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App Information i醫療新版測試 (Unreleased)

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    i醫療新版測試 (Unreleased)
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    August 11, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    WisFish.com (千夏資訊)
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    1 - 5
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    17F.-1, No.366, Bo-ai 2nd Rd., Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City 81358, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Huangdi Neijing 1.22 APK
Huangdi Neijing (simplified Chinese: 黄帝内经; traditional Chinese:黃帝內經; pinyin: Huángdì Nèijīng), also known as the Inner Canon ofHuangdi or The Emperor's Inner Canon, is an ancient Chinese medicaltext that has been treated as the fundamental doctrinal source forChinese medicine for more than two millennia. The work is composedof two texts each of eighty-one chapters or treatises in aquestion-and-answer format between the mythical Huangdi (YellowEmperor or more correctly Emperor) and six of his equally legendaryministers.
I Ching University 1.37 APK
The I Ching ([î tɕíŋ]; Chinese: 易經; pinyin: Yìjīng), also knownas the Classic of Changes or Book of Changes in English, is anancient divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics. TheI Ching was originally a divination manual in the Western Zhouperiod, but over the course of the Warring States period and earlyimperial period was transformed into a cosmological text with aseries of philosophical commentaries known as the "Ten Wings."[1]After becoming part of the Five Classics in the 2nd century BC, theI Ching was the subject of scholarly commentary and the basis fordivination practice for centuries across the Far East, andeventually took on an influential role in Western understanding ofEastern thought.
威力行銷CRA - 顧客關係管理 2.76 APK
威力行銷CRA -顧客關係管理,是一套專為提高銷售人員績效而設計的軟體,其目的在使銷售流程精準化,以協助您做到精準的銷售。威力行銷CRA -顧客關係管理,是一套專為提高銷售人員績效而設計的軟體,它包含了「顧客資料」、「顧客購買傾向分析」、「銷售流程系統化」等功能。其目的在使銷售流程精準化,以協助您做到精準的銷售。該APP為威力行銷之會員方可使用 註冊完成後,請洽管理員開通帳號 若非該會員,下載註冊亦無法使用
進銷存(批發業) 2.07 APK
本APP僅供本公司授權之客戶使用!試用請下載:千夏-進銷存(批發業)展示版進銷存(批發業)可以輕鬆掃描各式條碼,蒐集盤點數量,並將盤點的資料即時回傳後端管理系統,結合至現有ERP系統.---特點:* 支援 EAN8, EAN13, CODE39, CODE128, QRCOD...*支援多地區(倉庫/櫃架處)盤點與GPS合併記錄* 特定盤點地點之品項清單* 品項庫存統計報表* 退貨與下架作業*自動產生待進待出貨單* 進貨管理* 銷貨管理* 廠客資訊---# 需要完整展示或提供客製化設計請洽 mailto:[email protected]# 存貨盤點, 條碼盤點# Warehouse and InventoryManagement# Inventory Movement
機電工程mERP - 千勝機電工程 1.2.8 APK
僅供 千勝機電工程(股)公司 所屬員工專用.(需帳密與員工ID進行認證及開通)---千勝機電工程(股)公司創立於1997年,係一經驗豐富、品質優良,技術水準卓越的公司。千勝專業於儀電、機電、通訊、給排水、消防、空調及設備安裝等工程。為加強對工程技術與品質管理的提昇,於1999年取得ISO-9001品質認證。曾參與國家重大建設工程如:高鐵機電、通訊系統,核四計畫一號機設備安裝,中龍鋼鐵高爐設備安裝等,並參與和信電訊自建網路。且於2009年榮獲『核四龍門施工處頒發工安優良獎狀』。千勝秉持客戶至上、品質第一、工安注重的理念,與各大建設公司及營建廠商密確配合,共同謀求雙方最大利益。---APP功能包含:1.HRM: 線上打卡鐘, 單位聯絡資訊, 員工守則與須知, 管理規章...2. BPM電子化簽核: 公告(n), 交辦任務(n),請假申請, ...3. 工程專案: 工務各項管理(進出料件, 倉管...)4. 我的員工資訊5. 推播公司各項通知訊息6.內稽內控審查與預警報表設計本App委由 千夏資訊 開發, 專為中大型機電工程業提供完整的資訊e化解決方案, 若需Demo請與[email protected] 聯絡。