Horse Color by Number uses the healing power of art in aresearchdriven therapeutic science to reduce stress bycoloring.This adultcoloring book has a wide variety of amazingintricately horseimages.As you color an image,you would feel yourstress and anxietygradually fading away.Your brain calms down andyou become moremindful.A special collection of amazing horsecoloring pages foradults will melt the heart of any horselover.There were manynonbelievers who grumpily accepted to take acoloring book foradults and fill in a drawing.When they finished,their reaction waspriceless.Horses are incredible, beautiful &powerful animalswhich is why people love them so much.HorseColoring Book forAdults is an anti stress coloring book for grownups.You would bevery surprised by the energy and mindfulness youcould achieve withhorse coloring pages for adults.How To Play:-First of all choosethe horse you want to color.- There is no needto zoom in becausethe boxes already show the numbers inside,whichindicates that youwill fill these numbers by the boxes given belowwith colors.- Justpaint by numbers in this interesting game.- Colordrop in the samenumbers blocks very easily.- Just follow thenumbers in picturesand make an amazing horse with differentcolors.If you will paintbox by other number then no need to beworried.- You can also havean opportunity to recover your box bythe exact color number &release your inner artist.Features:-Sandbox coloring- Numbercoloring- Pixel coloring- Simply tap topick color and paint,allyou need is your imagination!- Lots ofbeautiful illustrations anddrawings to color and more are coming!-Sandbox number coloringhave many interesting pixel pages and numberbooks for you tocoloring.- Get inspired by our amazing coloringcommunity and shareyour creativity with others.- You can enjoy thepixel coloring bookwith creative ideas and feel yourself as anartist with a completevariety of anti stress pictures.Give yourselfsome precious momentsof childish joy and unleash your innercreative genius with thesecoloring Book Apps.We are providing youwith a beautiful collectionof Horses designs drawings.Coloring isthe best exercise for mind.We give you this healthy app which alsorelaxes your brain musclesand forget your worries.Relax while youobserve the newestillustrations of various breeds of this cuteanimal and beenchanted with the one with pretty long curly mane.Itbedecks notonly its neck but also its body as well.Make themasterpiece of artout of these top sketches.

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    Horse Color by Number - Adult Coloring Book pages
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    May 19, 2018
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    Coloring by Number - Pixel Art Games : Next Tech
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Pixel Art - Color By Number, Sandbox Coloring Book 2.8 APK
Coloring by numbers is an excellent way of relaxation andmeditation. It is perfect for adults and kids who love to paint andcolor by number. Color by numbers develop your concentration, colormatching skills, accuracy and precision which provides a wide rangeof fascinating pictures and color the ones you like to create yourown artworks allowing you to impress your friends,family and thewhole world with masterpieces!With tons of interesting andfashionable coloring pages, you will find coloring is never so fun.Enjoy the coloring book with your creative ideas and feel yourselfas an artist with a complete variety of anti stress pictures How ToPlay: -First of all choose the worksheet or picture you want topaint. -When you zoom in,you will see that there are alot of smallboxes with numbers inside which indicates that you will fill thesenumbers by the boxes given below with colors.Then choose colorsaccording to numbers and paint boxes. -Just paint by numbers inthis interesting sandbox game. -Color drop in the same numbersblocks. -Just follow the numbers in pictures and make an amazingdrawing.If you will paint box by other number then no need to beworried.You can also have an opportunity to recover your box by theexact color number & release your creativity. It's an amazingunicorn number coloring book! Very beautiful animals, flowerpictures, fascinating patterns will help you to free stress,develop color matching skills