1.3 / November 7, 2014
(3.8/5) (205)


Hunt to kill Zombies is a First person 3Dshooting game in which you have to survive by defending the fencesaround you as zombies are having an assault on your town & thisfence is main protection for your city.

In this zombie game deadly zombies attack in their numbers tobreak the fence & attack on city but you being a best sniperhave to kill them & dont let them get in to city to avoid theirrampage.

This zombie shooting game is unique because of health of thefences instead of player as normally player has the health. Attackon fence decreases the health of the fence. Player can defend himor herself by protecting the fences at front, right & left handside before the health of fence becomes zero & zombie crush soprovide solid defense to the city by killing all zombies with yourultra modern weapons.

Killing a Zombie adds $20 to your score. In Hunt to kill Zombiesgame player can purchase weapons by having enough score and onclicking the weapon icon you may unlock other weapons as well.

This is an action & addictive game & it has following 5weapons.
1. M9 pistol.
2. AK47.
3. Assault rifle M16.
4. Shotgun.
5. Grenade.

*** On the top left of the screen there are three fences displayedand below them is their health.
*** On the bottom left there is a navigation controller for playerto move the game character in the scene.
*** On the top right corner is bullet icon which displays no ofrounds are remaining.
*** Right before the bullet icon there is a Dollar sign whichdisplays the score of the player.
*** On Right side of the screen is a weapon button which shows theimage of current weapon and you can also navigate to next unlockedweapon with this button.
*** On the Bottom right side of the screen is a fire button.

