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A specification generator for youridea,project, system to be developed.
Any project to be developed should be fully specified andwelldescribed to the engineer, programmer, designer. It means thatallterms of the project, parts, elements, their propertiesandfunctions must be exactly listed and explained.

This application may help to invent such specification ofyouridea.

You will need to create the lists of project results,initialinfo and functions that the system should have owing to thework ofdevelopers.

* Project results: what useful should be made by the system.Saya map with the found object you need to visit. Or somecalculationresult.
* Initial info: text, numbers, measuring requirements, files,infotables, samples, screen-shots...
In whole: data going to the input of the system.
* Functions: algorithms, calculation order, formulas,circuitdiagrams, drawings...
It seems, this is the most complex and unclear subject tobedescribed for the developers: these are those things to bereleasedby the system to get its results. Maybe these things arenotpossible in principle :-)

To be simple, it's released so: separate dialogue forthecreation of the results and source info, and thefunctions(accordance of the results and source info). And otherproperties,including pictures - in another more complexdialogue"Detales".

Long tapping objects is used for deletion and adding newitems.Single tap is, as usual, for selection and edition.

Now the app has the template forAndroid-applicationspecification order. Any other template can becreated, ifrequired. Result fields and source info fields of thetemplatecannot be renamed or deleted.

Please, inform about any error before making negativereview:it's just new app.

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AndrOrder 1.2 APK
Android application development calculator for the customers.*Select optional standards\specifications that are probably to bedeveloped* Set the qty of the variable fields to be processed (sayname\price\color\size...) - as the future user you have to imaginewhich initial variables are to be and what parameters the appshould give finally* Tap BACK and wait for the calculation result:work hours qty of a developer* Development cost can roughly becalculated by multiplying to developer's hourly rate (depending onhis class, experience and greediness :)RU interface only now, sorry- email me, if EN is really needed.
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An automated client-server service looking for the info that youneed to catch.It periodically checks the web-pages you need andalerts you, if it has found the text and digits you are lookingfor. Instead of you !Searching the offer, sales, news or job youare waiting is now much easy !Instead of hiring an assistant tosearch the info - you just specify the pages and info you need tocatch, and wait for the service alerts you when found.This clientapplication for a mobile phone can alert you by sound, vibration,send SMS or E-mail or any other way (you may order).Keep your PDAInternet-connected, to be sure alerted on time.For searching can beset:1) Words, delimited by a comma2) two digit ranges, app checksthe numbers if they are within the rangefound------------Unregistered version is unlimited by time, but haslimits:* one web-page URL is to be watched* auto-watching each 10hoursApp with the paid access have 3 URLs to be checked andwatching every 3 minutes.
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