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With this application you will learn to paint in oil in the easywayand you will know the suitable paints and enamels watchingthetutorial videos that they contain. Following step by stepthetechniques of oil painting you will be a great artist, youwillalso know all the methods and advice. This oil paintingapplicationhelps you to have a good inspiration and ideas about theshadowsand lights in the images, mixing colors, the variety andsize ofthe brushes that you need to maintain perfect brushstrokes... andmuch more. Well, with this application with explanatoryvideos stepby step, you will learn different ways of how to paintbeautifuloil paintings step by step. Also the refinement trickswith simplesteps. You can paint a real picture with enamels, butthe mainthing is the shadows and lights so they look like realfigures.This application of learning to paint in oil step by stepcontainstutorial videos of: - Modern and abstract oil paintings andenamels- Photos of flowers and fruits - Enamels with surprisingcolors -Landscapes and forests of alamos and trees of all kinds -Authenticfaces and portraits - Beautiful natural and abstractlandscapes -Beautiful sunsets - Beautiful sunset on the beach -Faces of men,women, babies and children - Paintings for childrenand animals Theadvantage of this app to learn to paint in oil isthat it is inseveral languages, Spanish, English, Portuguese,simply by changingthe button from the top of the application youcan see the videosthat you like the most. This application oflearning oil paintingon canvas allows you to share its content inthe main socialnetworks and instant messaging applications. Inaddition you willmark the videos that you have already seen so youdo not repeatthem, since this free application contains a largenumber of them.So download the application, get ideas and tips,learn how to usethe palette to mix the colors and knowunforgettable techniques.You can share these video tutorials oflearning oil painting stepby step on social networks and friends.Thank you for downloadingthis application of Oil Painting onCanvas, free, we hope you likeit!

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With this application of rhythmic gymnastics you will havethetutorial videos that you need to exercise these dance exercises.Itis ideal for beginners as well as if you already havesomeexperience. The videos of this application are updated, soyoualways have the latest tutorial videos of rhythmic gymnasticsperday. The gymnast is accompanied by music for the rhythm ofthemovements, facilitating the exercises. This applicationcontainsall the concepts, techniques and methods of rhythmicgymnastics.Download this app with free rhythmic gymnastics coursesand sharewith them through social networks and messaging apps.Rhythmicgymnastics exercises develop harmony, elegance and beautyincreative movements, translated into personal expressions,throughthe musical, theatrical and technical combination, whichtransmits,mainly, aesthetic satisfaction to the spectators.Download it rightnow for free on your mobile device or tablet thisfree application,and become a rhythmic dancer. If you want to learnrhythmicgymnastic movements, this is your best app. This disciplineofexercises is a sport that mixes ballet, gymnastics and dance.Init, they usually use several elements for their practice: - Rope-Aro - Ball - Sticks - Tape These lessons of this disciplinedevelopharmony, grace and beauty. We have compiled the bestcompetitionsof recent years with exercises of Clubs, Tape, Ball,Hoop and Rope,so you can take them as reference Body expressionsand musical,theatrical and technical combination. The skills arevery varied: -Force - Power - Flexibility - Agility - Dexterity -Resistance Ifyou want to become a good gymnast, this app with thebest rhythmicgymnastics routine is your best free application.Videos with thebest exercise classes, with all kinds of informationandrecommendations from professional gymnasts. Discover eachmusicexhibition and rhythm we offer for your learning, by means ofthetutorial videos contained in this free application withexplanatorymethods and concepts step by step. Trainers givinglessons andperfecting skills so that you only have to follow theirsteps withthe movements of these tutorials. The lessons andmovements tolearn rhythmic gymnastics, you have them here. Discovereverythingyou can learn with this free application of rhythmicgymnasticsstep by step and with its easy lessons. Thank you forpurchasingthis app on how to learn rhythmic gymnastics, and if ithas beenuseful to you, your positive vote helps us to continuecreating newfree applications !!!
