1.04 / October 25, 2015
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This free brain game filled with cute horse and pony pictures!Inthis puzzle you can choose whether to 12 different form of pieces 2difficulty settings and adjusting the difficulty to the appropriateskill easy or hard level.This entertaining game and adults includesstunning pictures of cute horses and ponies, with fun rewards topop.Horse Pictures Puzzles is an epic jigsaw game with beautifulhorse paint pics in a wide variety of breeds and themes. Thispremium quality free app is the perfect choice for lovers of animaljig saw puzzle.Get to know more of them as you progress to morelevels playing an enjoyable quiz game with stallion and pony pics.exercise your memory and gain knowledge. Solving puzzles willunlock more levels. You can even compare your time with yourfriends, compete with them and check who’s the faster!

App Information Horse Pictures Jigsaw Puzzles

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    Horse Pictures Jigsaw Puzzles
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    October 25, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Bitron Games
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    Rakoczi u. 12., 1072, Budapest, HU
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Explore funny and rare animals with sounds in this cool quiz gameapplication. Match animal pictures and sounds in this free trivia.You can test your knowledge in 3 game mode after you have learnedall the animals names. In all mode you can listen sound first andthen you can choose the right answer from 4 pictures. Features:-60+ animal pics and sounds- Learning mode for beginners- Uniquescratch mode for more exciting gameplay (8 answer 1 is correct)-Easy puzzle mode for kids- Picture quiz mode with in 6 picsmodeHave you ever heard about Bobcat, Nightingale or Peacock?Explore them all with free animal sound quiz game.