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The worst part of riding is when you dismount,heaven is on the back of a horse, and people come and go but horsesleave hoof prints on your heart! If you believe that no hour oflife is wasted that is spent in the saddle, then our ‘Horse Quotes’app is for you! Browse our collection of horse quotes and gets lotsof inspiration and updates for your facebook and twitterpages!

Test your knowledge in our fun horse quotes quiz and check outOzzie’s video – straight from the horse’s mouth!!

App Information Horse Quotes And Sayings

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    Horse Quotes And Sayings
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 4, 2012
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
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  • Developer
    Chocolate Lab Games
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
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    Visit website Email [email protected]
    Chocolate Lab Apps, Tipperary, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.
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Hit the YES and NO buttons FAST!!!!!! Are yousavvy, clever, well-informed, or just downright smart? Try out yourgeneral knowledge and brain POWER with fun and awesome questions.>>> AMAZING FACTS!!>>> BATTLE AGAIN THE CLOCK - BE QUICK!!!>>> MULTIPLAYER MADNESS>>> 100% PURE FUN FUN FUN!!!!>>> TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE•Movies•Celebrities, movie stars and pop stars•Sports and sporting heroes•Animals•Food•Books and authors•History•Geography•Well-known brands and companies•Kids’ stuff•General knowledgeGuess if the statement is true or false and have fun with TONSof fascinating information from a wide variety of topics andcategories! Sounds simple? Play now and find out if you’re up tothe challenge!GAME FEATURES:•Thousands of exciting and intriguing facts!•Wide range of categories•100% absorbing and addictive!•Time-attack and other challenging game modes•Easy to difficult levels•Beat your friends in MULTIPLAYER!THE EXPERT: Test your brain power in this ultimatechallenge!MULTIPLAYER BATTLE: Go head-to-head with your friends in ourstreamlined multiplayer mode! Invite your family and friends for a100% fun time of quizzes and trivia.
100 things your horse wants 1.0 APK
100 THINGS YOUR HORSE WANTS YOU TO KNOW!!*****“Appsolutely brilliant” says Horse & Hound magazine,England, U.K.*********** 5 stars - Amazing for all horse lovers!!! This app istotally worth it and thank goodness it's free! It's so helpful whenhandling horses and it really created an amazing mental rider outof me! Horsejumpergirly, USA 5 stars ********** 5 stars - Really good, it helped me improve my riding somuch, Maisieharvey, U.K. 5 stars ********** 5 stars - I luv this app you must get it this verysecond!!! :) I LUV HORSES this app will tell you sooooo much yourhorse will thank you :) Shannon 242, USA 5 stars *****Want to make a huge difference in your riding? Here are the 100things your horse wants to you know. Whether you hack out forpleasure, showjump, event or compete in dressage, this app willhelp you understand your horses perspective and improve your ridingskills. Perfect for when you are planning a training session withyour horse!-Be smooth & efficient, not quick.-Some people try to push the horse through things. Instead startfrom where the horse is at.-Don‘t let the horse learn he is stronger than you.-With a youngster, don‘t be critical.-Let the horse move his feet if he needs to, but do it in a usefulway.-Bring the horse to the mounting block, not the mounting block tothe horse.-Don’t make the horse canter. Just get him ready to canter.-If you relax when you ask, the horse will relax when theyrespond.-You can’t collect a horse with his poll lower than his withers.That will cripple a horse after a while.People can have a lot of experience but not a lot of knowledge. Oldage can get there before wisdom.-You will spend your time better working with your horse, thancleaning him up. At the end of the month it’s better to have abetter riding horse than a shiny tail.-You shouldn’t be peddling your horse with your legs. If you are,after a while you’ll have to get off and walk for a walk to get arest.-Handfeeding isn’t loving your horse. Direction and guidance isloving your horse. Otherwise they can start to see you as theirwaiter!-Get him ready to do it. The horse will take care of doingit.-When you turn them out good, they come back in better. When youturn them out bad, they come back in worse. They don’t learn anymore but they get more sure about it.-If you are on the right path, you are only going to getbetter.-The best riders are usually the best students who listen, try andpractise.
Cute Pets Driving School Free 1.1 APK
