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With a Hope that New Year brings prosperityandhappiness to all.
Horoscope 2017 , Brings you the Daily Horoscope through out theYear!! with which you can Plan your Day to Day Activity .

The Horoscope 2017 Provides you the Details information of How2017brings to you, in terms on Career , Love and relationship andtheGeneral outlook of the year. with Monthly and Weekly Horoscopeaswell.

This app includes smooth and easy navigation,notificationmanagement and is compatible with Android smartphoneandtablet.

Planning for a Marriage and want to check theAstrologicalpredictions for marriage , this App will Provide youall details ,including Mngal Dosh if exist in Boy's or Girl'sHoroscopeChart

Features of the App.
1) Daily Notification
2) Gun Milan
3) Love Compatibility
2) General Outlook of 2017
3) Love and Relationship horoscope
5) Carrer Horoscope
6) Life horoscope

♉ Taurus
♊ Gemini
♋ Cancer
♌ Leo
♍ Virgo
♎ Libra
♏ Scorpio
♐ Sagittarius
♑ Capricorn
♒ Aquarius
♓ Pisces

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[email protected]
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We do not sell user Data. Information needed in the App are useonlyfor displaying the Notification

App Information Horoscope 2017 with Gun Milan and Compatibility

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    Horoscope 2017 with Gun Milan and Compatibility
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    July 7, 2017
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Smartly Innovated
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    100 - 500
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    Email [email protected]
    Delhi 110051, INDIA
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