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In the tradition of crossing games, guide a bunny to cross roadsand avoid obstacles. Just tap-tap-tap to move the cute bunny whileavoiding various obstacles along the way. There are 25+ colorfuland dynamic levels populated with funny creatures, fun music andsound effects. Collect carrots while avoiding obstacles such asmushroom monsters, cars, trucks, chickens, trees, tigers,pedestrians, airplanes and robbers. Features: * Classic 'crossing'game dynamic. * 25+ colorful and dynamic levels populated withfunny creatures. * Collect carrots while avoiding obstacles such asmushroom monsters, cars, trucks, chickens, trees, tigers,pedestrians, airplanes and robbers. * Easy tap to move interface. *Does not require In App Purchase.

App Information Hopsy Crossing Bunny:Free Game

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    Hopsy Crossing Bunny:Free Game
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    March 13, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    F. Permadi
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    35-63 83 St #4D Jackson Heights, NY 11372
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Play the ultimate word search game where youcan make the games as challenging and as fun as you wantthem.With the easy-to-use interface, the game offers plenty of optionsand a dictionary containing over 10,000 English words.You can set the board size (number of grids), decide the densityof the puzzle (how much words appear on the board),and chose the direction of the words that appear on the board. Youcan also change the tile-sets and colors from several provided bythe app to create interesting visual that fits your taste.The built-in statistics tracks how many times you have played,and how many words you have discovered.Playable on mobile devices. Best experienced on a tablet.
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This is a free puzzle drawing game where you connect dots andlines, with simple one touch mechanic. But it isn't your regularconnect-the-dot game where you draw lines to connect numbered dots.It combines the connecting-the-dots mechanic with puzzle elements,meaning you're not just drawing but you must think which dot toconnect next. Your job is still to draw all the lines by connectingdots but it is not as easy as it sounds because you must connectthe dots sequentially and you can only draw every line once. Chosethe dots wisely or you won't be able to complete the picture. Thepuzzles gradually increases in difficulties, some are simple (tointroduce you to the game mechanic). But as you progresses, thepuzzles can be extremely difficult which means you might get some"A-ha" "why didn't I think of that" moments of joy when you findthe solution. The game comes with 200 free puzzles to keep yourbrain busy. Some levels are short enough if you like quick playsbut since there are so many levels, you'll have lots of challengesto complete all the drawings. Features • Complete drawings/shapesby connecting dots, but this isn't easy because you may not draw aline more than once. • An IQ brain teaser/puzzles which can bechallenging and/or relaxing, possibly creating zen ambiance. • 200levels of varying challenges to intrigue your brain cells. No InApp Purchase required. • Simple and straightforward interface, onetouch game mechanic. Cool sound effects. • There's no timer so youcan take as long as you want to complete the drawing. (The time youtook is only used to calculate the star rating). • If you make amistake and can't complete the drawing, the restart button is justone tap away. Tips • Think carefully before connecting the dots.You might need to mentally follow/trace the lines mentally so thatyou don't end up with unsolvable drawing. • When you begin drawing,the choice of the first dot is important. A wrong choice might makethe drawing unsolvable. • Fewer lines and dots don't necessarilymean easier puzzles. In fact, some of the tangled drawings areeasier than the seemingly simple drawings. • Don't give up easily,restarting is just one button touch away. • Some of the puzzleshave multiple solutions. • The star rating is based on the timetaken to complete the drawing. So if you enjoy puzzle, one touchgames, then download this game and start solving the puzzles.
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Match tiles in this colorful of the classic Mahjong solitaire game.A fun game for the Holiday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick,New Year and any fun and festive occasions - or during a relaxingweekend. Mahjong Solitaire is a type of patience games. Also knownas Mahjongg, Majong, you're presented with a stacked tiles (or atower formed by tiles/blocks) on a board/table. The goal of thegame is to remove all the tiles from the board by matching all theidentical tiles. Tiles are identical if they have the same picture.Only "unblocked" tiles can be removed and during the game, you needto unblock them before they can be removed. Tiles are "unblocked"if they can slide left/right and there's no tiles above them.Blocked tiles cannot be matched and the challenge is to unblock andmatch the tiles carefully so that you don't end up with anunsolvable board. A good strategy is to look ahead and see whichmoves will produce more free tiles. There are many boards andgraphics variations to chose from in the game. Over 70levels/boards to play, all free to play (no In App Purchaserequired). Customization options include 3 colorful and cuteHoliday themes tile-sets that you can chose to replay for newexperiences. Features: * Take a journey through the classic Mahjongsolitaire game in this colorful universe/world. Cheerful Holidaytheme (Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving). * Straightforward andeasy tap/click user-interface. The game can be played with a singletouch, just tap and tap the tiles. Clear stacks and towers of tilesin various challenging/cute formations. * Over 70 layouts, fullyplayable with no purchase required. From easy board with fewertiles to the large towers with many-many tiles, the game shouldprovide challenges for players of all levels, from beginner toexpert Mahjong. You can take a linear journey by playingsequentially or jump to any level that you want. * Select from themultiple tile-sets to brighten your holiday atmosphere. * Having adifficult time finding identical matching tiles? There's a Hint andShuffle option to help along the way. * The game tracks 'Best-time'so you can replay again and again to try to beat your previousbest-time. There's no time-limit on the timer, so you can relax andjust play as long as you want. * Random tiles placements (based onour proprietary algorithm), so that every game virtually provides anew challenge. * Journey through all the levels and improve yourbest time. Note: The game is playable on phone and tablet devices.Due to the nature of the game boards, some which contain big towerswith many tiles, we recommend playing on tablets for bestexperience.
