1.2 / June 17, 2014
(3.9/5) (35)


Little Red Riding Hood she was tryingtocollect fruit to bring her grandmother, help her collect as muchasyou can for you. Very simple, just use your finger to drag anddroparrow, shoot as many fruits as possible. enjoy it!

App Information Hunter mini

  • App Name
    Hunter mini
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    June 17, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Brayang Studio
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email nguyenminhcaokhoa@gmail.com
    CMT8, Ward 5, District Tan Binh, HCMC
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Strike Back: Elite Force - FPS 2.6 APK
Welcome to the #1 FPS Experience for mobiles and tablets! Let’s go! Prepare yourself with deadly sniper rifles, assault rifles,machine guns and state-of-the-art military gears to join the direbattlefield to save the world. THE BATTLE IS NOT FOR WEAKLINGS !OVER 300 MISSIONS AWAIT. Be a brave soldier on the battlefield,strikes back the huge creatures in the sky, mutated spiders emergefrom the ground or the deadly machines can destroy everything inthe combat zone. Or you can become a silent killer moving throughdarkness, finding the best vantage points and take theall-important Kill Shot ! Maybe you are the frontline commando orthe professional sniper who can carry out impossible missions ?Whoever you are, hear the call of duty in your heart frombattlefield VARIOUS ENEMY SYSTEM In STRIKE BACK you must face: -Assault: Basic enemy, use assault rifle. - Machine: heavy-armedenemy, can throw Grenade and has more HP. - Sniper: armed withsniper rifles, this enemy attacks from far away and high above,along with RPG skill, they are real kill shot. - Healer: utilizesshotgun for melee attack, also uses HP-healing skill for themselvesand their partners. - Drone: flying robot, they can freely attackyou from above, with super fast machine guns. - Canon: Automaticmachine-gun robots. - Crab: deadly bomb-carrying creature, prone todestroying themselves and enemies with self-destruct attack. Youwill fight many bosses in the war zone. They all make a crisisinvasion. Your duty is brave BUILD ALLIANCE, AN ELITE FORCE Afteraccomplishing missions, you will rescue, recruit partners to theteam and cooperate with them in future missions. Each squad memberhas specific position and skill, and they are your effectivesidekicks at each battleground against this crisis invasion. -Soldier Hank: a commando, specializes in assault rifles and anexpert in grenade (grenade-throwing skill). - Soldier Jimmy: acommando, uses machine guns, also an expert in healing ( Skill :Heal HP for all team members) - Soldier Lena: a commando, usesniper rifle, an expert in RPG, our kill shot (a powerful skill,able to attack ground and air targets) Build powerful alliance, anelite force, Compete for high scores on your own or with Allianceagainst opposing Alliances in the modern combat, Your duty isbelieved to go to the war zone COMMAND AN ARSENAL OF DEADLY WEAPONWITH MODERN AND DESTRUCTIVE FIREPOWERS The specific weapon of thearmy for modern combat In STRIKE BACK you can equip weapons andsupport items: - Take to the frontline with Sniper rifles, assaultrifles, machine guns and secret weapons for kill shot, just forelite force. - Support items like grenades, RPG, medkit - Besides,if you are an expert in assassination, equip a Ghost Gun, a weaponthat causes fear in every battlefield - If you like to break outthe dead of frontline, here comes the machine gun , a weapon ofchoice in the frontline. Arm yourself with the best weapon to fightagainst this crisis invasion, Your duty is ready. GAME STORY Thegovernment has made a big mistake when they desired to raise thecombat capability of the army. They strengthened their soldiers bynewly discovered creature from Mars. Things got out of hand atrestricted area 47 when this creature had seized control of thestrengthened army. That become a real crisis invasion. Let’s joinJones to combat the enemy, doing the impossible missions to stemthe tide. Take the fight to the battlefield and save the world withStrike Back: Elite Force! Got any questions? Contact us athttp://rescue.brayang.com/
Hunter mini 1.2 APK
Little Red Riding Hood she was tryingtocollect fruit to bring her grandmother, help her collect as muchasyou can for you. Very simple, just use your finger to drag anddroparrow, shoot as many fruits as possible. enjoy it!
Fire Sniper Combat: FPS 3D Shooting Game 1 APK
Let’s go! Prepare yourself with modern guns to join the direcombatto save the world. Over 200 missions in campaigns Join theFPS waras an elite soldier! Shoot to kill and save the world! Thetime totake action and strike back is now! EASY TO PLAY Take cover,aimand shoot. Game rewards you for joining campaigns and Chest inthisgun game. Like all the action games, it rewards you forjoiningthese free and action-packed events in this gun game. ZombiemodeFight for survival in a zombie combat with the zombie shootergame.Choose a best gun to fight against the dead that are walkingtowardyou. Kill all the dead and don't leave any zombies alive! Areyouready for all the action and adventure in this awesomeshootergame? If you don’t want to be a dead, try your best inshooting andkilling in wonderful zombie shooting games. Event ModeReceive morerewards in many weekly events. Main Features Moderncontrol thatbring you a fun and addictive combats. Face thebattlefield fromdifferent perspectives. change and hide cover, findthe weaponscombination to win the battle in the ultimate killinggame. Supplyyourself with a huge real arsenal. You have never seenso realisticguns in shooter games, feel like a real front linecommando! Comeon, what are you waiting for, join and experiencethis mostexciting shooter game. Rated for 16+.
