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Succulents are one of the most beautiful flowers. They bloomthroughout the year. A lot of us wish to grow Succulents but do notknow the correct methods We will help you grow Succulents easilyand tell you what it takes to build a beautiful orchid garden athome. Our app covers several essential categories which take careof your needs. We provide a pre-defined checklist and also allowyou to customize features according to your needs and requirements.Here are few of the helpful tricks which will effectively help youdo it. This app provides a different kind of techniques fordifferent people. This app will organize and take into account 1.How To Care For Succulents Outdoors 2. How To Water Succulents 3.Succulents Representative Species 4. Succulent Plant Identification5. How To Plant Succulents Outdoors In Containers 6. How To PlantSucculents In The Ground 7. Types Of Succulents For Outdoors 8. CanSucculents Live Outside In Winter 9. How To Care For Succulents InPots Outdoors 10. Outdoor Succulent Garden Design 11. PreparingSoil For Succulent Garden 12. How To Water Succulents WithoutDrainage 13. How To Water Succulents In A Terrarium 14. How MuchSun Do Succulents Need 15. How Often Should You Water SucculentsWithout Drainage If you enjoy your experience and want to share itwith your friends and family then we will help you with that. Sowhat are you waiting for, download the app now and get going… Wehave EBook Recommendations as well as a place to submit your owntips and get a chance to be featured in this app. UPDATED REGULARLYFREE FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY</strong

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Have you ever wondered How to make Slime? We all love slime,because it’s such a fun learning and play activity! Download thisapp to discover how cool science can be, and how easy it is to makeslime. We discuss all the different techniques in this app formaking slime. Slime can be made in quite a few different ways, withglue, without glue, but it is essential to have all the rightsupplies before you start out. This app will help you prepare inadvance. Here are somethings that we discuss inside the How to makeslime app: • How To Make Butter Slime • How To Make Clear Slime •How To Make Fluffy Slime • How To Make Slime • How To Make SlimeWith Cornstarch • How To Make Slime With Glue • How To Make SlimeWith Shampoo • How To Make Slime Without Borax • How To Make SlimeWithout Glue • Ingredients For Slime • How To Make Slime With Borax• How To Make Fluffy Slime Without Glue • How To Make Slime LessSticky • How To Make Slime With Shaving Cream • How To Make SlimeWith Baking Soda • How To Make Slime With Laundry Detergent •Elmer's Glue Slime Recipe • How To Make Glitter Slime • How To MakeMagnetic Slime • How To Make Galaxy Slime • How To Make CrunchySlime • How To Make Slime With Contact Solution • How To Make GlowIn The Dark Slime • How To Make Slime Without Glue And Borax AndLiquid Starch • How To Make Non Sticky Slime • How To Make SlimeWith Toothpaste • How To Make Slime With A Glue Stick • How To MakeEdible Slime • How To Make Slime With Shampoo And Salt • How ToMake Slime With Glue And Water Only • How To Make Fishbowl Slime •How To Make Slime With Soap • How To Make Slime With Flour • How ToMake Slime With Body Wash Slime is always popular with kids, andmore importantly it is lot of fun. It is easy and cheap to make athome, but does require care and supervision. In this app we discuss9 different ways to make slime in no time. This App Is UpdatedRegularly Free for A Limited Time Only.