and reveal the painter inside.According to the numbers, sandbox color provides spectacular ormasterpieces for relaxation, meditation, concentration, inspirationto friends, family and the whole world! Sandbox color pixels bringsyou: -Many sections of coloring pages that fit in any taste:According to the county painting you can find in our application avariety of beautiful Animals, Birds, Flowers pictures,Mandalas,Patterns, Ladders, Places, Foods and more. - User-friendlyinterface: saves design and trouble-free performance. - Quicksharing: share pictures with your friends in just one touch. - Alot of great content to discover: the collection is updated withnew pictures you can paint every week. Sandbox Number Coloringcreated for children which are in the process for developing theirskills and knowledge with many interesting pixel pages and numberbooks to coloring. Pixel is an amusing sandbox coloring thatteaches accuracy and precision, which also helps them develop motorvehicles, introducing numbers and colors for them. It is an easyway to uncover the painter in the painting according to color bynumber.As you can sustain painting, you will get a work of artsynchronized with it.Creating masterpieces by your own hands andrelief your stress. Features: -Color pictures according to thenumber and highlighted area -Coloring By Number is an amazing wayto improve drawing skills -Perfectly develops children fine motorskills -Paint easily any image. -Family-friendly content: coloringanti-stress pictures suits for both adults & kids -Perfectrelaxing way to become the master of your own mind. -Sandbox numbercoloring have many interesting pixel pages and number books for youto coloring Color by number pages are a great way to teach yourkids or students basic number recognition, how to use and it willgive them the opportunity to work on their fine motor skills.Trains your concentration and steadiness Or just want to color yourown way, practice your drawing and coloring skill. This is a greatactivity to practice your drawing skills. It’s also fun for any ageto try to finish the drawing.You will always get a harmonic work ofart as a result of the coloring process.
Anime Manga Color by Number - Pixel Art Coloring 2.2 APK
Anime Manga Color by number is the free painting and drawing gamefor all fans of Anime & Manga movies, nice chose for any age:children, teens or adults. This free coloring book contains manypictures of anime heroes, cute manga girls and boys, very beautifulJapanese cartoons design and images. Every fan of anime will lovepainting this awesome anime manga color by number of our coolcoloring book.so,enjoy the best adult coloring pages manga, animeAnime Manga Color Pages by Number are very useful coloring picturesmanga tool to develop imagination and creativity and increase thelevel of concentration ! Now you can not only watch cartoons andwatch anime online, manga, and play games, but also feel like areal artist and draw all your favorite coloring pages, The bestfree coloring pages for all. Features: - Coloring book created forany age boys and girls, mens and women - Cute & Cool design -Good for relaxing and creativity development - Contains manycoloring pages of anime, mange, Japanese cartoon heroes - Extremelyeasy-to-use - Adapted for smartphones and tablets, any screenresolution - Share results on Facebook, Instagram and other socialapps - All coloring pages are for free! - Awesome coloring book forkids and adults! Anime Color by Number Gallery: - girls coloringpages - boys coloring pages - school coloring pages - sportcoloring pages - fun and sorrow coloring pages - music coloringpages - and more anime manga Japanese coloring pages Anime Color byNumber is very easy-to-use! - Select a coloring page for coloring -Select the color you like - Tap on the pixeled area you like todraw - Save and share your anime coloring pages via Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or other social media or send via Gmail,WhatsApp or other messenger. So, Draw and paint big manga eyes.Fill with colors anime characters! Anti-stress coloring app withfree fun artworks! Create and relax! This coloring app/game letsyou unleash creativity, relieve stress and doodle all you want!Coloring is very easy now! Enjoy and color with the best AnimeManga Coloring Book by Number!
