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The main objective of the congress is toexchange the experience acquired, both at international andnational level, in the field of speleological and speleo-underwaterresearch of artificial hypogea (man-made underground structures ofarchaeological historical interest), and to promote thepreservation of subterranean historical and culturalheritage.

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Extended Expo APK
Extended Expo – Un mondo di serviziIl progetto Extended Expo nasce dalla volontà di Telecom Italia edExpo 2015 S.p.A. di estendere a tutto il territorio nazionale le“best practices”, in termini di soluzioni IT innovative, inrealizzazione per Expo Milano 2015 e per i Paesi Partecipantiall’Esposizione Universale del 2015.Expo Milano 2015 rappresenta un’opportunità unica in termini diinnovazione smart e costituisce un incredibile generatore di “nuovaconoscenza” per tutti i partner che collaborano alla realizzazionedella “Smart City”.In particolare grazie alla realizzazione di applicazioni perdispositivi mobili, web e digital signage per alcuni eventi di ExpoMilano 2015 e Padiglione Italia, Telecom Italia sta proseguendo ilprogetto di sviluppo di piattaforme applicative Mobili, inclusivedelle tecnologie innovative quali NFC, Augmented Reality, VisualSearch, create per fornire informazioni, servizi e intrattenimentoal cittadino dalla Smart City di Expo Milano 2015 prima, durante edopo l’evento.Il progetto Extended Expo è aperto a tutte le aziende Italiane edestere interessate a innovarsi da un punto di vista tecnologico, adestendere la propria visibilità ad un pubblico che va ben oltre ilproprio territorio o segmento di mercato ed a fornire servizi aipropri utenti finali sempre più di qualità.Telecom Italia è da sempre impegnata nella digitalizzazione delpaese ed ha individuato alcune soluzioni tra cui: mobile apps, webapplications, soluzioni di digital signage etc, da proporre allapropria clientela in forma modulare, sia in termini di funzionalitàdisponibili che di pricing applicabili.Aderire al progetto Extended significa avere uno strumentoinnovativo, app mobile, portale web o soluzione di digital signage,che porta l’azienda pubblica o privata nel mondo della Smart Citydando maggiore visibilità dei propri servizi e prodotti al clientefinale.I contenuti del portale saranno facilmente navigabili attraversouna chiave di ricerca e sono organizzati per area geografica,tipologia di servizio offerto e/o settore di interesse (turistico,gastronomico, di filiera produttiva e altro) per permettere diaccedere a servizi e iniziative in preparazione per l’appuntamentodel 2015. Ogni azienda e P.A. dispone di una propria scheda dipresentazione che descrive il tipo di soluzione realizzata, lapropria provenienza geografica, l’area merceologica e l’attivitàcon link attivi per il download di App mobili e per il collegamentoa portali web.Extended Expo - A worldof servicesThe project stems from the desire of Extended Expo Telecom Italyand Expo 2015 SpA to extend to the whole country the "bestpractices", in terms of innovative IT solutions, in constructionfor Expo Milano 2015 and the Participating Countries at theUniversal Exhibition of 2015.Expo Milano 2015 is a unique opportunity for innovation and smartis an incredible generator "new knowledge" for all partners workingtogether to realize the "Smart City".In particular through the creation of applications for mobiledevices, web and digital signage for some events of Expo Milano2015 and Italian Pavilion, Telecom Italy is continuing thedevelopment project of application platforms furniture, inclusiveof innovative technologies such as NFC, Augmented Reality, VisualSearch, created to provide information, services and entertainmentto the city from the Smart City Expo Milano 2015 before, during andafter the event.The project Extended Expo is open to all Italian and foreigncompanies interested to innovate from a technological point ofview, to extend their visibility to an audience far beyond its ownterritory or market segment and to provide services to their endusers more quality.Telecom Italy has always been involved in the digitization of thecountry and identified solutions including: mobile apps, webapplications, digital signage solutions etc, to offer its customersin a modular form, both in terms of features available that pricingapplicable.Extended join the project is to have an innovative, mobile app, webportal or digital signage solution, which brings the company publicor private in the world of Smart City giving greater visibility ofits services and products to the end customer.The contents of the portal will be easily navigated through asearch key and are organized by region, type of service and / orarea of ​​interest (tourism, gastronomy, the production chain andmore) to allow access to services and initiatives in preparationfor the appointment of 2015. Each company and PA has its own formof presentation that describes the type of solution implemented,its geographical origin, the product area and the activity withactive links to download the App and mobile to connect to webportals.