App Information Hunt to kill Zombies

  • App Name
    Hunt to kill Zombies
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    November 7, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    THM Apps
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Price
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Ultimate Truck Driving 2017Love truck simulator, truck driving games and truck racing games?then play classical truck racing, truck simulator and truck drivinggame of 2017. All truck racing fans who has the dream to drive theartistically designed truck loaded with Cargo to transport, getready to play PK Cargo truck driver Transport & Cargo Truckdriving and truck simulator game 2017.This truck racing of Truck driving game and truck simulator gameyour task as the truck driving and truck simulator expert is todeliver all the valuable cargo on right time to the right personand only a truck racing expert can do this. Only an expert in truckdriving and truck simulator can complete this task in the desiredtime and become a truck racing champion by beating the time.In this lovely classical truck driving game & truck simulatorgame (evolved form of free truck racing game) you try and proveyour truck driving and truck simulation skills by moving variouskind of cargo loaded on the truck simulator 3d from one place toanother place successfully like a truck racing expert.Best Truck Simulator GameTruck driving games, truck simulator games and truck racing gamesare very popular now but the reason you must play our PK CargoTruck Transport 2017 is that we have highlighted the original andexact idea of what truck driving, truck simulation and truck racingreally means.Classical Truck Driver's MuscPlay excellent background music i.e. Rubab, Punjabi songs andAttahullah songs special truck drivers’ music in this free truckdriving and truck simulator of 2017.Drive truck carefully on hilly areas and grand truck driving on thehighway road with loaded cargo and drop on the target places.Traffic Rush – Truck drivingLot of traffic (Car, trucks, oil tankers and pickup van) also runon the road so prove your truck driving experienced, trucksimulator and truck racing expertise and official truck driver,complete mission without hitting other vehicles on the fast track.Only an expert Truck simulator and truck driving expert can beatthe time.The Rubab which is known as "the lion of instruments" and is one ofthe two major music instruments being used in classical music insome part of Asia. Truck used in the truck driving and trucksimulator game displays the beautiful photos, culture of Truckpainting that is popular in truck drivers and truck simulators andmost loved form of indigenous art and featuring floral patterns andpoetic calligraphy and we are sure that you will love to drive suchdecorative trucks and would accept the challenge.Its best truck simulator and tuck driving game of 2017 so all thosewho love truck simulation games and truck driving game havingpassion to drive long truck & trailers must try this one.How to Play PK Cargo Truck Transport (Best Truck Driving andTruck Simulator) Game:1. Accelerator button is on the right bottom side of thescreen.2. Gear is for forward and reverse.3. Brake button is on the left side of the accelerator.Features of PK Cargo Truck Driving & TruckSimulator:1. Excellent truck simulator cargo with artistic work & gamephysics.2. Complete the challenge in limited time.3. Excellent Rubab music at the background.4. Best Truck Driving and Truck Simulator controllers.5. Awesome 3D Environment & beautiful graphics.6. Traffic on city roads so be careful.7. Smooth control and different trucks.8. Beautiful truck texture and local photos.9. On screen brake pedals, acceleration, transmission and steeringcontrol in this PK Cargo transport that is basically a trucktransporter for tuck simulator very helpful for truckdriving.10. Better than any other truck racing games due to its uniqueconceptWe are thankful to Phool Patti Pakistan's truck artwork team fortheir support in providing design for PK Cargo Truck Transport2017, a new truck simulator and truck driving game.
Ultimate Wrestling Clash - Kung Fu fighting game 1.2 APK
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The two genders are obviously complimentaryand neither is superior. But both sexes have been claimingsuperiority over the other since long. The notion of who is themore powerful and superior sex has taken an unexpected turn in ourgame Ultimate Wrestling Man & Woman where two fighters havebeen itching like kung fu action games to go against each other inan epic war never seen before like battle of two squads to wagefight like real wrestling.For an exclusive fighting experience unlike any other try greatestKung Fu Type game. We know that deep inside you there lurks afearsome warrior waiting to be unleashed. So let him loose! Thegame lets you choose and control a character (Either male or afemale).Your hero battles one-on-one against his/her opponent in aunique addicting gameplay where loosing is simply not an option asa lot of pride is at stake.The game story revolves around two single characters a male and afemale not like a team. The game Man & Women makes us finallydetermine which of the two sexes is the best; when it comes tofighting for your pride and honor. The first fighter to knock outan opponent and win two rounds is the winner. Input fight commandson the screen to perform special attacks and deal serious damage toyour opponent. The beauty of the game stems from how approachablethe game is and how it can be enjoyed on so many different levels.The game has a lighter side to it that plays very much like apurified, simple fighter. The actual gameplay boils down to the ageold rhetoric that who’s better, male or female.Neither Takio nor karia is