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This article provides information on howtogrow hydroponics is simple and can be done in yourhome.Hydroponics is a method or farming techniques using non-soilorgrowing media other than soil. Media hydroponic plants canberoasted husks, cocopeat, sand-gravel rockwool and other lan. Howtogrow hydroponics can be done anywhere on the home page ofyourexample, the container can use any pots, drums, cans of paintoreven a bottle of mineral traces.
How to grow hydroponics is well suited for application inurbanareas or urban areas, because many benefits includingspace-savingand environmentally friendly. Examples of hydroponicplants arevery easy for planting by planting hydroponics is a leafvegetablecrops such as cabbage, kale, pakcoy, kailan, celery, basilandother sebangainya.

It should be considered in how to grow hydroponics isdannutrisihydroponic growing media or hydroponic fertilizer. Makesure theplanting medium shaft enough so water and nutrients can beabsorbedby plant roots but also sturdy enough to sustainhydroponicplants.
Stages How to grow hydroponic
1. Seeding Seed
Seedling seed on the tray or container seedlings, use a seedthatgerminated above 80%. Media seedlings was good and commonlyusedare rockwool. Rockwool is very practical because it has ahighwater absorption and sterile. If the seeds are of the age ofmovinginto the growing media
2. Preparation of planting medium
Use a planting medium that can pivot husk fuel mixture of sandandgravel, or a mixture of sand and gravel rockwool. Place theplantin the media of containers such as pots or tin cans.
3. Providing Nutrition
Use hydroponic proper nutrition, nutrition in how togrowhydroponics is essential for plant growth. You can mix your ownorbuy hydroponic nutrients on the market. Nutrition can be a waytoflush manually morning and evening, or if you want morepractical,you can try to plant hydroponic system with wick or wickpleasecheck the image. Axis (can be from cotton, wick stove orrags) willdrain nutrients to all parts of the plant. The wicktechnique isone simple hydroponic techniques.
4. Treatment
Hidropinik care system is basically not much different fromthetreatment at planting conventional systems such as pruning,weedingetc.

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