Trentino Expo 1.1.4 APK
Feeding the planet: energy for life is thetheme of Expo Milano 2015. Expo Milano 2015 looks at human historythrough two aspects of food production: traditional cultural valuesand the use of new technologies.Trentino accepts this challenge, aware that it can boast valuableand distinctive features according to the theme of Expo Milano2015. The first one is the Dolomites, recently recognised by UNESCOas a World Heritage Site, representing an international touristdestination and a natural area maintaining the typical diversity ofthe alpine area. Trentino is also renowned for research, consideredto be a driving force for innovation and competitiveness of thearea. Finally, the products of the land, ambassadors for Trentinoat Expo 2015.Piazzetta Trentino and Convivio represent Trentino at Expo Milano2015Piazzetta Trentino is a small square covering an area of 80m²,situated along the main route running through the Expo displays,just a short distance from the Italian Pavilion. It is an area withvery high visibility, within which a creative installation will beset up – slabs of Dolomitic rock more than 7 metres high –dedicated to the spirit of matter and the Dolomitic environment,capable of attracting, thrilling and astonishing the visitor.Cloud computing intercepts the electronic devices of visitors toPiazza Trentino, in order to convey information, itineraries andin-depth information. It is here that the sponsors coming fromTrentino will present themselves from the beginning of August tothe end of October.From 10th to 16th of July Trentino becomes a protagonist in theItalian Pavilion with Convivio.The space is characterized by three main areas: presentation, whereTrentino welcomes visitors; the story, a programme to watch andlisten, immersing and enjoying oneself; closer examination, inorder to learn, understand and dream.Bringing the atmosphere of Expo 2015 alive in Trentino.A universal event such as Expo 2015 calls on the whole of Italy andthe various areas within it to present the world with the very bestof its cultural, tourist and environmental resources. Through thethemes inspiring the event, of extraordinary relevance and impactin the near future, Expo 2015 will become an opportunity forcollective reflection and will make it possible to experience thehundreds of places and communities that make Italy so unique andextraordinary.At the heart of the promotional, cultural, scientific and touristevents that bring the themes of Expo 2015 to Trentino there are 2concept stores: one situated in Palazzo delle Albere in Trento,near Muse, and the other one in Rovereto, in the spaces of theMart.The 2 concept stores host interactive exhibitions dedicated torecounting, promoting and exploiting the main food and agriculturesupply chains in Trentino, reinforcing the tourist appeal of thetwo main provincial museums – the Muse in Trento and the Mart inRovereto.Thematic exhibitions and cultural and scientific events animatemany other squares and cities in Trentino, thanks to anextraordinarily rich programme dedicated to tourists andresidents.The 2 concept stores and Trentino will be linked to Expo Milano2015 by a direct train on weekends. Milan can also be reached bybus, thanks to the “Euregio Bus” that joins Innsbruck, Bolzano,Trento and Rovereto to the exhibition area.The excellence and origin of food and agricultural products fromTrentino are certified first of all by the Qualità Trentinotrademark and by other certification marks, guaranteeing theauthenticity and healthiness of environments and cultivation andworking processes. The DOP mark has been assigned to the GoldenDelicious, Renetta and Red Delicious varieties of apples from theVal di Non, plums from Dro, Trentingrana, Spressa from theGiudicarie and Puzzone from Moena cheeses and Trentino Garda extravirgin olive oil, while the IGP mark has been given to trout andArctic char.
