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Edward E. Beals was one of the first people to write about theLaw of Attraction. Long before Rhonda Byrne discovered the secretthat one's positive thoughts are powerful magnets that attractwealth, health, and happiness, he already knew it.

What everybody wants in life is success - and that often, if notalways, includes financial independence.

No matter what a person wants to achieve, a lack of money willbe a constant obstacle.

But how do you draw money into your life? Is there a way to doit consistently and easily?

Is there really a fundamental and natural law of wealth which,once discovered, understood and practiced, will enable you toprosper in financial abundance beyond your wildest dreams?

Is monetary success just the operation of mere luck, chance oraccident - or is there something more precise and deliberate goingon that most of us have not noticed?

Read The Law of Financial Success and find out for yourself.

Although this book was written years ago, the text still soundsfresh and contemporary. The explanations of mental laws andprocesses are clear and concise and the exercises are simple andeffective.


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Esta é a versão PRO do Aplicativo "Leis paraConcursos Públicos". A versão PRO não possui propagandas, permite ainclusão de um número ilimitado de leis extras pelo usuário, nãopossui um limite de anotações que podem ser colocadas nas leis epermite o envio das leis com suas anotações e marcações por email,para continuar os estudos no PC, imprimir as leis anotadas ecompartilhar seu material de estudos com seus amigos.-----------------------------Estude para concursos públicos no seu celular ou tablet.Estude no ônibus, na fila do banco, onde você estiver.Carregar livros, montes de papéis e caneta é coisa do passado.Com esta app você tem acesso às leis mais comuns nos concursospúblicos do Brasil. Muito útil para advogados, estudantes econcurseiros.O toque em um artigo ou parágrafo faz com que o texto fiquedestacado, simulando caneta marca-texto.Insira anotações em qualquer ponto de uma lei, como se estivesseusando uma folha de papel. É a ferramenta perfeita para estudosjurídicos.Envie suas leis com suas anotações e marcações por email, paravocê ou para seus amigos, para continuar os estudos no PC ou atémesmo imprimir as leis anotadas em papel.Todas as leis incluídas na app podem ser atualizadas com o toquede um botão. Sempre que um usuário encontrar um bug, é só mandar umemail através da app que rapidamente ele é consertado.A app é instalada no sdcard (caso o seu dispositivo possua um),economizando memória interna.--------------------------Legislação incluída na App:- Constituição da República Federativa do Brasil de 1988, comtodas as alterações. Texto compilado.- Código Civil, com todas as alterações. Texto compilado.- Código de Processo Civil, com todas as alterações. Textocompilado.- Código Penal, com todas as alterações. Texto compilado.- Código de Processo Penal, com todas as alterações. Textocompilado.- Regime Jurídico dos Servidores Públicos Civis da União, Lei 8112de 1990, com todas as alterações. Texto compilado.- Código Tributário Nacional, com todas as alterações.- Código de Defesa do Consumidor, com todas as alterações. Textocompilado.- Código de Trânsito Brasileiro, com todas as alterações. Textocompilado.- Lei das Licitações (Lei 8666 de 1993), com todas as alterações.Texto compilado.- Código Comercial Brasileiro, com todas as alterações. 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Textcompiled.- Legal Framework for Civil Servants Union, Law 8112 of 1990, withall changes. Text compiled.- National Tax Code, with any changes.- Code of Consumer Protection, with all the changes. Textcompiled.- Brazilian Traffic Code, with any changes. Text compiled.- Bidding Law (Law 8666 of 1993), with all the changes. Textcompiled.- Brazilian Commercial Code, with any changes. Text compiled.- Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT), with all the changes. Textcompiled.- Electoral Code.- Military Penal Code.- Military Penal Code Procsso.- Statute of Advocacy and OAB.- City Statute.- Statute of Children and Adolescents.- Statute of Racial Equality.- Statute of the Fan.- Disarmament Statute.- Foreigner Statute.- Statute of the Elderly.- Criminal Law of Misdemeanor.- Law of S / A.- Law of Abuse of Authority.- Introductory Law to the standards of the Brazilian Law.- Public Records Law.- Poisons Act.- Law on Special Civil and Criminal Courts.- Brazilian Aeronautical Code.- CODE OF WATERS.- CODE OF MINES.- FOREST CODE.- CODE OF BRAZILIAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS.- STATUS OF NATIONAL MICROENTERPRISE AND SMALL BUSINESS.- STATUS OF THE EARTH.- STATUS OF MUSEUMS.- STATUS OF MILITARY.- STATUS OF REFUGEES.- STATUS OF INDIAN.More laws will be added constantly.It can be perfectly used as a Legal Vade Mecum for students,lawyers and legal professionals.Features: Search, returns the last reading point, zoom in, zoomout, tap on an article or paragraph simulates highlighter pencode------------------------Looking for ebooks? 