1.2 / October 21, 2014
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Finally, a game for you to forget about2048hysteria!

The main goal of the game is to merge random tiles in toahundred tile. 10+30+40+20=100 And many more combinations! Theonlyskill you need is basic math!

But the game is not as simple as it sounds!
Without a proper strategy it's really complicated to win.
Try it out yourself!
Become the fastest of them all!

App Information Hundred tiles

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Cube Skywars 1.3 APK
Cube Skywars - survive on hovering islands!For all Skywars fans! Search for loot, open chests, kill and pushyour enemies into the void! Use the fishing rod to pull enemies.Destroy islands by activating special explosive trap on the centralisland! Let the strongest one win!
Run Fizruk Run 1.21 APK
Well, just like the header says: the main goalof the game is to run. Run for your glory and respect.Show your power and speed to the rest of the world!
Tap Tap Bird 1.2 APK
Tap Tap Bird, is a simple but very nice application based on apopular flappy mechanics. Our main advantage is the best graphicsamong all the competitors. Pixel-perfect is our second name.Please give us 5-star ratings, this is the only profit we will getfor Tap Tap Bird and our team.Any body who is familiar with current mobile trends, have eitherplayed or heard about the original game.Tap Tap Bird is as perfect as the App-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.:)Have you ever wondered how this simple game with incrediblydifficult mechanics became so popular? Why flappy bird? Out of allcrazy and funny games out there only this little bird skyrocketedto the top of the charts and now this tiny flappy wings still keepsthe game there.But we, cg-level designers, couldn't stand looking at the crappyclones of our favorite flappy bird and decided to develop our ownversion, and our own vision. So there you have it, Tap Tap Bird, orTatTapBird, is an outstanding combination of flappy gameplay, andslick pixel-perfect design.You can now enhance your skill using our game, that from thegraphical point of view is way better. Our team of game lovers andmobile development professionals have meticulously designed an app,that you would admire even more!Thank you Flappy Bird for a great trend you started!Please for the sake of our small independent team rate our app,show us that you care and you love Tap Tap Bird as much as wedo.Please note: this game will get on your nerves, keep tap tappingand stay cool :)
Tap Tap Cat 1.0 APK
Do you have a cat?!If you do, we would like to congratulate you, as first of allyour are a really happy person and secondly, you can now entertainyour car on a whole new level!Our small team of cat lovers meticulously designed an app thatour pet will play and have a lot of fun!It's time to upgrade your cats training experience, and you can besure that you will have even more watching your loved cat playingwith the device!Game for cats is so funny that you may want to record your petplaying it on some video camera.If you love your cat it's a must have for you!IMPORTANT NOTE!This app is designed and developed for cats, it will sure be boringfor people to play!However it's an incredible fun to see your cat playing theapp!Best use on your tablet - it has more space for cat to play!We are a small indie team, please support us with positivereviews as we have huge plans of developing the application,turning it into a super-fun experience for your cat and you!Thanks for playing!
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Incredibly addictive 2048 puzzle game withsoftand fancy design.Challenge your skills and find out can you get to the 2048tile.Check leaderboard and compete with your friends!3 game modes available:1. Classic 2048 gameplay2. Time trial3. Endless mode.Some legends say that not only 2048 is possible, but 4096aswell, and who knows what's coming next.
Hundred tiles 1.2 APK
Finally, a game for you to forget about2048hysteria!The main goal of the game is to merge random tiles in toahundred tile. 10+30+40+20=100 And many more combinations! Theonlyskill you need is basic math!But the game is not as simple as it sounds!Without a proper strategy it's really complicated to win.Try it out yourself!Become the fastest of them all!
Walter Breaking From The Bad 1.0 APK
Disaster! Your van's brakes crashed!Now Walter has to run across the desert collecting meth fromthetruck. Help him to get the highest score and show all theworldthat he's the one who runs here!
Wurst Burst: Flappy Singer 1.5 APK
#beardpowerThis summer Europe will be flooded with the new single ofabearded... woman.The winner of a popular European Sining contest has become anewidol among bearded... women.Well why do we miss this odd trend?The main hero will set your eyes on fire and your mindswillexplode.So now a new bearded hero literally burns down everything he orshesees.Flappy bird step aside and check out the new bouncing icon.This may be a joke, or this may be a way of admiration, callitwhat you will.No offense, right?