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Your feet are two of the most abused and oftenused parts of the body, what with all the walking and running thatyou do everyday. Yet when it comes to our health and beautyroutines, feet and toenails often get neglected. No matter what theseason is, it is always important to keep your feet and toenails intip-top condition. Learn how to care for your feet and toenails byhaving good hygiene, pampering them to heal soreness and callousesand getting medical attention when necessary


It's a common foot affliction that you can deal with on your ownat home. Be careful what equipment you use, though, since aningrown toenail can easily become infected. Start by clipping thetoenail straight across. Gently lift the ingrown part and slide atiny ball of cotton under it to keep it from growing deeper. Changeout the cotton every day until the problem is corrected.


1)Practicing Good Hygiene
2)Giving Yourself a Pedicure
3)Addressing Foot Problems

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