1.0.1 / August 9, 2016
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HPE Intelligent Spaces for Meetings is asolution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise which bridges the gapbetween physical and digital collaboration using location servicesand intelligent workflow. This app is published as part of the HPEIntelligent Spaces Early Access Customer Program and is to be usedonly by organizations invited to participate.

App Information HPE Intelligent Spaces (beta)

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Arubapedia Mobile 2.0.1 APK
On your way to a customer meeting and want tofind out the latest on our products & solutions? Just pull upyour Arubapedia app to refresh your memory, quickly and easily!Created by the Sales Enablement team, this app features salesplays, the latest news, competitive info, customer references andmore.Looking for more information? Check out the Arubapedia site andSales Essentials information here:https://arubapedia.arubanetworks.com/arubapedia/index.php/Main_Page** formerly known as Aruba Quotient, hang tight as we continueour transition from AQ to Arubapedia, an even better app thanbefore.
Dell ClearPass QuickConnect 1.0.92647 APK
Dell ClearPass QuickConnect helps youautomatically configure your device to securely connect to yourorganization's wireless or wired network. Dell ClearPassQuickConnect offers an easy way for users to self-configure theirWindows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices to support 802.1X basedauthentication on wired and wireless.This application must be used in conjunction with Dell ClearPassQuickConnect server side software deployed in your organization.After installing the application navigate to the URL provided byyour organization to start automatic configuration of yourdevice.In most phone models, the QuickConnect application will getautomatically launched during network profile provisioning.However, in some phone models, a configuration file may getdownloaded instead. In such cases, click on the OPEN button thebrowser shows after downloading the file to launch the QuickConnectapplication and complete provisioning. You can also click on thedownloaded file in the notification bar to launch the QuickConnectapplication and complete provisioning.For more information visit http://www.dell.com.NOTE: A screen lock is required and set by the Android OS wheninstalling certificates needed for secure wireless network access.Once you no longer wish to connect to the secure wireless network,you can go to Settings > Security > Credential Storage andclick on 'Clear Credentials'. You would be able to reset the screenlock after this.
HPN Aruba Global SKO 2016 1.0.3 APK
Let's get ready to rumble! Global SalesKickoff 2016 is here to teach you how the combined forces of HPN +Aruba technology can help you beat the competition. This app willgive you access to personalized agendas, information on what'sgoing on inside the Tech Playground, wayfinding around theCosmopolitan Hotel and push notifications so you don't miss out onthe big events. Use it as a guide to figure out where you need tobe and how to get there. Be prepared to win the battle for networkdomination!
Atmosphere 2017 3.1.0 APK
Atmosphere is the biggest and best mobilityconference out there. If you’re attending, downloading this app isa must. Get personalized agendas, event information, TechPlayground happenings and more. Use this app to get turn-by-turndirections to where you want to go, and witness our technology inaction!
Aruba APJ Events 1.1.0 APK
Find out more about what Aruba is doing inyour region. The Aruba APJ Events app provides all the informationyou need for the events happening close to you.
Larry Roesch Chrysler Dealer 2.0.0 APK
Larry Roesch Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealer wantsto offer a very personalized and on-demand experience for theircustomers. Customers can download the dealership's free app fortheir Android or Apple iOS device. The app allows for real-timeinventory search of the dealer’s parking lot, info on service andrecalls, and special pricing on vehicles and parts.
Aruba North America Events 1.1.0 APK
Find out more about what Aruba is doing inyour region. The Aruba North America Events app provides all theinformation you need for the events happening close to you.
Atmosphere ANZ 1.1.1 APK
Meet, mingle, and app @ Atmosphere ANZ!Created by Aruba's Atmosphere team, this app specially caters toeach conference attendee with features such as personalizedagendas, way-finding and Beacon-targeted push notifications. Use itas a guide to figure out where you need to be and how to get there.Nothing's worse than missing out on all the highly anticipatedevents!