Strike Back: Dead Cover 1.1 APK
If you are a follower of shooters, you definitely cannot ignorethisshooting cover game Interesting Content Join the game as abravewarrior, you step by step complete more than 200missionrequirements, conquer through campaigns to save the world.Zombiemode Kill all the dead and don't leave any zombies alive.Ready forall the action and adventure in this awesome shooter game.If youdon’t want to be a dead, try your best in shooting andkilling inwonderful zombie shooting games. Fight for survival in azombiecombat with the shooter game. Choose the best gun, bestsupports tofight against the dead that are walking toward you.ImprovedControls In-game controls are improved to be simpler onmobile butextremely attractive, just Take cover, aim and shoot.AwesomeGraphics an attractive shooting game is indispensable forbeautiful3D graphics, the in-game campaigns are clearly shownthrough eachmonumental 3D Map, with burning effects making thebattle moreintense and more real. Additional Features - Offlinemode: helpsplayers play anytime, anywhere. - Online mode: helpsplayers storedata on the server. - Random rewards in Chests: helpsplayersreceive countless weapons, armor and auxiliary items forcombat.Come on! What are you waiting for, please experience thistop-notchshooting game. Disclaimer Strike Back: Dead Cover ShootingGame isa free game but it contains mature content and optionalin-apppurchases for real money. You may want to keep away it fromyourkids and younger boys.
Call of Dead: zombie land 0.8 APK
Call of Dead is a simple & fun strategy game! Let’s go!Summonheroes and soldiers and fend off the invading army of Undead.Inthis infinity journey, you will experience being a Captain ofthebattleship, gather your troops and build a strong desk tocrushzombie's base. Choose your heroes wisely in troop beforeenteringbattle: BigGunner to kill from a distance, a flying droneto rulethe sky? Or YoloShield to pierce the defense? Your decisionwillmake a huge difference between victory and defeat! ZOMBIEWORLDDefend your Ship and endure opponents scarier than any devilordemon! Break zombie's base while you slaughter the corruptcorpses.Gather your team of gladiators and send them one by oneintobattle! Use any means necessary to ward off the horde ofpixelcrazed flesh eaters! Slash, shoot or burn the dead withFirebttle,Lightning and Bazooka. Be direct and explosive or stealthkill youropponents. YOU WILL BE FUNNY WITH: * Action-strategy gamewith asense of humor * Resist against the onslaught of zombies andkeepyour Ship safe at all costs! * A huge world with numerouslocations* Plenty of survivor units and zombies * Collect andupgradevarious combat units! * Compete against global users inreal-timePVP mode! * Diverse and interesting Quest system * Easycontrol forfun gameplay for everyone! * Open treasure chests tofind powerfulequipment and legendary soldiers Easy to Play! Focusedon Level upand Strategy! Win the war against the Zombie Army! Savethe World!Various Characters and Missions! Are you ready to becometheGreatest Hero of all time? regain the world from the zombiesrightnow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LandingWar
Monster Match: Classic - Duel 1.3 APK
GAME PLAY Clear boards by connecting 2 monsters with up to3straight lines. CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS Playing friends iseasy:sign in with your Facebook account and you’ll be able tochallengeyour friends straight from the game. Challenge friendsanytime,anywhere and show off your skills. CHALLENGE PLAYERS FROMALL OVERTHE WORLD! Match Challenge/Tournament Mode: You can enjoy1:1Tournament on a real time basis with players from all aroundtheworld. Different Game Modes - Story Mode: over 200 levels -TowerMode: collect stickers when you win tower challenge and getlargegold when you collect a full stickerset.https://www.facebook.com/MonsterMatch.Brayang.Studio/#
Rock Them All 0.5 APK
Rock Them All combines of enemy shooting with high-speed rockmusicto challenge your concentration, responsiveness. Greatexperience.Difficulty of the level will be increased by high scoresyou gain,each difficulty is a new experience with new enemies andnewrhythm. Let's challenge your speed together! Game Play: ShootEnemyby the enemy's color as soon as the enemy touches the circle(blueright, red left), focus attention, raise your reaction!Features: -Many quests, many gifts - Play with your friends,ranking the world- Show high scores to your friends on facebook -Save your gamedata, share data from different devices. Support: Ifyou encounterany problems in the game, please emailtoRockThemAll.brayang.com@gmail. We will solve the problem foryousoon Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/RockThemAll.Brayang.Studio/