Astronomy Puzzle 8 - galaxy & space picture puzzle 2.0.5 APK
F. Permadi
Play the traditional/classic puzzle-8 game (also known as slidingtiles or slider-puzzle, or puzzle-9) with enchanting galaxy andspace themed images, right on your phone or tablet. No physicalgame board to carry around and there are many pictures included.All levels are free to play with no In App Purchase. The game rulesare simple and this mobile version can be played simply with tapand touch interface. The player is presented with 8 tiles arrangedin rectangular grids containing a picture. The tiles are thenscrambled so the pictures looks out-of-order in the grid. One ofthe 9 slots is empty (has no tile), and you can slide a tile thatis adjacent to the this slot to solve the puzzle. The goal is tounscramble the tiles and put them back in order (in the correctplaces), so that the tiles form the original/complete/unscrambledpicture. But you need to think ahead and sometime backtrack yourmoves. The puzzles can be frustrating (or addictive) in that youmight feel that you're very close to the puzzle's solution, yetthere's that just one tile in the wrong position. Sometimes thecorrect tiles are adjacent, yet swapping them is not easy becausethe tiles can only be moved to the empty slot. And sometime movingjust one tile can take dozen or more moves to put in the correctslot, while the game ends up with even more tiles in the wrongslots. Complete with the fewest move and as fast as you can. Yourtime is recorded so you can replay to improve your best times.There are over 30 breathtaking out of this world, galaxy and outerspace images with subjects ranging from planets, spacecrafts,satellites, stars, nebula, and rockets. Puzzles are randomlygenerated so you won't get bored. Unlock all these epic spacepictures and admire the beautiful galaxy. A bit of background:Because of its simplicity and elegance, Puzzle 8 game mechanic andit's counterpart, the puzzle-16, have been traditionally used astools in the field of Artificial Intelligence (computer brain) totest new AI algorithms. There are various AI algorithms that cansolve the puzzle, such as A* (pronounced "a star") ordepth-first-search. CREDITS ------------- Images courtesy of/imagescredits: NASA, JPL, STScI, ESA, SOHO (full credits provided in gameand in the following link:http://permadi.com/apps/puzzle-galaxy/credits/). Disclaimer: Thisproduct is not endorsed by NASA, JPL, STScI or other creditedentity/organization. The publisher of this app is not affiliatedwith the credited entity/organization.
Cookie Bulldozer - Dozer Machine Idle Clicker game 1.6.5 APK
F. Permadi
Pusher/bulldozer game with cookies. Yummy!!! For pusher andbulldozer machines fans, checkout our spin on the genre. Dropcookies into the pusher/bulldozer machine and try to score as highas you can. Yes, it like popular pusher machines but withsweet-cookies instead of coins. Drop cookies strategically so thatthe broom/bulldozer (also known more commonly as "dozer") will pushthem to the far edge of the board and into the tray. Try to dropcarefully to minimize the number of coins that fall through theedges (if a cookie fell into the pit, they will be gone). Discover,earn and collect multiple virtual in-game collectibles. Unlockdifferent machines! Generate cookie-coins while you're offline.Summary of features: - A "clicker" game where you play a bulldozermachine. - Simple, addictive coin pusher game mechanic. It's sosimple, the game can be played with just touch and taps. Tap todrop cookies to the ground, just be mindful of running out ofcookies and try to not make them fall into the left and right sidesof the board. - Unlock all 3 different colorful and uniquebulldozer machines. No In App Purchase required to unlock them.Just level up and they'll eventually be unlocked. - The app willregenerate cookie-coins while you're offline. Level up to increasethe limit. How high a level can you go? - Colorful gamecollectibles to collect. Can you collect them all? There are over80 of these virtual in-game-collectibles. - Spin-wheel machine willoccasionally appear as pop-ups, allowing to earn extra gamecookie-coins. - Trade the virtual prizes that you earn with virtualcookies, in the virtual in-game pawn-shop. - Game is made with 3Dgraphics engine, accompanied by physics-engine and special effects.
Freecell Valentine Game 1 APK
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This game implements the classic FreecellSolitaire card game with the familiar rules but unique set ofcards. It has colorful Valentine's themed cards. Special Kings,Queens and Jack images and Valentine's themed aces, spades,diamonds, and hearts. However, if you prefer, standard solitairecards set is also available from a toggle within the game.The game provides three difficulty levels for several skilllevels (Easy, Normal, and Hard). Easy touch and drag interface. Thegame keeps tracks of winning ratios which means you can challengeyourself to improve your winning ratio. Games are generatedalgorithmically and/or randomly for replay-ability so you getvariety of challenges when you play.
Golf Solitaire Multi Pro Edtn 1.9 APK
F. Permadi
This is a Golf Solitaire game with manylayoutsand multiple card sets. There are 30 different tableaulayoutsincluded, including the standard golf layout that everyoneloves.The game also offers multiple card-sets to choose from, fromclassicto modern, and colorful ones. You can toggle difficultylevels viaRandom or non Random option and turn on/off rules(allow/disallowQueens on Kings and wrapping Aces) so that you canplay based onwhat you like. Easy interface, colorful graphics, andvarioussound-effects makes playing the game fun and challenging.• Multiple card sets (we have include some very nice anduniquesets in this app).• Not just one but 30 board layouts to play all included with noInApp Purchase needed.• Option to create more random games or have the game try tocratesolvable games.• Option to toggle rules to allow Queens on Kings andwrappingAces.• Game keeps track of high scores and winning percentage.• Elegant user interface and animations• Paid version has no ads and no popup ads.