Tire pressure monitoringsystem - FSCM Fuel supply control module - Hill start assist -Forward collision alert - Lane departure warning - DLC DiagnosticLink Connector - MyLink Infotainment System with Screen Mirroring -Cruise Control - Variable Geometry Turbocharger - GeometryTurbocharger and Intercooler - VGT - Premium Sound System -Electrochromic Mirror - Steering Wheel Mounted Controls - OilFeeding connector - 5 V Low Reference Bus - High Speed LAN and LowSpeed LAN Can Bus - Power And Signal Distribution - Brake Assist BA- Remote Central Locking - Child Safety Lock - LED Daytime RunningLights - Auto Headlamps - LED Tail Lamps - Speed Sensing Door Lock- Data Communication - Parking Assist Reverse Camera - VanityMirrors on Sun Visors Co Driver - Anti glare Mirrors ManualInternal - Electronic Brake force Distribution EBD - Keyless StartButton Start - Common Rail Direct Injection - Headlight off andlgnition Key Off Reminder - Power assisted Electric - ParkingSensors Rear - Body Control System - Data Communication - PowerOutlets - Wiring Systems and Power Management - Ground Distribution- Ignition Lock - Power Distribution - Power Moding - IPCInstrument Panel Cluster - Door Ajar Indicators - SDM Sensing andDiagnostic Module - Washer Pump - Wiper System and Washer Switch -Trailer Connector - Engine - Cruise Control - All Wheel Drive AWD -Coupling Control Module - 4 Wheel Drive - Wheel speed Sensors -Vehicle Stability - Engine Controls - Gauges - Engine Cooling -Engine Electrical - Camshaft Sensor, Crankshaft Sensor and ThrottleControls - Engine Diesel - Glow Plug Control - Fuel Injector andFuel Pump Control - Fuel Heater, Fuel Temperature Sensor - DieselDirect Injection System - Water In Fuel Sensor - DDIS -Turbocharger Bypaas Solenoid Valve - New Electric Foldable OutsideMirror - Integrated Starter Generator - ISG - Engine Gasoline -SHVS Start Engine Stop Engine - Starting and Charging -Transmission - Auto Gear Shift - AGS - Hybrid - AutomaticTransmission Controls - Manual Transmission - Shift Lock Control -Body Systems - DIC Driver Information Centre - XBCM eXport BodyControl Module - Sunroof - RFA Receiver - Panoramic Sunroof -Deffoger - Fixed and Moveable Windows - Horn - Exterior Light -Front Fog Lamps - Fog Light - Head light - Interior Light -Interior Light Diming - Outside Rearview Mirror - Door Lock - WiperAnd Washer - Brakes ABS - Antilock Brake System - Hydraulic Brakes- Sensors Sunload and Air Temperature - Air Conditioner - BlowerControl - Compressor Controls - HVAC - FATC Fully AutomaticTemperature Control - HVAC – Automatic - HVAC – Manual - AirDelivery and Temperature Controls - Safety And Security -Immobilizer - Object Detection - Front sensor and Rear Sensor -Remote Function - Seat Belt - SIR - Air Bag - Side Impact - FrontImpact - Theft Detterent System - Driver Information andEntertainment - Cellular - Electronic stability control - Indicator- Entertainment, and Navigation - Audible Warning - Speaker Frontand Rear - Instrument Cluster - Secondary and Configurable CustomerControls - Seats - Power Seats Download for free
New Automatic Transmission Copelete 2.0 APK
This application informs and explains in detail things about theautomatic transmission that exists on cars in today's digital age.In which many components are discussed related to automatictransmission transaxle assembly removal and installation overhaultorque converter impeller stator turbine torque multiplicationfluid clutch operation damper clutch clutch disc piston movesslightly forward vented damper clutch released hydraulic systemregulator valve pressure control valve (dc) control valve withspring control valve without spring two way and one way check ballspring loaded check ball pressure control valve without springsolenoid valve (three ports) solenoid valve (two ports) brake multidisc type brake band type one way clutch planetary gear set sungear ring gear planetary carrier planetary gear set variations twoplanetary gear sets combined simpson type gear set ravigneaux gearset electronic control system (hivec) electronic control system (alpha,beta,km series) atf temperature high scan troubleshooting andmaintenance multi meter stall test pressure test components oilchannel fluid clutch locations of adjusting shims, needle bearings,thrust washers and snap rings disassembly repair for componentparts manual shaft oil pump control valve assembly control valveupper body control valve lower body reverse clutch high clutchforward and overrun clutches low & reverse brake rear internalgear, forward clutch hub and overrun clutch hub output shaft, idlergear, reduction pinion gear and bearing retainer band servo pistonassembly final drive assembly adjustment service data andspecifications (sds) general specifications shift schedule stallrevolution line pressure control valves accumulator clutch andbrakes final drive planetary carrier and oil pump input shaftreduction pinion gear band servo output shaft bearing retainertotal end play reverse clutch end play shift solenoid valvessolenoid valves a/t fluid temperature sensor revolution sensordropping resistor turbine revolution sensor (power train revolutionsensor) precautions for supplemental restraint system (srs) “airbag” and “seat belt pre-tensioner” precautions for on boarddiagnostic (obd) system of a/t and engine service notice orprecautions wiring diagrams and trouble diagnosis preparationspecial service