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HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT FAST If weight gain is an issue for you , don’tworry anymore as the how to gain weight fast app is here to yourrescue. Not only gyming but also proper informations on how to gainweight fast will help you. Using this app you can gain weight fastwithout any worries. Get the how to gain weight fast app now. HOWTO GAIN WEIGHT FAST FOR MEN 1. Eat more than three meals a day. ...2. Eat plenty of calories at every meal. ... 3. Stick to wholefoods loaded with nutrients. ... 4. Focus on protein, fats andcarbohydrates. ... 5. Make sure you drink plenty of water. HOW TOGAIN WEIGHT FAST FOR WOMEN 1. Don't drink water before meals. Thiscan fill your stomach and make it harder to get in enough calories.2. Eat more often. ... 3. Drink milk. ... 4. Try weight gainershakes. ... 5. Use bigger plates. ... 6. Add cream to your coffee.... 7. Take creatine. ... 8. Get quality sleep. HEALTHY FOODS TOGAIN WEIGHT FAST • Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts,etc. • Dried fruit: Raisins, dates, prunes and others. • High-fatdairy: Whole milk, full-fat yogurt, cheese, cream. • Fats and Oils:Extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil. • Rice,salmon HOW TO GAINWEIGHT WITH FAST METABOLISM 1. Increase muscle mass. ... 2. Liftthree times a week. ... 3. Keep workout volume low. ... 4. Usehigher weight, lower repetitions. ... 5. Increase calorieconsumption. ... 6. Decrease calorie burn. HOW TO GAIN WEIGHTNATURALLY 1. Drink 8 glasses of water every day to keep yourselfhydrated. 2. Eat healthy calorie foods like sweets, chocolates,ice-cream, and cakes that are rich in calories, moderately. 3. Cookfood in healthy oils and fats. 4. Consume more dairy fats like milkand cheese. HOME REMEDIES TO GAIN WEIGHT QUICKLY 1. ClarifiedButter and Sugar: 2. Afternoon Siesta: 3. Mango and Milk: 4. Figsand Raisins: 5. Peanut Butter: 6. Potatoes: 7. Nuts: SKINNY’S GUIDETO GAIN WEIGHT Find out how many calories you need in order to staythe same weight every day, and then increase your calories by 15%.You can do this easily by adding calorically dense foods into yourdiet, such as adding a few glasses of whole milk into your dietevery day or a tablespoon or two of olive oil into your meals HIGHCALORIE FOODS TO GAIN WEIGHT • Rice: a low cost food to gain weightquickly. ... • Granola: healthy, tasty, one of the best foods forgaining weight. ... • Peanut Butter: calorie & protein rich.... • Bananas: An energy dense snack on the go. ... • Tuna: A richprotein with healthy fats. HOW MUCH WEIGHT CAN YOU GAIN IN A DAYBecause 1 pound of fat contains 3,500 calories, if you eat an extra500 calories every day for seven days, then you might be a poundheavier at the end of the week. However, it takes several weeks togain a significant amount of fat weight, according to registereddietitian Monica Reinagel. GAINING WEIGHT WHILE WORKING OUT • Thosetwo conditions in your muscle fibers are the reason you may gainsomeweight. • Your body responds to the micro tears andinflammation in two ways that cause temporary water weight gain. ..• . You will also most likely experience delayed onset musclesoreness in the 24 to 36 hours after exercising. We have EbookRecommendations as well . **UPDATED REGULARLY** **FREE FOR LIMITEDPERIOD ONLY** ** HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT FAST APP TEAM**
How To Become A Pilot 2.1 APK