NapoliMovieTour 1.1.7 APK
If you love cinema or you just want to go insearch of lesser-known corners of Naples, Let yourself be guided bythe mobile app NapoliMovieTour.The app will accompany you on the discovery of the sets ofmovies filmed in Naples. By selecting movies and/or locations, youcan easily build your tailor-made itineraries, uncovering whatmovies were filmed in the place where you are, or in what placesthe movies you love were set.Thanks to NapoliMovieTour you can choose the sites that you wantto visit according to your interests and your needs. But, aboveall, you can relive the emotions linked to your favourite movieswhile being in the exact place where they were shot. In fact, eachlocation includes a photo gallery, brief descriptions of the movie,even videos that reproduce portions of the movies. So you canrelive the scenes that have remained etched in your memory in theexact places in which directors and actors have immortalized themwith their sensitivity and creativity.The app uses Augmented Reality functionality: exploring thesurrounding space with the camera, you can individualize points ofinterest and open content information associated with them.What’s more, it's integrated with beacon technology: an advancednotification system that uses sensors located at points of interestto transmit data to your device. The device can "talk" with thepoints of interest and send you information in real time, alertingyou when you are in the vicinity of the movie sets.
L'applicazione permette all'utente di essereinformato su come funziona il servizio taxi di Milano, le tariffefisse, le tariffe tassametriche. Inoltre permette di conosceretutte le iniziative promozionali che Taxiblu offre ai suoiclienti.The application allowsthe user to be informed of how the taxi service in Milan, fixedtariffs, rates tassametriche. It also allows you to know all thepromotional initiatives Taxiblu offers its customers.
Hypogea2015 1.0.0 APK
The main objective of the congress is toexchange the experience acquired, both at international andnational level, in the field of speleological and speleo-underwaterresearch of artificial hypogea (man-made underground structures ofarchaeological historical interest), and to promote thepreservation of subterranean historical and culturalheritage.
ProximityApp 1.0.9 APK
It allows the user to receive notificationsfordiscounts, promotions and coupons when near a store involvedintothe proposed commercial initiatives.The app can be used in an anonymous or registered way.Registered customers providing their own descriptive data aresentoffers, promotions and prizes targeted and tailored totheirinterests, needs and purchasing habits.
StartApp 1.0.0 APK
Quickly find what interests you, save favoritecontent, browse the map to find events and places around.Explore your surroundings with your camera and find points ofinterest around you.Activates the browser directly from the card details to reach aplace of interest.Then discover many other features that will make you appreciateeven more this application: click-to-call to make a call with asimple tap, access to the phone's browser to find the fastest wayto participate in an event, the search functions for free andcategories and the integration of the official Facebook and Twitterfeeds.And if you are using the application in the absence of coverage,do not worry! The latest update of all content is accessible in anyenvironment, even when you're not connected to the internet.
ARProtCivSicilia 1.0.13 APK
The official mobile application of theRegionalDepartment of Civil Protection (Emergency Agency) ofSicily is asupport tool to land monitoring, surveillance of sitesof interestand broadcasting of training procedures andinformation. Is aimed atcitizens, students and tourists of Sicilyand at operators,technicians and volunteers of the CivilProtection. The aim of theapp is to illustrate with cards andmultimedia contents the sitesand the attractions in the regionfrom the digitized archives ofcivil protection, in order to giveinformation (technical, outreach,cultural, etc) about theterritory and enriched by AugmentedReality. The application willmake available to the citizen and tothe technician information onsensitive sites and related hazards(risks of hydrogeological,sismic, volcanic and others but alsoescape routes, helipads, andareas of interest for prevention) andwill send alarms, didacticsor standards of conduct up to date innear real time. For thetourist the application will be a tool tolearn about news, pointsof interest, museums, events, culturalboards, "eat", "where tostay" in the region and to read and sharethat information onsocial networks. Finally, the app will provideinformation aboutthe sites geo-localized also through proximitysensors that willsend on-site, to smartphones and tablets photo,cards, text, PDF,videos, and everything else needed to improve thequality of lifeand knowledge of the citizen, to enrich the visitingexperience oftourists, to complete the survey or inspection of theCivilProtection operators.