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【i●PicPuzzle】 can let you choose the picturesas jigsaw source,

if you have 100 pictures, there are 100 puzzles,

if you have 500 pictures, there are 500 puzzles,

to move all pictures to the correct position,

it is the casual puzzle game for adults and children.

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    March 12, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    ling app
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知識達人 1.9.3 APK
ling app
【知識達人】是一款整合【國文、英文、數學、科學、地理、歷史】六大知識類型的遊戲, 不同類型各自有不同關卡與過關條件,動動腦筋與知識,破解所有關卡,你就是知識達人。 而且,透過排行榜,可以查看您在全球世界的分數排名喔。除了【自我挑戰模式】外,也可用【單機多人對戰】,體會獨樂樂不如眾樂樂的感受。另外,還有【閱讀學習模式】,可以用看的,也可以用聽的,讓你輕鬆學習無負擔喔。 遊戲特色:●【國文】:成語、近義詞、反義詞、錯別字、這字怎麼念、唐詩三百首、西遊記、三字經、弟子規、論語、中庸、大學、孝經。●【英文】:中翻英(單字)、英翻中(單字)、動詞型態、中英對照(句)、看字猜圖、聽力測驗。●【數學】:加減乘除、面積體積、對稱圖、旋轉圖、找缺角。 ●【科學】:人物篇、生物、地球、太陽系、星座、元素週期表。●【地理】:台灣景點、台灣地理、世界景點、世界之最、湖泊之最、河流之最、山峰之最、各國首都、各國國旗、各國地圖。●【歷史】:台灣歷史、中國歷史(周朝、漢朝、三國、唐朝、宋朝、明朝、清朝)、世界歷史。 [Knowledge Master] is agame that integrates six major types of knowledge: Chinese,English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, and History. Differenttypes have different levels and customs clearance conditions. Useyour brain and knowledge to solve the relevant cards. You are theknowledge leader.   And, through the leaderboards, you can seeyour rankings in the global world.   In addition to the[self-challenge mode], you can also use [single-player multiplayerbattle] to experience the feeling that the single music is not asgood as the music.   In addition, there is also [readinglearning mode], which can be used for viewing or listening, so thatyou can easily learn without burden.   Game features:●[Chinese]: idioms, synonyms, antonyms, typos, how to read thisword, 300 poems of the Tang Dynasty, Journey to the West, San ZiJing, disciples, Analects of Confucius, Zhongyong, University,Filial Piety.   ● [English]: Chinese translation (singleword), English translation (single word), verb type,Chinese-English comparison (sentence), reading word guess, hearingtest.   ● [Mathematics]: Addition, subtraction, multiplicationand division, area volume, symmetry diagram, rotation diagram, andmissing angle.   ● [Science]: Characters, creatures, earth,solar system, constellation, periodic table of elements.   ●[Geography]: Taiwan's attractions, Taiwan's geography, worldattractions, the world's most, the lake's most, the river's most,the highest mountain, the capitals of various countries, thenational flags, the maps of countries.   ● [History]: Taiwanhistory, Chinese history (Zhou Dynasty, Han Dynasty, ThreeKingdoms, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty),world history.
聰明達人 1.8.8 APK
ling app
【聰明達人】是一款整合【記憶、邏輯、撲克牌、拼圖、消消樂】的遊戲,不同類型有不同關卡與過關條件,動動你的腦筋,破解所有關卡,你就是聰明達人。而且,透過排行榜,可以查看您在全球世界的分數排名喔。 遊戲特色:● 記憶力:有【記數字、左左右右、配對消去】。●邏輯力:有【猜數字1A2B、數獨】。● 撲克牌:有【排七、大老二、撿紅點、九九、抽烏龜、吹牛、接龍】。●消消樂:有【積木消除、象棋大吃小】。● 拼圖:有【圖片拼圖、象棋滑塊、字母滑塊、圖片滑塊】。[People] is a cleverintegration of [memory, logic, playing cards, puzzles, gamesDiminshing music],Different types have different levels ofclearance conditions,Move your brains, to break all the barriers,you are wise up to people. Moreover, through the list, you cansee your score in the global ranking Oh world. The gamefeatures:● Memory: There are [remember numbers, from side to side,paired elimination].● logic power: there [Guess 1A2B, Sudoku].●poker: There are [row seven Big Two, pick up the red dot, ninety,pumping turtle, bragging, Solitaire].● Diminshing music: there is[building blocks to eliminate, eat small chess].● puzzle: there[picture puzzles, chess slider, slider letters, photographsslider].
