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Founded in 2005, HOPENZ is a New Zealand non-governmental andnon-profit registered charitable trust whose mission is to help theneglected poor in the developing world to help themselves. Thepathway or methodology that HOPENZ uses to help people liftthemselves out of poverty is proven over 35 years. It's costeffective, it's sustainable, environmentally conscious and itworks. Help us to help them feed them selves.Providing practical& sustainable solutions to poverty.

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1841 8.6 APK
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The 1841 app allows customers to stay up-to-date with 1841's latestnews, promotions, events and galleries. The app also allows 1841'sloyal patrons to redeem in-app coupons, giving them special dealsnot available to the general public. Not sure where 1841 is? Withthe app, you will always be able to find your way here. Be sure toallow push notifications to see 1841’s most current promotions andnews.***** Developed using www.puttiapps.com ******
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EVENT NZHL is the official App for the company's internalconferences and meetings.This App will give you convenient accessto the upcoming event schedule, floor plans, and helpful links.You'll also be able to receive push notifications and messages tokeep up to date.
SAFEshopper Cruelty-free NZ 8.6 APK
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Shop ethically and know which companies are cruelty-free in NewZealand! Use SAFEshopper, the handy shopping guide to look upcosmetic, personal care, and household products not tested onanimals. SAFEshopper is produced by New Zealand’s leading animaladvocacy organisation SAFE. Users can be assured that because SAFEis behind it, only genuine companies are listed, ones whosefinished product and ingredients have not been tested on animals.SAFE was instrumental in the ban on cosmetics testing on animalswithin New Zealand. Visit us at SAFE.org.nz Features: ★ Search orbrowse companies alphabetically and by product categories
 ★ Usedirect links to company websites
 ★ Continually updated
The Hub 8.6 APK
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Thank you for using The Hub app.The Hub gives you access to findout everything there is to know about Putti.Here you can find outabout features, case studies and what is required to get up andrunning with a mobile responsive website and an app.
Putti Forms 3.1.7 APK
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Putti Forms enables you to create forms and conduct surveys andcollect user information on the fly from your mobile device. Createforms that collect survey data for health and education, customerinputs, market research data, psychometric tests, examinations andeven conduct quizzes and contests.
Adam & Eve Show 8.6 APK
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Adam & Eve bring you a daily fix of music,movies, celebs, games, fashion, pranks, sport, craft, cooking andso much more! 4.30pm weekdays on TV2
De Post 8.1.1 APK
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The De Post app allows customers to stay up-to-date with the latestnews, promotions and menus.The app also allows De Post’s loyalpatrons to redeem in-app coupons, giving them special deals notavailable to the general public.Not sure where De Post is? With theapp, you will always be able to find your way here.Be sure to allowpush notifications to see De Post’s most current promotions andnews
Putti apps 5.6.6 APK
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Thank you for using Putti apps.With Putti you make the app, nocoding, it’s fun and easy to do. Putti works on Android and iOS.Usethe content management tool to customise the app to your audienceand objective. Add your own branding and make it stand out.Thepowerful features in Putti make it simple to drive action in realtime, wherever your customers are.