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Have you ever tried to tie a tie, only toendup with a horrible tangled knot? Beginning with thesehelpfulinstructions, a sharp-looking tie, a mirror and somepatience, youcan become an expert in tying a fabulous tie. Becausethere areseveral different ways to tie a tie, this article listed afewseveral methods, starting with the easiest tie to tie.

On this App we will teach you How to tie a tie, easily! I’msurethat with some practice you will shortly be able to tie atie,easily, with your eyes closed. Today, there are 4 majortyingmethods: Four in Hand, Windsor Knot, Half Windsor Knot andthePratt Knot. All of these tying methods are basically similar onetoanother. The 4 Tying methods results in a different shape oftheknot, and size, fitting different kinds of fabric thicknessesofties, and the variety of collar shirts.

Four In hand is the most popular tying method. It’s alsothesimplest among the 4 major tying methods. The four In handlookselegant & and “cool” together and it will be great foralmostevery event. A little bit asymmetric.

Windsor knot is a symmetric and wide tying method,Consideredhigh-class tie knot. The Windsor Knot is a little morecomplex totie than the four in hand. Used only for thin-mediumfabricmaterials and for wide collar shirts.

Half Windsor knot is the semi-version of the full WindsorKnot.This tying method is a little bit thinner than the Windsorknot andprovides a combination of thinness while preserving thefullWindsor knot shape.

Pratt knot is a tidy & gentle tying method. Thinner thantheHalf Windsor, Good for thick fabric material. Fit almosteveryshirt & occasion.

The Bow tie is a popular type of necktie, which transmitsaformal and high-class look. The bow tie will suitable forformalevents (such a wedding or a ceremony). The most common tiedbow tieis a black bow tie.

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