撲克●大老二 1.7.3 APK
ling app
【撲克●大老二】是一款有趣的撲克牌【比大小丟牌】遊戲, 中文另稱為【鋤大D】或【鋤大地】,英文稱之為 Poker Card BigTwo, app 遊戲規則採用「台灣玩法」, 是一款看誰先把手中的十三張牌丟完,誰就是贏家。而且,透過排行榜,可以查看您在全球世界的分數排名喔。 遊戲規則 : - 比牌型,順序為 : ● 同花順: 數字連續,且花色相同。 ●鐵支: 四個數字相同。 ● 葫蘆: 三個數字相同 + 二個數字相同。 ● 順子: 數字連續。 ● 三條: 有一組三個數字相同。 ●一對: 有一組兩個數字相同。 ● 單張: 以上牌型都不符合者。 - 相同牌型,比數字: 2 > A > K > Q> J > 10 > 9 > ... > 3。 - 相同數字,比花色: 黑桃 > 紅心 >方塊 > 梅花。 - 順的大小: 23456 > 10JQKA > ... > 34567 >A2345。 - 13 張牌先丟完的玩家,就是贏家。 遊戲特色 : - 由你自己新建紙牌圖案。 - 提供 21 種紙牌圖案、18種紙牌花色、17 種數字樣式、3 種丟牌動畫。 - 紙牌圖案、花色、數字樣式、動畫、背景 多種組合隨意搭配。 -可以用分數解鎖紙牌圖案、花色、動畫。 - 點擊玩家,可以自訂玩家的圖案與名稱。 ● Big Two [poker] is aninteresting than the size of playing cards [brand] lost the game,  Chinese, otherwise known as Big 2 [D] or [dig the earth],the English called Poker Card Big Two,   app uses the rules ofthe game "Taiwan play"   Is a first to see who finished in thehands of thirteen cards lost, who is the winner.   Moreover,through the list, you can see your score in the global ranking Ohworld.   game rules : - than the card type, in order:  ●Flush: digital continuous and of the same suit.  Iron branched●: four identical numbers.  ● gourd: three + two digits thesame as the same numbers.  ● Junko: Digital continuous. ● three: a set of three numbers the same.  ● a pair: aset of two identical numbers.  ● Single: those who do not meetthe above card type. - the same card type, number ratio: 2>A> K> Q> J> 10> 9> ...> 3. - the same figure,more than color: Spades> Hearts> Box> plum. - Shun size:23456> 10JQKA> ...> 34567> A2345. --13 cards Xiandiucomplete player, is the winner.   The game features: - Createyour own card design. - available in 21 pattern cards, 18 kinds ofcolor cards, 17 kinds of digital style, three kinds of lost cardsanimation. - Solitaire pattern, color, digital style, animation,background mix and match a variety of combinations. - You can usethe score card unlock pattern, color, animation. - Click on theplayer, the player can customize the name of the pattern.
撲克接龍●排七 1.7.2 APK
ling app
【撲克接龍●排七】 is the solitaire game of poker cards, you put the cardsto sort from number 7 to up (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) or down (6, 5, 4,3, 2, 1), if you have no card to sort, you must throw a card, whengame over, it will show grades and the winner. Rules of the game: -The player that has the smallest lost points is the winner. - Thewinner can accumulate value from other players. (Open Score Mode) -The winner have a opportunity that you can see others' cards.Feature of the game : - You can create poker picture by yourself. -There are twenty one card pictures, eighteen card styles, seventeennumber types, four click animations, five throw card animations. -You can mix the card pictures, styles, number types, animations,and background. - You can use points to unlock more card pictures,styles, animations. - Click the player to define player's name andphoto.
撲克●撿紅點 1.7.2 APK
ling app
【撲克●撿紅點】是一款有趣的撲克牌【配對計分】遊戲, 英文稱之為 Poker Card Chinese Rummy,動動你的腦筋,加上一些運氣,看你能否成為大贏家。 而且,透過排行榜,可以查看您在全球世界的分數排名喔。 遊戲規則 : - A 配對9, 2 配對 8, 3 配對 7,..., J 配對 J , Q 配對 Q, K 配對 K。 - A 紙牌計分為 20分,9、J、Q、K 計分為 10 分,其餘按牌面上數字計分。 - 只有紅色牌,才有計分(另外有自訂遊戲規則)。 -在無法配對時,要丟一張牌到桌面上等待配對。 - 總得分最大者就是贏家。 遊戲特色 : - 由你自己新建紙牌圖案。 - 提供 21種紙牌圖案、18 種紙牌花色、17 種數字樣式、4 種點擊動畫、5 種丟牌動畫。 - 紙牌圖案、花色、數字樣式、動畫、背景多種組合隨意搭配。 - 可以用分數解鎖紙牌圖案、花色、動畫。 - 點擊玩家,可以自訂玩家的圖案與名稱。 [Poker] ● pickup the red dot is a fun paired cards [scoring] games,  English called Poker Card Chinese Rummy,   Move your brain,with some luck, see if you can become a big winner.  Moreover, through the list, you can see your score in the globalranking Oh world.   