Welcome to the how to become a pilot app. Here we have all you needto knw to fulfil your flying ambitions. How to become a pilot appcan guide you to achieve your being a pilot dreams. Get how tobecome a pilot app and get all the informations you need. PILOT’SLISCENSE Decide what you want to fly. FAA's rules for getting apilot's license (certificate) differ depending on the type ofaircraft you fly. You can choose among airplanes, gyroplanes,helicopters, gliders, balloons, or airships. If you are interestedin flying ultralight vehicles, you don't need a pilot's license.HOW MUCH DOES A PILOT MAKE? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statisticsreports that the average salary of a Commercial Pilot is $73,490per year. The lowest-paid 10 percent of Commercial Pilotsearn$34,860, while the highest-paid 10 percent earn morethan$119,650 annually. FLYING LESSONS • Land Away Double FlyingLesson • Introductory Flying Lesson • Extended Flying Lesson •Aerobatic Flight • Land Away Triple Flying Lesson • Winch LaunchGlider Flight • Introductory Helicopter Lesson • TacticalHelicopter Lesson with Hands on Hover Challenge • Aeroplane PilotExperience and Lunch • Helicopter Pilot Experience and Lunch forOne • Extended Helicopter Lesson HOW TO BECOME A COMMERCIAL PILOT1. Step 1: Meet Basic Requirements. In order to obtain a commercialpilot's license, applicants must be at least 18 years old and ableto communicate effectively. ... 2. Step 2: Train as a PrivatePilot. ... 3. Step 3: Log Flight Hours. ... 4. Step 4: PassRequired Tests. ... 5. Step 5: Pursue Additional Certification. HOWTO BECOME A HELICOPTER PILOT Step 1: Do a trial introductory flight(TIF) with V² helicopters Step 2: Apply for an ARN (AviationReference Number) Step 3: Apply for an ASIC Step 4: MedicalCertificate Step 5: Start your practical training! Step 6: TheoryTraining Step 7: Pre-Solo Examinations Step 8: The Flight Test HOWDO PLANES FLY A plane's engines are designed to move it forward athigh speed. That makes air flow rapidly over the wings, which throwthe air down toward the ground, generating an upward force calledlift that overcomes the plane's weight and holds it in the sky. ...The wings force the air downward and that pushes theplane upward.PRIVATE PILOT REQUIREMENTS (a) Be at least 17 years of age for arating in other than a glider or balloon. (b) Be at least 16 yearsof age for a rating in a glider or balloon. (c) Be able to read,speak, write, and understand the English language. (d) Receive alogbook endorsement from an authorized instructor who:----Conducted the training or reviewed the person’s home study onthe aeronautical knowledge ----- Certified that the person isprepared for the required knowledge test. (e) Pass the requiredknowledge test on the aeronautical knowledge (f) Receive flighttraining and a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructorHOW TO BECOME AN AIRLINE PILOT 1. Obtain a College Education. ...2. Step 2: Gain Flying Hours. ... 3. Step 3: Earn a Pilot'sLicense. ... 4. Step 4: Complete Additional Tests and Training. ...5. Step 5: Work as a Pilot. ... 6. Step 6: Advance in the Field.COMMERCIAL PILOT REQUIREMENTS • Be at least 17 years old. • Be ableto read, speak, write and understand the English language. • Pass arequired knowledge test. • Pass a required oral and practicalflight test administered by a FAA designated examiner. • Holdeither a student or sport pilot certificate. HOW HIGH DO PLANES FLYIdeal altitudes are based on the aircraft, its weight, and thecurrent atmospheric conditions. For most airliners, that's between30,000ft and 40,000ft. We have Ebook Recommendations as well.**UPDATED REGULARLY** **FREE FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY** **HOW TOBECOME A PILOT APP TEAM**
High Fiber Diet 5.0 APK