willing to back down from their claimand have decided to finally settle the dispute once and for allthrough a fair fight. With a robust and action-packed combat systemcoupled with immersive and impressive graphics, any fighting gamefanatic would definitely have a go at Man & Woman. The actionis sequenced masterfully, with every jab, punch, hook and kickfeeling natural and realistic. The game offers a compelling 3Dfighting experience so your fate is in your hands and you get outof greatest wrestling ring like a hero or zero in this wrestlingchampionship.The game is super simple to play and the players use only threebuttons for block, kick and punch. What makes the game even moredistinctive is that it pits two opposite sexes against each other,who want nothing less than admittance from his/her opponent aboutunequivocal superiority of their sex. So gals and guys give upfighting in the streets and blow off your teams with Takio &Karia.Features:- Most robust and intuitive fighting game- Most satisfying gaming experience- The odds are decided by technique and skill- On top of all that, IT”S FREE- Impressive visuals- Beautifully realized world and high kicking martial artsaction- Hours and hours of uninterrupted fun- Creative and downright fun- True 3D HD graphics- An awesome fighting game for android smartphones andtablets
Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting Game - 3D 1.2 APK
THM Apps
Dino Assassin proIn this dino hunting and sniper dino assassin 3d, dinosaurs arereal and they are here to reinvade the earth.Embark on the deadly dino and mysterious Jurassic 4d snipershooting kingdom called Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting 2017Gear up for tough dino hunting and sniper dino shooting and trickybreath-taking difficulty levels of sniper assassin dino shooting asyou got deadly all along from the ordinary fiend docile stegosaurusto terrifying T rex only with ultimate sniper dino hunting andsniper shooting app.Dino hunter game with different huge Jurassic 3d real pro huntingexpedition with big hunt maps with dino hunter simulator for realbit real 3d ultimate hunters.Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting - 3D makes it the free most uniqueaddictive fearful 3d game for kids.Jungle Dinosaurs HuntingJungle Dinosaur Hunting provides a Dense Jungle environment to findand hunt different Dinosaurs with one of the best sniper guns withhim.Dino sniper shooter enters into Jurassic jungle to hunt differenttypes of Dinosaurs with sniper shooting gun. In response of firstsniper fire, Dinosaur will react with full anger and rush to dinohunter to take revenge.Sniper shooting – Dino huntDino sniper hunter has to defend himself wisely and finally shootthe Dinosaur. This game now beat all other dino hunting games in2017.The challenge has to be completed within limited given time. JungleDinosaur Hunting contains multiple levels with increasingdifficulty levels.Dino sniper shootingYou have modern new sniper dino shooting and dino sniper huntingweapons like sniper rifles, pistol, light incensory machine guns,dino exe carbine, shotguns and AK-47.Since your life is precious, so we arrange multipurpose modernsniper dino hunting weapons to ensure your safety with sniper dinoshooter defense instead of being hunt down by mad dinosaurs.Jurassic dino huntingJungle Dinosaurs Hunting - 3D comprises of diverse thrilling dinosand it depends upon your sniper shooting skills so make sure to useyour sniper dino strike training on ground rather than sniperhunting species of underwater or normal jungle animals like deerhunting or wolf hunting world in lake in this action packgame.It is a test of your sniper shooter & dino hunting skillsbecause you can kill as many dinosaurs as you can with your killshots being a super soldier.So bravo & sniper shooter expert be firm, upfront and keep onhunting these ferocious dinos and don’t look back as you are a dinokiller not a deer hunter.Ultimate Dino hunterFor the first time in your life you will enjoy an unforgettablekill shot experience with a best sniper shooting game of Dinoshunting and you can have awestruck by the might of nature.We believe that if you are an energetic dino hunter and run fast tokill dinosaurs, you can catch your prey ultimately within no timeand success will be yours.Wish you to be a real dinosaur hunter hero.On successful completion of existing level, player will land onnext level with enhanced complexity.★★★ How to Play ★★★1. Successfully, Complete Existing Game level in given time tounlock next level2. Use sniper zoom to shoot at target with Sniper gun3. Navigate in jungle on swiping at left of your screen4. You can use zoom and then press shooting buttons to hit5. You can check help screen before playing★★★Game Features ★★★1. Dangerous Dense Jungle Environment2. Wild Dinosaurs out there to hunt3. Hunting Different Dinosaurs4. Smart and Smooth Sniper Gun5. Multiple Game levels with Increasing Difficulty6. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in jungle7. Excellent Graphics8. Best action game full of challenges and joy
Forest Animal Hunting - 3D 1.3 APK