game rules : - A pair 9, two pairs 8, 3pairs 7, ..., J pairing J, Q pair Q, K pairing K. - A score of 20points card, 9, J, Q, K score of 10 points, according to theremaining surface of the score card number. - Only red cards, onlyscoring (Another custom rules of the game). - When pairing, tothrow a card to the desktop waiting for a mate. - greatest totalscore is the winner.   The game features: - Create your owncard design. - available in 21 pattern cards, 18 kinds of colorcards, 17 kinds of digital style, 4 click animation, five kinds oflost cards animation. - Solitaire pattern, color, digital style,animation, background mix and match a variety of combinations. -You can use the score card unlock pattern, color, animation. -Click on the player, the player can customize the name of thepattern.
i●Slot Machine 1.0.0 APK
ling app
【i●Slot Machine】 let you recall the child'sgame,you can touch screen to place bets and play this game,also you can set the points of each deduction,in addition, you can choose the style for game.
撲克●吹牛 1.3.2 APK
ling app
【撲克●吹牛】是一款有趣的撲克牌【比運氣、比判斷力】遊戲, 中文又稱之為【大話牌】, 英文稱之為 Poker Card Boast,誰最先把手上牌丟完,誰就是贏家。 而且,透過排行榜,可以查看您在全球世界的分數排名喔。 遊戲特色 : - 由你自己新建紙牌圖案。 -提供 21 種紙牌圖案、18 種紙牌花色、17 種數字樣式。 - 紙牌圖案、花色、數字樣式、動畫、背景 隨意搭配。 -可以用分數解鎖紙牌圖案、花色。 - 點擊玩家,可以自訂玩家的圖案與名稱。 遊戲規則 : -首先,每位玩家先將手中有【四張相同數字的牌】丟棄掉。 - 首局,由開局者先開始丟牌。 - 下局,由贏家開始丟牌。 -丟牌玩家可以說出正確數字,也可以謊報數字,下一位玩家則有【加牌 / 抓牌】二種選擇,若【加牌】,則只能與上一位丟牌玩家說出相同數字的牌;若【抓牌】,但丟牌玩家沒說謊,則桌上所有牌由【抓牌玩家】收下,且下一輪繼續由【丟牌玩家】出牌;若【抓牌】,但丟牌玩家卻說謊,則桌上所有牌由【丟牌玩家】收下,且下一輪由【抓牌玩家】出牌; -最後,誰先把手上的牌全丟完,誰就是贏家。 [Poker] ● bragging is an interesting poker[than luck than judgment] game, Chinese also known as [brand]lying, English called Poker Card Boast, Who threw the firstcomplete handle on the card, who is the winner.   Moreover,through the list, you can see your score in the global ranking Ohworld.   The game features: - Create your own card design. -providing a pattern of 21 kinds of cards, 18 kinds of color cards,17 kinds of digital patterns. - Solitaire pattern, color, digitalstyle, animation, background mix and match. - You can use the scorecard unlock pattern, color. - Click on the player, the player cancustomize the name of the pattern.   game rules : - First ofall, each player first four hands have the same number of [brand]discarded. - The first game, first start by the beginning who lostcard. - Under innings, the brand began to lose winner. - Playerscan lose a license to say the correct number, you can also liedabout numbers, the next player there [plus brand / brand] arrestedtwo choices,    If the card [plus], only the playeron a lost card to say the same number of cards;   If caught [brand], but lost card players did notlie, then all the cards on the table by the players draw cards []accept and continue to the next round of the cards by the players][lost card;    If caught [brand], but lost cardplayers was lying, then all the cards on the table by the players]accept [lost card, and the next round by the player to draw cards[cards]; - Finally, who lost the first hand of cards full finished,who is the winner.
撲克●十點半 1.8.3 APK
ling app
【撲克●十點半】 is the poker game that the sum of poker points can notmore than 10.5 points, and the sum can not be less than the sum ofthe dealer, in this way, you'll be a winner. Feature of the game :- You can create poker picture by yourself. - There are twenty onecard pictures, fourteen card styles, six number types, four clickanimations, five throw card animations. - You can mix the cardpictures, styles, number types, animations, and background. - Youcan use points to unlock more card pictures, styles. - Click theplayer to define player's name and photo.