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Play a game to catch “Hong Bao” or “Ang Pau” for your goodfortuneand prosperity. Every action is greeted with “Ong Ah!”,“Huat Ah!”and “Heng Ah!”. Catch as many as you can. The speed isgettingfaster and faster until your set speed limit. Challengeyourselfwith a faster speed limit. Break your own score records.Compareyour highest score with your friends. Have a Prosperous andHappyYears.

App Information Hong Bao Prosperity Catcher

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    Hong Bao Prosperity Catcher
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    December 29, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Sam Sim
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Play a game to catch “Hong Bao” or “Ang Pau” for your goodfortuneand prosperity. Every action is greeted with “Ong Ah!”,“Huat Ah!”and “Heng Ah!”. Catch as many as you can. The speed isgettingfaster and faster until your set speed limit. Challengeyourselfwith a faster speed limit. Break your own score records.Compareyour highest score with your friends. Have a Prosperous andHappyYears.
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Series 2 of Buddhist Pali Sutta Chanting in your mobile devices.Carry with it anywhere for your reference and prayers. Listen thechants with a monk's voice. Follow the chants in Pali text and readthe English translation for each verse. Consists of 4 Chants: 01.Mangala Sutta - Discourse on Blessings (6:45) 02. Ratana Sutta -The Discourse of Jewels (12:28) 03. Karaniya Metta Sutta - TheDiscourse on Loving Kindness (4:47) 04. Narasīha Gâthâ - TheStanzas On The Lion of Men (6:11) Install the Buddhist Pali Chantseries apps for your daily Puja. 1) Buddhist Pali Chant 1A 2)Buddhist Pali Chant 2A 3) Buddhist Pali Chant 3A May you be Welland Happy Always.