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California Labs tried to create vaccine for cancer, but somethingwent terribly wrong. Mutated virus came out of the facility,infected the whole American population and turned humans intozombies. US Army had tried to deal with zombie plague by droppingnuclear bombs, but the force of zombies has only grown in strength.Now, as the one of last survivors of zombie apocalypse, you mustrun through ruins. Find a way to survive and escape from theabandoned city! FEATURES:- Explore 50 dangerous levels full ofzombies!- Choose from 30 deadly weapons to sto plague!- Customizeyour hero. Take one of 17 type of clothes and armor to get extraboosts!- Receive an extra XP by shooting zombies and value yourstatistics!- Prove your killing skills in hardcore challenges! HOWTO PLAY:Run as fast as you can and shoot hundreds of zombies on thedeserted streets. Don’t underestimate zombies! Always try toupgrade your weapons. Optimize your fighting strategy and shoot allzombies from a safe distance. Be careful not to lose too much ammo.Every single bullet can be crucial when comes to brutal war, andone mistake can cost you a life! Remember to collect any specialitems you can get. Your time is ticking so better run to the nextsafe shelter before the zombie wave will be too strong! KILL THEMALL!Florida is not safe anymore! But there is still hope to stopzombie plague. Explore debris and ashes of demon city to findzombie blasting powerful guns, tons of ammo and first aid kits. Runto next shelter to increase your chance to survive incomingapocalypse. Stay alive against endless wave. Use all your abilitiesand special arsenal. On your journey you can meet bunch ofmonsters: burning creatures, mad dogs and abominations of deadcorpses. THE DUSK HAS CAME OVER MIAMI!Thousands of soldiers havefallen fighting against zombie. Lengthen their effort and use allpowerful weapons they have left. Each of available rifles have 3levels of upgrades. Change their fire rate, reload time and damage.Run and shot. Gain free bonuses and extra Golden Skulls for everyexperience level-up of your hero. The more zombie you kill, themore rewards you can achieve. NO COUNTRY FOR WEAK MAN!When virusturned all citizens into zombies your body remained untouched withcontagious infection. Now you need to use all your skills tosurvive zombie run. The world’s doom is getting closer with everydead raised from the grave. Head right into the hell gate of thedead to find safe place. Hold your finger steady on the trigger andrun through zombies. You are the last hope for mankind! STOP ZOMBIEPLAGUE!Immerse yourself in 3d graphic, animations and amazing soundeffects. Play the game in story or survival mode and choose yourfavorite rifle. Shotgun, minigun, legendary AK, Viper, Rot Sweeper,Excavator, Banshee, M16, grenades, Molotov, flamethrower will giveyou ultimate power to stop zombie plague. Try 3 different type ofammos: regular, piercing and explosive. Use double fire rate,healthy pack and shield to struggle with more powerful zombies.Some parts of the city can be much more dangerous than others. Bebrave to unlock special challenging levels! ARE YOU READY TO BE AREAL HERO?Endless zombie killing is now your new way of living! Beproud of all your achievements and shoot to have fun. Enjoy uniqueexperience in one of the most immersive zombie shooter. Win waragainst zombies. Horde of dead: Zombie Plague is optimized to worksmooth on most mobile devices. Our official site:http://thedust.pl/Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/thedustentertainment/Play the game NOW!

App Information Horde of Dead: Zombie Plague

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    Horde of Dead: Zombie Plague
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    November 10, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    The Dust
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    The Dust S.A. ul. Podwale 7/5 50-043 Wrocław Poland
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Last Run: Dead Zombie Shooter 1.02 APK
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The main hero - Bruce, is still alive and ready to fight and beatoff raging and bloodthirsty Zombies! Don't be a coward but runahead against an endless horde of walking dead. Don't even hide ina subway, Zombies can bite you there either! The only clue tosurvive an apocalypse is to use all your power and upgraded awesomeweapons to target and kill those ugly corpses! Be aware of yourenemy - the battlefield is full of Zombies in many forms, strengthand abilities. Rotten bloodthirsty corpses, mutated and insanebeasts, burning and mad monster dogs. Nail them down to ground anddash to the safe spot! GET READY FOR ENDLESS KILLING - EPICSURVIVAL FOR FREAKS!Choose from tons of special equipment toreceive amazing bonuses and value your statistics. Various clothesand armor will provide you with elite boosts to help escaping fromthe apocalypse and become the brutal ultimate undead smasherhero.THE DUSK HAS CAME OVER MIAMI - R.I.P. TO ALL DEADCITIZENS!Florida was the last infected state, there is still hopeto conquer perfect shelter and increase your chance to survive thisapocalyptic massacre. You