Only winningest Electrical and MechanicalEngineering (shares) the company owned dedicated employees. (Needto close accounts and employee ID authentication andopening)---Winningest Electrical and Mechanical Engineering(shares) the company was founded in 1997, a Department ofexperienced, high-quality, excellent technical level of thecompany. Winningest professional instrument in electrical,electronics, communications, water supply and drainage, fire, andair-conditioning equipment installation and other projects. Inorder to strengthen and enhance the quality of engineering andtechnology management, and achieved ISO-9001 quality certificationin 1999. Has been involved in major national construction projectssuch as: high-speed electronics, communications systems, nuclearpower plant No. 1 crane equipment installation plans, Dragon Steelblast furnace equipment installation, and participation and selfTelecom network. And won the "nuclear power plant construction atLongmen excellent industrial safety certificate issued" in 2009.Winningest uphold the customer first, quality first, pay attentionto work safety concept, with major construction companies andconstruction firms close indeed, together, to seek the bestinterests of both parties.---APP features include:1. HRM: onlinetime clocks, unit contact information, employee codes andinstructions, administrative rules ...2. BPM electronic sign-off:Bulletin (n), the tasks assigned (n), leave requests, ...3.Engineering Project: Works of the management (access to rawmaterials and parts, warehouse ...)4. My staff information5. Pushthe notification message Companies6. The internal auditing andinternal control review of the Early Warning Report DesignerThe Appappointed, designed for medium and large electrical and mechanicalengineering industry provides information developed by Chikacomplete information e solutions, please contact Demo pleasecontact [email protected]
Restaurant POS(Demo) 1.66 APK
Minimum requirements as long as 1-2 phone (or tablet), make yourrestaurant able to strengthen the management of the restaurantthrough the action cloud.mailto: [email protected]
蔬食主義 - 素食生活達人 2.90 APK
主要特色 :* 持續網羅全台灣蔬素食相關店家詳細資訊。* 全省相關活動訊息公告。* 依使用者GPS定位,提供附近店家資訊。*可按全台灣鄉鎮市區查詢分類,提供特定區域店家資訊。* 可依指定條件或關鍵字搜尋店家資訊。*可針對特定店家播出電話,或直接帶入Google地圖APP進行路線導航。* 您也可以幫忙推篤新增店家,回報店家當前狀態(例如: 歇業,電話錯誤...) 。* 持續網羅YouTube上的相關蔬素食各類影音,及店家採訪等資訊。Key Features:* Taiwanvegetable vegetarian related stores continued to recruit moreinformation.* Messages Announcements province related activities.*GPS positioning by user, providing nearby store information.*According to Taiwan city-query classification, providing specificarea stores information.* To follow the specified criteria orkeywords to find the store information.* Can be broadcast calls forspecific stores, or directly into Google Maps APP route guidance.*You can also help push Benedict new stores, store returns thecurrent status (for example: closed, Telephone error ...).* Relatedvegetable vegetarian YouTube sustained snare on all kinds of video,interviews and stores information.
差勤打卡 1.90 APK
差勤打卡行動網路化,可限制指定的打卡地點及範圍距離進行打卡,能查詢個人打卡及考勤紀錄。提供Web管理者介面,提供開發者API供現有HR/ERP進行整合應用。===主要特點:- 取代傳統紙本型 打卡鐘。- 不需要提供成員的個資才能管理,故無個人資料外洩問題,簡單易用。-成員不需帳密登入,以行動裝置全球唯一識別碼進行列管,杜防他員代打卡行為。- 打卡地點誤差值小,可針對特定成員要求使用GPS定位、WiFi定位,iBeacon 室內定位裝置等,進行單一或複選型的打卡檢核。- 提供雲端儲存歷史紀錄與備份。-提供完整的開發者API,讓您和現有HR/ERP/薪資系統進行整合設計系統及本地備份。- 可導出至EXECL檔。-提供Web後台管理者介面與查詢報表。- 人員公出勤務記錄及申請填報。===本APP服務包含:伺服器端(含Web管理介面)與組織成員專用APP。欲使用本服務,請與貴公司差勤管理單位取得你的帳密,或請與本公司聯繫購買本服務 :*千夏資訊 http://www.wisfish.com