Choose your favorite pet and start yourdriving adventure around town in this new and totally enjoyable carrace game!Looking for a relaxing yet fun racing game to while away thetime? Hit the download button now for a unique driving experiencethat adults and kids alike will definitely love!“Welcome to Cute Pets Driving School. Please choose yourfavorite pet and get into your car. Strap on your seatbelt andstart the ignition. Get ready for the ultimate animal adventureride of your life!”Game Features:• Play multiplayer mode and challenge your friends!• Earn coins and unlock various in-game items• Amazingly cute and lovable pets!• HD graphics and realistic animal sounds• Simple game controls for more driving fun!• Challenging levels and intense gameplayYou can’t resist these cute and furry animal friends. Take themfor a drive around town and you’ll find a fun and exciting journeythat you’d want to play again and again! Avoid rampaging elephants,giant tortoises, wild brown bears, swooping birds, and scarysnakes! Simply tap the phone to dash in and out or zigzag your wayaround these creatures. Collect as many coins as you can to unlockother pets and cars and scores of other fun items!Compare your scores or level accomplishments and enjoy the gamewith your family or friends!Cute Pets Driving School Free is developed by Chocolate LabGames. Feel the need for more action adventures or racingchallenges? Check out our other awesome games at:www.chocolatelabgames.com
Pony Lessons Quiz 1.4 APK
The art of horsemanship begins with ponies. Principals, beliefs andmethods are learned and developed as a young rider. This app willhelp students to learn to understand ponies and work safely andknowledgeably with them, all while having fun! This app includes 12quizzes and 136 fun questions on all aspects of working with a ponykindly and taking care of a pony, written by Elaine Heney, IrishHorsemanship Trainer. Quiz topics include:• Gentle horsemanship•Pony behaviour• Making learning easy• Being a good teacher• Partsof the horse• What ponies need• What you need• Ponies andhorseboxes• Healthy ponies• Pony secrets• Principals and safety•Pony training
Miami Streets Mobster Racing 1.1 APK
Drive like a gangster in the streets of Miamiand battle it out with cops and mobsters in the most intenserivalry in the city!“An absolutely HOT racing game!”“Definitely suspenseful and exciting…”Cool beaches, wild nights, hot girls, and the wildest andhottest mob rivalry in the world…Welcome to the Magic City!Play as the infamous Lucky Scarnelli and prowl the streets ofMiami to chase down rival mobsters; or as the beautiful OfficerGiannina Capello and hunt down all gangsters in the City or evenLucky Scarnelli himself! But what will happen when the two finallymeet? Play now and find out!!!GAME FEATURES:• Thrilling car chases and showdowns• Fast-paced and totally immersive!• Simple and comprehensive driving controls• Dynamic gameplay• HD race graphics• Realistic car sounds and crash effects• Compete against your friends in multiplayer mode!• Online leaderboards• Unlockable sports cars and many moreWith stunning visuals and exciting car pursuits, this gamedefinitely promises countless hours of gaming fun. Select your rideand character and plunge into a hair-raising adventure. Develop andmaster your daredevil driving skills as you dash in and out oftraffic while evading your pursuers. The cops are hot on yourheels, and your rivals are waiting to pounce on you when you make amistake. It’s gonna be a non-stop action racing fun.Collect as many coins as you can to unlock other awesome cars.You can play with your friends in online multiplayer and compareyour scores in the leaderboards.The City of Miami is your turf. Do you have what it takes tofight for it?Miami Streets Mobster Racing is developed by Chocolate LabGames. Feel the need for more action adventures or racingchallenges? Check out our other awesome games at:www.chocolatelabgames.com
Horse Quotes And Sayings 1.0 APK
The worst part of riding is when you dismount,heaven is on the back of a horse, and people come and go but horsesleave hoof prints on your heart! If you believe that no hour oflife is wasted that is spent in the saddle, then our ‘Horse Quotes’app is for you! Browse our collection of horse quotes and gets lotsof inspiration and updates for your facebook and twitterpages!Test your knowledge in our fun horse quotes quiz and check outOzzie’s video – straight from the horse’s mouth!!
Guess The Word Heads Up Game 1.1 APK
Guess the word that’s displayed on yourphonefrom the clues of your family and friends! Use handgestures,creative signals and funny clues of your friends!“This game made me laugh SO hard…”“Absolutely LMAO!”Looking for something refreshing to cheer up a dull day intheoffice, a boring day at home, or a drab social gathering? Looknofurther than your very own phone! Guess the Word will spice upyourday like no other game. You’ll have loads of fun from thedifferentgyrations, pantomimes, facial expressions, and bodylanguage ofyour friends or family!Plunge into a whole new world of fun and excitement withthisphenomenal guessing game in the app world today!GAME FEATURES:• FREE TO PLAY!!!• Lots and lots of categories to choose from: Animals Movies Famous characters Celebrities Musicians Sports icons Famous people in history Sports icons Various commonplace and everyday items And many more!• Take a video of your friends while playing and even share itonFacebook instantly!• Complete each level and earn bonus decks• Compare your scores in our online leaderboards• Just tilt your phone to slide in a new card• Play with your bestfriend, or the whole gang, or yourwholefamily!Guess the Word has an amazingly simple gameplay. Just chooseacategory, position your phone above your head so your friendscansee the word, and start guessing away! You can groupyourselvesinto a team and compete who can guess the most. You caneven add atime-limit per slide to add more feverish gesticulationsfrom yourfriends and more excitement in your game.It will be countless hours of 100% pure enjoyment. Andit’sCOMPLETELY FREE!!!Guess the Word is developed by Chocolate Lab Games. Feel theneedfor more fun, adventures, or racing challenges? Check out ourotherawesome games at:www.chocolatelabgames.com