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With this free application of hair braids you will havethetutorials to create your own models of hair braids, would youliketo learn how to make hair braids like a real professional? Iinviteyou to download this application of hairstyles with braids oflastfashion. Do not wear more headbands, because here you haveyourfavorite hair models. The girls will look very beautiful withthemost impressive braids in their hair. All kinds of braids,incomfortable tutorial videos that you can see as they are donestepby step, in this fashionable braid app, while you practicewithyourself or with a friend. Each of the braids of thisapplicationare made in a simple way. Forget about headbands andhair bands,always look fashionable with the tips, techniques andtricks thatwe will teach you in this free application. Thisfashionable hairbraids app contains tutorial videos of :: - Makesure to wash thehair of the dyes and dry it well, do not leavemoisture in the hair- Incredible tutorial that will give youincredible ideas for afantastic hairstyle - The most beautiful andartistic braids ofsocial networks, in comfortable tutorial videos -If you want tomake braids with loose hair or watch videos ofhairstyles withbraids this is your free application You will havemany options tochoose your favorite style of braiding hair,including dyes to yourliking. In addition we will give you adviceon the color that isnow more fashionable. The free application oflong hair braids willhelp you find the most beautiful hairstylewith your long curlyhair by braids. African hairstyles for blackwomen. If this is yourtype of hairstyle you will also find yourvideo tutorial for thistype of braid. This application containsmany videos to make braidsstep by step and for the creation ofbraiding long hair. Be themost original of social networks. Rainbowbraid, hairstyle withunicorn dyes, horsetail, bows, braids, curlyhair, you decide!Here, all you have to do is free your imagination.This fashionablebraid app allows you to share your content on themajor socialnetworks and instant messaging applications. It willalso mark thevideos you've already seen so you do not have torepeat them if youdo not need them, since this app contains a lotof them. And if theapplication has been to your liking, from yourmenu, you can voteit. Learn all types of braiding for long andshort hair with thetips of this free braided fashion app. Thank youfor purchasing,downloading and sharing this application of freefashion braids,that you enjoy it !!!
Learn to drive cars easily 2.0.0 APK
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You have thought about learning to drive cars or any type ofvehicles or cars like taxi .... In this app to learn to drive carsyou will find the best methods, classes, techniques and rules tolearn to drive any type of vehicle. We offer you the best coursewith a great driving test tutorial manual for anyone who wants tolearn how to drive. Know the traffic signs and driving rules withthe steering wheel to know how to park properly and properly, whento change the gears, all about the clutch, when and how to step onthe accelerator, how to use the brakes, etc ... Different levels oflearning to be a good driver. With this manual with courses andlessons to learn to drive, you can learn how to park, when to pickup speed, distance between several cars ... Learn to drivevehicles: techniques and methods on how to: * Put on the seat belt* Learn to go back and advance with the car * Position of thesteering wheel * Use the flashing lights. * Learn to turn thevehicle * Learn to change lanes * When stepping on clutch andaccelerator * When and how to use the mirrors * Know the road signswell Many tutorials with videos explained step by step and directedby each instructor. The best way to learn to learn how to drivecars easily. You can know in these video tutorials many ideas,questions and basic rules for a good learning. You will learn howto drive cars easily, to park online, on a battery ..., to changegears, to use the pedals, brake, accelerator, clutch, steeringwheel ..... We will teach you how to drive the vehicle on the roadand on the road. You will learn all about the traffic lights andtheir colors to be able to take them later to practice on thestreet. And the most important thing is the safety in front of thecar and the driver, fear and doubt are not worth it. With practiceand these video tutorials of driving lessons you can become a greatdriver. Learn fast with these tutorials, with the basic rules tolearn to drive all types of vehicles. Download and share.
How to learn to Bordar fácil 1.0.0 APK
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With this application of learning to embroider you will havethemost suitable tutorial videos to start your creations,withbeautiful embroidery patterns, besides knowing also thematerialsthat you will need to do your work. With this app ofvideotutorials with courses to learn how to embroider easily youwillmake your creations with the threads of colors that you likethemost. This application is updated so that you always havemoreembroidery designs to make. If you would like to learn howtoembroider, this is your free application, it is ideal if you donothave knowledge and want to start as the best beginner. Inthisapplication you will find tutorial videos of learning toembroidereasily, such as: * Embroidery in embossed and nuancedembroidery *Learn how to embroider the cross stitch by hand * Bordathe machineand by hand and the threads that you need * Beautifuldots anddrawings with beautiful embroidery designs * Beautifulimages withbeautiful cross-stitch designs * All about embroidery,crochet andmacramé * Materials needed for embroidery with amigurumi* Typesand colors of threads and pattern creations * Completetutorials tobe a professional with these embroidery courses *Videos withcross-stitch embroidery lessons and patterns for avariety ofpoints Also all the techniques, tricks, methods and tipsto mixcolors, lines, fabrics, cotton, crafts, ways to fill andpierceflowers, backgrounds, knots, braids, creations, basictechniques,etc. . This tutorial teaches you everything you need toknow tocreate embroidery patterns and your necessary materials in asinglefree application. If what you like is to embroider yourclothes, donot hesitate, simply download our application with allthe coursesmodels and free embroidery ideas. If this applicationwith completecourses of learning to embroider step by step has beenuseful, fromyour menu you can rate it, your positive vote helps usto continuecreating more free applications like this one. You cannot downloadcontent from this application of embroidery designs,you can onlyenjoy it by streaming media. Thank you for purchasingthis freeapplication of "How to Learn to Border" easy and free ....thatenjoy it!
