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Homeless man is looking messy and dirty and his clothes are messedand muddy. He needs care attention and proper treatment. Littleboys and girls lets help this poor soul in grooming and designinghis personality like a super model or celebrity star. The bestbeauty parlor and salon is now opened in your town. They have themost artistic and professional beautician in their parlor shop. Theowner of the shop is very kind and agreed on using his beauty shopfor making over the beggars and homeless people. Little boys andgirls start working in the makeup salon.The homeless man’s clothesare old fashioned, his hairs are dirty and face is messy. First youneed to give him proper spa and bath to clean up the dirt. Usedifferent cosmetic products for cleaning the hair and face to giveglamour and beautiful skin. Now it’s hair time! Take the homelessman to the barber shop area and starts cutting hair to make modern,fashioned and groomed hair styles. Hair cut has prominent impact onthe personality so act like the best hair stylist and dresser anddesign multiple awesome and super cool haircuts.After having trendyhair cut from the barber’s shop now it’s time to dress up thedesigner and boutique dresses. Select best branded and fashionsuits for the homeless man. Select super cool coats, hats andglasses to give him a handsome, charming and dashing look. Now thehomeless man is looking perfect like a star. Now download thisamazing game and have fun!

App Information Homeless Makeover Salon

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Breakfast Maker – Food Fever 1.0.4 APK
Make delicious & yummy breakfast & lunch for kids in thisstar chef game. Mother makes breakfast food for their kids on dailyroutine. Now it’s time for kids to learn to make breakfast &diner to show care for their mother. Stars chefs get ready to bakeand cook fast food in the home kitchen. Boys & girls! Cookbreakfast in this chef restaurant game. This fun cooking gameprovides a real like experience of baking delicious meal. If youlike to eat fast food from street food stand then leave it and eathomemade hygienic food. Little chefs show your kitchen cookingskills and make some bread toast, fry some eggs, fry some beefsteak and make a glass of milk breakfast is ready to eat.Play yourrole as a master chef and with your expert cooking skills to servethe food to your mom. Make your own cooking story in this breakfastmaker – food fever game. This game is for kids and toddlers of allages who likes to make food in dash.Kids and toddlers now downloadthis breakfast maker – food fever mania game and have fun!
Bus Repair Mechanic Shop 1.0.2 APK
Bus repair mechanic shop is a crazy mechanic’s workshop game forkids. Repair and fix the auto cars, truck and other vehicle body,engine and tires and be the best garage repairmen in the city.After long route driving the kid’s bus is messy and rusty andfacing many accident damages. Little crazy mechanics examine theauto bus and fix it, pump it and make it look new and fit forroad’s journey. Bus repair mechanic shop is crazy car builder andmaker adventure with realistic garage simulation for kids, so thatkids can learn how to take care of their vehicles.For fixing andbuilding the vehicle first select the bus to repair. Take it in tothe work shop and fix the tires. Remove the old tyres, fix the newone and fill air in them. Now it’s time to fix the bus body’sdamages by doing welding and denting. Leave no scratch or dent onthe vehicle and remove all defects. Little boys and girls garage isfull of modern tools and equipments use them to perform your dutybetter.Now it’s time to fix the car engine, add engine oil andassemble all the engine parts with accuracy to fix the engine.Little toddlers now download this mechanic work station game andenjoy virtual simulator of real garage.
Bat Shooter 1.1 APK
Bat Shooter game is a story of a legend. Alegend who save many villages and town from bats storm by using hisshooting skills and bravery. Now it's your time to become hissuccessor and hunt down as many bats as you can and beat themonster bats.Don't forget to join our page (https://www.facebook.com/avenuegamingstudios)Bat Shooter - Copyright © AGS – 2014
Ice Cream Shake Maker - Chef 1.0 APK
Make ice cream shake on the beach and have funwith cold & frozen drink. Kids love to eat ice cream especiallyin hot summer. Here’s the chance to make your own yummy frozen icePopsicle shake with this ice cream shake maker & kids cookinggame. Babies, kids and toddlers love to eat and bake ice cream inrestaurant. Let’s try some ice cream shake & refresh yourselfwith cold & slushy ice shake. Learn how you can make thiscreamy treat at home! Ice cream shake is a delicious & crazycooking mania game.How to playFirst of all select the flavors include chocolate, vanilla,strawberry, and mango you wish to eat in ice cream parlor. Afterselecting your loved ice flavor now crush it, grind it and mix itwith cream. Add some sugar and baking powder in it.Features- Multiple cream flavors to make juicy ice milkshake.- You can makeover ice sundae shake with multiple toppings.- Different ice cream variety to make.- Delicious dream like tasty toppings.- Sprinkle toppings, decorate with the many frosting.- Amazing color full & attractive graphics.This tasty ice shake factory - dessert game is for more than 3and 4 year old kids. This cook chef game is as much fun as cake,slush and candy maker game. Make frozen & juicy ice lolly inthis ice cream shake fever game.Now Download this ice cream shake cooking game and have fun!