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The Complete Book, 1st Edition 1910 - FREE------------------------------------------ The Science of GettingRich, by Wallace D. Wattles. The 100-year-old book that inspiredRhonda Byrne's bestselling The Secret. Live your dreams and acquirewealth. Learn a proven method for success and access your innerstrength. Realize your potential. Rediscover the original versionof Wallace D. Wattles's 1910 classic, The Science of Getting Rich,the forerunner of every personal finance and self-help book everwritten. Explore the principles that have shown generations ofreaders the way to riches and fulfillment in life. The book, as itturns out, is about getting rich - not only in terms of money butin every possible way, including relationships and health. "As Iread, it became clear that what Wattles was presenting is actuallythe science of life. He wrote The Science of Getting Rich in 1910for the coal miners in his area, so the book is quite short and thelanguage is simple. He doesn't get into philosophies or theories.He doesn't explain why or how it works. He just says, 'Do what Isay and your life will completely change.'" - Rhonda Byrne,executive producer of The Secret, as quoted in "You've Got To ReadThis Book!" ---------------------- Looking for ebooks? Take a lookat other classic books we've published on Google Play.
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Just shake your phone to automatically:Turn your screen ON and OFFPlay and Pause your Mp3 PlayerGo to the Next SongGo to the Previous SongTurn your Led FLASHLIGHT on and offPut the phone in 'Silent Mode' (also no vibrate)Put the phone in 'Vibrate Mode' (no sound)Launch an App - Any app you wantRaise the VolumeLower the VolumeYou can set up to 3 different actions simultaneously. Each axisof movement (left right, up down, front back) can be set to fire adifferent action when the device is shaken. ON THE FREE VERSIONONLY ONE ACTION CAN BE SET, ON THE X AXIS.It will make your life easier. It will prevent damaging thephysical buttons of your device. Avoid breaking your power buttonby automating the lock unlock action with a shake.Automatically turn your flashlight on without having to unlockyour phone. Make it work as easily as a real lantern.Launch your favorite apps by simply shaking your phone, withouteven having to go back to your home screen.Silence your phone by simply shaking it. If you ever forget toput it in silent mode and it starts ringing, you can silence itinstantaneously without having to turn it's screen on, unlock itand access various menus.Control your media player without pressing any buttons. Shakeyour phone up and down to play pause; left and right to go to nextsong; you decide it.IT WILL NOT DRAIN YOUR BATTERYMy main focus is on not draining the battery, and it won't. Let itrun for a day and then check the app's battery consumption. Itshould be minimal (as opposed to other "Shake to do something" appsavailable on Google Play).On the PRO version:1 - you can set 3 different actions to be fired, one for everyaxis of movement, instead of the single one available on the FREEapp.2 - no ads are displayed.3 - the user can choose to start the app automatically after thedevice is turned on.4 - the app can be set to unlock the screen automatically when thescreen is turned back on.5 - the app can use the proximity sensor to avoid accidentallyfiring actions when the device is on a pocket, for instance.6 - The device can be set to vibrate every time an action isfired.UNINSTALLATIONDue to the fact that the app needs admin privileges to run, if youwant to uninstall it you must do it by clicking on the uninstallbutton inside the app.COMPATIBILITYUnfortunately, on some devices the app will not be able to fireactions when the user shakes the phone after the screen is turnedoff. It's a hardware limitation of these devices, and there isnothing that can be done on the software side to avoid it. Forinstance, I've tested the app on the 'LG Nexus 4' and it worksflawlessly; on the other hand, on the 'Samsung Galaxy Ace' theaccelerometer sensors are turned off the moment the screen goesoff. If that is the case on your device, please send me an email(there is a button on the app to do it) explaining what ishappening on your specific case.PERMISSIONSPrevent phone from sleeping - necessary to wake the phone up afterit's screen is turned off.Modify Audio Settings - necessary if the user wants to set thedevice to 'Silent' or 'Vibrate' ModeCamera - Necessary to turn the Flashlight on and off.Internet - Necessary to display ads (on the free versiononly).Disable Keyguard - necessary if the user wants the app to unlockthe device automatically when the screen is turned on.Icon based on an original design by Timo Arnall, licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution License. Acessible (on september 2013)at:http://www.elasticspace.com/images/rfid_iconography_large.gifThank you very much Timo.shake to lock shake to unlock shake to turn screen on shake toturn screen off battery economy save power button protect powerbutton shake to play shake to pause shake next song shake previoussong shake lantern shake torch shake flashlight shake flash lightshake silent shake vibrate