Flowers Color by Number,Pixel Art,Sandbox Coloring 2.0 APK
Flowers Color by Numbers is a fun coloring game for your childrenand adults.If your child likes flowers, this coloring game is madefor them.Beautiful flowers make them feel the joys of spring andthe painting process turns into an enthralling game where they canbring their fantasies to life and draw a red daffodil, or a bluesunflower. Features: - Sandbox coloring - Number coloring - Pixelcoloring - A free coloring book app for all ages, not only coloringfor adults, but also for children, it’s a coloring game to playwith your kids! - A coloring app with new images and illustrationscoming each week - Perfect relaxing way to become the master ofyour own mind. -Sandbox number coloring have many interesting pixelpages and number books for you to coloring. Coloring by numbers isan excellent way of relaxation and meditation.It is perfect foradults and kids who love to paint and color by number.Paint bynumbers - an interactive coloring book for children. Thismathematical game teaches children to recognize numbers and solvesimple mathematical examples. In addition, this program developsmemory, attention, imagination, and logical abilities.Boys andgirls of all ages love to color. The simple coloring mode issuitable for the smallest of children, including those ofkindergarten and preschool age. These include simple andrecognizable images that are easy to color. If the child selectsthe wrong shape, then they will be prompted with the correctnumber. Therefore, the picture will always be colored correctly,and the child will quickly memorize the numbers. How To Play:-First of all choose the worksheet or picture you want to paint.-When you zoom in,you will see that there are alot of small boxeswith numbers inside which indicates that you will fill thesenumbers by the boxes given below with colors.Then choose colorsaccording to numbers and paint boxes. -Just paint by numbers inthis interesting sandbox game. -Color drop in the same numbersblocks. -Just follow the numbers in pictures and make an amazingdrawing.If you will paint box by other number then no need to beworried.You can also have an opportunity to recover your box by theexact color number & release your creativity. Flower NumberColoring Book is a true coloring book with intricate patterns andcoloring pages with flowers and more designs organized intocategories. To make the coloring process more interesting and fun,you can change any of the preset colors. To do this, press and holdthe jar of paint and a palette will open. Then you can choose yourfavorite color. Thus, all the shaded areas of the image can bechanged in the coloring by number mode. You can have fun bychanging the color scheme to suit your taste.We offer you acoloring book to relive those precious moments of childish joy andunleash your inner artist.
VR Roller Coaster Crazy Rider & Adventure Thrills 1.2 APK
Join the next step in the VR evolution and download this VRrollercoaster that takes you through cities,desert,temples, cavesand even snow mountains to see polar bear and other animals. Becareful where you look, you wouldn't want to provoke an animalattack! This roller coaster simulation can be experienced in fullVirtual Reality or can be experienced using regular touch controls.Feel how the roller coasters runs on the track through high- andlow speed corners as you observe the detailed graphics of theancient hidden temple. Run past trees and torches as you wiz by atultra high speed! So much detail to observe... Are the templesMayan, or maybe left by an alien race? No time to think as thejourney continues to ride into the dark and scary caves and enjoythe sensation of gravity and speedy curves as you pass through thesubterrane. Ultimately you'll dive into the water and be treated toan amazing underwater experience. See tropical fish in fullanimated detail as they life their underwater life. Features:-Gyro-meter based 360-degree rotation. -Exciting VR roller coasterexperience with loops and dives. -Vast, randomly generated citythat changed each time you open the app. -An exciting environmentfilled with noisy crowds, buildings, birds, screaming riders, andan airship. -Immerse yourself in fastest rollercoaster adventure.-New trail tracks scene city, snow terrain & joy land. -Awesomefun 3D rollercoaster ride game. -A fun racing game for kids. -Themepark kingdom & endless VR-roller game. Detailed 3D graphics atevery angle, look around and feel part of the VR experience as yousee the temples and beautiful rendered cedar trees emerge from therealistic fog. The point of this VR app is to get you the thrillsand the looks that go beyond your ordinary virtual reality demo.The roller coaster physics are true to life making it a real worldexperience that will make you swing side to side as you enter thehigh speed corners. Our engineers did a great job and have craftedthis 360 3D VR Rollercoaster experience for you to enjoy.Get readyfor the thrilling ride with realistic dynamic lighting and 3Dstereoscopic sounds. Compatibility: This roller coaster simulatorruns on devices without a gyroscope, but will be experienced bestwith a gyroscope. Furthermore you can experience the ride withoutVR goggles using simple touch controls.For devices that don'tsupport Cardboard we offer a custom own stereoscopic VR solution.If you run into any issues please contact our support email andwe're happy to help!