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Hunting seasonForest (Jungle) Animal hunting & sniper shooting game providesyou a chance to hunt wild beasts which you might not been able tohunt in your real life.You as animal hunter enters in to a wild beast hunting adventurezone which is a dangerous jungle to hunt down your favorite andloving deadly animals with your animal hunting sniper shootinggun.These wild deadly animals are facing and watching out for any humananimal hunter. So, take the aim & hunt the beast before theyhurt you.Forest Animal Hunting - 3D is unique from other sniper shootinggames, animal hunting games and wild beast hunting games in a waythat you are facing the challenge.Wild hunting adventuresSniper hunting wild jungle animals is easy when one is aprofessional wild hunter but for an amateur animal hunting willendanger his life in trying to kill furious wild beasts ofjungle.Forest Animal Hunting - 3D is a brand new real hunting and wildsniper shooting experience which you might not been able to havelike this in your real life.Those who are afraid of risking their life of hunting wild jungleanimals can enjoy real hunting experience by playing Forest AnimalHunting - 3D.You are an expert animal hunter with a special precise animalhunting sniper gun to shoot furious and angry wild animals.Animal hunter – trigger shooterYou are an animal hunter and trigger shooter, you can kill bear,stag and after getting experience you will be able to kill fastanimals like cougar, bobcat and tiger.When someone gets into the territory wild beasts take it as aninvader due to which the animals get very reactive.So you as the animal sniper hunter should hold his breath and bevery patient.While doing bear hunting and wolf hunting be aware that they willbecome alert hearing the sound of your sniper bullet fire and willengage attack on you and if you are unable to hurry the survivorangry beast will take no time to find you and kill you.Animal sniper huntingYou as a wild hunter will get chance to hunt a deer but that is notthe catch, think about hunting animals like bears hunting, wolfhunting and lion hunting.This is the best 3d hunting animal experience on play store.Beat the fear inside your heart as Forest Animal Hunting - 3D willtake you to a ride in the safari jungles and then through the rainforests amazon.Animal hunting maniaWith each step towards the wild animal hunting and sniper shootingthe danger will increase.The best part is that Forest Animal Hunting - 3D will not make yousit with ease as animal hunting is not an easy task. It is acomplete adrenaline rush of animal hunting package.You will be provided with an advance animal hunting ammunition.Animal hunting sniper will be your best life partner in every levelof animal hunting mania.At the same time, you have the luxury and ease of upgrading yourlife saving ammo any time.This Animal Hunting Sniper android game called Forest AnimalHunting - 3D will give you the ultimate experience of wild huntinggames this year.★★★ Forest Animal Hunting - 3D Features ★★★1. Dangerous Realistic Forest Environment2. Wild animals out there to hunt3. Hunting among different animals4. Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt loaded with ordinaryammunition5. Different animals to select as target6. Multiple levels against each animal - easy to difficult7. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Forest8. Excellent graphics★★★ How to Play ★★★1. Select the endangered animal to target from Loin, Stag, wolf andelephant.2. Complete level by hunting all animals in that level to unlocknext level3. Take zoom shoot at target with Sniper gun; make sure animals areat your reach.4. Navigate yourself in the forest on swiping at left of yourandroid phone5. You can use zoom and then press shooting buttons to hit6. You can check help screen before playing
Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting 2- Dino hunting adventure 1.1 APK
THM Apps
Dino hunting seasonWe welcome you to play season 2 of world amazing hunting game“Jungle Dinosaur Hunting” in a dense and lush green Jurassic forestsurrounded by a long range of snow mountains for a lifetime dinohunting journey.Now, you are in the world of wild and angry dinosaurs with hugeskulls, large bone crunching teeth, powerful jaws and legs. In thisdino hunting game, you will come across with different dinosaurswhich are both herbivores and carnivores.You will face the deadliest and grand dinosaurs having wild teethover claws like Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus,Giganotosaurus and armored dinosaurs like Stegosaurus etc. It is anentertainment game with high quality graphics.This dinosaur sim starts from the Jurassic home base. In this dinohunting world and quest in the tropical amazon forest.Dino shooting wild huntYour mission is to destroy a certain amount of dino hunting on yourprehistoric predators at every level.If you'll survive in a dino thanks to your battle skills of theassassin, then each completed level you'll get a new more powerfulgun in your collection of dino hunting weaponry of snipershooting.In this dino hunter and sniper shooting arena age, craft your wayof dino hunting with sniper shooting to the full weapons arsenal tohave a choice of dino hunting weapons and to increase your chancesof survival.Dino shooter sniper hunterHunt and look at the realistic dinosaurs, from small to giant, fromherbivores to carnivores, in this fabulous simulation and huntinggame.This outstanding high-end sniper shooting game of dino hunting inthe jungles gives you the wonderful opportunity to search and diveinto the impressive super dino hunting adventure.You can rescue your life by a top speed run racing yourself fromdinosaurs or attack them in this dinosaur war dino shooting andsniper hunting game.Dino shootingYou have modern new sniper shooting and dino hunting weapons likesniper rifles, pistol, light incensory machine guns, dino execarbine, shotguns andAK-47.Since your life is precious, so we arrange multipurpose modern dinohunting weapons to ensure your safety with sniper shooter defenseinstead of being hunt down by mad dinosaurs.Jurassic huntingJungle Dinosaur Hunting 2 comprises of diverse thrilling dinos andit depends upon your sniper shooting skills so make sure to useyour sniper strike training on ground rather than shooting speciesof underwater or normal jungle animals like deer hunting or wolfhunting world in lake in this action pack game.It is a test of your sniper shooter & dino hunting skillsbecause you can kill as many dinosaurs as you can with your killshots being a super soldier.So bravo & sniper shooter expert be firm, upfront and keep onhunting these ferocious dinos and don’t look back as you are a dinokiller not a deer hunter.Angry dinosaur attackAny mistake in fixing the wrong dino hunting weapon system scopeangle may be fatal for your life as these are real angrydinosaurs.It totally depends upon your sniper shooting, dino hunting andfighting passion and adventure hunting tour of jungle world.Dino hunterThis Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting 2 got flying dragons, runningdinosaurs and fierce deadliest fighting type of dinos.Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting game features:** Immersive Environment with Water Lake.** Awesome and adventure jungle environment.** Amazing action pack game play.** Exciting game sound effect** Daring & most thrilling dino hunting quests.** First Person Shooter game play.** Extremely challenging.
Dragon Shooting Game 2018 1.4 APK
THM Apps
We are proud to release Dragon ShootingSimulator – 3D on Google play store, It’s best Dragon shooting gamefor young age boys & girls. It will test your shooting skillsto shoot the walking & larger flying Dragons in dragon city.Dragons are living near their Volcano house over the mountainshaving their own kingdom & habitat of area and while huntingthese monsters you have reached to their village where they areready to hatch and breed their next generation as its their raisingseason and volcano is also erupting in their city and Dragons arevery much angry and roaring for severe rampage so you have to shootthem with your sniper shooting guns on timely basis else in thisdragon game they could attack at you and your being master hunterget killed and you will loose this battle and your fate aswell.Dragon shooting game is best shooting game of 2015 for dragonhunter to shoot in a dragon city for your android mobile withexcellent graphics. Playing it is very challenging and exciting.You have to engage yourself in shooting the Dragons in a limitedtime to proceed for next level in this best shooting game.=>=>=> Game Features <=<=<=1. Dangerous Volcano erupted Environment2. Wild Dragons there to hunt3. Hunting Different Dragons4. Smart and Smooth Sniper Gun5. Multiple Game levels with Increasing Difficulty6. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in near Volcano7. Excellent Graphics8. Best action game full of challenges and joy=>=>=> How to play <=<=<=1. Complete a level successfully to unlock next level2. Take zoom shoot at target with Sniper gun3. Navigate on swiping at left of your screen4. You can use zoom and then press shooting buttons to fire5. You can check help screen before playing
Jet Fighter Space Battle 1.0 APK
THM Apps
Jet fighter space battle is advanced Aircraftfighting simulator that is involved in space battle. You have toshoot fast moving objects those are the invisible killer of spacelike black holes so you have to clear those objects to make spacesafer. In this space battle game you dive into new flight dimensionwhere you also have to disengage your Jet Fighter from the missiles& rockets fired by dangerous object at your jet so your have toprotect your Jet Fighter from the object in order to stay alive andmake your mission successful.Features:1. Enhanced 3D graphics.2. Fun action-packed combat flight game!3. Excellent almost real space environment.4. Smooth controls5. Hours of entertainment & full of challengesGame Play:1. Tilt left and right to follow the enemy objects2. Tap shooting buttons (Guided Missiles & bullets) tofire.3. Multiple view cameraThis game doesn’t contain any in-app purchase but justadvertising. If you ever dream to fly in space then make your dreamtrue by downloading Jet Fighter Space Battle and try it out, it’sFREE.
Offroad Luxury Car Drive 3D 1.2 APK
THM Apps
We're not all blessed with huge amount ofmoney to drive away the best cars on the planet, but Offroad LuxuryCar drive game provide you the opportunity to drive the best luxurycar on earth without leaving your house. We present thebest-looking knuckled tilt controlled Luxury car driving game thatis completely free on Google Play store. It is a fun game to playin holidays season, using accelerometer steering controls to driveon different tracks i.e. high mountainous hilly area, with inmountains and in the forest/jungle on snowy road by exploringdifferent levels of the game.Off-Road Luxury car hold all pretensions of realism and providesan over-the-top, high-octane game with all the fixings. Players canwork their way through the single player mode, and unlock newrides. The incredibly polished graphics and outstanding soundtracksmake Off-Road Luxury Car game an adrenaline trip you won’t forgetsoon. The track is absolutely huge, beautifully crafted, pushingcurrent generation smartphones to the limits. In this game playerneed not to worry about steering, all you have to do is perfectlytime your phone tilt.How to Play:*** Off-road luxury car game is a challenging racing game withincredible graphics*** A pumping alt-rock soundtrack and loads of tracks tounlock.*** Tough to master but insanely rewarding.*** Takes some practice to fully master the tilt basedcontrols.*** You control the car by accelerometer, meaning you tilt thephone, and this gives you some pretty impressive shots across theroad track too. The tracks and cars have a huge level of detail andlook very amazing indeed.Game Features:- Addictive vehicle-based game play.- Real-Life Impressive Physics- Hyper-realistic graphics- Ability to play in 3D.- Insanely enjoyable.- One of the best soundtracks on any game ever.- Responsive controls- Full & high quality HD Graphics- Very easy to control

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