tools commercial service tools a/t fluid checkinga/t fluid changing a/t fluid a/t control system cross-sectionalview shift mechanism tcm function can communication input/outputsignal of tcm line pressure control shift control lock-up controlengine brake control (overrun clutch control) control valve onboard diagnostic (obd) system obd-ii function for a/t system one ortwo trip detection logic of obd-ii obd-ii diagnostic trouble code(dtc) malfunction indicator lamp (mil) trouble diagnosis fail-safefunction how to perform trouble diagnoses for quick and accuraterepair a/t electrical parts location circuit diagram inspectionsbefore trouble diagnosis check before engine is started check atidle cruise test vehicle speed at which gear shifting occursvehicle speed at which lock-up occurs/releases symptom chart tcmterminals and reference value can communication line wiring diagram— at — can park/neutral position (pnp) switch wiring diagram — at —pnp/sw a/t fluid temperature sensor circuit wiring diagram — at —fts vehicle speed sensor•a/t (revolution sensor) torque converterclutch solenoid valve engine speed signal overrun clutch solenoidvalve give your assessment, is this application useful? If usefulprovide the best judgment for this app thank you this applicationdo not need internet connection (can be used offline) free download
See what your car is doing in realtime, get OBD fault codes, carperformance, sensor data and more! Torque is a vehicle / carperformance / diagnostics tool and scanner that uses an OBD IIBluetooth adapter to connect to your OBD2 engine management / ECULayout your own dashboard with the widgets / gauges you want! Itcan use the GPS to provide tracker logs with OBD engine logging soyou can see what you were doing at any point in time It can alsoshow and reset a DTC / CEL / fault code like a scantool. Helps youfix your car and helps keep repair costs down! Torque alsofeatures: * Dyno / Dynomometer and Horsepower/HP & Torque * Canread Transmission Temperatures (vehicle dependant) * 0-60 speedtimings - more accurate than just using plain old GPS - see howfast your car is (or truck ) * CO2 emissions readout * Customisabledashboard & profiles * Video your journey using the TrackRecorder plugin with onscreen OBDII data overlay - a black box foryour car/truck! * Automatically send GPS tagged tweets directly totwitter (for example if you are going on a road trip) * Massivefault code database for lookup of fault codes from differentmanufacturers * Theme support (choose from different themes tochange the look of your dashboard) * Send logging information toweb or email CSV/KML for analysis via excel / openoffice reader *Heads up display / HUD mode for night time driving * Compass (GPSBased) that won't suffer magnetic interference * GPSSpeedometer/Tracking and realtime web upload capability - see whatyou were doing and your engine, at a point in time * Turbo boostfeature for vehicles that support MAP and MAF sensors (VW &Golf / Audi / Seat etc supported) * Alarms and warnings (forexample if your coolant temperature goes over 120C whilst driving)with voice/speech overlay * Car dock support * Graph data * MPG *Able to share screenshots to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email, etc* AIDL API for third party apps, A simple Telnet interface fordevelopers to talk to the adapter, and an OBD scanner. * Works ontablet devices like the Motorola Xoom, Dell Streak, Samsung GalaxyTab and Nook Works on any vehicle that uses the OBD 2 standard(most vehicles built after 2000, but can work for vehicles as farback as 1996) if in doubt check with your manufacturer first orlook for 'OBD2' on written on a big white label in your engine bayWorks on vehicles made by Ford, VW, GM/Vauxhall/Opel, Chrysler,Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Citroen, Peugoet, Skoda, Kia,Mazda, Lexus, Subaru, Renault, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai,BMW, Toyota, Seat, Dodge, Jeep, Pontiac and many more vehiclemakes, European, US, Far East, etc. Some vehicle ECUs may supportmore/less features than others The app needs a Bluetooth OBD2adapter to work. The adapter is small and plugs into thediagnostics socket on the car which gives your phone access. Youcan find a list of adapters on:http://torque-bhp.com/wiki/Bluetooth_Adapters (Garmin EcoRoute HDadapters not supported) If you buy one of the cheap china OBD2ELM327 bluetooth adapters from ebay / amazon, then make sure youhave a good returns policy with the seller Some of the bestreliable OBD2 / OBD adapters are the Scantool.net adapter, theOBDKey, and PLX Devices, OBDLink, Bluetooth, ELM327 and otheradapters are supported - search on google for them More featuresadded every release - there are forums athttp://torque-bhp.com/forums/ - if you want something added thenlet me know and I'll try to add it if it is possible! Vehicle ECUsvary in the amount of sensors supported give your critics andsuggestions so that we can provide improvements to our applicationto keep it updated to better thank you free download
New Trouble Codes For Car 2018 2.0 APK