have to be quick and focused duringendless wandering among destroyed and abandoned City of Miami.You're in the most dangerous and creepy favela zone. Army had triedto deal with Zombie plague by dropping nuclear military bombs, butthe force of Zombies have grown in strength with every another deadbody. Now you have to explore debris and ashes of this demon cityto find zombie-blasting powerful guns, tons of sharp ammo and firstaid kits to survive. There is still a nuclear danger and most ofthe city is under the fire, so stay aware to your surroundings -almost no plants remained and the heat is insane! Bones, flesh,blood and guts are everywhere - this is hell on earth.ALONE ANDRAGE - BERSERK MIND IS ON!Fear and adrenaline have led you toinsomnia and keep your stamina level on the highest level! Don'tbring shame to the humanity and hold back the plague expansion!Don't let Zombies to rip your body into pieces. The longer yousurvive the more you can unlock badass weapons! Upgrade them withevolutions in the arsenal. Keep an attention to your surroundings.As you dash and escape from the walking and crawling Zombies,you'll start to smash and rip more powerful enemies.GET AN ARSENALTO KILL THE HORDE OF ZOMBIES!Don’t freak out and pay an attentionwhile you're running - you can find awesome guns, explosives andextra ammo! Thousands of soldiers have fallen fighting againstZombies. Lengthen their effort and use all the guns they have left.Target and shoot your weapon on Zombies heads and destroy them.Show no mercy and justice, Zombies have only one target - rip yourbody and tear out guts. They don't stand a chance against yourpowerful weapons:- precise pistols- strong police and armygrenades- fast and deadly M16 rifle- military elite P90 rifle- epicburning Molotov cocktail- powerful and automatic machine gun- rustybut hardocre Flamethrower- legendary KalashnikovBE SAFE - UPGRADEYOUR ABILITIES!Gain free bonuses and extra Golden Skulls for everyexperience level! The more you kill, the more rewards you canachieve! Experience this free to play game and it gives you endlessfun of killing waves of Zombies! Most of walking dead can beextremely danger with sick virus. Destroy all the Zombies: aim tothe heads, burn them or crush like small, stinky worm. Keep rankingup to unlock the deadliest guns and enjoy the feeling of slayinghuge bunch of zombies pushing toward you. The world’s doom isgetting closer with every dead raised from the grave! Head rightinto the hellgate of the dead to save yourself. Hold your fingersteady on the trigger to smash and dash through the highway of thedead. Survive as the last runner hero among the livingdead.Experience one of the most epic Zombie action shooter game!Witness the stunning 3D cruel graphics and enjoy the realistichorror sound effects for free!
Fish Story with Water Puzzle 1.0 APK
The Dust
The cutest interactive story series forkids is back! Download Fish Story with puzzle for kidsNOW!One of the most engaging and fun storybooks forchildren.Your kid will love it because of:♥ Smooth and simple controls♥ Narrator reading the story♥ Warm and beautifully drawn graphics♥ Interactive and interesting play♥ Puzzle mini-game♥ No ads!Now available for kids in all countries!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FINDING YOUR FRIENDS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Manny the Tuna lives a cheerful life in a big ocean with his cleverfish friends, feeding and swimming around. In this story gameyou'll have to help Manny the Tuna to reunite with them.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GOING FISHING WITH THE FISHES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If your children loved finding nemo by disney then download thisstory book. Apps and games like this are made specifically fortoddlers, preschool and kindergarten kids. Stories in this app arebetter for educating and entertaining your children than lego orcartoon network, as they teach about ecology. There is a puzzleelement also.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OH, THE GREAT OCEANS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✔ CHEAP FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - FREE FOREVER!✔ Interactive and with minigames - drag and drop to sort thethrash!✔ Fun sounds and great graphics - the ocean feels alive!✔ Seems just like spongebob squarepants!REACH OUT TO US WITH ANY SUGGESTIONSIf you'd like to suggest us anything about our games then by anymeans you should write to us at [email protected] We'd love to hearfrom you.Like it or not, film productions like spongebob squarepants, disneydespicable me and finding nemo as well as games for kids such ascut the rope or where is my water are all a great way to have yourtoddlers playing, swiping and coloring books on android. But inthis case your children will also get familiar with reading whileon this ecological journey through the ocean. The clever fish Mannywill show your toddler how important it is to protect thesea.If you love this kind of games and apps then check out thepreschool and kindergarten series of Tumble Leaf. It is importantto teach your kids eco positive models, especially through fun wayslike story book apps with puzzle.