Carrom 3D - Real Cayram كيرم Free 1.2 APK
The best 3d Carrom is here! The ultimate addictive fun carromgame.Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AlIplayers in this awesome game.Carrom 3D is one of the most realisticand enjoyable carrom games available on mobile.It features manygame modes like the Classic Carrom Mode, Time Trial, Challenge Modeand Practice Mode. So if you're a carrom fan, there is somethingfor you to play.In Classic Mode, you can play against the CPU or ahuman player using standard carrom rules.In Time Trial you have atime limit of 4 minutes, in which you have to pocket coins as fastas you can to achieve more score. When you pocket more than onecoin back to back, your multiplier will increase and which willboost your score and time.Have you ever thought about playingcarrom on a real table, Carrom 3D is the perfect way to try avariety of games. Real life graphics and angles to help improveyour skills.Play Practice mode if you just want to relax and playwithout any rules.In Challenge Mode, you have to pocket only theblack coins to finish a level. If you pocket a white coin then thelevel fails.FEATURES:- Play with the Computer Player.- 4 DifferentModes.- 30 Challenge Levels.- 10 Beautiful Strikers to choosefrom.- Realistic Physics.- Stunning 3D graphics.لعبة الكيرم هي لعبةلوحية جماعية تقتضي المهارة و الدقة. الهدف من هذه اللعبة هو أن تسجلأكثر عدد من النقاط باستخدام القيس لتدفع الحبيبات إلى الأهدافالموجودة على زوايا اللوحة. في حال انتهاء الحبيبات من على ظهراللوحة، اللاعب ذي النقاط الأكثر يفوز. لقد تم نقل هذه اللعبة إلىلعبة إلكترونية ثلاثية الأبعاد، مما يجعل استخدامها ممكنا في كل مكان،و في كل زمان.
Halloween Sandbox Number Coloring- Color By Number 1.3 APK
Halloween Number Coloring Pages has a lot of images in differentcategories. You can choose Pumpkins, witches, ghosts, vampires etc.Also, there are a lot of colour palettes. This is the coolest freecoloring book for us. Sometimes people are stressed for differentreasons. If you feel stress you can try number coloring book foradults because it has an anti-stress effect. So you can releaseyour problems relaxing in a meditative art. Open any coloring pageand get to work with number coloring. With a simple stretch swipeto zoom image and fill the squares with colors, the color of whichcorresponds to the specified color in palette. Change the paint,fill the squares with the color by number you need with a simplesingle click. As you can see, nothing is difficult with our sandbox number book, even a child can cope. Painted by number imagesturn out to be bright, detailed, as the palette in Halloween NumberColoring is big enough. The application is deprived of any panelsof settings, menus and other things. At startup, one page containsa list of all colorings, separated into categories. Enjoy thecoloring book with your creative ideas and feel yourself as anartist with a complete variety of anti stress pictures. How toplay: -Paint by numbers in this interesting sandbox game, -Pickcolor and drop in the same numbers’ blocks. -That you’ll finished acool pixel work. Features: - EASY to color with numbers - FUN tocolor cartoon characters - ENJOY creating anti-stress pixel art -FREE to play with hundreds of pictures - SHARE your masterpieceswith friends on Facebook, Instagram etc. - Paint by numbers willdevelops motor skills in children. Pixel is additionally a funpicture book, that helps to develop fine motor skills, introducesnumbers and colours, teaches accuracy and exactness. Painting bynumbers is a straightforward means unleash your inner artist:you'll forever get a harmonic work of art as a results of thecoloring method. Celebrate Halloween number coloring on your mobileor tablet with a game specially created to commemorate the Day ofAll Saint's. Pumpkins, witches, ghosts, vampires and other terrormonsters are waiting for you to be colored. You will find so manyfree and fascinating Halloween Number Coloring Sandbox pictureslike pumpkins, witches, flowers, animals & ghosts which suitfor both adults and kids.