This app will help you understand your machine's check code. Thisapp contains OBD for most models. Each code has a description ofthe difficulty codes, possible causes, possible section images withprices and how to help you troubleshoot and fix your difficultycode. DTC (Code Diagnostic Trouble Code) / Code Data damage is thecomputer-generated alphanumeric code (ECU) when it detects amalfunction. These codes are issued through the On-Board Diagnostic(OBD) system and can be accessed using a diagnostic scanner that isconnected to the OBD connector. Every vehicle made after 1996 isequipped with a modern computer system OBD II. OBD-II system isable to issue thousands of DTC code. Good code that can be read bya personal scanner, as well as code that can only be read by aprofessional Scanner tool. If using a personalized diagnosticscanner, one can consult a car damage code manual or consult a sitethat provides a comprehensive list of damage codes or DTCs andtheir translations. Without any reference then the mechanics willhave difficulty decoding car damage code accurately. Damage Codedata not only communicate with individuals, they also communicatewith the vehicle. For example, certain codes tell the vehicle whenturning on the "Check Engine / MIL" light. Sometimes the "CheckEngine / MIL" light is on, triggered by a malfunction code thatindicates a serious car problem. In other cases, the Damage Codethat causes the "Check Engine" light is on due to a fuse break.Thus, having a personal scanner is more practical than bringing acar to a garage because of a trivial matter. If the damage isseverely aggravated, take your car to your trust workshop. “Takegood care of your car for safe and comfortable travel.” Thank youfor entrusting this application, constructive criticism andsuggestions for the improvement of the application we are very muchlooking forward to. #Trouble codes, trouble maker, trouble is afriend Free Download
Electrical Engine Car 2.0 APK
in this engine electrical application there is a set diagram of aseries of service manual / wiring diagram for car design / assembly/ made in america - europe - korea - japan, this app can help youand add specialist specialist luxury car engineer. applicationwiring diagram is very well suited for guys who like toelectricity. all the trouble in cars, could be overcome by servicemanual wiring diagram. with its increasingly sophisticatedtechnology on the car right now, make the automotive world race -the race issued the latest and greatest machine. and the wiringdiagram is never separated from the issue of his role. thefollowing description of it: wiper circuit - front wiper circuit -lift gate wiper circuit & head lamp washer circuit interiorlamp circuit - lamps (map, room, door step, sunvisor, luggage,glove box, key hole) circuit stop lamp, center high mount stop lamp(chmsl), back up lamp & ecm mirror circuit hazard & turnsignal lamp circuit front & rear fog lamp circuit illuminationcircuit - illumination, dimmer control switch & heating matswitch circuit - lamp (license plate & front/rear parking)circuit bcm (body control module) - power supply, ground, ignitionswitch circuit - power mode, rain sensor & rear wiper switchcircuit - head lamp, illumination, front/rear fog, brake switch& dimmer control circuit - interior lamp, back up lamp, gearshift level, switch (winter mode, cruise, hazard, turn signal)circuit - front wiper, lift gate wiper, rain sensor & evap coretemp. sensor circuit - door lock/unlock, horn, door latch, parkingassist & switch (park brake, hood open, door lock) circuit -power window, lift gate glass, coupling control module, esp switch& manual a/c controller circuit starting & charging system- battery, starter motor, generator & nsbu switch circuit :(diesel / gasoline) - ignition switch circuit - power mode circuitecm (engine control module) - battery power supply, ground, eisystem, generator & ckp sensor circuit - fuel pump, injector& heated o2 sensor circuit - etc module, sensor (map, ect,knock, acp & accelerator pedal), oil pressure switch & legrcircuit - evap canister purge solenoid, sensor (cmp,acceleratorpedal,fuel level) & clutch switch circuit - brake switch, backup switch, nsbu switch circuit - dlc (data link connector) circuitecm (engine control module) : (2.0 diesel) - battery power supply,ground, glow plug control unit, fuel heater, generator & ckpsensor circuit - injector, fuel pump & sensor (exhaust gastemperature, fuel temperature) circuit - sensor (wif, maf/iat, dpfpressure, rail pressure, ect,acp), switch (oil pressure), railpressure control valve & fuel metering unit circuit - sensor(accelerator pedal, boost pressure, fuel level,cmp), actuator(throttle plate, boost pressure), clutch switch & egr valvecircuit - brake switch, back up switch & nsbu switch circuit -dlc (data link connector) circuit tcm (transmission control module)- power supply, ground, brake switch & solenoid valve circuit -sensor (input speed,output speed), nsbu switch & high speed cancircuit - gear shift lever, winter mode switch & clustercircuit air conditioner - air conditioner control switch &blower motor circuit - intake motor, mode motor & evap coretemp. sensor circuit fatc (full automatic temperature control) -motor (blower, intake, mode, temperature) & power modulecircuit - sensor (aqs, duct temp., evap core temp., incar, combi),ecm & bcm circuit air conditioner compressor circuit radiatorcooling fan circuit - cooling fan circuit : diesel / gasolineptc–heater circuit : diesel head lamp circuit - w/o head lampleveling - w/ head lamp leveling head lamp switch circuit - w/oauto light - w/ auto light this application do not need internetconnection (can be used offline) free download thank you