Animals: Picture Book for Kids 1.1 APK
The Dust
The cutest interactive picture book forpreschool and elementary school kids is back, now longer than ever.Download this picture book for free Now!Coming from the famous The Dust: For Kids development studio,this app will astonish you with its deep yet accessible storiesabout animals and environment.Now available for kids in all countries!Features:* Free to play forever* Fun and engaging stories for kids* Cute animated graphics* Professional narrator reading the story* Teaches about ecology* Interactive, interesting and now 3 times longer* Kids safe, no advertisementsImagine seeing your child getting more familiar with reading andwords as the narrator will read the text appearing on the display,like in phonics. Every kid will love this interactive story becauseof its fun and educational values. This way you can creatively haveyour kid interested in reading.These three stories are all about happy animals and theiradventures in their natural environments. The engaging and funnyanimations will get your child playing for hours. This animalexperience is determined to have your kid embroided in an educatingway. It's almost a book, yet it is as entertaining for your kids asare bed time stories. Have fun playing the mini puzzle game forpreschooler kids.Every child loves stories. In this way education can be asentertaining as productive. Let your child have fun while learningabout the world and getting familiar with their ABC 's. Littlechildren in ages from 3 to 6 will be most happy with this cartoongame for toddlers.If your child loves animals then this will be the perfect storybook experience. Ecology stuff hasn't been really present in puzzlegames.There are no network advertisements in this educational picturebook. Your kids will be safe to play unnatended. These stories areabout ecology, so they teach things centered around education andphonics while still being fun.If you'd like to suggest us anything about our games then by anymeans you should write to us at [email protected] Kids are alsofree to write their opinions. We'd love to hear from you. The Dust:For Kids awaits!
Goat Story: Phonics for Kids 1.0 APK
The Dust
Interactive storytelling game for kids,pre-school and elementary school aged. Only you can help Amouk theGoat!✔ Cute and interactive story for children✔ Beautiful and charming graphics✔ Kid safe, no in-app purchases✔ Keeps your kid interested and engaged✔ Teaches how to behave on a roadtrip✔ Professional female narrator reads the storyThe story is presented with animated slides. It unfolds as thenarrator reads the tale to your child. Get your kid interested withreading and teach him about the world.This story will have your kid interested and engaged for a longtime because it is interactive in a creative and fun way. The GoatStory will even help your child to learn reading. This is a storyabout a cute and adorable goat named Amouk who wants to play in themountains. It will be a marvelous way for your kids to spend sometime getting familiar with reading.Imagine seeing your child getting more familiar with reading andwords as the narrator will read the text appearing on the display,like in phonics. Every kid will love this interactive story becauseof it's fun and educational values. This way you can creativelyhave your kid interested in reading.Narration will make this game accessible to toddlers as well asolder kids, as the story's text is interesting and engaging. TheGoat Story is targeted to children aged 3 years and up. Games likethis prove to be a great and fun way to educate your kids in thesubject of taking care of your environment. It's great even for 3year olds, as well as 5 and 6 year old kids for learningphonics.Your kid will certainly spend some time engaged and interested bythis cute storytelling game about Amouk the Goat. Did your childever take interest in the life of wild animals? Now it is possiblefor him to observe it in an animated, narrated and funny way.Watching wildlife was never more fun and cute, as the graphics ofthis game were beautifully drawn by a talented professional. Thisinteractive story looks great on all screens and has awesomephonics on every device. Every kid will adore the cute looks of thegoat and his adventures in the mountains. A simulator of real wildlife outdoors.The game is made to toy with it, so your child will find it veryinteractive. Simply tap the goat to hear the simulator bleat. Thisstory has it's own specific yet cute style. It also has anadditional value of showing you how to train your child to protectthe environment and get a know-how about phonics.
Cartoon Ecology Story for Kids 1.0 APK
The Dust
Experience the brand new Elephant Story forKids! Jerry the playful Elephant is ready for his greatestchallenge yet: getting the water back! Tap, swipe and listen asthis fun story unfolds.HAPPY FEATURES OF THE ELEPHANT STORY* Listen as the professional narrator reads the story* Have fun with a puzzle mini-game* Watch the incredible animations and graphics* No network ads, no in-app purchases, kid safe* Engaging and cute learning experience* Teaches the basic ABC of ecologyONLY YOU CAN HELP JERRYPuzzle games for kids like this are a great way to have your childinterested in ecology, the ABC of protecting the wildlife andenvironment. In this story book your kids will have an opportunityto save the pet elephant. Cartoon elements don't affect the overalltheme of this puzzle game, which is education through fun.INNOVATIVE AND CUTEThis story book is about Jerry, a cute elephant. Big animals likehim need a lot of water to thrive, especially in summer. Jerry is apet elephant, yet he lives in the wild with his friends. The greatsavannah has no penguins, yet it thrives and pulses with untamedlife.FUN WITH ANIMALSMost of playable stories for kids are intended for children olderthan 3, 4, 5 and 6 years. Every kid, whether a child, a preschooltoddler or a baby will have lots of fun with this story app. Thereis even a puzzle mini-game to make it more engaging for littlekids. They will also have the chance to make contact with theirfirst ABC as this app has colorful text being read by aprofessional narrator. It has great educational value as it givesyour kids an opportunity to have contact with read text.Great cartoons for toddlers are typically found in bookstores,not in network app stores. Only now you can get this cute storybook puzzle for price as low as $1. (Depends on currency, as it isnow available in all countries.)REACH OUT TO US WITH ANY SUGGESTIONSIf you'd like to suggest us anything about our games then by anymeans you should write to us at our network [email protected] We'd love to hear from you.