com.nexttechgamesstudio.colourbynumber3d 3.0 APK
3D Color by number is fun for adults as well as kids, but have youever imagine turning coloring pages into 3D and color in a brandnew angle? Now we offers you the 3D coloring experience, more vividand interesting! Choose from the variety of 3D templates, justfollow the numbers and fill in the colors. Rotate the screen tocolor in different dimensions. Coloring is a stress-relief therapyand 3D coloring will give you more sense of achievements. Features:-Color pictures according to the number and highlighted area-Coloring By Number in 3d is an amazing way to improve drawingskills -Perfectly develops children fine motor skills -Paint easilyany voxel model. -Family-friendly content: coloring anti-stresspictures suits for both adults & kids -Perfect relaxing way tobecome the master of your own mind. -Sandbox number coloring havemany interesting pixel pages and number books for you to coloringin 3D. Every colored page comes to life in its uniquely coloredway, giving the artist an immediate and special sense of ownershipand pride! Not only is the app incredibly fun, but it is also agreat tool for developing skills and knowledge on various topics.Try it out yourself and we are sure you will agree. It is importantthat even youngest can color in 3D, so that they become more awareof what a real world means. Having real objects colored, also, canget the children to better understand what they are studying. It isan easy way to uncover the painter in the painting according tocolor by number.As you can sustain painting, you will get a work ofart synchronized with it. If you like mandala, painting &coloring or design in general, then this 3d coloring is for you.Join the millions who have discovered this new art and love it.
Universe Space Simulator : Merge Gravity Orbits 3D 6.0 APK
Universe Galaxy Space Simulator : Gravity Orbits is simple, butvery addictive physics sandbox simulator of a gravity systems inspace.In this gravity simulator app, you get to customize literallyany aspect of these particles to simulate and design your very ownuniverse space simulator sandbox. Once you are satisfied with yourcustomized solar system (or any other combination of particles,planets, and stars), you get to easily add it to your collection,take a screenshot and share it with the world.Universe simulatorcomes with a clean and neat design and the 3D simulation is sosmooth that you won’t feel any difficulties or lags when bombardingyour planets, or applying any condition to them. And make sure notto take the realistic gravity lensing effect as granted whenlooking at a black hole. It’s just fascinating. Have fun whileplaying around with stars, planets and moons, observing the gravityforces between them and building up solar systems and even anentire galaxy. Also available in 3D!Follow a single planet on itspath through your solar system or experience how asteroids build upasteroid belts!Explore real gravity patterns in 3D space – mixtureof universe space simulator sandbox and space simulator games!Astriking solar system simulator!Features :● Explore the vast spacesandbox in space sandbox simulator. Travel and fly across theuniverse and visit planets, dwarf planets and moons. Walk onplanets and fly around your simulations to gain a first-personexperience.● Wonderful 3D graphics with smooth universe simulator●Launch planetary bodies and asteroids to view planetary collisionson an astronomical level. Epic, mind blowing collisions of massiveplanetary bodies. Hurl planets and everyday objects and watchgravitational physics in action.● 3D Gravity simulator withrealistic physics rules● Build easily complete galaxy with stars,orbiting planets, moons and even whole asteroids clouds in thisuniverse space simulator sandbox.● Select a planet and follow it onit's path through your own solar system!● Unlimited space sandboxsimulator area! The gravitational interactions continue to work forall planets, suns and moons, no matter where are they in the galaxyand if they are currently displayed.● Increase or decrease orbitsimulation. Real physics, no supercomputer required. Watch planetscollide in slow-motion or increase the simulation speed to seemesmerizing physics and beautiful effects.● Real physics simulatorwith pure gravity interactions between planets, moons, stars andasteroids.● Precise space sandbox N-body physics gravityalgorithm!● Tutorial explaining the space sandbox simulator.● Opensandbox, zoom in and out, freely move the visible area as pleased.●Create one or more planetary rings and asteroids clouds orbiting astar.● Planet collisions merge planet mass by following precisephysics models.● Create moons in orbit of a planet.● Remove planetsand stars: remove a single planet by selecting it, remove allplanets at once or remove just the planets, that are not visible atthe moment.● Easy zoom to all planets, moons and stars in space.●Simple viewpoint navigation to the star or planet with the largestmass.● Easy planetary drifts reduction, very useful for creatingstatic systems, that do not drift away from the visible area.●Visible orbital traces for all planets, moons and stars to observethe amazing gravity forces patterns.● Adjust the galaxy speed asyou like it most.Brilliant Combination of sandbox games and 3Duniverse space exploration games!А 3D gravity solar system orbitsimulator you will have hard time turning off!