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I Guide Point Of Sale For Excursion And This application is Made toHelp Our Guide in Sales

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I Contact 1.8 APK
( Please Make Sure to delete any TEZ Tour Manual Contacts saved onyour mobile to avoid duplicates )Your Company phone book will beupdated daily .You can send email from your phone knowing for surethat you are sending to the right email addressThe applicationupdate contacts with photos Once you register in the applicationfor the first time with your phone number and the registrationprocedure which we will discus later you don’t have to sign inagain.Admins can Add/Edit/Delete in the server through the adminweb site which the application will be notified later with thesechanges and update the user phone book.If the user deleted from theDB he wont be able to register in the application neither haveupdates.Once you registered the application successfully will setan automatic update everyday.
I Guide 1.51 APK
I Guide Point Of Sale For Excursion And This application is Made toHelp Our Guide in Sales
TEZ Offers 2.7 APK
TEZ Offers One travel guide for the whole world. It's simple, freeand in both languages. Get inspired by the suggestions provided byour professional team in TEZ TOUR Worldwide to make travelingeasier. Features of our Android travel guide: - Explore newdestinations in Egypt and Worldwide - View flight ticketinformation for each trip - Share your trip with others and TEZOffers will keep them updated on your behalf - Uncover somethingnew with helpful messages specific to your destination - Ourdatabase is constantly updating itself – great last-minute dealsand discounts found in the search results - We compare severalprices for the same package to find you the cheapest one that fitsyour budget. TEZ Offers allows you to explore the followingdestinations: - International Packages outside Egypt - DomesticPackages inside Egypt - Hajj Packages - Umrah Packages The App isavailable in both the English & Arabic languages for theconvenience of all customers. TEZ Offer NEVER uploads your usernameor password to make it searchable or public. 3G or Wi-Fi isrequired for TEZ Offer to work. Operator charges may apply.----------------------- If you have any feedback or questions,please visit our community pages or email([email protected]): Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/TEZTOUREGP/ Twitter -https://twitter.com/Teztoureg Instagram – TEZTOUREGYPT YouTube -http://www.youtube.com/Teztoureg WhatsApp – 01110602777
I GUIDE - Turkey 1.13 APK
I Guide Point Of Sale For Excursion And This application is Made toHelp Our Guide in Sales
I Transfer 1.67 APK
Release Notes ============= 1- Announcements attachments path is"Android/data/PCK_NAME/cache". 2- Clearing the application cache oruninstalling the application will cause the user's data to bedeleted. which includes the following: a- People checked in theCheck-list View. b- All locally saved rides data and tasks, inother words the off-line mode will not work until you be connectedagain. c- All Push notification- MyAnnouncements- will be deleted3- iOS version doesn't support the check-list feature. 4- iOSversion doesn't support the printing feature. 5- When printing theservice order, take in consideration that the application autoconnects with the last successfully connected BT printer. 6-Application save any loaded data as long as its connecting to aworking internet connection and identify the loaded data by daterange(e.g. "28-05-2015~28-05-2015") not by tasks or ride ID.Version 1.0 June 2015 Development Team Copyright (C) 2014, 2015 TEZTOUR EGYPT.