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How to remove limiting beliefs A limiting belief is a falsebeliefthat a person acquires as a result of making anincorrectconclusion about something in life. For example a personcouldacquire a limiting belief about his ability to succeed as soonashe fails. Learn: What Is A Limiting Belief? How To DiscoverALimiting Belief? How To Remove A Limiting Belief? How To ReplaceALimiting Belief? Bonus Free Video “Binaural Beats ForManifestingWealth, Success, and Love”

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Seven Ways To Heal Your Throat Chakra What is the throat chakra?The fifth chakra, which is the first chakra totally on thespiritual plane, is located in the throat and governs communicationand creative verbal expression such as singing, chanting, readingpoetry out loud, and recitation. When the fifth chakra isilluminated, all the lower chakras transcend their limitations. Theanatomical region of the fifth chakra includes the throat, neck,shoulders, thyroid, parathyroid, mouth, tongue, jaw, larynx, andvocal cords. The sense is hearing, and the sense organs are theears. The Sanskrit word Vishuddha means “purity,” and I love thistranslation because it captures the true essence of the throatchakra. Its purity comes from speaking the truth that resides inour hearts. Pure means uncontaminated, clear, innocent, clean, orimpeccable. When you reach this level of consciousness, you areexploring the part of you that is pure. Inside this guide you’lllearn Seven Ways To Heal Your Throat Chakra Bonus: Binaural BeatsFor Chakra Healing Free guide “How to attract anything.”