Sports Car Wash & Spa Salon 1.0.3 APK
Sports car is dirty and messy take it to the service station garagefor cleanup and make it look new. Sports car wash & spa salonis an awesome automobile cleanup and makeover game for kids whichkids love to play. Now cleanup the messy, muddy and rustyautomobiles, trucks, car, taxi and other vehicle like aprofessional and show some real cars washout skills to fix, repairand boost up the racing cars. This auto car laundry game is a funcontributor for kids of all ages.In first step apply water over thetransporter vehicle to remove all dirt and mud. Then applydetergent, foam and shampoo with the help of sponge and apply itall over the cars in rush. Customer is in hurry so speed up! Washthe rims, bumper, wheels and tires using brush and give them ashinny look. Cleanup the super cool cars in rush next vehicle iswaiting outside your service garage station. Then open the vehiclebonnet blow up the dirt and mud from engine and tune it up. Cleanup the interior and exterior in this garage laundry service stationgame.Now apply tattoos, sticker, different paints and polish on thevehicle for its complete makeover and new look. Don’t leave anytrash rubbish or sticky spots on the vehicle. Design all the cars,vehicles and build them a marvelous customized masterpiece.Playsports car wash salon game and have thrilling, addicting and fullof fun experience of repair station. Features 1. Washout multiplesuper sport cars2. Clean up the cars with multiple modernequipment's and tools3. Spray paint on sports cars with the colorof your choice4. Decorate the cars with tattoos and stickers5.Attractive graphics and high quality music 6. Smooth tap and touchgame play, with kid’s friendly content
Taxi Car Repair Shop 1.0 APK
Taxi car repair shop is a crazymechanic’sworkshop game for kids. Repair and fix the auto cars,truck andother vehicle body, engine and tires and be the bestgaragerepairmen in the city. After long route driving the kid’staxi caris messy and rusty and facing many accident damages. Littlecrazymechanics examine the auto car and fix it, pump it and make itlooknew and fit for road’s journey. Yellow Cab repair mechanic shopiscrazy car builder and maker adventure with realisticgaragesimulation for kids, so that kids can learn how to take careoftheir vehicles.For fixing and building the vehicle first select the taxi cartorepair. Take it in to the work shop and fix the tires. Removetheold tyres, fix the new one and fill air in them. Now it’s timetofix the taxi body’s damages by doing welding and denting. Leavenoscratch or dent on the vehicle and remove all defects. Littleboysand girls garage is full of modern tools and equipments usethem toperform your duty better.Now it’s time to fix the taxi car engine, add engine oilandassemble all the engine parts with accuracy to fix the engine.Inthe end auto wash the car in best car wash salon and spa toshineit up. Little toddlers now download this mechanic work stationgameand enjoy virtual simulator of real garage.
Beach Dream House Construction – Decorating Games 1.0.1 APK
Little fantasy residence &dream house maker! Welcome the newestaddition of home decoration&making games in which you have tobuild a masterpiece on the seashore in Beach Dream HouseConstruction. There are many homes constructing in the urban citybut designing one on the shoreline is a new trend to follow.Discover your inner interior exterior decorator skills & designa massive villa on the edge of the seaside. A unique doll housegirl simulation game which will keep your mind occupied with theart of making, building & renovating a wonder for your familyliving abroad looking for a house on beach shack. You are wellknown for your top notch fashionable & construction mindsetwith extreme repair techniques. Be the top castle builder,constructor & designer and create & construct a beautifulmansion along the coastline after complete makeover in Beach DreamHouse Construction simulator game. Tiny home maker, repairman &builder, you have designed& fixed many wooden houses &farmhouse before this task but this will test your ability to standpressure and make something great & strong. Your community islooking towards you because they want to shift to shoreline havingbeautiful ocean view & to start their life’s best adventure inliving on the edge. Create, repair& decorate a beautifuldollhouse with giving it a modern makeover to make it moreluxurious & comfortable for those who are shifting soon. Thiswas your big dream to build something exclusive & matchless inthe whole world & now is your best chance to construct thathuse on the coast. Show them why you are the beach princess &create & develop a lovely and attractive castle looking manor& ranch on the northern seashore sand. A home on the seasidewill make you rich in days as it will attract the higher eliteclass who are well known for their fashion sense. Skilled homecreator& ranch builder! You will start with your labor crew atthe construction site for designing a huge mansion for the beachprincess. Prepare the building site using assembly tools &equipment like wheel barrow, hammer and iron pipes & rods fordesigning a structure in home making sim. Use nails to make astrong building outline with the help blue prints & glue and ifyou found broken parts, fix it quickly. Now once the tall structurestands, use cement, bricks & trowel to build the walls&gave it a vintage makerover on the coastal area. Also createdifferent parts of the house and join them together in fun &entertainment activities in Beach Dream House Construction. Oncethe home building is ready, use paints & colors for theinterior & exterior décor to make it the most beautiful thingin your city. Gameplay features: • Preparation of construction sitewith tools • Building walls on the beach for the house • Creatinghome by joining different pieces • Coloring & paintingactivities for decoration Download Beach Dream House Constructionsimulator today & show your construction skills to the worldand tell them that there is nobody near in this field.
Spaghetti Maker & Chef Mania 1.0 APK
Kids like to eat pasta, spaghetti and noodles. Little boys andgirls get ready it’s your chance to make this delicious Chinesefood dish in the restaurant kitchen. Cooking fever time is on! Playthis game and make spaghetti with some crazy cooking recipes.Spaghetti, pasta and macaronis are the most eaten food in the worldand considered best in the taste. So this special game let yourkids to learn how to make and bake noodles in the bakery shop andallow them to make their own cooking story.Little master chefs getready to work in the kitchen to make this delicious and yummyChinese food dish. This spaghetti maker game will teach your kidsto make food like a cooking school or academy. Spaghetti cookingchef is a complete guide for kids to learn how to cook pasta withtop recipes. The process of cooking spaghetti includes vegetablescutting and noodles cooking. First cook the noodles with multiplesausages and spices. Then add different vegetables and in the endadd some meat in it. Delicious spaghetti is ready!