Kids Story: Preschool Animals 1.0 APK
The Dust
New interactive story app for little kids.HelpMike the Buffalo and his friends have a little peaceful rest!It's features:+ No advertisements+ Engaging story for preschool kids+ Fun interactive features+ Keeping your kids engaged+ A short lesson about ecology+ Cute animated graphics+ Professional narrator reading the story+ A mini puzzle gameMike the Buffalo and his bunch of friends loves sleepingandeating the most. Your kid will love it's wild life setting. Inthegame the narrator reads along with the text of thestory.Interactivity is also included to make it engaging whileeducating.Your child will learn it's ABC s in a jiffy. For kids,apps likethis present a unique learning opportunity.Kids will be delighted to see smooth animations betweentheslides of this story. The funny story is intended mainlyforpreschool kids, who will also benefit most by watching it. Kidsinages of 3, 4, 5 and 6 will love the warm and friendly voice ofthenarrator will have your kids interested for a long time.Though the story reads like a funny book with pictures,itconsists mostly of images and sounds as most preschool kidsarejust starting to learn reading. This way they can be exposedtoreading, getting better at it every day he or she isplaying.Neat!Graphics were designed by a skilled professional to presentagreat learning and entertaining experience. It is unparalleledbyany other story because of our experience in creatinginteractivestories for kids. Come and try our other stories!If you'd like to suggest us anything about our games then byanymeans you should write to us at [email protected] Kids are alsofreeto write their opinions. We'd love to hear from you.
Virtual Animals - Kids Story 1.0 APK
The Dust
Interactive story for pre-school kids on mobile devices. Onlyyoucan help Rick the Rhino!✔ Interactive story for children✔ Beautiful and cute graphics great for pre-k andkindergartenkids✔ Keeps your kid interested and engaged✔ Teaches how to behave on a roadtrip✔ No ads, no in-app purchases✔ Narrator reads the story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CUTE ANIMALS PLAYING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rick the Rhino lives happily in the great desert with hisfriends.Normally he feeds on fruit and grass, but now the touristscameleaving a little mess. What will become of Rick's dietaryhabitsnow? This engaging disney like story will show in a funway.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GREAT INNOVATION IN INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If your children loved disney stories then download thispicturebook. Apps and games like this are made specifically fortoddlers,preschool and kindergarten kids. Story in this app arebetter foreducating and entertaining your children than disney orcartoonnetwork, as they are teaching about ecology and animals.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE DESERT AWAITS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+ Interactive and with minigames - tap to help the rhino!+ Fun sounds and great graphics - the desert feels alive!+ Have fun with this engaging disney like app for kids!Keywords: Child, Game for children, games for kids,preschool,pre-k, school, autism apps, kindergarten, shapes, puzzle,autism,tablet, kids games, Kids Puzzle Games, toddler games,childrenpuzzle. Baby puzzles, toddler puzzles, puzzle game forkids,educational games, learning games, toddler apps, best puzzlegames,Interactive Puzzle. Learning Letters. ABC. Alphabets.Numbers. 123.Farm Animals. Fish. Food. Preschool Puzzle, jigsaw,talking puzzle,animation puzzle, toy puzzle. Autism games, toddlergames, speechtherapy apps, special needs apps, alphabet fortoddlers,tozzle.REACH OUT TO US WITH ANY SUGGESTIONSIf you'd like to suggest us anything about our games then byanymeans you should write to us at [email protected] We'd love tohearfrom you. Hello kitty, The Dust: For Kids awaits.
Picture Book for Preschool Kid 1.0 APK
The Dust
The cutest picture book for preschoolandelementary school kids. Download for free and get 3 stories in1app!Experience the brand new picture stories for kids, comingfromthe acclaimed The Dust game studio. Astonish your kids withthedeep and educational content about animals andenvironment.Now available for kids in all countries!Be sure to try out our other games for kids!Features:* Animated slides* Soothing story narration* Teaches kids about ecology* Interactive features* Features mini-games* No advertisementsSee your child become interested and familiar with reading.Thenarrator reads along the text as the animated story unfolds.Beautiful and funny graphics will engage your kids forhours.Funny animals and their story adventures are a great way toeducatethrough entertainment.If you'd like to suggest us anything about our games then byanymeans you should write to us at [email protected] We'dloveto hear your opinion about our kids story.