Benefits and properties of lemon 1.0.0 APK
Nerea Trillo
With this application you will have the advice and you will knowtheadvantages and uses of the use of lemon in the day to day.Lemonsare acidic for taste, but they are ideal for alkalineformation inthe body and very beneficial for health. In fact, theyare one ofthe alkaline foods, which makes them ideal for balancinga very acidcondition in the body, with a large source of vitaminC. Lemon juicehas many nutrients and benefits, not only is ithealthy for food, itcan also be used in many home remedies totreat many diseases andskin disorders. This application containsvideos with all thebenefits, uses, nutrients, properties and tipssuch as: * BalancespH levels * Cleans the skin * It gives youenergy and improves yourmood * Refreshes the breath * Hydrate yourlymphatic system *Benefits of drinking warm lemon water everymorning * Aids digestion* Clean your system, it is a diuretic *Stimulates the immune system* Prevents urinary infections * Helpto lose weight * Strengthensthe immune system * Improves digestion* Help debug the organism *Maintains the beauty of the skin Lemonsare loaded with amazinghealth benefits and, in particular, theyare a great source ofvitamin C, an essential nutrient thatprotects the body againstdeficiencies in the immune system. Thehealth benefits and use oflemon is impressive. Therefore we mustinclude them in the dailydiet. Its cleansing and healingproperties have a positive impact onyour long-term health. Lemonscan be obtained easily and at anaffordable price. This applicationof uses and properties of lemonallows you to share the videos itcontains through social networksand messaging apps, so that otherscan also enjoy this healing andhealthy health app for free. Thankyou for downloading one of ourfree application of remedies caseoswith the benefits and propertiesof lemon highly effective andhealing, that you enjoy!
Learn capoeira with music 1.0.0 APK
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This application of how to learn capoeira has the idealtutorialvideos to learn how to perform capoeira from the beginningwithoutdanger, you just have to follow the steps of the videos.With thisapplication you will learn Capoira from the beginning as abeginneror you can perfect your technique if you are alreadyaprofessional. Learn one of the best martial arts, capoeira,withthe videos of exercises that this app contains. You will alsofindvideos with exercises to learn Taekwondo, Karate, Kungfu,Boxing,Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu .... many more. To understand themovement,music and magnetism of Capoeira, we must explore thefascinatingtradition of art and its mysterious history. Capoeira isa story oftriumph and freedom. This application of learningcapoeira containstutorial videos of: - Negative - Paper - Armada -The Bancao - ElMartelo - The Macaco - The Ginga - Dodge - TheCocorinha - TheQueixada - The Balanca - The Meia Lua de Compasso, -The VingativaAfro-Brazilian capoeira is a martial art that combinesgymnastics,dance and music. Capoeira is an art form that mixesfight, dance,game. It is creativity, intuition, grace, strength,history andtradition. If you have always wanted to learn capoeira,this freeapplication is for you. If you like martial arts, you willenjoythis application of capoeira. Capoeira is a Brazilian martialart.Capoeira is an element of dance, acrobatics and music. A personwhopractices Capoeira is called capoeirista. There is aninterestingstory behind Capoeira. This free application of learningcapoeiraallows you to share your tutorial videos with lots ofexercises,music and dance. You will also mark the videos that youhavealready seen so that you do not repeat them, since it containsalarge number of videos of easy capoeira learning. Thank youforpurchasing one of our free applications of how to learneasycapoeira, that you enjoy it.