HIGH FIBER DIET Welcome to the high fiber diet app. If you areplanning on to go for a high fiber diet, then this is all you needright now. The high fiber diet app will provide you with all theinformations you need for such a diet. Go on a high fiber dietusing this app. HIGH FIBER FOODS • Split Peas. Fiber: 16.3 gramsper cup, cooked. • Lentils. Fiber: 15.6 grams per cup, cooked. •Black Beans. Fiber: 15 grams per cup, cooked. • Lima Beans. Fiber:13.2 grams per cup, cooked. • Artichokes. • Peas. ... • Broccoli.... • Brussels Sprouts. HOW TO BURN BELLY FAT • FLAX SEEDS •ALMONDS • FRESH FIGS • BLACKBERRIES • BAKED ACORN SQUASH • RAWAVOCADOS • ARTICHOKE • UNPROCESSED WHEAT BRAN HIGH FIBER DIETRECIPES • Chickpea Soup I • Greek Chicken Pasta • Lentil Soup •Baked Beans, Texas Ranger • Baked Sweet Potato Sticks • ChickenFiesta Salad • Six Can Chicken Tortilla Soup HIGH FIBER FOODS LISTTO LOSE WEIGHT • Avocados • Asian Pears • Berries • Coconut • Figs• Artichokes • Peas • Okra • Acorn Squash • Brussels Sprouts •Black Beans • Chickpeas • Lima Beans • Nuts HIGH FIBER DIET MENUFoods Fiber (g) Calories Fat Carbohydrate Protein Breakfast 1 1/4cup steel cut oats (add water) 1 cup plain Greek yogurt (non-fat)1/2 cup fresh blueberries Coffee or tea Breakfast 2 2 egg veggiescramble made with: • Non-fat cooking spray • 2 eggs • 2 cups rawspinach • 1/2 green pepper • 6 sliced shiitake mushrooms • 8 cherrytomatoes Coffee or tea Lunch Choose one of the following fivelunches each day. Food Fiber Calories Fat Carbohydrates ProteinLunch 1 Turkey avocado sandwich made with: • 2 slices Ezekiel 4:9bread • 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard • 3 ounces deli turkey • 1/2tomato, sliced • 1/2 avocado, sliced 1 orange 18 g 485 15 g 61 g 19g Lunch 2 1 steamed artichoke - leaves and heart 2 tablespoonslow-fat ranch dressing 2 hard boiled eggs 1 apple Dinner Food FiberCalories Fat Carbohydrates Protein Dinner 1 Salad made with: • 1cup romaine lettuce • 1 cup spinach • 2 carrots, sliced • 10 cherrytomatoes, halved • Low-fat salad dressing 3 ounces grilled ribeyesteak, trimmed 1/2 cup brown rice 6 spears of steamed asparagus 11g 428 g 15 g 42 g 34 g Dinner 2 Burrito made with: • 1 whole wheattortilla • 1 ounce cheddar cheese • 1/2 cup mashed black beans • 2tablespoons guacamole • 2 tablespoons salsa 1/2 cup corn sauteedwith 1/2 chopped red pepper 12.5 g 488 17 g 73 g 22 g Snacks Chooseone or two of the following high-fiber snacks daily. Foods FiberCalories Fat Carbohydrates Protein Snack 1 2 tablespoons almondbutter 2 stalks celery 1 mini box raisins Snack 2 2 ounces almondsHIGH FIBER FOOD LIST FOR CONSTIPATION • Berries • Beans • DriedFruit • Whole-Grain Bread • High-Fiber Cereal • Nuts HIGH FIBERFOOD CHART • Split Peas. Fiber: 16.3 grams per cup, cooked. ... •Lentils. Fiber: 15.6 grams per cup, cooked. ... • Black Beans.Fiber: 15 grams per cup, cooked. ... • Lima Beans. Fiber: 13.2grams per cup, cooked. ... • Artichokes. Fiber: 10.3 grams permedium vegetable, cooked. ... • Peas. ... • Broccoli. ... •Brussels Sprouts. HIGH FIBER FRUITS • Apples, bananas, oranges,strawberries all have around 3 to 4 grams of fiber. ... •Raspberries win the fiber race at 8 grams per cup. • Exotic fruitsare also good sources of fiber: A mango has 5 grams, a persimmonhas 6, and 1 cup of guava has about 9. • Dark-colored vegetables.... HIGH FIBER LOW CARB FOODS • Flax Seeds: There is almost nousable carbohydrate in flax seeds. ... • Chia Seeds have a fiberand carb profile similar to flax seeds. • Vegetables that are closeto all fiber: Mustard Greens, Chicory, Endive. • Wheat Bran. •Unsweetened Coconut and Coconut Flour. • High Fiber Cereals. •Collard Greens. • Avocado, Hass. We have Ebook Recommendations aswell **UPDATED REGULARLY** **FREE FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY** ** HIGHFIBER DIET APP TEAM**
Camping Hacks 47.0 APK
