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Hyperide offers a unique opportunity to travel at warp speedsandjump through wormholes to discover the far reaches of theUniverseexpanding over four breathtaking quadrants of the void.Duringtheir adventure, brave space commanders will need to findinthemselves enough courage to save the stranded astronautsandavenge them in grande finale. All this is just a taste ofwhatHyperide VR has to offer. Key features: - Astonishingdesigndedicated to VR immersive experience - Arcadeobstacle-dodgingaction in space - 3 different void quadrants and anold-school bossfight - Adrenaline-packed challenge - Highlypolished visuals andsound to make the outer space even more awesome- Hyper speed,ships, jumps, galaxies, multinational astronauts, andmany otherhyper features

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    Hyperide VR
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    November 29, 2017
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    Android 7.1 and up
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    Kool2Play sp z o.o.
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    Kool2Play sp z o.o. Al. Jana Pawła II 80/62 00-175 Warszawa Poland
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Hyperide 1.0.71 APK
Hyperide is a game in which players can rush in the speedyhyperships through a deadly asteroid field. In order to survive inthis non-violent top-down hyperspace arcade game, they need tomaster their evasive manoeuvers instead of simply shooting theoncoming obstacles.Hyperide offers a unique opportunity to travelat warp speeds and jump through wormholes to discover the farreaches of the Universe expanding over six breathtaking stages.Players will have a chance to challenge themselves with 600daredevil missions or test their skills and see how far they can goin the endless survival mode. During their adventure, bravehyperspace riders will need to find in themselves enough courage tosave the stranded astronauts… and their faithful astromutts! That’sall just a taste of what Hyperide has to offer. Feel the classicarcade inspirations and present it as a A-tier game available inFree to Play model on mobile platforms.Key features:* Arcademeteor-evading action – survive the dangers of space without everfiring a shot* Adrenaline-packed challenge without frustration* Twoways to play: a mission-based exploration or hard-core endlesshighscore run* Lots of unlockables achievements, and geeky sci-fiEaster eggs to discover* Highly polished visuals and sound to makethe outer space even more awesome* Hyper speed, ships, jumps,galaxies, multinational crew of astronauts, astro-dogs and manyother hyper features
Dungeons & Aliens 1.03 APK
Have you ever wondered what would happen if a classic tolkienesquefantasy world was attacked by pulp-science fiction monsters fromouter space? Now you can find out! Dungeons&Aliens is a free toplay mobile action game with space mutants, brave dwarves, andawesome magic. It combines swipe&slash controls (proveneffective on both aliens and fruit) and simple tower defense (aseasy as placing vegetation to stop the undead). All this makes upfor one fun and colorful adventure!• Fresh mechanics:Swipe&slash meets tower defense • Hand-drawn, old-schoolstorybook graphics• Upgradable spells for spectacular destruction•A comedic mashup of sci-fi and fantasy clichés• 60 challenginglevels to beat and to masterThe story begins with three Dwarvenmages returning to their homeland after a long and tiresomejourney. All they anticipate is a hot meal, lots of mead, and acomfy bed. The last thing they expect is… an alien invasion! Theancient City of Dwarves, its vast dungeons, and the volcanic cavesbeneath it are engulfed in panic, chaos, and terror! The hasty RedMage, the most daring of the trio, teleports himself into thedeepest depths of the dungeons, planning to fight his way up. Hisfellows rush to his aid. As lasers and magic missiles cross paths,an epic war of two worlds ensues!You will battle a whole gallery ofvile alien monsters from slimy grunts to floating, laser-wieldingbosses. You’ll make your way from the heart of the Dwarven dungeonsup to the surface, pushing back the invaders and defendingcivilians. There’s gold to be found on the way, powerful spells toacquire, and a whole underground realm to discover. Are you ready?