Effective Voice Training 1.0.0 APK
Nerea Trillo
With this application you will have the methods to improve thevoiceby means of tutorial videos in which they explain theexercises thatyou must follow to obtain it. The mobile voicetraining applicationallows you to train your voice with more than30 vocal exercisesexplained step by step that give magnificentresults, fullyexpanding your vocal range and learning to sing andvocalizeperfectly. This method of voice training is effective withtheseexercises, it works because it is easy to assimilate evenforbeginning singers, while the more experienced can correctthemistakes they have acquired over time. It works in both menandwomen, can be used by children or adults alike. This methodoftraining the voice with complete exercises works different areasofyour voice in each exercise. This is really amazing and itworks,while you work to obtain balance in the voice, you expandyourvocal range, imitating notes of different heights. As a resultyourmind, hearing and voice are coordinated, thus achieving thetotaltransformation of your voice. The main difference betweenthismethod and the others is that we concentrate on exercises,inaction, because the progress in your voice is only achievedwithconstant practice. We only add the necessary theory so thatyouunderstand how the technique works, then you put into practicethisprocess of voice training with these exercises and you willlearnto sing and vocalize as the best professional singer. In thisvoicetraining application you can find tutorial videos of: * Expandyourvocal range * Have adequate breathing * Security, trust *Accuratetuning * Balance in the voice * Quality of tone and howthis methodworks * Eliminate disconnections when singing * Singhigh notes andhigh ranking vocals * Also special techniques likevibrato Discoverall this and much more by downloading this voicetrainingapplication completely free, you can also share the videosyou likeabout the app through social media and messaging apps.Thank youfor purchasing this free Voice Training application tolearn tosing and vocalize perfectly ....., that you enjoy!
Crochet, macrame, amigurumi 1.0.0 APK
Nerea Trillo
Te gustaría aprender cómo se hace la técnica del crochet demanerafácil? Pues con esta aplicacion de crochet, encontrarálainspiracion para crear las mas seleccionadas prendas degancho,bufandas, sombreros, calcetines de ganchillo y crochet,patrones detodo tipo de ganchillo, tejer zapatillas para niños,bolsas deviaje a dos agujas, suéteres con puntos de macramé,mantasinfantiles tejidas , puntos de ganchillo de ponchos, floresdeamigurumi.... Aprende cómo hacer una prenda tejida rápidamenteyfácil con esta aplicación. Videos de tutoriales simplesparaprincipiantes. Esta aplicacion de cómo aprender crochet esparatodos los que quieran aprender este bello arte, sigue estetutorialpaso a paso en el que se pueden encontrar varios videosparaaprender a hacer ganchillo o tejer puntos de cruz. Descubratodo loque se puede hacer con los videos que contiene esta appgratuita deganchillo, las ideas más brillantes sobre todo tipo depuntos decrochet, con los patrones y diseños que necesita. Si ustedes unprincipiante o un experto es el momento de aprender. Todo estoesmuy simple, solo necesitas una aguja para crochet y lana, poresote hemos preparado esta aplicación en la que aprenderas cada unodelos diferentes puntos muy fácil de realizar. Si desea aprendercómohacer ropa de lana o crochet con facilidad, esta será suaplicaciónfavorita, ya que encontrará videos tutoriales de crochetparaaprender absolutamente todas las técnicas, trucos, métodosyconsejos sobre esta moda de ganchillo y todos los tipos deagujasque necesitas. La elección de la aguja a utilizar depende deltipode hilo que se utilizará, y es aconsejable utilizar laagujadependiendo del tamaño del hilo a tejer. Las agujas dealuminio seusan generalmente para tejer lana semi-gruesa o tejidosde punto,telas de ganchillo para ropa casual, accesorios comosombreros ycolchas o mantas para el hogar. Si quieres aprenderestos trucos ymuchos mas, no lo dudes, descarga esta app gratuitacon la queaprenderas de forma sencilla y progresiva a hacer tejidosaganchillo. Ademas esta aplicacion se actualiza para queaprendaspaso a paso con sus lecciones de crochet. Tambien podracompartiresta app o los videos que contiene por medio de redessociales, Siesta app le ha resultado util, desde su menu la puedesvalorar, suvoto positivo nos ayuda a seguir creando masaplicaciones gratuitascomo esta y otras que encontraras en sustore. !!!Esperamos quedisfruten de esta aplicacion gratuita decómo aprender hacertejidos a crochet!!!