Enjoy your camping spree with this cool camping hacks app. Feel theessence of adventure and camping using this app. This camping hacksapp provide you with easy and fast hacks that might be handy whenyou are out camping with friends and family. COOL CAMPING GEAR:Ramp up your adventurous spirits by taking the essential campinggears. Here is a list of the important camping gears : 1. Tents 2.Tent accessories 3. Tent spares 4. Sleeping bags 5. Cookingequipments 6. Power supplies & Tent lightning 7. Mats 8.Drinking and eating THINGS TO BRING CAMPING: • Sleeping Bag •Mattress Pad or Cot • Pillow • Hiking Boots • Sneakers • Tent(s) •Tent Poles, Stakes and Lines • Folding Saw • Lantern • FoldingShovel • Hot Water Pot • Group Size First Aid Kit • Spare StoveParts • Spare Lantern PartsTent Repair Kit • Toilet Paper •Flashlight • Spare Batteries and Bulb • Firewood • Ice Chest •Stove • Fuel • Fire Starter/lighter Fluid • Pots • Frying Pan •Plates WHAT TO TAKE CAMPING: 1. Tents 2. Tent accessories 3. Tentspares 4. Sleeping bags 5. Cooking equipments 6. Power supplies& Tent lightning 7. Mats 8. Drinking and eating DIY CAMPINGGEARS: • Go with Trash Compactor Bags • Replace your Tarp withTyvek • Freeze Drinking Water in Two-Liter Bottles • Replace YourStove with a Soda Can • Grab a Grate for Grilling • Make a Lanternfrom a Water Bottle and WINTER CAMPING TIPS: 1.WEAR A FIREPROOFSHELL 2.PACK AN EXTRA HAT AND GLOVES 3.EMBRACE THE PEE BOTTLE.4.USE THOSE STAKES 5.BRING THE RIGHT SLEEPING PAD 6.BOIL THE SNOW7.SLEEP WITH YOUR BOOTS HAMMOCK CAMPING TIPS: 1. Use webbing strapsaround trees or other anchor points. 2. Angle your hammocksuspension (rope) at around 30°. 3. Get a deep(ish) sag. 4. Lay onthe diagonal. 5. Insulate underneath 6. Guard against flying bugs.7. Protect yourself from rain. HOW TO SET UP A TENT: 1. Practicesetting up your tent before you go camping. 2. Find an area that isflat and free of sharp objects. 3. Unpack the tent and all of itsparts. 4. Unfold the tent and lay it in the respective area. 5.Stake down the corners of your tent. 6. Connect your tent poles 7.Assemble the frame of the tent. 8. Secure the rain-fly of the tent.FIRE HACKS: 1. Make Your Own Water Resistant Fire Starters Youneed: straws, petroleum jelly, camping matches, cotton and sandpaper. 2. These Cotton Balls Will Burn Under Almost Any ConditionsSoak cotton in alcohol before adding a coating of petroleum jelly.3.Empty film canisters make great holders for fire starters andmore! 4. Wax-Based Fire Starter Pods Collect enough dryer lint tofill a medium sized bowl.Use cardboard egg cartons to form yourfire starters. CAMPING FOOD IDEAS: It is always necessary to takesturdy,non perishable , nutritious and filling food stuffs whilecamping. Here is the list of a few: 1. Granola 2. Cereals 3.Oatmeal and raisins 4. Bread 5. Jam 6. Nuts 7. Coffee,juice and tea8. Pasta 9. Noodles 10. Vegetables and fruits 11. Eggs 12. Bacon Wehave Ebook Recommendations as well as a place to submit your owncamping experiences and hacks and get a chance to be featured inthis app. **UPDATED REGULARLY** **FREE FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY** **CAMPING HACKS APP TEAM**
Aquarius Compatibility 1.1 APK
Welcome to the Aquarius compatibilityapp!This app provides informations about Aquarius’s compatibility withthe rest of the 12 Zodiac signs. Aquarius is the 11th astrologicalsign in the zodiac arising from the constellation Aquarius.You can check how you can get along with the other signs using theAquarius compatibility app. The Aquarius compatibility app dealswith the compatibility level in terms of:* friendship,* love life,*job atmosphere and also* luck.The Aquarius compatibility app can help you find and choose theright people who define your life. The app informs you about yourstrengths and weaknesses so that using the Aquarius compatibilityapp you can understand yourself better.The Aquarius compatibility app can also help you choose a rightpartner for you. This app has various compatibility tests, gamesand quizzes for better understanding.Aquarius compatibility with various signs are:AQUARIUS & ARIESAQUARIUS & TAURUSAQUARIUS & GEMINIAQUARIUS & CANCERAQUARIUS & LEOAQUARIUS & VIRGOAQUARIUS & LIBRAAQUARIUS & SCORPIOAQUARIUS &SAGITTARIUSAQUARIUS & CAPRICORNAQUARIUS & AQUARIUSAQUARIUS & PISCESSo why wait? Just download and start.*UPDATED REGULARLY**FREE FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY*
