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You and your girlfriends are getting ready for an epic high schoolsleepover. You know that this is going to be the slumber party toend all slumber parties. Time to grab your PJs!What goes betterwith a slumber party than a spa day? It’s time to relax and havesome fun with your BFFs. You know that your sleepover is going tobe legendary. A spa theme is going to have everyone talking. Thespa treatments will help everyone relax. The makeup and the dressup will keep everyone in a good mood. You won’t want the night toend.How to Play:• High school is coming to an end• Time to have afun sleepover• Your slumber party will be a great time for a spaparty• Start with some fun spa treatments• Do each other’s makeup•Dress up time!• Try lots of different outfits• It’s going to be anight full of laughs and smilesYour sleepover is tonight. You can’twait to spend time with all your friends. Make it an awesome nightwith a spa party theme. No one will be able to ever top how muchfun this slumber party was for everyone. Download now to getstarted.

App Information HS PJ Salon - Girls Party SPA

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    HS PJ Salon - Girls Party SPA
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    January 10, 2017
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Mommy & Me
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This is young mommy’s first baby and she’s very nervous because itsnot just ONE baby, it's TWINS! Having babies is lots of hard workso good thing she has you to help! Keep mommy and baby happy andhealthy during her pregnancy by using your doctor skills. Check hertemperature, do an ultrasound, and more! Make sure mommy eats welland gets plenty of rest, but help her have fun, too! If you thoughtone baby is difficult, trying looking after TWO! Help mom relax inthe spa by cleaning her face and then give her a nice salonmakeover with new makeup and clothes so she’ll feel beautiful andbe even more excited about being a mommy! When the babies are born,the new mom will need your help taking care of the baby while sherecovers. Change the baby, feed it, and dress it up, too! With yourhelp, this young mom and new happy will be happy and healthy!Product Features: - Fun mommy, doctor, and salon game all in one! -Take care of two beautiful twins! - Easy to use controls for kidsof all ages. - Be a doctor! Check mommy’s temperature, performtests, and keep her healthy! - Be a makeup artist! Pamper mommy’sface, then do her makeup, fix her hair, and give her new clothes! -Be a mommy! Take care of the newborn baby by feeding, clothing,changing, and playing with it! How to Play: - Use interactivecontrols to select items and take care of mom and baby. - Performcheckups on mommy before the baby is born. - Give mommy a salonmakeover. - Take care of the babies when they're born.Lots of fun.Don't miss OUT. Play it now for FREE!
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