Messy Bird 1.1.7 APK
Messy Bird is an original and humorous hat-tip to the clichédmobile games theme. This arcade game tells a story of a bird thatfinally does what he was meant to do – poop! Messy Bird is allabout fast-paced gameplay, simple mechanics, beating the recordsand unlocking tons of content.STORYIn the face of imminent Earth’sdestruction the only weapon proved to have any effect whatsoever onthe alien invader is nothing else than bird droppings. With theeagerness fit only for the higher purpose Messy Bird begins hisflight over the globe in hope to save the world.KEY FEATURES•Simple and fresh mechanics• Short, fast-paced gameplay• Insanerecord beating• Loads of unlocks• The best poo-themed game sincethe 90sDISCLAIMERThis game is completely free to play but someadditional premium content can be purchased for real money. Alsoyou can unlock some content for real money. If you don’t want touse in-game purchases you can switch it off in your device’ssettings. This games contains advertisings for Kool2Play or 3rdparties products. You can disable your ad identifier in settings ofyour device.GENERAL:Visit our official site for more info:www.kool2play.comGeneral Inquiries: contact@kool2play.comMediaInquiries: media@kool2play.comCustomerSupport: support@kool2play.com
Clock Simulator 1.1.0 APK
Clock Simulator is a minimalistic rhythm game. It puts the playerin the role of the clock itself to explore the concept of time in awhole new way and offer challenge, relaxation, or plain and simplefun. All that a clock needs to do is to advance precisely onceevery second. Second, after second, after second, after second…Sounds simple enough? But could YOU take over and do it? Calm down.Relax. Focus on your inner rhythm. Tap once a second. Every second.You are the clock. Clock Simulator offers:- A unique concept of aclock-based rhythm game: you are the clock- Controls so simple youcould play with your eyes closed- A variety of play modes andthemes ranging from meditative to arcade- Option to unlock modesand themes you enjoy to play them at your own leisure
Estiman 1.12 APK
The creators of the acclaimed Clock Simulator, introduce ESTIMAN, adynamic, engaging arcade game based on one of the process our mindswork with every day - estimation. With combos you may keep going onforever (if you can!). Sweet minimal visuals appeals to youraesthetic sense, and adaptive difficulty level turns this simpleconcept into a compelling and satisfying game. Try it! ESTIMAN is:· A unique, endless game with original estimation-based gameplay ·A relaxing gameplay that keeps you in trance by engaging yourspecial estimation skill · Cool combos that make a skilled playerkeep going on forever · A minimal audio-visual experience thatevolves as you play and explore your aesthetic sense · A vastselection of game-altering modes and settings
Nice Slice 1.2.6 APK
It's a game where you try to cut things into as many little piecesas you can, without missing your mark. The cast of charactersconsists of some of the sharpest heroes ever. Visit their colorfulworld filled with choppable food and help them on their quest toachieve perfection, and make every cut a proper nice slice! Whatare you waiting for? Just play and chop-chop! - Pick your favoritecharacter among the cast of animated knives, and cut objects to asmany tiny pieces as you can. The more accurate your cuts are, themore time you get. - Discover exciting special actions, completecombos, and unlock more nice things to cut, as you progress - Honeyour precision and sharpen your skills to get extra bonus objectsto cut. Your score depends heavily on how difficult or even bizarreyour cuts are. - An advanced in-game physics system will help youor hinder your attempts at cutting. - Enjoy a nice, idyllic andpolished cartoon locations inhabited by colorful knives with manydifferent and unique features. - Master the art of nice-slicingunder different conditions – from a wobbly kitchen table, through arocking ship (first update) to zero-g conditions (second update).Soon available!
iHUGU 1.09 APK
Hug, hug, hug! Hug them all! Don’t forget about anyone :)We wantedto see people of different cultures, religions, political options,beliefs, races, skin colour, historical figures, fairy-talecharacters, celebrities and all living beings ;) pass to each otherthe sign of peace – a hug. In one place, in one game. We reallybelieve that this is possible. I Hug U.* A unique memory game abouthugging* Unique, positive, funny and non-violent world* Over 100characters to unlock, with many more to come* Character editor -mix heads with the bodies, over twenty thousands freaky mixes toreveal* 10 different locations, more to come* Several mini arcadegames about collecting green leaves* New quests every day* Greenlottery with special prizes and power ups* Global hug counter forcommunity challenge* The ”80s TV” mode availableHug everyone, butonly once, and don’t forget about anyone… Are you up to thechallenge? And remember – every day is a lost one if you didnot laugh… or hug… :)
Miner: Unexpected Gift 1.0.1 APK
What would you do, if you were suddenly gifted with a power tochange the world?Maybe the question should be different – whatwould you become?Enter the seemingly utopian world of highcybernetics and never-ending entertainment as a young, brilliantscientist assigned to secret project by a benevolent AI ruler.Through this text-based, narrative game you’ll discover that ifthere is a Heaven, there must be a Hell to match it. You’ll meetsomeone from a very different world, who will force you toreconsider your entire life and make decisions that can potentiallylead to revolutionary changes. But decisions shape people. Who willyou become in the end – will you bring the light to the people orlet your mind be drowned in darker motivations?Includes: - 8chapters of intense storytelling with lots of twist -Future-inspired story with a focus on person vs system themes andmoral consequences of one’s behavior - Decision-making system,which will let player voice their opinions and make crucial choices- 4 endings depending on the morals of the player character, shapedby their decisions