Best Psoriasis Diet 1.1 APK
Welcome to the Best Psoriasis Diet app.If you are suffering from Psoriasis and confused about what to eatand what not to eat, then don’t worry. The Best Psoriasis Diet appwill provide you with all the information you need for such adiet.Best Foods to Eat to Fight Psoriasis• Fish and seafood• Carrots and squash• Grains• Lean meats• Nuts and avocados• BlueberriesEating Strategies To Help Soothe Psoriasis• Know the essentials• Pile your plate with antioxidant-rich produce• Limit your intake of alcohol (and cigarettes)• Don't overeat• Think bigger than foodFoods That Might Cause Psoriasis Flare-ups• Alcohol• Junk foods• Red meat• Dairy products• Nightshade plants• Citrus fruits• Gluten• CondimentsFoods That May Fight Psoriasis• Garlic• Fish eggs• Salmon• Gluten-free• Carrots and squash• Healthy grainsFoods to Avoid to Prevent Psoriatic Arthritis Flare-ups• Reduce your sugar consumption• Cut back on red meat• Limit dairy• Monitor fatsAnti-inflammatory Diet• Carrots• Squash and sweet potatoes• Spinach• Kale and broccoli• Blueberries• Mangoes• Strawberries and figsGluten-free Diet• Amaranth.• Arrowroot.• Buckwheat.• Corn and cornmeal.• Flax.• Gluten-free flours (rice, soy, corn, potato, bean)• Hominy (corn)• Millet.Vitamins and Supplements Diet• Alpha-linolenic acid• Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)• Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)• Cod liver oil• Salmon (sockeye)• Mackerel• Tuna fish canned in waterWeight-loss Diet• Emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free orlow-fat dairy products.• Include lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts.• Contain foods low in saturated fats, avoid trans fats, and limitcholesterol and salt (sodium).Essential Oils For Psoriasis• Tea tree oil• Castor oil• Lavender oil• Geranium oilWe have Ebook Recommendations as well**UPDATED REGULARLY****FREE FOR LIMITED PERIOD ONLY**** BEST PSORIASIS DIET APP TEAM**
How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs 1.1 APK
Do you how know to get rid of Bed bugs? Youcan treat bed bugs on your own, without calling in a Pest ControlTeam. Even though bed bugs are challenging to get rid of, due tothe fact that they can hide easily and reproduce quickly, with theproper approach and technique you can get rid of them once and forall.Along with that, you should also be aware that the egg stage of bedbugs is resistant to many forms of treatment, so they keep comingback no matter how many times you clean your bed. You shouldcarefully gauge certain factors to be able to get rid of bed bugspermanently:• Extent of infestation• Clutter around the bed• Site-specific challenges• Neighbors with infestationsThis app will teach you all you need to know about getting rid ofBeg Bugs. Some of the things we talk about in the How to Get Rid ofBeg Bugs app are:• Bed Bug Treatment• Bed Bugs Signs• Can You See Bed Bugs• Home Remedies For Bed Bugs• How To Check For Bed Bugs• How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs• How To Kill Bed Bugs• What Causes Bed Bugs• What Do Bed Bugs Look Like• What Kills Bed BugsAchieving complete control can take weeks to months, depending onthe nature and extent of the infestation, and everyone will need tocooperate and do their part.We will help you get rid of the pests.Before starting, you should lay out all of the steps on a calendar.This app will help you with that.This App Is Updated RegularlyFree for A Limited Time Only.